Chuck Cannon didn’t need to stay here anymore, because Betty Bernard was almost there.

“Take good care of her, she has suffered a lot of physical and psychological damage,” Chuck Cannon was also surprised, why Qian Yueying was not staying in China and had come here?

“Yes, Master!” The woman nodded. She felt so strange to hear from Chuck Cannon to take care of Qian Yueying, but she did not dare to ask.

“Okay, I’m leaving. She can satisfy her with all her needs. She may come here for any projects, arrangements, and whatever she does, all arrangements, but don’t let her know that it is me,” Chuck Cannon dropped this sentence then he went out.

Now he has to drive to the airport. When he will get to the airport, he would be able to meet Betty Bernard. Go back and let Black Rose wake up!

“Yes! Master, go slowly!”

Chuck Cannon left, and the woman’s heart throbbed. Everything Chuck Cannon did in the hotel lobby just now, as a hotel employee, she saw everything in her eyes!

Full of domineering, as a woman, she couldn’t help but feel excited, but Chuck Cannon didn’t look at her too much throughout.

She felt sorry.

She also envies Qian Yueying, who was so spoiled by the young master!

She went downstairs, but Qian Yueying ran out, “That person, what about that person? That person…”

“I said he left long ago.” The woman shook her head.

“No, this person who put it away just talked to me, his voice is very familiar to me, it is Chuck…” Qian Yueying was very shy and disappointed.

She was unconscious just now, but when she gains consciousness she was relieved, she remembered and distinguished her, her voice just now resembled Chuck Cannon!

But why did Chuck Cannon leave? She understood that because of her confession just now, she thought she was going to die, so she said it.

Chuck Cannon wasn’t mean to her, and of course, he would silently avoid it. This was a silent refusal!

“Chuck Cannon, was the man just now, a young boy in his twenties and a very good figure?” Qian Yueying was extremely nervous, hoping it was Chuck Cannon, but he didn’t.

The woman was surprised, she knows?

So the young master left on purpose?

Qian Yueying saw this expression, “Is he, right?”

The woman wanted to nod and say yes. Thinking of Chuck Cannon’s instructions when she left, she shook her head and denied, “Miss it’s not. It’s not what you describe, he is fatter and older…”

“When he spoke to me, his voice was obviously very young! I can definitely say he was, don’t lie to me!” Qian Yueying was in pain!

Chuck Cannon, saved her, gave her a new life, but silently rejected her…

“Really not!” The woman was speechless.

Qian Yueying’s tears were really pitiful!

She was a woman who wanted to say something to comfort her, but she couldn’t say it, the master had ordered it.

“Yes, yes!”

Qian Yueying ran back to the room. Since her body’s medicinal properties had not been relieved, she fell and her legs were broken. The woman hurriedly went to help.

Qian Yueying bit her lip, got up by herself, and returned to the room.

Shaking took out the phone and found Chuck Cannon’s number.

She called.


These few seconds seem to have passed a century!

Finally connected, “Hello…”

Chuck Cannon arrived at the airport and had to answer it. Anyway, he just didn’t admit it.

“Chuck Cannon,”

“Well, is there something?” Chuck Cannon asked briefly.

Qian Yueying’s tears came out. It was this voice, exactly the same. It was really Chuck Cannon who saved herself just now. The only thing she didn’t understand now was how Chuck Cannon came here?

“I was saved by someone, and I want to thank him.”

“Well, thank him for that.”

“But he left,”

“Oh, maybe he doesn’t want you to thank…”

Chuck Cannon paused for three seconds, and Qian Yueying was also a smart woman.

She knows that the person just now was him.

“I know that there is a big gap between me and this person. I am divorced and have children, and he is young… I know, but I feel that I can’t control this kind of thing,” Qian Yueying said, crying here.

Chuck Cannon also heard the ticking of tears. He sighed, “Maybe he doesn’t mind this, but he didn’t think about it, so…”

“I know, but I’ll wait for him. This time he saved me, and I am desperate for him…”

Yes, Qian Yueying’s loss was very much and also it was painful, but she decided that even if Chuck Cannon didn’t like her, she would not like other people.

“No need to do this.”

“Yes,” Qian Yueying cried, her voice firm!!

Chuck Cannon has nothing to say, remembering that he didn’t do anything to Qian Yueying, how could she?

It is obviously too late to think about this now, and things have reached the point where they are now.

“Still young, don’t need…”

“I’m twenty-nine. I’m not young anymore. I’ll be like that for the rest of my life. I’ll take care of my health. I’m sorry, and to say this, goodbye!”

When the phone hung up, Qian Yueying had already cried into tears…

Chuck Cannon was silent for three seconds, all he could do was sigh.

Qian Yueying was perfect, beautiful, and of good figure, but Chuck Cannon didn’t have any thoughts about her. If he did, then when the Qian family was almost gone, he would have got her.

There will be no now, nor will there be any later.

Chuck Cannon regrets Qian Yueying, she is still young, there is no need to be so extreme!

If you meet her next time, let her be open to him. She is only twenty-nine years old and she has a lot of youth. After all, a woman like Qian Yueying, who is well-maintained, will have a great deal even in her forties.




Betty Bernard drove the plane and came over, Chuck Cannon put away his emotions.


Betty Bernard got off the plane, “Got the medicine?”

To be honest, Betty Bernard was surprised. How long has it been? In less than a day, Chuck Cannon got the medicine, which is not something ordinary people can do! It’s too fast!!

“We got it, let’s go back soon,” Chuck Cannon couldn’t wait to get on the plane.

Betty Bernard breathed a sigh of relief, really got it, then Black Rose might wake up!

Betty Bernard went to fly the plane.

At this time, Chuck Cannon’s cell phone rang. He saw that Qian Yueying was staying at the hotel.

“Master, she has been crying, what am I going to do?” The woman was helpless, and Qian Yueying was heartbroken from crying in the room.

“Let her cry well, she will be well after crying.” Chuck Cannon didn’t say much.

You can accept it by crying.

Betty Bernard was shocked, who did this make to cry?

Didn’t ask too much, the plane went to the United States!

“Miss, don’t cry, what can’t you let go of?” The woman comforted Qian Yueying here.

She can’t stand it anymore as a woman.

“He rejected me…” Qian Yueying was very pitiful. The woman sighed. It turned out to be like this. She understood why Chuck Cannon left directly. It turned out to be so!

This Chinese woman likes the young master, but the young master does not like her.

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