Chapter 735 – 736: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 735: A Thorn In The Flesh

A sudden cut, blood splashing, intestines leaving all over the ground!

Everyone was scared with a thrill.

The cook went over and raised a kitchen knife, “Don’t play dead. You are in Detachment. Can common attacks kill you?”

After that, the person that was cut in half combined into one again.

But his face was pale, and his eyes were full of fear. “I’m sorry, I’m wrong. I’ll go pick the shit!”

He was really scared. If this man wasn’t just warning and used mana, he would have been dead.

Other people were also frightened by this intimidation!

“I’ll go carry the water.”

“I’ll chop the wood.”


“Cheap bones, you really thought you are number one in the world after you ascended. I can grab a bunch of garbage like you!”

No one dared to say anything now. The chef assigned the task. Every one of them was nimble-handed and fleet-footed, no one daring to refute.

Soon, it was Kris Chen’s turn.

“You…come to the kitchen to help with errands!”

Hundreds of people had just been allocated, so it was all arranged. Now there were fewer people in the kitchen.

Kris Chen was relieved. As long as it was not picking up feces, he could do anything.

“Yes, chef!”

“Well, first of all, start cooking!”

“Yes, chef!”

Everybody nodded and went in, Kris Chen followed.

The kitchen was spacious. There were at least tens of thousands of cooks in it, “Faster, if the meal is served late, I’ll peel your skin!”

“Yes, chef!”

“You, come here quickly. You must finish cutting these vegetables in half an hour. Remember, you must cut them well. If you can’t, I will break your claws!”

Said one of the cooks.

Kris Chen frowned and walked over. Seeing the food ingredients piled up like a hill. Every ingredient was first-class in the Chaos World of the Other Realm.

With the knife, Kris Chen picked his eyebrows. What a heavy knife! Why was this knife so heavy!

He held it in his hand and even felt very suitable for him to use.

Was that bullshit?

Every single cell of him equaled to the Middle Period. An ordinary kitchen knife should make him feel fit. It was unbelievably strange.

“Speed up, remember, cut into the same size and the same thickness!”

The chef ordered as he decorated the dishes.

Kris Chen nodded and said nothing. He was focusing on cutting the vegetables with breath holding.

“You are such a lucky fellow, Chef Yang should ask you to come inside the kitchen to help him on your first day here.”

The cook said enviously.

Kris Chen smiled, “May I ask what your name is?”

“Just call me Brother Ma.”

Actually, he was just a garnisher!

“Brother Ma, is it hard to come inside the kitchen to help?”

“It was more than difficult. A lot of people crush their heads in order to come in here.”

Liu Ma said: “You are very lucky. Do you know how long it took me to be a garnisher?”

Kris Chen shook his head.

“It took me three hundred years, three hundred years for me to achieve where I am now.”

Liu Ma sighed, “Back then, I was a famous figure in the cave world. After coming here, I first carried feces water for 30 years, then chopped firewood for 30 years, and next picked up water for 30 years. In the 100th year, I was transferred to the kitchen to wipe the floor. I’ve been wiping the floor for 50 years!”

“Then I washed vegetables for 50 years, and then I cut vegetables for 50 years. I started to be a garnisher only ten years ago.”

“You’re now about to finish the road that took me 250 years to finish.”

Kris Chen was amused by the words. He wanted to laugh but thought it was inappropriate.

“Let me tell you, maybe with another 50 years of being a garnisher, I can officially be a chef.”

Liu Ma said with a yearning face.

“Brother Ma, in principle, shouldn’t we fly to the Eternity Domain. Why do you stay here?”

“Well, do you think the Eternity Domain is easy to go? Yes, I can choose to leave this boat, but where to find such a good place to cultivate after leaving?”

“A mediocre disciple rated as a Class C like me, even joining the Lanting Fairy Palace, I’m still the lowest level of miscellaneous service disciple. Where is the future of a miscellaneous service disciple? With that little resource, it’s impossible for me to break through the Taoist king all my life!”

In the early days of Detachment, he was used as a miscellaneous worker, which made Kris Chen feel surprised. Weren’t these people from the Taoist Palace putting talented people to petty use?

“You don’t believe it?”

Liu Ma said with a bitter smile, “I’m telling you, it is what it is. I had a few friends who had wanted to go out to make a great fortune. As a result, they became miscellaneous service disciples for decades. They were yelled and bossed around every day, their cultivation lagged behind a lot, and they were beaten and wounded all over their bodies.”

“Now they beg me every day to plead for them to let them come back.”

Liu Ma said with regret: “What a shame! It’s easy to get off this boat, but it’s difficult to get on it.”

“Is it really good?”

“That’s natural. After you stay here for a long time, you’ll understand.”

“Liu Ma, you want to die, don’t you? Everyone is busy as hell, you’re still chattering, are you looking for troubles?”

