Chapter 741 – 742: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 741: Liangchen, How Dare You?

“Thanks!” Kris said, then turned around and left.

He didn’t believe that Liu Ma would steal Chef Qiu’s secret recipe. It had taken Liu Ma three hundred years to get to his current position. There was no way he would do such a thing.

“Someone said that he was Liu’s accomplice. He is the one who instructed Liu to steal it.” A man pointed to Kris and said.

“How awful! Is that really true?”

“This newcomer was promoted to assistant chef just two days after he came here, and today Chef Wu even taught him to fry. Don’t you guys think it’s strange?” A helper cook said.

“Chef Wu has never been so nice to us, but he’s suddenly so nice to him. He must have made some kind of deal with Chef Wu.”

The cookhouse was all rumored about Kris and Chef Wu’s relationship, but Kris had no time to care about others’ gossip now. He quickly went to save Liu.

When Kris found Liu, he was lying on the ground, his body bruised and sore. There were many people gathered around him. Liang was sitting there. He was livid with rage. Next to him was the broken whip. This whip was a magic weapon, but it was broken. So the person who was beaten must endured much pain.

“Chef Wu, I was wrongly accused. Someone framed me ……” said Liu, his voice hoarse.

“Nonsense. The secret recipe was found on you. And you still don’t admit it.” Liang said. He was trembling with anger. “Even now you’re still talking nonsense.”

Then he turned to Hanming and said, “Chef Wu, this matter has nothing to do with you today, you can leave now. But I must beat Liu to death.”

Then a rolling pin made of star iron appeared in his hand.

Liu had already been beaten half to death. If he was hit a few more times, he would definitely die.

Hanming Wu’s face darkened. “This matter is very suspicious. I’ve known Liu for a long time. There is no way he would do such a thing.”

“Chef Wu, maybe it’s just that you think you know someone.” Liang sneered. “Liu is your man, so you want to exonerate him? Or are you the one who instructed Liu to steal the secret recipe?”

Hearing him say that, these onlookers’ faces changed.

“Chef Qiu, what do you mean? You think that I instructed him?” Hanming said. He had clearly understood that Liang was trying to take revenge for yesterday.

It seemed that Liang really wanted to kill them this time. He actually used his secret recipe as bait to set them up.

“I didn’t say that. Don’t misunderstand me.” Liang sneered. “Maybe it was Liu’s friend Liangchen Ye who instructed him to do so.”.

“This matter has nothing to do with Liangchen. He went to Scripture Pavilion after lunch,” Liu said through clenched teeth. He knew that he himself had fallen for someone else’s scheme.

“What evidence do you have to prove that he went to Scripture Pavilion? Do you think you can prove his innocence by making up a reason?”

At this time, Jian Shi, who had been punished to pick dung, stood out. “I clearly saw Liangchen Ye go to some other place. You are lying. This matter was done by you two.”

Liang looked cold. “Now these evidences are all there. Apparently, they did it together. Even if I go to the head chef, the head chef will definitely be on my side.”

Looking at the silent Hanming, Liang was complacent. “Bring Liangchen to me. I must punish him with the cruelest punishment.” He said to his man.

“Yes, chef!” Several helper chefs behind Liang said.

“No need, I’m already here.” said Kris loudly. Then he walked out from the crowd.

“Liangchen, come to my side.” Hanming said with a frown.

“Chef Wu, this matter has nothing to do with me, and even less to do with Liu!” Kris said. Then he took out his Nirvana Pill, walked over to Liu and gave it to him.

“Who discovered that Liu had stolen the recipe? And who was he with?” Kris asked.

People were silent. No one answered his question.

“There were so many people in the cookhouse, why did he steal the recipe at noon when there were the most people? Are you guys stupid or is he stupid? Have you thought about these questions?” He continued.

