Chuck Cannon stood up, the woman who was brought in was covered with clothes, but from a distance, this figure was really bumpy and perfect!

“Master, this Chinese woman is very beautiful, you will love it!” the woman begged.

The look in Chuck Cannon’s eyes made her feel scared, this is not the look of ordinary people at all!

“Send her to a room,” Chuck Cannon said.

The white-haired old man immediately asked someone to carry it upstairs.

The woman breathed a sigh of relief, it turned out that men are all lustful!

I’m saved.


“These people, kill!” Chuck Cannon walked upstairs after giving orders.

The woman was shocked, “Ah, master, master…”

Fear overwhelmed her, she ran over like crazy, and knelt in front of Chuck Cannon, “Please don’t kill me, Master…”

She burst into tears.

“Then have you thought about how the woman who was arrested by you before begged you?” Chuck Cannon’s eyes were cold!

Chuck Cannon hate such things!

You can beg others for yourself, but what about when others beg you? This woman looked like a vicious person. She doesn’t know how many girls have been killed. She wants to live. What about the other girls?

What did she do?

“I, master, I know I was wrong, and I will never dare anymore!” The woman begged.

“Just be careful in your next life, kill!” Chuck Cannon went upstairs.


The woman fell in a pool of blood. When she died, she remembered how the woman who was arrested by her before begged her…

Chuck Cannon entered the room and the woman was on the bed.

Chuck Cannon could see that she had been taken down, so she didn’t have the strength to resist.

Chuck Cannon went over.

“Don’t come here!!” This was a hoarse voice!

Qian Yueying’s fear was gone, she has been desperate, and now it is the kind of feeling that death is home!

There is nothing to be afraid of death, but you must remain innocent! You can’t be insulted!

Chuck Cannon was surprised, “Am I coming over?”

“Come here and I will kill you!” Qian Yueying was hoarse, her voice was dry!

Chuck Cannon smiled, this Chinese woman is quite staunch, and yes, the Chinese woman still maintains the tradition in her bones.

“Kill me, how would you kill me!” Chuck Cannon untied the rope for her.

Qian Yueying’s body trembled, “How much is it, I’ll give it to you! Let me go, I have someone I like!”

“Oh, who do you like?”

Chuck Cannon went gossiping and continued to untie the rope for her, but this kind of behaviour, in Qian Yueying’s eyes, was what the person who bought him wanted to do to him.

“Why don’t you tell me? Tell me who you like.”

Qian Yueying resented, is this man abnormal?

But Chuck Cannon’s words evoked her memories. She burst into tears. Yes, even if she didn’t admit it, there was someone in her heart. As someone who came by, she still knew!

Chuck Cannon!

The person she likes is Chuck Cannon!

But today she was dying, and she will never see him anymore. What is he doing now?

Maybe, talking to other women, and myself, he has forgotten…

Qian Yueying was full of regrets. She was going to die like this. She was not reconciled, but what can she do?

You must commit suicide before being insulted by others!

Shouldn’t a person’s body be touched only by the person she likes?

“I’m telling you, I have someone I like. This person is much younger than me… When I first started, I didn’t like him and hated him very much. But later, he had the opportunity to get me and insult me. He didn’t, and let me go…” Qian Yueying said her last words.

Chuck Cannon was surprised.

“He doesn’t like me, he has no thoughts about me, and I am not worthy of him. He is so young and I am divorced! How can I be worthy of him? I know, but I can’t control my thoughts No way, to like is to like,…”

Qian Yueying knew that she was going to die, so she simply said all the things she had pressed in her heart.

Speaking out, she had no regrets in her heart, but the only pity was that Chuck Cannon could not hear.

How could he hear it?

Suddenly, she found that the cloth on her face had been removed a bit, Qian Yueying bit her tongue and prepared to commit suicide!!

However, without continuing, he opened it a little and re-covered it.

Qian Yueying heard the leaving footsteps, and no one came in again. She was shocked, twisted her body struggling, and wanted to run out because the ropes of her hands and feet had been untied.

She tried to get up and lifted the cloth covering her face.

The house was empty, what about people?

Qian Yueying tried to get out of the bed. Suddenly, the door was pushed open. Qian Yueying used her strength to grab a wine bottle and smash it.

But she was taken aback and stopped because it was a woman who came in.

“Hello Miss, you can change this dress, and this is a card with five million dollars in it, this is a mobile phone… and this is your luggage.” The woman brought it in, it was actually Qian Yueying’s lost luggage!

Qian Yueying was confused, what’s going on?

“You can take a good rest and leave! Call me if you have anything.” The woman went out.

“Wait, what’s the matter? What about the person just now?” Qian Yueying couldn’t believe it.

“Oh, the man just left, he asked me to take care of you,”

“Why? Why?” Qian Yueying couldn’t figure out why this happened?

Shouldn’t the person came to just insult her? Why did he help yourself?

“There is no why, miss, you have a good rest, it’s all right,”

“Don’t go, where was the person just now?”

“I just said that he has left,” the woman said.

“What does he look like? How old?” Qian Yueying asked hurriedly.

She was unconscious just now, but now she remembered, the voice just now was so familiar? Yes, it is familiar.

“He left, let you rest.” The woman left.

Qian Yueying was dull, who was the person just now? She sat on the ground, her mind blank.

“Master, she woke up, and things were fine,” the woman came out and saw Chuck Cannon.

“Well, I can only let her leave after she is sure. By the way, ask a few people to follow her to protect her safety.”

“Yes, don’t worry, Master. Just now, she wanted to know Master. I didn’t say.” The woman didn’t know the relationship between Chuck Cannon and Qian Yueying. She was curious. Why was Master so good to this woman?

“Good job.” Chuck Cannon sighed, how could Qian Yueying actually like herself?

When he heard Qian Yueying say that just now, he opened the cloth, saw Qian Yueying’s lips, and recognized Qian Yueying.

No wonder she looked so good just now, it turned out to be Qian Yueying.

In this case, he definitely can’t show up.

It is not good for Qian Yueying or for him, so Chuck Cannon chose to avoid it, hoping that Qian Yueying can be safe!

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