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Chapter 739 – 740: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 739: Welcome to the Lanting Ghost Market

The Lanting Immortal Boat is only two-thirds the size of the Imperial Star, and there are probably tens of billions of people living on it.

But every time they go from the beginning to the end and return from the end, the vast majority of these new cultivators who have just boarded the boat will leave. Less than one ten thousandth of the cultivators chooses to stay. So the resident population here is about three hundred million

The supplies needed for such a large population are astronomical, so there are many official supply places on the Lanting Immortal Boat. However, these places sell more expensive things. In other secluded places there are various places where goods could be traded. Normally, goods are cheaper here.

Soon, they came to a brothel under the guidance of Liu Ma.

Kris opened his eyes wide and laughed awkwardly. “Liu, what are you bringing me here for?” he asked.

Liu smiled. “You just come with me. It’ll be an adventure.”

As soon as he entered the brothel, a procuress came over. “Mr. Ma, you are finally here. You haven’t come for some days. Xiaocui very misses you these days!”

“You tell her that I’ll visit her later!” Liu said, and then he and Kris continued to walk inside.

By the time they reached the end of the brothel, Liu had many lipstick marks on his face.

“Is this the place you’re taking me to?” Kris said.

Liu laughed awkwardly. Then he made a spell to clean the lipstick marks on his face. “Follow me.”

Finally they came to an isolated courtyard. There was a short door there, and two large bearded men were guarding the entrance.

“What are you doing?” the man asked.

“Trading.” Liu spoke the lingo.

“Offer one hundred thousand Chaos Essence!” The man watching the door replied.

“What? Did you only ask for 90,000 last time?”

“Give me or get out of here!”

Liu frowned. “The man behind me is my follower. According to the rules of the Ghost Market, I can bring one in, right?”

“No, you have to offer fifty thousand!”

“What? You’re blackmailing!” said Liu.

“This is the new rule.”

“You’re just unreasonable.” said Liu angrily.

“Here is 150,000 Chaos Essence!” Kris said, and then handed them the essence in his hand. “Now can we go in?”

Kris had a lot of Chaos Essence. He couldn’t even count how many Chaos Essence he had in his Storage Ring.

The big man took the Chaos Essence and then nodded his head. He threw them both identity tags. “Don’t lose them, or you two will die inside.”

Receiving the identity tags, the two walked in. A door was suddenly opened.

“Welcome to the Lanting Ghost Market.” A voluptuous girl said sweetly.

Kris and Liu smiled and nodded, and then they quickly walked into the market place.

“Liangchen, didn’t we agree that I would treat you? Why did you ……”

“I’m already grateful that you brought me to the ghost market. How can I let you spend money for me?” said Kris.

At this time, the two of them were already walking on a wide street, which was lined with stores. There were many pedestrians on the road.

Kris glanced casually and noticed ghost taboos everywhere used to restrict the use of spells. The identity tags on their bodies glowed faintly.

The Illusion Array and Kill Array set up here were hidden. The Battle Formation would instantly suck them in and kill them if their cards left their bodies.

This place was not simple, and the people who can open a ghost market here were not simple, too. Kris thought.

“How is this place?” Liu asked.

“This is really good.” Kris replied.

Liu raised an eyebrow. “This place is only known to the old people. But there’s something I have to tell you, bartering is best here. You’d better not reveal your identity and wealth, and don’t start a conflict with anyone.”

“Don’t worry, I understand.”

“Then we’ll move separately from here. In an hour, we’ll rendezvous at this place.” Liu said.

Kris nodded his head. He was still thinking about how to tell Liu that they should move separately, but he didn’t expect him to bring it up first.

People who came to the ghost market all wanted to buy something, but no one wanted to bring someone with them.

“Then I’ll go left.”

“I’ll go to the right.”

The two left in opposite directions.

Kris seemed to be wandering aimlessly through the ghost market, but actually he was wondering which one he should enter.

There was no name but some symbols outside the store. The one selling medicine had a gourd sign. Those selling weapons had pictures of swords and spears hanging in front of the door, and those selling cultivation techniques had a book hanging directly outside.

Kris suddenly missed Seven-treasure House. Think back then, Seven-treasure House had given him a lot of help. Although its treasures were expensive, those were the real treasures.

He came to the ghost market this time to buy the distribution map of the major powers of the Eternity domain, as well as all kinds of cultivation techniques.

Everywhere he went he had to update his cultivation methods and prescriptions.

These merchants in the ghost market were very shrewd and tried to blackmail him.