“I’m sorry, Chef Wu, I’m wrong!”

Liu Ma hurriedly apologized, then he lowered his voice, “Stop talking and hurry up. Cut the vegetables quickly!”

Kris Chen nodded and sped up.

The side dishes that were scheduled to be prepared in an hour only took Kris Chen two-thirds of the time to finish cutting.

“It’s impossible. It took me more than an hour back then at the fastest, how can you be so quick?”

Liu Ma had a look of surprise. This kitchen knife was not ordinary. It was forged with the Star God iron, with the size of a small fist, but probably as heavy as half of the cave world.

The Star God iron was not expensive, but it was heavy. Detachment could use it, but it was very difficult to use such a heavy load as a light one in the Early Detachment Period.

“Ready so soon?”

Chef Wu came over and took a look, “Pretty good, you are very talented.”

“Thank you, Chef Wu. It was Brother Ma who taught me some skills, otherwise I won’t have done it that fast.”

Said Kris Chen with a smile.


Chef Wu looked at Liu Ma, “Were you chattering to him is actually to teach him the skill of cutting vegetables?”

Liu Ma was stunned, then he took a grateful look at Kris Chen, “That’s right.”

“Well done, keep it up!”

Chef Wu said that and left.

“Thanks, bro. What’s your name?”

Liu Ma said.

“Liangchen Ye!”

“It’s Brother Liangchen!”

Liu Ma turned his eyeballs, “Your vegetables have been finished cutting, how about this, you help me with the side dishes. I’ll show you how to do it.”

“OK, thank you, Brother Ma!”

Kris Chen nodded and walked over.

The kitchen was in full swing now, like a raging fire. About an hour later, everyone stopped. “Serve!” The chef was sitting on the chair, saying with a resonant voice.

One by one, the errand boys came up, carried the vegetables and went out.

When all the dishes were served, Liu Ma said with a smile, “The work at noon is over. Let me show you why do I stay in the kitchen and don’t want to leave.”

Kris Chen was also a little curious. Then, he saw a few errand boys carrying a large round table and putting it in front of the chef.

Delicacies were brought carefully to the table. Every dish was full of inspiration, delicious aura spearing all over the air. Fragrance could be smelt from afar.

“Brother Liangchen, to tell you the truth, every dish on the table is the best treasure of each cave world. In the Eternity Domain, only the top officials of Taoist Palace can enjoy it. These are the solid treasures that can increase strength.”

Kris Chen understood that the kitchen was a resourceful place. The Lanting Immortal Boat was flying through countless cave worlds. Naturally, it could get a lot of good things.

No wonder Liu Ma didn’t want to go down.

The table was full of dishes, with the chef sitting at the inside, ten cooks sitting on both sides, and Chef Wu was among them.

“Others can serve, too.”


After that, the chef assistants, chef trainees, went down level by level. It turned out that there were two dishes leaving for Chris Chen.

It was just that the weight was relatively small.

Kris Chen himself had eaten countless delicacies, but he had never eaten the two dishes in front of him. The rich aura could hardly be melted.

The chef didn’t move his chopsticks, and no one else in the big kitchen moved too.

When he picked up the chopsticks and made the first move, everyone moved. Only chewing and swallowing voices sounded in the kitchen.

“Brother Liangchen, you are so lucky. The dish is the unique meat of the swallow beast of the cave world, which is very rare. I’ve been here for so long, it’s my third time to eat them.”

“What is this swallow beast?”

Asked Kris Chen.

“Swallow beast, as the name suggests, is the evil beast that swallows the cave world. This beast is very fierce and powerful. It is said that a powerful swallow beast is stronger than a Taoist Emperor.”

“However, this swallow beast is pretty awesome, which is equal to the “Fulfilled Period “. It is said that when it was found, it has swallowed hundreds of cave worlds and was lying on the wall of the boundary to eat and rest. Then it was found out and killed by the adults on the immortal boat.”

The evil beast that devoured the cave world?

Kris Chen suddenly felt that it was not easy for the Chaos World of the Other Realm to remain for such a long time.

“Doesn’t the cave world have the master?”

“To tell you the truth, the strengths of some cave world masters were strong while the others were weak. The strong ones, of course, have no problem. The weak ones are not enough for the swallow beast.”

Liu Ma quickly picked up a chopstick of beast meat. Tasting the delicious meat, he showed a look of enjoyment on his face.

“What a rich aura! There is even a small part of the boundary force. This is a good thing!”

Kris Chen also had a taste of the meat, which was melted as soon as it reached his mouth, and the rich aura spread all over his body.

It was indeed a good thing. Just one chopstick of meat had added hundreds of Star Domains!

It was amazing!

No wonder that it was an alien beast that fed on the cave world.

