Chapter 737 – 738: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 737: You Are Getting a Promotion

The knife hung in mid-air when it was an inch away from Kris’s fingertips.

As the crowd watched, Jian Shi suddenly fell to his knees and crushed the floor. In addition to feeling pain in his knees, he felt as if a huge mountain was pressing down on his body, making it impossible for him to stand up.

“Big brother, what happened?” Lei Shi shouted, grabbing his kitchen knife and rushed towards Kris.

Kris also stretched out his finger again, and then a group of people all fell to their knees.

The crowd gasped. All stunned by the scene before them.

“Liangchen, what….. did you do? You….” Liu Ma stuttered. He looked at Kris with shock.

Kris smiled. “They knew they were wrong, so they just knelt down and apologized to me.”

Jian’s face turned red with anger. But what terrified him was that he couldn’t say a word himself. He couldn’t even use his strength to break free from the confinement Kris had set for him.

Looking around at the people staring at him, he felt like a fool.

“What’s going on? Someone told me there was a disturbance here!” The member of the law enforcement team walked over and asked. He looked at the people kneeling on the ground in confusion.

Then he walked towards Jian Shi and asked. “Chef Shi, why are you kneeling on the ground?”

He reached out to help Jian, but he couldn’t help him up at all.

“Chef Shi, what happened to you?” asked the man again. But Jian was still silent.

“Sir, just now there was some misunderstanding between Chef Shi and me. Later the misunderstanding was solved and he knew he was wrong, so he knelt down and apologized to me.” Kris stepped forward and said.

That captain was still confused. “Chef Shi, say something!”

“Look, it’s probably because he felt too ashamed to say anything.” Kris laughed. “He just said he would kneel here for an hour and he wouldn’t say a word for that hour. After an hour, he’ll get up.”

“Is this a trick you’re playing?” The captain asked.

“Sir, you’re wrong about me.” Kris said, pretending to be aggrieved. Then he pulled out his Bing-rank token. “You see, how can I, a Bing-rank rookie, have the ability to play tricks?”

Seeing his Bing-rank token, Liu was even more confused. He was just a Bing-rank token disciple at the early stage of Transcendence Realm, how could he possibly have such a great ability to make all those people kneel down to him? It was completely impossible, unless he had someone behind to help him! Liu thought.

The captain of the enforcement team also frowned. He sensed that the aura on this token was also Kris’, which meant that he was really just a Bing-rank rookie.

Was it really Jian who took the initiative to kneel on the ground? The captain of the law enforcement team thought bitterly. Then he tossed the Bing-rank token to Kris and left.

At this point the scene became even more awkward than before.

Now Jian was kneeling here awkwardly, so he really wanted to beat his brother up. “Lei, this son of a bitch, it took me a lot of effort to get him in, but he’s here to cause me trouble.” Jian thought bitterly. He blamed everything he had suffered on his brother’s fault.

“Chef Shi, I’ll see you later.” Kris said. Then he turned to Liu. “Let’s go!”

Liu looked back at Kris in confusion.

As soon as they left, the story spread in the cookhouse.

“Have you guys heard? Chef Shi and his brother knelt down to apologize to a Bing rank newcomer. The captain of the enforcement team couldn’t even convince him to get up.”

“Really? This thing is too absurd.”

“Yeah, he is still kneeling there. You can go take a look!”

More and more people came over, and soon the matter alarmed the chef and even the head chef.

“Chef, I’m sorry, I didn’t control my men well.”

The one who spoke was Liang Qiu. Each chef had three trainee chefs under him. Jian Shi was the trainee chef under him.

Hanming Wu narrowed his eyes. This matter was actually related to the people under him.

“It seems that this newcomer is not simple.” He thought.

“This matter even alarmed several noble people, you know what to do, right?” The head chef glanced at Liang Qiu.

“Yes, I know what I should do!” Liang said uneasily. “Jian and Lei are ganging up in the kitchen. I’ll expel them from the cookhouse now and let them go pick the dung bucket.”

The chief chef nodded, and then picked up a cup of tea.

“Hanming, this matter also has something to do with the two people under you!” The chief chef said again.

Hanming hurriedly replied, “I’ll go ask them what’s going on!”