“It seems that you are really familiar with this place.” The shopkeeper said with a smile. “Then how about this, for the map of the Eternity, I’ll take three million Chaos Essence from you.”

“Three hundred thousand!”

“Two million nine hundred and fifty thousand!” said the shopkeeper.

“This map is certainly not expensive in the outside world. Three hundred thousand is already more than ten times the price in the outside world.” said Kris. “Something likes a map that could be copied infinitely. Three hundred thousand Chaos Essence for a map is already a sky-high price.

“If you don’t want to sell it, I can go out and buy it from the ones outside. I think they should be very willing to sell it to me.” Kris continued.

Upon hearing this, the shopkeeper had to compromise. “Fine, fine, three hundred thousand.”

After Kris took the map, he went directly to the next one. In this way, his safety was ensured to the greatest extent.

After walking around, Kris bought a lot of things he needed, but he also spent several hundred million Chaos Essence. But now the Chaos Essence was of little use to him.

The Qingdi Creation Technique went straight through to eternity, but Kris cultivated the Way of the Universe. He needed more cultivation techniques to deduce the new Stage.

At this moment, the single universe in his body already had eighteen hundred trillion star fields. With such a huge star field, even a cultivator in the Chaos Realm could not explore the entire universe.

“A lot of gains, but it takes time to digest! If I want to get a large amount of cultivation techniques, with this method even if I had a mountain of gold and silver, I would spend it all.” Kris said to himself.

He walked slowly to the door, and found Liu waiting anxiously.

“Liangchen, you’ve finally arrived.”

Liu walked over and grabbed Kris’s arm. “This ghost market is only open for three hours a day, if the hours are over, we’ll just be trapped in here.”

“Sorry. I’ll keep it in mind.” Kris said.

“All right, let’s go.”

Liu pulled Kris away. After throwing his identity tag to the gatekeeper, he went out to find Xiaocui.

Kris went back to Liu’s house alone. He stayed in the room across from Liu’s bedroom.

After setting up the Time Barrier, Kris began to practice. But after practicing for a while, he sensed that something was wrong. “No, it’s not right. The flow of time has actually slowed down!”

“Compared to before, the flow of time here is two million years slower, what is the reason for this?” Kris said to himself.

“This should be related to the world rules. At this moment, we have already left the Cave World. The world rules in the outer world are more perfect than the Cave World, and the five million time flow rate is the limit of the Cave World.” Yuan Kris, who was cultivating inside Kris’ body, said. “I suspect that the flow of time in the Time Barrier will become even slower when we reach the Eternity.”

Kris nodded. “That’s very possible. This also means that the Great Tao here is even more powerful.”

Although there were three thousand Taoist Palaces in the Eternity, there were countless small sects under the three thousand Taoist Palaces, like the sand of the Ganges, which are inexhaustible.

“The cultivation techniques are too common, and they are not comparable to the Qingdi Creation Technique. But Comprehending Qingdi Creation Technique is also very difficult. For now, I can’t do it.”

“But the Qingdi Creation Technique is the cultivation of the physical body. We can start with the body refining practice method, and then maybe we can find the similarities.”

“Yeah, maybe. The Gate of Wonder can provide a sufficient amount of arcane energy, which should be able to raise the strength of my physical body to the Fulfilled period!” said Kris.

If his physical body can reach the Fulfilled period of Transcendence Realm, it meant that the sixty trillion cells of his body can also reach this realm. And the world within his cells would also expand further. He himself could not even anticipate how much battle power this could provide for him.

The next morning, Kris figured out when Liu would be back, so he ended his practice early.

Liu, who had been out drinking all night, came back. He was covered in perfume.

“How was your last night?”

“It’s wonderful.” said Liu excitedly. “It’s certainly good to have the company of beauty.”

“I’m going to take a shower first. The head chef had warned us that we were not allowed to smell like perfume.” Liu continued.

More than ten minutes later, Liu changed back into the chef’s uniform.

“Let’s go, or we’ll be late later.”

As the two walked side by side to the cookhouse, Kris asked. “Isn’t there a preaching place on this Lanting Immortal Boat?”

“Of course there is! You mean the Preaching Pavilion.”

“Jia-rank disciples and Yi-rank disciples can go there.” Liu said.

“We are all the Chosen Ones, but we are treated differently. Some of them used up all their treasures in the Cave World to reach the stage of Transcendence, but here they are nothing.” Liu sighed.

The cave world he was in had previously dozens of cultivators who reached the stage of Transcendence. And when it was his turn to cultivate in the Cave World, the resources in the Cave World ran out and he fought tooth and nail to reach the stage of Transcendence.