But still no one answered him

“Liu, tell me, what was going on at that time?” Kris helped Liu up and asked

Liu was touched that Kris spoke so much for him. “After I finished breakfast, Liu, Wang, invited me to drink, and then we played cards in the backyard. But soon I lost consciousness. When I woke up I was already here. I was wrongly accused. I didn’t steal the secret recipe.”

“Nonsense, how dare you slander Chef Zhao’s people? We’ve asked others before we came. No one saw you playing cards with them in the backyard. You’re lying!” said Jian angrily. Then he pointed at Kris. “The matter is clear enough, and at that time my brother and I saw the two of you sneaking around and discussing something.”

“At that time everyone was eating, and you were the first to finish, and then you ran to say something to Liu. Quite a few people saw you two talking at the time.”

“Chef Qiu, beat them to death.” said Jian. He clasped his hands.

Then Lei and the others echoed. “Please, Chef. Kill them.”

“Stop, no one can harm them until this matter is clearly investigated.” Hanming shouted sternly. “Now you guys go back and cook at once. After dinner, I will ask the head chef to make a decision.”

“There is no need to bother the chief chef with such matters. Now that the evidence is all there, I will beat him to death right now. Then I will explain everything to the chief chef then.” Liang said. “We all know very well that the secret recipe is the chef’s life. Since he stole my secret recipe, he deserves to die.”

“If you dare to stop me, you will suffer today!” Liang shouted.

Hanming was a little hesitant. He didn’t expect Liang to be so impulsive. If the two of them were to fight, he was not confident that he could beat Liang. Now that the secret formula was found on Liu, there was no way to explain this matter clearly. He thought maybe Qiu Liang put the recipe on Liu’s pocket. Although this was possible, he had no proof that Liang had done so. If Liang insisted that Liu were instructed by him to steal his recipe, even if the head chef did not believe Liang, Hanming’s reputation would be greatly ruined and other chefs would not dare to befriend Hanming in the future. Now Hanming really didn’t know if he wanted to continue defending Kris and Liu.

Kris could see that Hanming was hesitant. Kris would leave the boat soon, but Hanming was going to stay on board. Kris knew that if Hanming continued to be involved in this matter, his future would be ruined

“Chef Wu, this matter has nothing to do with you. I’m so grateful that you can defend us so much.” Kris said gratefully. He was glad that Hanming had been good to him and did not betray him, no matter whether Hanming helped him for his own benefit or not.

Hanming opened his mouth, but he didn’t say anything. He was worried that if he continued to help them, his own future would be ruined. It was not worth it to him.

At that moment, Liang suddenly threw out his magic weapon, the rolling pin. He struck a blow with the power of Fulfilled period. Obviously, he intended to kill Kris and Liu with one blow.

“You two will die today. It’s your own fault.” Liang thought.

On the side, Jian and his brother were more excited. In the past two days they had gone from being promising trainee chefs to picking shit toilers. In their eyes, their unfortunate encounters were all caused by Kris. Now they were excited they could finally kill Kris.

Those few helper cooks were also excited. “Weren’t you arrogant before? Finally, now you’re going to die.”

Even Hanming didn’t think Kris would be able to withstand Liang’s attack.

“Shut up!” Kris shouted coldly. He threw a punch that instantly shattered Liang’s weapon, and Liang was imprisoned on the ground unable to move.

Jian and Lewas dumbfounded. Several of the helper cooks were even shaking in fear.

“Liangchen Ye, how dare you?” Jian roared.

“And you two, I taught you a lesson last time, but you still don’t know to repent.” Kris snarled at Jian and Lei.

At this moment, he really wanted to kill them. He lifted his finger and pointed at Jian and Lei, and then they couldn’t breathe. Soon, they died. Even their souls were shattered.

“And you guys….” Kris roared, “All of you kneel down!”

Then a huge force like a mountain directly crushed them to the ground. The hard stone floor instantly dented, dense cracks spread in all directions.

Hanming was trembling with shock. He did not expect Kris to kill Jian and Lei and also suppress Liang with one punch.