After Hanming went out, hatred came in Liang’s face. “It must be Hanming Wu who is behind this. He wants to set me up.” He thought.

“Now you can leave too.”

“Yes, Chief Chef!” said Liang. He also hurriedly left.

Just as the two men left, the chief chef smiled. “This matter is not that simple. Someone extraordinary must have come here!”


“Where does Liu live?” Hanming asked.

“Chef Wu, you go straight ahead, and then turn right, and the third house is Liu’s residence.” A man said.

Hanming nodded his head. He had been wondering if Liu was behind this incident. After all, he had been in the cookhouse for three hundred years.

“No, this is not possible that Liu did it. I know his strength very well. He can’t have the ability to make Jian kneel down and apologize to him.” he murmured. “Then it could only be the newcomer. No, no, it can’t be him either. He’s only a Bing-rank cultivator. Then who actually did it?”

He suddenly felt that things had become a bit complicated. But the good thing was that his nemesis Liang would suffer a lot this time.

“Liu, are you there?” He asked.

“Who is it?” said Liu.

“Hanming Wu!”

At this moment, Liu was trying to get useful information from Kris, but Kris didn’t say anything.

After hearing Hanming’s words, he immediately returned. “Please wait, I’m coming!”

He quickly walked over, opened the door of the room, and found that it was indeed Hanming.

“Chef Wu, what brings you here?” Liu asked curiously.

“Can’t I come over to visit you?”

“Of course you can. It’s a great honor for you to come over.”

Liu immediately understood that Hanming must have come over because of what happened at noon today.

“Please come in.” He said enthusiastically.

Hanming nodded and walked in. The room was rather humble. It was not as nice as the place he lived in.

“Hello, Chef Wu!” said Kris, smiling.

“Are you Liangchen Ye, the new Bing-rank disciple?”

“Yes, I am.”

At this time, Liu walked over with a cup of tea.

“You two tell us the original story of what happened at noon today. This matter is known even to the head chef.” Hanming said.

Liu frowned.

“But you guys don’t have to worry too much. Jian and Lei have been punished to pick dung!”

Ma Liu could not help but laugh out. “They’re usually so arrogant and domineering! This is their retribution!”

“Now, tell me, what happened at noon today?” Hanming asked.

Kris stepped forward and told him what had happened. However, he omitted some key parts of it. For example, he blocked Jian’s attack with one finger and pressed everyone to the ground with another finger.

“At that time, I said that it was you guys who were wrong, and you should apologize to me on your knees.” Kris said. “I just said that casually at that time, but they actually all kneeled down. The law enforcement team’s captain tried to pull him, but he wouldn’t get up. If you don’t believe me, you can ask the bystanders who were there.”

“Liu, is that how it happened?” asked Hanming.

Although Liu felt that Kris’s account of what happened were somewhat strange, he still nodded his head. “That’s right, things are exactly as Liangchen said.”

“Then I guess they must have been arrogant and domineering for a long time, and suddenly realized they were wrong, so they did that.” said Kris jokingly.

Hanming laughed. But he didn’t believe what Kris said.

“By the way, Liangchen, do you have any other friends on the boat?” Hanming asked tentatively.

Kris knew what he meant and said calmly. “I came from the lower world, so I just know Liu.”

Hanming nodded his head. Then he continued. “I’ve seen the vegetables you cut today. Your knife skills are very good. I need a helper chef here. You can be my helper chef in the future, what do you think?”

Kris froze, not expecting Hanming to suddenly give him a promotion. He looked at Liu.

Liu was also puzzled. He was even more envious of Kris. “I’ve been here for three hundred years before I became a pantryman, but Kris became the chef’s helper as soon as he arrived. This is a promotion!” he thought.

“Liangchen, you’re getting a promotion. Say yes.” Liu hurriedly said.

“Everything is at Chef Wu’s command. But it’s my first time to be a helper. If there’s anything wrong, please feel free to let me know.” said Kris.

“Actually, it’s not that difficult. Just following my orders is fine.” said Hanming. He stood up, and then continued. “Then I still have something to do, so I have to go now.”

Kris followed him out. He did not go back until Hanming’s figure disappeared from his sight.

