The boss was furious at the words of the hotel receptionist, “What did you say?”

“This Chinese person is great, our people…”

The more he looks at the front desk, the more panic he gets. How can these high-ranking security guards be so vulnerable in front of this Chinese guy!

Shouldn’t this Chinese person lie down on the ground with serious injuries from a gang beating by a security guard?

“Asshole, are those people all rubbish? A weak Huaxia people can’t solve it. What should I do to raise them?!” The boss scolded!

It’s so angry, dozens of security guards can’t beat one person?

“Boss, what should I do now? Ah!!! Another security guard was knocked out, ah, he vomited blood, this Chinese is a lunatic!” The front desk was terrified, and she had never encountered such a situation.

How could he be so powerful if he was alone with his bare hands!

“What else? I’ll call someone over!” The boss snorted coldly, annoyed to the extreme!

Hang up the phone!

“You guys called for someone to come over, there is a Huaxia guy below who is making trouble! Catch him for me, chop him up and feed the dog!!” the boss said coldly.

“Yes!” Several of his men immediately called for someone!

Also ran out.

This boss has a big background in this place, so he is not afraid of anything.

Anyone can be called here!

Isn’t this Huaxia person great! See how many you can fight! The person who called.

One car after another, scaring you to death!!

The boss looked at the dying doctor. He laughed and said, “I will let you speak. Later I will show you a good show. After you see a person who was chopped up and fed to a dog, Naturally.”

“Devil, devil…” The doctor was in pain, and when he couldn’t bear it, he would bite his tongue and kill himself.

“Haha!” The boss laughed, feeling proud, the devil? Not bad too!

“Do you still expect someone to save you?” The boss laughed.

This doctor insists, doesn’t he still have such hope in his heart?

“I’m telling you, you are taken by me, no one can save you!?” The boss grinned grimly.

This hotel is not accessible to ordinary people!

There has never been a problem, and it will never appear in the future. This is the inexhaustible temperament!

Hotel downstairs!

The front desk stared at Chuck Cannon in fear, “Don’t come over, our boss has already called someone.”

She was shocked by the scene before her!

Dozens of people are lying on the ground. Some people are holding their stomachs and some holding their faces, all wailing and screaming.

Is this a gang fight?

This is clearly dozens of people, who was beaten up by one person!

How could such a thing happen?

so horrible.


One wants to sneak attack from behind, but how can Chuck Cannon fail to find out?

The fist slammed back, and the man’s stomach was hollow. He screamed and fell to the ground, his eyes widened and convulsed.

“I said, I want to see your boss!” Chuck Cannon was extremely cold!

He has a new understanding of his own strength, and these dozens of people besieged, they are not his opponents!

“Ah!” screamed at the front desk!

“Unbelievable, this Huaxia person is too powerful!”

“One punch! It’s more exciting than making a movie!”

“I think he is so handsome, I am in love with him… I want to be his girlfriend.”

“I want, too.”

Inside the hotel, the onlookers were amazed!

In particular, a few beautiful women were fascinated by Chuck Cannon’s swift movements. They felt that if they were with a Chinese like Chuck Cannon, they would feel particularly safe.

Chuck Cannon grabbed the front desk and brought her out of the front desk, “Call your boss!!”

“Ah, no!” The front desk was scared to pee.

Chuck Cannon has terrifying eyes and terrifying voice!

“Call, I’ll say it again! Don’t force me to beat you!” Chuck Cannon said coldly.

The front desk was struggling with fear!

Suddenly, a lazy voice sounded, “Hey, little dwarf from China! Let her go!”


Many people rushed in outside, all in uniform clothes, this is a real mercenary!

There are more than one hundred!

Walk-in, as if dark clouds cover the top, full of majesty and oppression!

Everyone is fierce and ridiculous!

Yes, there are so many people, a small Chinese, what is it? Ants are not counted!

Step on it and you will die.

The guests in the hotel were shocked and all returned!!

“So many people! It’s terrible!”

“Then this Chinese person must be miserable!”

“Oh, for sure, so many mercenaries, this is the armed forces of this place, no matter how Chinese people can fight, they won’t be the opponents of these mercenaries, what a pity!”

Many of the onlookers felt sorry.

Chuck Cannon knocked down these security guards one by one just now. It was normal, but now they are all murderers. They are really mercenaries!

Chuck Cannon is definitely impossible, just like dealing with security guards but dealing with these mercenaries!!

The sigh kept coming.

This is Chuck Cannon hitting the steel plate!

“Ah, save me…” The front desk was extremely pleasantly surprised. These people came over, this Chuck Cannon must be miserable!

“I said, the short man from China, let her go! I said this for the second time!!” It was a scar face who spoke!

Others are tall. The body is burly to the point of scary!

Chuck Cannon snapped and hit the front desk face!


The front desk screamed!

Scar’s face flashed grimly, “Good boy, dare to hit someone in front of me? Interesting, I will have fun with you today!”

Hundreds of people approached in unison!

This is a terrifying breath like a beast.

With hundreds of astonishing eyes, the onlookers shivered, so terrifying.

“Ah, are you still hitting me? I’ll watch you die later, watch you…”

The front desk was furious!

With so many mercenaries here, do you still want to die?



Chuck Cannon didn’t wait for her to finish, and slapped her in the face!

The front desk screamed, her cheeks were red and swollen, and she passed out!


Chuck Cannon let go, and the front desk hit the ground!

Scar had a grim face, “Interesting!”

“Who are you?” Chuck Cannon faced indifferently.

“Ask me? Haha! What do you think?” Scarface smiled grimly!

Hundreds of mercenaries all showed mockery!

This place, they are armed, they have the final say!!

“A group of young people,” Chuck Cannon shook his head, still indifferently.

“Haha! You are really stiff! Tell you, this place, I have the final say! If I want you to die, you have to die, don’t you? I don’t know what you look like, I don’t know what to do! Look! You still have some ability, uncle, I will give you a chance, one-on-one, wild wolf! This person is for you! No problem!” Scarface cast his head and glanced at the man next to him!

“No problem, three tricks, I’ll let him lie down!” The man stood up indifferently, thinking it was a fun, and Chuck Cannon was the fun.

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