“Master, is that Chinese man a master?” The boss became frightened.

So many mercenaries who originally helped him treat him this way, he has to believe this fact that he still can’t believe.

Fear overwhelmed him!


These people brought down the fearful boss, his subordinates, and the front desk of his hotel were afraid…

The hotel lobby is silent!

Hundreds of mercenaries came down under one person!

The onlookers were already at a loss and forgot to leave. This is the owner of the hotel, some of them know.

“Master, spare my life, spare my life!”

The boss knelt down and kowtowed Chuck Cannon!

When he saw this white man, he was shocked and completely believed.

“Spare? I asked, is there a doctor above?” Chuck Cannon asked directly.

“Yes, yes! Master, are you here to find that doctor?” The boss grabbed this life-saving straw!

“Yes, where is he?” Chuck Cannon became nervous!

Have you died?


Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief, but just glanced at the old man, and the old man suddenly scolded, “Will you bring the doctor down?”

The bald man ran up.

A minute later, the bald man brought down a man who was about to fall into a coma. Chuck Cannon saw him, and he was immediately relieved. It was him!

he did not find the wrong direction!

“Yes?” The doctor was very confused. Why did so many people at the scene focus on this Huaxia person?

When the bald man went up to save him just now, he thought it was incredible that someone came to save himself!

He was about to cry.

“I came here to ask for medicine. A friend of mine was shot in the heart…” Chuck Cannon said straightforwardly.

“Medicine?” The doctor suddenly realized, “Yes, there are…”

“Okay, bring it to me!” Chuck Cannon was surprised, Black Rose will be saved!

“Upstairs in my backpack, but William was holding it,” the doctor said fiercely.

The hotel owner was scared to pee, he actually robbed the young master’s things?

“Go get it!” Chuck Cannon waved his hand, and the bald man ran up again!

three minutes!

The bald man took off a backpack, and the doctor took out three boxes of medicine from the backpack to Chuck Cannon.

“All these are.”

Chuck Cannon took them all down, excited, and now he can go back and save Black Rose!

Black Rose can wake up!

He can see the big blue eyes of Black Rose again.

“Okay, well done, let’s take good care of him!” Chuck Cannon ordered this!


The bald man took the doctor to rest and treatment because the doctor was tortured too much.

“Master, be merciful! I don’t know this doctor is the person you are looking for, otherwise, give me ten courage, I dare not!” The boss knelt down and begged.

Chuck Cannon looked at him calmly, “It’s so vicious, it’s useless to stay, kill!”


A mercenary comes out!

The boss was trembling, “No, Master, I will give all my things, give them all, please don’t kill me, Master!… Ah, I have a woman, a Chinese woman just caught, I will give Master!”

“Caught a Chinese woman?” Chuck Cannon frowned, what happened here?

“I, my friend caught it, she did this specifically…” The boss caught the straw!

“Oh, bring that Chinese woman over to me to see!”

“Yes, I’ll call her right away to bring her over!”

The boss was busy calling, “Her mother! Take that Chinese woman to my hotel, hurry up!!”

After speaking, the boss changed his face and said with a smile.

Since Chuck Cannon encountered this kind of thing, then it’s time to save the arrested Chinese woman.

After all, they are all Chinese.

Chuck Cannon felt that when his family encountered difficulties when they were outside, they still had to help. For no other reason, it was enough to be Chinese.

“Master, can you let me go?” The boss was courteous. When he told him about this at the front desk of the hotel, he said that this Chinese woman is very beautiful and has a good body. The master will love it. If he is saved, he can survive.

“I didn’t say to let it go,” Chuck Cannon shrugged!

The boss was shocked, “Master?”


A mercenary grabbed his neck and broke the boss’s neck.


The onlookers were stunned, and Chuck Cannon recalled what he said, deciding the life and death of others!!

Chuck Cannon glanced at his dead boss and called Betty Bernard, “Hey, Sister Bernard, you can come and pick me up, I have got the medicine.”

In terms of time, less than one day passed. Originally, his mother gave three days. The sooner he do it now, the more likely it is that Black Rose will wake up!!

Betty Bernard was already preparing to come over, up to three hours.

Chuck Cannon can just wait here.

“Master, wait a minute, I know that woman, she will bring that Chinese woman here soon!” The white-haired old man said carefully.

“In the future, I don’t want such things to happen again in my mother’s place!” Chuck Cannon suddenly became indifferent!

The white-haired old man was startled, “Master, don’t worry, it won’t happen!!”

He was sweating profusely when Chuck Cannon was cold, it was really scary!

“No, don’t catch me, let me go,” Qian Yueying fell into despair, and the woman who brought her over appeared again.

“Let it go? Telling you the good news. Someone is watching,” the woman smiled sinisterly.

The hotel owner William called to ask someone, this William is abnormal!

“No, please don’t!” Qian Yueying was struggling, but she didn’t have the strength at all. She drank the potion, and she had no strength to get up.

“Go and enjoy! Come, take her into the car!” The woman walked out.

Qian Yueying shed tears of despair, she would actually end up like this, no one came to save herself, no one…

Tears couldn’t stop, Qian Yueying closed her eyes.

Someone carried her out. Qian Yueying got into the car. She felt that the car had stopped and reached the place. She wanted to know what she would encounter next.

Qian Yueying wanted to die, but she didn’t have any strength in her hands.

She cried silently!!

She was carried out of the car!

“Hope to be sold at a good price!” The woman laughed!

She strode into the hotel, but in an instant, she was astonished. There were so many people in the hotel!

Also, William… is lying down and dead?

The woman was startled, “William…”

“Not enough!” The white-haired old man scolded!

The woman was shocked, what’s the matter?


“Bring it in, bring it in,” the woman was frightened.

“Kneel! This is the young master!”

The woman shuddered and knelt. She noticed the problem the first time she came in. Everyone at the scene was standing, respectful, and the only one sitting was a Chinese person!!

“Master, the woman has already been brought here, Master, please forgive me!” The woman begged, Chuck Cannon’s eyes flickered, and she saw several people carry a woman in.

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