Two dishes and two people sharing it, then Kris Chen calculated that they had eaten almost a thousand essence of chaos!

This was kind of a good treatment. Even if there was not beast meat to eat every day, other delicacies would be enough.

They had things to eat and drink every day, so getting off the boat was not an appealing choice.

But Kris Chen was not interested in staying on the boat all his life.

No matter how big the cave world was, there was an end to it. Eventually, he would go out of the Lanting Fairy Palace to see the world, right?

After the meal, the handymen in the kitchen gathered up bowls and chopsticks for cleaning.

Kris Chen was lucky. He was a vegetable cutter, who was a little better than a handy boy.

No wonder Liu Ma said that he was lucky.

He came here not long but he had obtained the job that others had been doing for decades or hundreds of years.

There were two hours of rest time in the afternoon. Liu Ma and Kris Chen liked each other quite well, “You, just follow me. If you go alone, I’m afraid that someone might go after you for troubles out of jealousy.”

Kris Chen smiled, “Thank you, Brother Ma.”

Where there were people, there were politics. When he first came here, he cut vegetables as a beginner, which must have been a thorn in the eye of some people.

There was a large area of low houses behind the stove room. The more forward, the better the house was, and the best house was in the most front. The best house belonged to the chef.

Liu Ma had been here for 300 years, and he had climbed near the middle level.

“I tell you, don’t look down on this place. The further you go forward, the more abundant aura you can cultivate.”

Chapter 736: You Must Kneel Down to My Brother

“You can cultivate here thirty times faster than you cultivate in the place with the most abundant spiritual energy.” Liu Ma said proudly.

Kris took a look. He found that this was just an ordinary Spirit-gathering Formation. But people can see that, to some extent the immortal boat was so powerful that it could support so many people to cultivate.

It is said that there are 300 Lanting Immortal Boats. The route of each one is actually fixed. They start from the starting point, then go to the end point, and then return from the end point to the starting point. Once they go back and forth for ten years, and then stop at the starting point or the end point for one month.

Generally speaking there is no place for the Bing level disciples to go other than the chore room. They either spend their days leisurely on the immortal boat without progress or they go to the Lanting Immortal Palace to try their luck.

In fact, the Lanting Immortal Palace is huge. It is ranked the sixteen hundredth of the three thousand Taoist Palaces and has countless disciples. It needs more handymen.

Of course there are advantages to being a handyman disciple. If they could gain the seniors’ goodwill, they could get treasures from them, and then it would be worthwhile for them to stay in the Lanting Immortal Boat for so long.

But Kris didn’t want to stay here. He was about to leave when he suddenly heard a voice from behind him

“You, stop!”

As soon as Liu turned around and saw the person behind him, his face instantly changed. “He is Lei Shi. He’s coming to get you in trouble. He was supposed to be in charge of the dishes, but you suddenly stole his position. He must hate you.”

“His brother is a chef, so he’s quite high up here because of his brother.” Liu added.

Seeing Liu’s hesitation, Kris said. “This matter has nothing to do with you. You don’t have to get involved.”

When Liu heard this, he sighed. “I’ll go talk to Lei and beg him to let you go.”

Then he walked towards Lei. “Hey, buddy, what do you call us for?”

“Liu, this matter has nothing to do with you, go away.” Lei said coldly.

“He’s my friend, can you let him go?”

“Don’t you understand what I’m saying? If you insist on helping him, then you are an enemy of me.” Lei threatened.

Several people behind Lei also stared at Liu.

“You ……” Liu stammered. He did not expect that Lei would not give him face. His face instantly sank.

Lei Shi was relying on his brother, so he dared to be bossy in the Eternity.

“Liu, this matter has nothing to do with you. I can handle it myself.” Kris said. He was grateful for what Liu had done for him.

Liu hesitated for a moment. He still had to stay on this boat, so he didn’t dare to offend Lei.

Kris looked at Lei and the others, and then said. “What do you want?”

“You are Liangchen Ye?” Lei said with narrowed eyes. “I know you’re a new Bing-level cultivator. Now,you have an option. At the dinner, you go to Chef Wu and tell him that you are not capable of holding the job, understand?”

“I think I can handle it. Why would I lie to Chef Wu?”

“Fuck, don’t you understand Lei’s words?” Lei’s follower said fiercely. “Whatever Lei says, you just have to do it!”

“And what if I don’t?”

“Then I have plenty of ways to fix you.” Lei sneered. “It’s easy for me to get you killed. I can ruin you with just one finger.”

“I advise you not to do that, because it won’t do you any good.” said Kris, and then he held out a finger. “You mean like this?”

The moment he extended his finger, Lei and the others were directly knocked to the ground without any power to resist. “This is just a lesson for you. Don’t threaten me. With just one finger, I can ruin all of you, understood?”