“Do you see that tallest building? There are countless Daoist divine abilities placed there, the most superior cultivation techniques in the Cave World, as well as the strongest cultivation techniques of Lanting Immortal Palace.

Jia-rank cultivators can watch there for six hours a day. Those Yi-rank cultivators can watch there for three hours a day! And for Bing-rank cultivators, they only have half an hour a month and they can only be on the bottom three floors.”

Kris was a little surprised. “Bing-rank cultivators can also go there?”

“Yeah, You don’t know that?

Chapter 740: Liu Ma Was in Trouble

“Oh, I didn’t know about this.” Kris said truthfully.

“Bing-rank cultivators are just doing hard work in their eyes. Of course they won’t tell you this.” Liu Ma sneered. “But you must not be discouraged. These chefs in the cookhouse, including the chief chef, are all the Bing-rank disciples before, which means we are not inferior to them. We just lack resources.”

Kris nodded his head. Bing-rank cultivator could go there half an hour a month, which was enough for Kris. He didn’t need to understand those cultivation methods in a short time. He just needed to memorize them first.

Kris nodded his head. “Then what do we need to provide when I go there?” He asked again.

“Just show him your Bing-rank certificate.”

“Actually, you don’t need to go there to learn cultivation techniques. They are all some very ordinary cultivation techniques. And if you go there, you’ll have to suffer the ridicule of the Jia-rank and Yi-rank cultivators. “Liu said.

Kris didn’t say anything and came to the cookhouse.

Once inside everyone was eating breakfast. The congee was first class dragon rice, which was said to be poured with dragon blood to strengthen the physique as well as the spirit.

The dumplings and steamed buns were also of good flour. The vegetables were also precious plants in the Cave World.

For such a breakfast, at least two or three hundred chaos essence were needed.

“Liangchen, your task today is to watch me cook.” Hanming Wu said.

Kris froze. “He’s going to teach me how to cook?”

Hearing Hanming’s words, several other helper chefs’ faces instantly changed. “Chef, you ….you’re going to teach him to cook, aren’t you?”

“That’s right. I am going to teach him. You guys have a problem with that?” Hanming asked.

“But we’ve been following you for hundreds of years, and you don’t …..”

“So what? You guys are still disloyal to me.”Hanming said. Other people were busy in the cookhouse, so their conversation could only be heard by a few of them.

“When Liangchen was bullied yesterday, why didn’t you guys help him? You have been with me for so long, is this what I have taught you?” Hanming coldly snorted. “If you guys have a problem with that, you can leave here.”

Kris was watching them, expressionless.

“Chef, we know we’re wrong.”

In the cookhouse, the head chef is the most powerful, and then in second place is the chef. So these people didn’t dare to talk back. They could only admit their mistakes.

Hanming glanced at them, and then turned his head to look at Kris “Watch me and learn!”

“Yes, chef!” Kris said.

What Hanming taught Kris in the morning was relatively simple, so it was over in less than an hour.

Kris did not have to do anything as a helper cook. He had a lot of free time. In his free time, he habitually took a cigarette made of elixir from his Storage Ring. He drew heavily on his cigarette and puffed out a cloud of smoke.

Ma Liu came over from the side.

“Liangchen, what is this?” he asked.

“A cigarette. Do you want one?”

Kris handed over one and helped him light it. The two of them hid aside to smoke.

After one cigarette, Liu surprisingly felt that his cultivation had improved a little bit.

“Liangchen, your cigarette can actually enhance cultivation?”

“Yes, it’s somewhat efficacious.” said he, and then he took out a box. “There are a hundred in here, keep it .If you still need more, let me know.”

Liu took the box and laughed. “Thanks.”

On the other side, several helper cooks under Liang Qiu kept staring at them. “Liangchen can’t be messed with, but we can go fix Liu.”

“That’s right. He and Liangchen are close. We can fix him to vent our anger.”

Then they found a man who had a good relationship with Liu and told him to set Liu up.

“Did you remember everything I told you?”

“Yes, sir!” That man said uneasily.


Soon it was time to prepare lunch.

Kris was still concentrating on learning. Hanming was cooking the food while talking to Kris about the details.

Kris had a rough idea of why Hanming thought so highly of him. Maybe Hanming knew that Kris was from a different background, so he made friends with him on purpose.

At noon, everyone stopped. It was time to eat lunch. This time, no one dared to despise Kris and no one dared to stop him from eating his food.

After eating his fill, Kris went to the Scripture Pavilion by himself.