Hanming’s strength was close to Liang’s. If Kris can suppress Liang, it meant that he can also suppress Hanming.

“Liangchen, you’re in big trouble!” Liu was so scared that he stammered.

“Liangchen, release Chef Qiu.” said Hanming worriedly. Killing Jian and Lei was nothing, but if Liang was killed, then Kris would really be in trouble.

“Chef, please call Chef Chiu’s assistant here. They must be the ones who set me and Liu up!” said Kris coldly.

Then Kris looked at the terrified Liang coldly. “Don’t you guys like to cause trouble? I will accompany you to the end today.”

Chapter 742: Liang Qiu’s Cultivation’s Destroyed

“Liangchen Ye, don’t be excited. I’ll go and get them.” Hanming Wu said.

As soon as Hanming said that, he left quickly. As it’s about time to cook, Hanming called the head chef over.

Soon, the head chef arrived, along with chef Zhao and two kitchen helpers.

The head chef’s name is Run Qian. In the halfway of Toaist King stage, Run is the one has the highest cultivation among all the people in the kitchen.

But some one said that Run is infinitely close to the Toaist King stage and Run is merely one step away from reaching the Toaist King stage.

As soon as Liang Qiu, who knelt on the ground, saw Run, he shouted loudly. “Head chef, please save me. Hanming connived at his men’s murder and theft, and killed two of my men. You must get even with me for that.” Liang said.

“Head chef, help me…”

Several kitchen helpers also pleaded for help.

Liu Ma was scared out of his wits when he saw Run. “Bro, what should we do? Even the head chef is here.” Liu said.

“Liu, don’t be panic. Just as the saying goes, a straight foot is not afraid of a crooked shoe. Those assholes are fabricating a charge against us. As the head chef has discerning eyes, he is not going to be blinded by these people.” Kris Chen said.

From the start, Kris didn’t mean to make it a small scale.

“Don’t they like to make a scene? Then let’s make a scene. Do they really think I am a push-over and they can bully me as they like? In the face of absolute power, any conspiracy is illusory.” Kris thought.

“If the head chef is really blinded by them, I will just break the boundaries and there is always a way to wash the mark off my body. What’s more, as the Zhongmiao Door can hide something away from the testing magical weapons, can’t it hide a mark away? I don’t believe that!” Kris thought.

“Chef Wu, you are in the wrong about this!” Chef Zhao said.

Chef Zhao looked surly. “You can buffet each other, but why you involve my men in?” Chef Zhao thought.

“How could my people have anything to do with this?” Chef Zhao said.

Hanming squinted and said, “You can’t say your men have nothing to do with this. Liu said that Xiaoliu and Xiaowang invited him to drink wine and play cards before. You can ask them if it’s true or false. Chef Zhao, if it really has nothing to do with them, I will personally make an apology and clear your name in front of everyone, and I will submit my resignation to the head chef.”

After hearing that, Yi Zhao was surprised, because he didn’t expect Hanming to say that. “As the head chef is present, can he say that at his will?” Yi thought.

At the thought of that, Yi also realized that the matter is not that simple. Then Yi turned to look at Xiaoliu and Xiaowang, saying, “You two just tell me what happened. If you dare deceive me, I will skin you.”

Xiaoliu and Xiaowang were so frightened that they fell to their knees. “Chef, we just invited Liu to drink wine. We don’t know anything else.” Xiaoliu and Xiaowang said.

“Do you dare to swear that you are telling the truth?” Yi said.

“We swear we just invited Liu to drink wine and we don’t know anything else.” Xiaoliu and Xiaowang said.

Since they two swore, what they said is true. “Chef Wu, what do you think?” Yi said.

“Ho, ho, Liang said he didn’t see Xiaoliu and Xiaowang invite Liu to drink wine and everyone heard that. But now Xiaoliu and Xiaowang said they did invite Liu to drink wine. I think everyone knows what does that means.” Hanming said.

