“What is he holding in his pocket?”

“What kind of weapon might it be? Surrounded by so many mercenaries, you must be desperate!”

“It’s useless to take anything out in this case.”

Hotel guests are all talking!

They think, what can Chuck Cannon have in his pocket? Isn’t it a gun? bomb?

But this kind of thing is surrounded by hundreds of powerful mercenaries, these things are useless, just kill a few people, more than 100 people can it kill?

It is impossible to change the result!

It can be said that everything is useless, the result is death!!

The mercenaries on the scene approached step by step, the death of the wild wolf and the death of the boss with scarface made them extremely angry!!

Now, they only think about one thing, and that is to kill Chuck Cannon!

Revenge for your boss!

Pressing hard step by step, this is a terrifying momentum!

Without changing his color, Chuck Cannon took out the same brand from his pocket.

“Apart from this scar face, who else is the biggest? Come here!!” Chuck Cannon said coldly.

He is obviously not loud at all, but he has an inexplicable majesty!

The hundreds of mercenaries looked at each other!

He is just a Chinese, why is this? Majesty?

Where does the majesty come from?

They thought they felt wrong, but they really did.

“Huh, what did you take out?” A bald mercenary sneered.

Scarface is dead, he is the biggest!

What is this? He hasn’t seen it!

“This is something that can make you obedient!” Chuck Cannon stepped forward.

“What did he say? This brand makes these mercenaries obedient?”

“Is he scared stupid?”

“It must be, it’s not in ancient times. What tokens are you playing? Pretending to be, alas, I regretted him just now. I thought it was a pity that he died. I thought he would go to justice and die generously. Even if he died, he was still a man. Such a small person, in order to survive, even said something like this, alas, disappointed!…”

The onlookers shook their heads in denial, thinking that Chuck Cannon was frightened stupid, and acted like a fool, a liar, wanting to get through?

But it is impossible!

No one on the scene is a fool!

“Haha! What did you say?” The bald head laughed!

“I said, this thing can make you obedient!” Chuck Cannon repeated.

Facing the gaze of hundreds of people, he calmly reached the extreme!

“It’s ridiculous! What you do now is useless, nothing is useless, you are going to die!”

The bald head approached, all the other mercenaries approached, the swords drawn, and the momentum was amazing!

“Really? You belong to my mother, you don’t know, this place was bought by my mother, and was bought long ago!” Chuck Cannon’s eyes flickered!

“Haha, this man is crazy, crazy, this hotel is owned by William of someone else! Is he a man or your mother? Before bragging, can you ask about gender first? Haha, I’m going to laugh at you!!”

Immediately there was laughter, all onlookers were laughing, roaring with laughter!

They already fully believed that Chuck Cannon could say anything under this kind of siege, nonsense and nonsense!!

The bald man smiled and ridiculed, “Oh, your mother is so powerful? Why haven’t I heard of it?”

“Because you are too low-level, you can’t touch some things. I told about this to scarface just now, and he understood it,” Chuck Cannon said coldly.

“Really? You are teasing me! It’s useless, I think you give up, you must die today!”

The bald man approached, hundreds of mercenaries approached with mockery! ?

Chuck Cannon shook his head. These people were really too low-level. They don’t know that all of them have been bought by his mother, and they are also very normal.

Chuck Cannon saw a phone number on the sign, he took out his cell phone and dialled, “I’m at a hotel in your area, come and find me!!!”

After speaking, Chuck Cannon hung up the phone!

“Are you calling someone?” The bald man sneered, “Who is it?”

“Call you the biggest person here, understand? He is qualified to know who I am!” Chuck Cannon is extremely ordinary!

“What nonsense are you talking about? I can’t bear it anymore, give it to me, I want to watch him die!!” The bald man scolded angrily!

Hundreds of mercenaries all swarmed around!

“I see who dares!”

This is a loud growl!

Deafening, with indescribable majesty!

As soon as the sound came out, the hotel lobby was dead silent instantly!

This voice rang in everyone’s ears, shaking them subconsciously!

“What’s the matter? Why is his voice so loud?”

“After I listened, I was a little scared…”

The mercenaries looked at each other again, and Chuck Cannon’s roar scared them.

“What are you doing in a daze? Come on, give it to me!” The bald man shouted!

“Things that do not live or die!” Chuck Cannon approached step by step!

In the face of hundreds of mercenaries, there is no fear at all, and the aura of one person can actually suppress hundreds of mercenaries!

Everyone is incredible! Feeling a little breathless, at this moment, they dare not look at Chuck Cannon!!

Chuck Cannon is the king at this moment!

A word can determine the king of life and death here!

The bald man was also shocked. Chuck Cannon’s majesty was much bigger than his boss scarface. Could he really buy this place, the boss’s son?

“I’ll give you a chance to retire! Or do you feel conceited!?” Chuck Cannon said coldly.

Even if he didn’t take out the sign, he didn’t need to worry about anything, because Chuck Cannon still had a few powerful small bombs in his hand, and threw the bombs into the crowd. No matter how powerful these mercenaries were, everyone will die!

But Chuck Cannon feels that killing too many people is not good, after all, what is said here is the place where his mother bought it. Can’t cause too much confusion!

Take out the token and let the biggest person here come over. This is the best solution!

“You!” The bald man is actually afraid, what’s the matter? This is just a Chinese person!

Was he scared when he was yelled twice?


The bald man was annoyed, “You don’t have to delay time. It’s useless to call anyone just now because you are going to die!”

The bald man rushed over, he wants to establish majesty! why?

Scarface is dead, he is the boss!

But suddenly, with a bang, a car hit from the outside, everyone was shocked and saw it!

A car hit the door of the hotel and hurriedly came down a grey-haired foreign old man.

“This is?”

Someone recognized that this old man from abroad is the real biggest person in this small place!

He manages here!

Everyone was shocked and surprised, why would he come here?

However, he hurried in, crossed the crowd, came to a person, bowed his head politely, “Master!!”

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