Liu was dumbfounded. “You must stop now. Otherwise you’re in big trouble soon! Fighting is not allowed in the residential area.”

Kris laughed. “I’ve done what I shouldn’t have done. Now there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“Hey, you’re really reckless.” Liu rubbed his forehead. He looked worried.

Ler’s sun soul was in the middle period of the Transcendence Realm, his mana in the early transcendental period, and his physical body cultivation in the Fulfilled period of Normalization Stage. Liu was not completely sure that he could defeat him.

Kris raised his hand and gently pointed his finger at them, and then they were wounded without the slightest strength to resist.

Several people who were lightly wounded were wailing on the ground. Lei was furious. “No matter what it takes, you’re dead. You’re dead, definitely. I swear I will kill you.”

“You guys go tell my brother about this, and the law enforcement team.”

“Yes, got it.” His men replied, and then hurriedly went to find his brother.

Liu had a headache about it. “Mr. Shi, it’s better not to let the law enforcement team know about this matter. I apologize to you for Liangchen.”

“Liu, you’re with him. Then then you’re also his accomplice.” said Lei.

“What?” Liu was startled.” At this moment, he was also quite angry.

“There are so many people here who saw you with him. You’re finished.” said Lei coldly.

At this time, many people gathered over. Some of them were here just to watch them fight for fun, but some of them were there to flatter Lei.

“This man bully people. He and Liu are accomplices. When the law enforcement team comes, please testify to me!” Lei said to the onlookers.

“Lei, we will definitely give you our testimony.”

“This newcomer is so arrogant. He doesn’t know how to respect his seniors at all. He deserves to be taught a lesson.”

The onlookers were accusing Kris and flattering Lei. Kris glanced at them with extreme disdain for them in his heart.

“This is it, he’s right here.” A strong man ran over. He was followed by more than a dozen people.

This man was Jian Shi, Lei’s brother. These people behind him were also his assistants.

“Who hurt my brother?” Jian roared. When he came out, the people around him didn’t dare to make a sound.

“Brother, he injured me.” said Lei, pointing at Kris.

“I just try to make friends with him, but he not only bad-mouthed me, but also said that I was not worthy of being his friend.” Lei continued.

“Yes, we can all testify for Lei!” The bystander said.

Jian knew his brother very well. He knew his brother loved to cause trouble, but now he was sure to put the fault on others.

He stared at Kris viciously. “You, now kowtow to my brother and admit your mistake. Maybe when the law enforcement team comes, I’ll put in a good word for you.”

“You’re his brother? that crazy dog.” Kris sneered. “Next time remember to keep him on a leash, don’t let him run out and bite people.”

Liu gasped. “It’s over. He’s going to be finished. How dare he scold Lei. This is the Lanting Immortal Boat.”

No matter how powerful a cultivator was in the lower world, they were nothing once they were in the Lanting Immortal Boat. There were so many powerful people in this boat, and when a cultivator was in a Bing level, they basically had no future.

Now Liu somewhat regretted knowing Kris. He had thought Kris was a smart person, but now he thought Kris was a madman who knew nothing.

“Liangchen, apologize to them and this matter will be over.” Liu said in a low voice.

“It’s okay, I can handle it.” Kris replied. “Don’t worry. This matter will not get you involved. “

Liu laughed bitterly. In his opinion, Kris was grumpy. There was no way he could handle this peacefully.

“What did you say?” Jian shouted.

“Brother, look, how arrogant he is! He dares to talk to you like that.”

Those who were watching also thought Kris was crazy.

“Are you deaf? I’ll say it again. You, must kneel down and kowtow to my brother, then I will let you go. Otherwise you will end up miserably. “

There were more and more people watching them fight. it was the first time Jian was humiliated in front of so many people. Today, so many people were watching him if he didn’t let Kris bow down to him, he wouldn’t have the face to stay in the kitchen in the future.

“God-slaying knife, go!” He called out. Suddenly he had a kitchen knife with a golden handle in his hand. His cultivation should be in the later period of Transcendence realm.

“God-slaying knife? Haha, it’s just a pig-killing knife!” Kris sneered.

The position of the cookhouse on the Lanting Immortal Boat is rather special. It seems to be very low, but the food they cook can please those noble people. In addition, the law enforcement team liked to go to the kitchen to find food, so Jian knew the law enforcement team’s junior captain. Even if he killed Kris here, the law enforcement team would not hold him responsible. But if Kris killed Jian, he would be condemned.

“Liangchen, get out of the way, you can’t block his knife.” said Liu loudly. Although he was afraid of being implicated, he was still worried about Kris.

Kris didn’t dodge his knife. He looked at the oncoming knife and stretched out a finger. Then the knife was fixed in place, and even Jian was imprisoned. All the people present stared in disbelief.

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