Chapter 738: Where There Are People, There Are Conflicts

“Liangchen, you definitely get the fastest promotion I’ve ever seen.” Liu Ma said enviously. “Compared to you, I’ve lived 300 years for nothing.”

Kris laughed. “If it wasn’t for you defending me, Lei and Jian would have been bullying me.”

Liu grinned. “Now that you’ve become a chef’s helper, you have to take care of me more in the future.”

“That’s for sure!” Kris said back.

Liu smiled happily and was glad that he was also lucky enough to run into Kris.

With the speed of his promotion, Liu even thought that he would not be surprised if the head chef announced Kris as the chef tomorrow.

Kris sipped his tea. He understood that all promotions still depended on strength. No matter where he was, he still needed to have outstanding cultivation as an immortal cultivator in order to live in the world of immortal cultivation.

“This ship still has about ten years to go before it reaches the starting point. During these ten years, I have to stay on this boat at ease. I need more heavenly treasures to strengthen my sun soul.” He thought.

“Liu, is there a chamber of commerce on this immortal boat?” Kris suddenly asked.

“Yes, it’s directly operated by the Lanting Immortal Palace, but I don’t recommend you to go there.”


“The aura on you is obvious. As soon as they see you, they will definitely suck your cultivation out of you.” Liu said. “For us cultivators who have been here for years and have a little position on the immortal boat, they will only sell us treasures at the set price, but that is also much more expensive than the outside world.”

“If you really want to buy something, I’ll take you to a place later!”

“Thanks a lot then.” Kris said gratefully.

“You rest for a while. I guess you’ll be busy in another half an hour.” Liu said.

Half an hour later, Kris and Liu came to the cookhouse.

“Here are your clothes.” Hanming Wu said, and then handed the clothes to Kris.

“Thanks, Chef!”

Hanming smiled, and then the kitchen began to get busy.

During this period, Kris felt that countless eyes were secretly staring at him. His senses were sensitive. Even if there was loud noise in the kitchen, he could still hear people’s conversations clearly.

“Shit, he must ride someone else’s coattails, so he can have a chance to get promoted soon.”

“He was just a Bing-rank disciple this morning, and in the afternoon he became a chef’s helper. This is unbelievable.”

“Maybe he’s Chef’s illegitimate son left in the lower world.”

“Hush, stop talking nonsense. If Chef Wu hears our conversation, we’re done.”

Kris laughed coldly. Jealousy really makes people ugly.

Soon, two hours passed and everyone stopped. It was dinner time. The head chef ordered people to serve the food.

The head chef sat in the main seat, ten chefs sat on either side, then the trainee chef, the head chef’s helper. And Kris was sitting in the fourth row, which made those people jealous of him.

It only took Kris a day to sit in the fourth row. Although Liu had accepted this fact, he was still a little sad. “I was going to spend five hundred years to get the chance to sit in the fourth row, and now Kris got the chance that would have taken me five hundred years to get in just one day.”

Sitting at the table with Kris were Chef Wu’s helpers, as well as those of other chefs. They all looked friendly, but Kris could clearly see the hostility in their eyes.

“Where there are people, there are conflicts. There’s such bad competition in a small cookhouse.” Kris thought.

The table was set with ten dishes which were much more high-class than the ones he ate at noon. It was only after the head chef picked up his chopsticks that the others started to move theirs.

Kris also picked up his chopsticks and tried to pick up the fish.

“Don’t you know the rules? You are just a newcomer, you want to eat fish?” A man across the table called out. He held out his chopsticks and stopped Kris’.

This man was not Chef Wu’s helper chef. Kris did not know him, but he presumed that he must not get along with Chef Wu’s people.

But strangely enough, Chef Wu’s helper chef also looked at Kris with cold eyes and had no intention to speak for him.

“Since the dish is placed in front of me, I can eat it if I want. It doesn’t need to get your consent.”

“Brat, you are very rude.” One person next to him said. “If you call me grandpa, I’ll let you eat the fish. Otherwise, from now on, you can only lick the dish.”

The people next to him laughed. “That’s the rule. You call us grandpa and we’ll let you eat the fish.” They echoed.

Kris squinted. “You better can call me grandpa and I’ll let you have this plate of fish.”