The place where the Scripture Pavilion was located was in a huge mast. It was said to be the main trunk of Tongtian wood, which was a million feet high and several thousand meters thick. It had a huge space inside with hundreds of floors.

“Stop, please show your identity tag.”

Kris took out his Bing- rank identity tag. When that registrant saw his identity tag, a hint of disgust appeared in his eyes. “This is not a place for people like you to come, do you understand?”

“The Landing Immortal Palace gives me the right. I have the right to come here for half an hour every month. You are not qualified to deny me entry.” Kris said with an expressionless face.

“Shut up!” The man shouted and stood up. “How dare you talk to me like that?”

He lifted his hand and was about to slap Kris in the face.

However, Kris grabbed his hand suddenly, and then the man’s face changed suddenly. “Let go of me. Bastard, how dare you hurt me?”

There were quite a few people noticing them now. Kris didn’t want to cause any trouble, so he hurried to say .”Hurry up and register, I must get in.”

“No, don’t even think about it!”

Kris shook off his hand and shouted in front of everyone. “The proof has been shown to you, I’m going in!”

Then he was about to strut in.

However, the man suddenly shouted, “Help, there are thugs!”

Kris also did not want to waste any more time and directly imprisoned him. Then he swaggered in.

Not every cultivator in Lanting Immortal Palace was superb. The person who was responsible for registering was only at the early stage of Detachment.


The Scripture Pavilion is very large. There are ninety-nine floors, each of which contained billions of cultivation techniques.

Kris saw that there were many people on the first floor, and all of these people were Bing-rank disciples.

“Rubbish, the first floor is all rubbish. All of them are cultivation techniques in Normalized Stage, this is just fooling us.”

Normalized Stage’s cultivation techniques? Kris stroked his chin. This was just right for him.

The energy he absorbed in the Chaotic Silent Land of the Cave World was all Chaos level.

At the time of the Royal War, there were many cultivation techniques for the Endless Stage, but few for the Normalization Stage. By the time of the Royal War, he did not collect too many cultivation techniques either.

This Scripture Pavilion has hundreds of billions of collections on the first floor. This was just right for cultivating Kris’ Reverse Training Techniques

“The Reverse Training Techniques is a bad name. I’ll just call it the Heaven Replenishment Technique from now on.” Kris thought. And he didn’t know that the name he casually changed today would later become the peerless technique that shocked the three thousand Daoist domains.

Cultivation techniques of Normalization Stage were of little use to cultivators in the Detachment Stage, so many people headed to the second floor to try their luck.

Kris used his Divine Spiritual Power to quickly browse through those books and then put these cultivation techniques into his inner world one by one. Then his inner world became lively. Yuan Kris, Demon Kris, and Yang Buddha all woke up.

Yuan Kris stretched and stood up. “It’s time to get to work. I’m going to be busy again.”

Demon Kris opened his eyes and clutched the Gate of Wonders, continuously absorbing the arcane energy. The power of his physical body was also getting stronger and stronger.

Yang Buddha was using the power of faith to enhance his strength and expand his universe with the force of will.


Half an hour later, Kris finished browsing the books on the second floor, and he went up to the second floor. The cultivation method on this floor was the method of half-step Detachment Stage.

The third floor was infinitely close to the cultivation technique of Detachment Stage, but there was just no cultivation technique to break through Detachment Stage.

In the Scripture Pavilion for an hour and a half, Kris had collected hundreds of billions of cultivation techniques. He wanted to continue up the stairs, but it was almost time for dinner and he had to go back to the cookhouse.

He went downstairs happily, while the man in charge of registration was still confined to where he was, and Kris didn’t look at him. Only when Kris was far away was his confinement lifted.


“Who the hell is he?” He looked terrified. He was easily imprisoned by Kris without even a hint of resistance.

This person was a Bing rank? Impossible, absolutely impossible, how could there be such a powerful Bing rank disciple? But his identity card was not fake. He sat there thinking for a long time, but did not figure out what the reason was.


Back in the cookhouse, Kris got dressed and waited there for the chef.

“Liu isn’t here yet.” He frowned. “He will only come early every time. Why is he late today?”

“Did you hear that Liu Ma was caught stealing Chef Qiu’s secret recipe?”

“Yeah I heard about it. He was almost killed by Chef Qiu.”

“The secret recipe is more important than a chef’s life. Chef Qiu must hate him. Liu is in trouble.”

Hearing their conversation, Kris frowned and walked towards them quickly. “Excuse me, may I ask where Liu is now?”

“You’re Liu’s friend, Liangchen?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Liu is in jail now.”

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