“Liang, you may never have thought that Liangchen is so powerful that he can lift the table.” Hanming thought ad sneered in his heart.

This matter is actually simple. It’s just a game between the two sides. But what Yi thought is a chessman is actually a fierce tiger, which didn’t help Yi but bitted him instead.

As the matter is such a farce, Yi didn’t know how to end it.

Even if Yi wanted to end it, Hanming wouldn’t give him the chance to do that. This time Hanming wanted to kill Liang to set up his own majesty.

“Head chef, I have already told you how it happened on the way here. After dinner, Liu drank wine with Xiaoliu and Xiaowang, and how could Liu secretly run to Chef Qiu’s home to steal the secret recipe during this period? How could the secret recipe be stolen so easily? Who would leave such an important secret recipe in a place where a thief can see it? So it is a complete frame-up.” Hanming said.

Run didn’t speak and he even didn’t look at Liang. Run already knew what it is all about.

Instead, Run looked at Kris with interest and asked, “Are you Liangchen Ye?”

“Yes, I am.” Kris said.

Kris looked at Run without a trace of panic in his eyes.

“You are good.” Run said.

Run praised Kris out of nowhere. Then Run walked up to Liang with a trace of azure blueness in his eyes and Liang’s eyes were glazed.

“Liang, just tell me what on earth is this all about.” Run said.

“I planned the whole thing. I did it from beginning to end. As Hanming demoted my man Jian Shi yesterday, I want to revenge on him. Liu and Liangchen is the breakthrough for me to do that.” Liang said word by word.

“Chef, are you crazy…”

The kitchen helpers, kneeling behind Liang, were terrified out of their wits.

“You guys are useless. How could you do what I asked you to do mindlessly.” Liang said.

“Head chef, please spare us. We were all at the behest of Liang…”

The psychological line of defense of those kitchen helpers broke down completely.

“Tell me everything you know!” Run said.

The kitchen helpers daren’t tell lies and told Run whatever they knew.

After hearing what the kitchen helpers said, Kris knew what’s happened exactly. Kris didn’t expect to be involved in Liang’s intrigue. If Kris is really a new comer of class C, he would have been killed by Liang.

A gleam of joy flashed into Hanming’s eyes.

Run is not of human race, but blue-eyed race. The best thing about blue-eyed race is the eyes. The pupils of people of this race are very strong and it’s easy for Run to control Liang.

Hanming walked up to Run and said, “Head chef, now the whole thing comes to obvious and please make a final decision.”

Yi looked less surly. As Xiaowang and Xiaoliu were victims also, Yi wouldn’t be to blame even if the matter is to be settled.

“Damn you, Liang. How you dare to drag me into the mire?” Yi said in his heart.

“Head chef, Liang fabricated a charge against Liu and he is crime-ridden. Please give he the extreme penalty to show justice.” Yi said.

At that time, Run withdrew the force in his pupils. Coming to his senses, Liang was white-faced out of fear. “Head chef, please spare me. I just did that on the spur of the moment. Please, for the sake of my years of working for you, spare me this time. I dare not do that again.” Liang said.

As there were so many people present, Run couldn’t just let Liang go like that, because it would not only make everyone angry, but also do a great harm to his own majesty.

At the thought of that, Run destroyed Liang’s cultivation. “From now on, you are a cleaner of the kitchen until you die.” Run said.

Liang’s cultivation, which has been accumulated for hundreds of millions years, was disappeared in a moment.

“Head chef, how could you do that to me? I deserve credit for all the efforts I made.” Liang said.

“That’s why I didn’t kill you. Just conduct yourself.” Run said.

After saying that, Run glanced round the crowd. “Just learn a lesson from Liang. It’s hard to get your cultivation and cherish it.” Run said.

“Let’s go to cook!” Run took a look at Kris and said.

Kris nodded and said, “Yes, head chef!”