“How dare you speak to your seniors like that?”

Kris glanced at him. “I must eat fish today. No one can stop me.”

Then he stretched out his chopsticks to pick up the fish. Those few helper chefs looked at each other, boiling with rage.

Even a few of the helper chefs around Chef Wu were shocked. They didn’t expect Kris to be so arrogant.

Several of them shot out at the same time, moving swiftly, trying to pierce Kris’s hand with their chopsticks.

And not far away, Liu also noticed what was happening on this side of the table. He knew that Kris was being targeted.

The cookhouse was very rule-oriented with one rank in a row. Kris didn’t care these so-called rules at all. He moved his finger and the others were instantly immobilized.

Then he easily took some fish with his chopsticks. The meat here was delicious and the aura was most abundant.

“Not bad. It tastes great.”

Kris smiled and gave himself another bowl of fish soup, which tasted even more delicious.

“What are you all looking at me for? Let’s all eat together.” Kris looked at them and deliberately said, “If you guys don’t eat them, I’ll finish them alone.”

He didn’t care about the others’ eyes, and quickly finished the dishes on the table. The fish had only skeleton left, and even the soup was finished.

Kris ate with great satisfaction. These dishes he ate were just for the helper chef. The higher level dishes would definitely be better, and the dishes were precious treasures at the head chef’s place.

“You… I can’t believe you really ate all the dishes!”

“You really don’t know the rules. How dare you.”

They were shocked, their faces livid. But one of them didn’t say anything, but staring at Kris in shock.

Kris flossed his teeth. “I’m a man who eats like this. Next time if you guys are slow, you can’t blame me for eating all the dishes.”

Several people were angry, but there was nothing they could do.

Kris wiped his mouth and left the table directly.

When he left, the few people were able to move. Their eyes were filled with fear. At that moment it was as if they had been cast a spell and all of them were imprisoned and could not move at all.

“Did he imprison us just now?”

“No, it’s absolutely impossible. He’s just a Bing rank newcomer. How could he be so strong?”

“Do you guys think it could be someone else who is helping him behind the scenes?”

“You mean Chef Wu?”

“It’s very possible!”

Several people discussed for a while, then agreed that it was Chef Wu who was helping Kris behind the scenes.

“Damn it, Chef Wu actually defended him so much. The two of them definitely have an unspeakable relationship.”

“No matter what, we can’t target him again. I’m afraid someone is warning us this time, we have to be careful.”

They didn’t get a bite of the dish, so they were very angry.

Hanming Wu looked deeply at Kris’s back, and the head chef glanced at him with a glint of surprise in his eyes.

“Liu, are you done eating?” said Kris.

Liu hurriedly ate a few bites of rice and wiped his mouth. “I’m full. Let’s go back!”

Kris nodded, and the two walked out together.

Back at the residence, Liu did not say anything, and then took out the meal.

Kris was stunned, “You’re ……”

“I guessed you would be targeted. These people all look friendly, but they are very exclusive.” Liu sighed and patted Kris’s shoulder. “Take your time. They’ll accept you after a while.”

Kris was moved. “Thanks a lot, but I’m full. Actually, I’m not hungry.”

“I was once targeted as well. You don’t have to be embarrassed.”

Liu remembered his own hard years, and then he continued. “If you are hungry, your cultivation will definitely drop.”

He thought Kris cultivation to the Transcendence realm consumed everything, just like he had previously consumed all the resources to barely reach the Transcendence realm. Otherwise he wouldn’t have stayed on the immortal boat.

“Many thanks.” Kris said.

“You’re welcome. Have them.” said Liu. He felt that he and Kris had a lot in common, so he wanted to make friends with Kris.

Kris pretended to be hungry and gobbled up the food. Then he burped. “I’m full, thanks.”

“After resting for an hour, I’ll take you to that place.” Liu said.

Kris nodded his head, looking forward to the place Liu said.

Soon, an hour passed. Liu changed his clothes and wore a purple robe, “Liangchen, what do you think of my outfit?”

“Cool, very cool.” said Kris with admiration.

Liu shook the white paper fan in his hand, and he was very satisfied with his answer. “Liangchen, maybe you need to pretend to be my follower.”

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