“Young master?”

“I heard you right? How could he be called a Master?”

“Could it be that what he said just now is true?”

The audience was stunned!

This old man respectfully faced this Chinese man, what is going on?

All the onlookers were shocked!

Hundreds of mercenaries were shocked!

In such a moment, there was no sound!

Everyone looked at one person dumbfounded. This person was Chuck Cannon from China, who everyone thought he would die!!

“Came very fast!” Chuck Cannon said calmly.

The old man was sweating profusely, and he was very apprehensive. Since Karen Lee bought this place, she basically hasn’t shown up before, so he can manage it.

He just received a call from Chuck Cannon, and he instantly knew who this person was. Karen Lee, who bought this place, said that she has a son!

Obviously, Karen Lee’s son is the one in front of him!

Like Karen Lee at the beginning, there is so terrifying aura!

“Master, you… came here…” The old man was panicked.

“These people are going to kill me!” Chuck Cannon was expressionless.

“What? You are looking for death, this is the young master!”

The old man was trembling all over, and he slapped the bald man’s shocked face with a slap!


This sound is too crisp!

It sounded in the hearts of everyone on the scene!

“Don’t you kneel down and confess your mistake to the young master?” The old man trembled and was extremely angry!

The bald man suddenly woke up, fear, shock, disbelief, and it showed on his face in an instant!

What did you do?

“Master, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I damn, I damn…”


The bald man was kneeling!

His expression was terrified, trembling, even pleading…

He regretted this moment, why didn’t he believe Chuck Cannon’s words just now?

Chuck Cannon can shock him with a roar, why doesn’t he believe it?

“Master, I’m sorry! Don’t you guys kneel down to Master?” Bald Qiang yelled at the men behind him!

No hesitation!

These hundreds of mercenaries have long awakened, and they didn’t understand until this moment that what Chuck Cannon said just now was true, and he could really make himself obedient!




Hundreds of mercenaries knelt down in darkness!

Only for one person!

This person is Chuck Cannon!

“Master, sorry!!”

The voice resounded across the sky!

What an amazing scene!

The onlookers were stunned with their jaws. How could they think that such a thing would happen?

The hotel lobby is horrified!

The front desk who had just been slapped by Chuck Cannon just now woke up in a daze. She saw hundreds of mercenaries kneeling. She was stunned. She couldn’t turn her mind all at once. She muttered to herself, “Happened.” What’s wrong? Why…Ah? They actually kneeled for this Chinese man?”

“Master, why don’t you come over and tell me? I’ll arrange it for you in advance,” the old man said tremblingly.

“What is the arrangement?” Chuck Cannon shook his head.

“Are you coming here this time?” the old man asked tentatively.

“Something comes over! The owner of this hotel, I’m looking for him!” Chuck Cannon said.

“The boss is on the top floor…” the front desk said blankly.


The old man slapped him when he walked over!

“lead the way!!”

The front desk got up in horror, and ran to the elevator!

“All of you go up and bring him down for me! Go!” the old man scolded!


Hundreds of mercenaries stood up, ran up the stairs, swarming up in terror!

This scene is also shocking!

“Master, take a break!” The old man looked pleased.

“It’s okay!” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

Wait, there is no problem.

“What is the relationship between the people in this hotel and you?” Chuck Cannon was a little interested.

“It’s okay!!” The old man gritted his teeth!

It was good before, but if you offend the young master, then you must die!

“Very good!” Chuck Cannon sat down by himself.

“Me, can I ask for your contact information?” A beautiful woman in jeans ran over shyly, looking forward to Chuck Cannon.

The moment of reversal just now made her unable to believe that there were such powerful people in the world, and she was fascinated.

“I don’t give strangers my contact information,” Chuck Cannon refused without hesitation!

This girl was very beautiful and her figure was perfect to the extreme. If Chuck Cannon gave it, she can get her tonight or even now, but Chuck Cannon didn’t come to pick up girls.

He was here to save Black Rose!!

The beauty instantly felt sad and lost, “Then, sorry, I’m sorry…”

The beauty stepped aside, and she was rejected because of her unwillingness.

The other girls who were shocked did not dare to come up. Chuck Cannon is a young master!

Chuck Cannon was waiting!


“Boss, open the door, open the door!” The front desk screamed frantically.

In the room, the hotel owner frowned. He was torturing the doctor!

This front desk actually came to bother him, which was really disgusting!

Snap your fingers!

He went down and opened the door!

The front desk fell in fearfully and climbed in front of the boss, “Boss, boss…”

“What are you going to say?” He was angry!

what’s the situation!

Are you scared like this?

“Boss, they, they came up to look for you!” The front desk cried in shock.

“Looking for me? Who is looking for me?” The boss sneered. This is his own hotel. Who dares to come and find him?

“They…” The front desk pointed out the door.

“Which of them? By the way, is that Huaxia guy dead?”

“No, he is less…” The more the front desk thought about it, the more frightened, she actually treated the young master like that, can she survive?

“What is it? It’s not dead yet? What do you eat? What do the people below eat?” The boss looked ugly!

There are so many people here, but there is still a Chinese person?

what’s the situation?

“William!” There was a cold voice outside!

The boss was astonished and saw the bald man coming in. The boss smiled slightly, “It’s you, how is it? The one below…ah!!!”

He didn’t finish his sentence, the bald man slapped him in the face!


The boss was shocked and stroked his cheek blankly, “What are you doing?”

“I also want to ask what you did, let us go to deal with the young master!” The bald man was angry!

Brush, brush, brush!!

A group of people, hundreds of angry people rushed in, and in an instant, surrounded this large room!

Water can’t leak!

Breathing is uncomfortable!

“You guys? What young master? Did you make a mistake?” The boss was very angry. It was so shameless to slap him like this?

“The person you asked us to kill was the son of the person who bought here. Who do you say is the young master?” The bald man was angry!

The boss was dumbfounded, “What did you say? What did you say?”

“Take him down, Master wants to see him!” The bald man indifferently ordered, and hundreds of people stared at him. For a moment, the boss was frightened and confused, Master?

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