“As for them, put them at Liu disposal. Liu can decide what to do to them as he likes. Besides, Liu don’t have to come to cook. I’ll give Liu three days’ leave.” Run said.

After hearing that, Liu was excited and said, “Thank you, head chef.”

“Thank you, my mighty head chef.” Hanming said.

“Let’s go to cook now. We can’t afford to delay the meal of the men of high ranks.” Run said.

After saying that, Run strode away.

Yi left with the terrified Xiaoliu and Xiaowang, and Hanming left with the kitchen helpers.

The others, not daring to stay, followed to leave.

Only Kris, Liu, Liang and several kitchen helpers were left in the huge courtyard.

“Liu, what do you want to do to them? Do you want to kill them or…” Kris asked.

Before Kris finished what he wanted to speak, the several kitchen helpers began to beg for mercy. “Liu, we know we did something wrong. Please don’t kill us. We are at your service from now on.”

These kitchen helpers are usually very domineering and Liu never hear them say such words before, so Liu was very happy. “Well, I can spare you if you hand over your soul source to be and be my men from now on.” Liu said.


“Aren’t you willing to do that? Then I will kill you.” Liu said.

“Liangchen, I’m hurt. Please help me kill these assholes.” Liu said.

“OK.” Liangchen said.

“No. We will hand over our soul source to you. Liangchen, don’t kill us…”

Those kitchen helpers were really afraid of Liangchen, because Liangchen killed Jian and his brother with his punch and the head chef didn’t blame him when he knew that.

The head chef even praised Liangchen.

After taking their soul source, Liu was very pleased. He has never expected such a thing to happen to him.

“Liangchen, thank you. If it weren’t for you, I’d be dead.” Liu said.

“As we are friends, we should be loyal to each other.” Kris patted Liu on the shoulder and said, “Just go back to have a rest.”

“You guys carry Liu back!” Kris said.


The several kitchen helpers stood up quickly and carried Liu back reverently.

After all that, Kris looked at the gray-haired Liang with no pity in his heart.

“The killers will meet their doom one day. Even if I don’t do that, there will be others do that because Liang has offended many people as he’s been a chef for such a long time.” Kris thought.

Back in the kitchen, Kris still studied beside Hanming. The other kitchen helpers stared in awe at Kris and no one dared to underestimate him.

The kitchen helpers thought Kris is a fierce man and they won’t be surprised if tomorrow he would take over from Liang as a chef.

As what happened to Liang had known to everyone, the atmosphere in the kitchen was strange. Luckily, as the head chef was in the kitchen, there was no riot.

But something happened during the meal left everyone stunned.

“Liangchen, sit next to me.” Run said.


At that moment, everyone fixed their eyes on Kris.

“Head chef, I am just the chef’s helper and it’s against the rule for me to sit next to you.” Kris said.

Kris didn’t know what Run’s thinking about so he declined him directly.

“That’s right, head chef. Liangchen has only been in the kitchen for several days and it’s indeed not appropriate for him to sit next to you.” Hanming said.

Run glanced at the other chefs and said, “Do you have a problem with that?”

The expressions in Run’s eyes were inquiring, unhappy, intimidating, and domineering.

Yi rolled his eyes and said, “No. That’s OK with us.”

After saying that, Yi wondered, “Is the head chef planning to promote Liangchen to the chef? That’s too fast, isn’t it? Or is there something we don’t know about Liangchen and the head chef?”

“Head chef, we’re fine with that.” Said others.

Hangming sighed and said, “Since no one has a problem with it, Liangchen, come here and sit down.”

Kris nodded and took the place where Liang had been.

In the corner not far away, Liang looked at Kris with bitterness. “That’s used to be my seat. It took me 2000 years to sit there and I had sat there for hundreds of thousands of years. I hate Liangchen.” Liang thought.

The eight chefs were also looking at Kris with more fear than curiosity.

“Let’ enjoy our meal!” Run said.

After Run said that, everyone began to eat.

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