Chapter 743 – 744: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 743: Being Promoted as a Scouting Chef

During the meal, everyone had mixed feelings except for Kris Chen and the head chef, especially, Hanming Wu.

Hanming even thought it won’t be long before Kris be superior to him.

Hanming had a high regard for Kris, but the head chef had a even higher regard for Kris than him.

“The head chef may feel satisfied with Kris’ strength as Kris suppressed Liang Qiu with his punch. Kris is more powerful than I am.” Hanming thought.

But there were many doubts in Hanming’s mind. “As a new comer of class C, where did Kris get such powerful strength? I’d better find some time to ask him about it.” Hanming thought.

Soon, the head chef put down his chopsticks and said, “Enjoy the meal!”

Then the head chef took a look at Kris and Kris knew what the head chef meant.

As soon as the head chef left the kitchen, Kris put down his chopsticks. “Chefs, enjoy the meal. I’m leaving now.” Kris said.

As Kris said, he left.

After the head chef and Kris left, the big kitchen had much debate.

“As Kris won recognition from the head chef, he has a splendid future.”

“That’s right. Comparisons are odious. I’ve been working in the kitchen for hundreds of years, and I’m still a kitchen helper. Kris, however, sat next to the head chef after being here for only several days.”

“You don’t know what happened today. Kris suppressed Liang and his men with his punch.”

“Is he that good?”

“There were a lot of witnesses and you can find if it’s true by asking them.”

After hearing that, many people had a look of surprise in their eyes. To be a chef, one should at least be in the late period of Detachment Stage. As Kris suppressed a chef in the late period of Detachment Stage, he must be very powerful.

But no one asked how powerful Kris really is. As Kris is a faired boy of the head chef, no one dared to offend him, even the chefs wanted to have good terms with him.

“By the way, where is Liang?”

“Fuck, he has a bad temper. He insulted us and even hit us. As his cultivation was destroyed, it’s time for us to revenge.”

“Let’s eat quickly. Don’t let others do that before us!”


Kris hurried after the head chef and they came to a remote teahouse. In the private box of the teahouse, Run said to Kris with a smile on his face, “Sit down.”

“Thank you, head chef!” Kris said.

After Kris took his seat, Run said, “You are very smart!”

“Head chef, you overpraise me. I am just a new comer. It’s my pleasure to meet Liu Ma first and then chef Wu and you. If it weren’t for the help of you three, I might have died.” Kris held the fist in the other hand and said.

Run smiled and said, “Justice naturally inhabits a man’s heart. Good and evil will always be rewarded. Besides, your strength is not weak. You can still handle this matter easily even without me and Hanming. Take it easy, I’m not trying to get to the root of the matter. I’m just glad there’s new blood in the kitchen. As Liang’s is no longer a chef, I wonder if you have any plans.”

After hearing that, Kris was stunned for a while. “Is he going to promote me?” Kris wondered.

After thinking for a while, Kris felt that idea is wrong. “I’ve only been here a few days. Besides, I really don’t know how to cook. Cooking is a fine art.” Kris thought.

“I have no plans. Head chef, I follow your instructions.” Kris said.

Kris wanted nothing more than to go quietly to the starting point and then to the Purifying Pool.

Run nodded and knew what’s in Kris’ mind. “Well, let’s not mention that but enjoy the tea!” Run said.

Run picked up the teacup with a slight regret in his heart. “It’s a pity if I can’t keep such a talent in the kitchen.” Run thought.

“You were wronged today. A scouting chef is needed in the kitchen, whose daily job is to inspect and patrol the kitchen. He can decide what to do to those who shirk work or responsibility.” Run said.

“A scouting chef ranks a little below the chef.” Run added.

“A scouting chef? That’s a nice job. I don’t have to learn to cook. I only need to walk around the kitchen every day. I’m in a position of power, and I’m not in the same league as other chefs.” Kris thought.

“Thank you, head chef.” Kris held the fist in the other hand and said.

There’s no point in saying no as the job is relaxing and easy. “In the future, if there is a need for me, I will go through fire and water.” Kris said.

“OK.” Run said.

That’s what Run wanted to hear.

Run didn’t care about that Kris is a new comer of class C and he didn’t even ask anything about it. Run thought investing in Kris may yield unexpected results in the future.

The job of scouting chef is not particularly important and Run can assign the job to whoever he thinks suits it.

“You can live in where Liang used to live. He’s no longer entitled to live there.” Run said.

“Thank you, head chef.” Kris said.

Since Kris had already received the head chef’s favours, he didn’t mind to receive more.

With the promotion and housing, Kris gained a firm foothold in the Lanting Immortal Boat.

When Kris left the teahouse and went back, he heard a message.

The former chef, Liang, drowned in the toilet. He was found with a bulging stomach. No one knew how much fecal fluid was in his stomach.

The story was all over the place. Many people clapped their hands in applause and they said it’s Liang’s retribution.

As Liang’s cultivation was destroyed, he is just an average man who has no magic arts, so he drowned.

But everyone knew there’s no doubt that Liang was killed by others.

But who cared about that?

And who would look into that?

Liang is just an insignificant person and nobody cared about his death.

Liu’s men were also scared. Relying on their positions, they usually oppress others. “Liu, you must protect us. We don’t want to die.”

Several people knelt on the ground, trembling with fear.

Liu crossed his legs and looked at them, saying, “Are you scared now? Why didn’t you think about the outcome when you did evil before?”

“Liu, we did that because Liang asked to do so. Its against our will. As we are your men now, we will thoroughly reform ourselves.”

“Liu, you can’t leave us alone!”

They kowtowed again and again to beg for pardon.

Liu snorted and said, “Well, I’m make sure you are safe and sound.”

“It’s easy actually. You should prepare a gift and apologize to whoever you offended. No matter he is a worker who carries manure or a worker who cuts firewood, you should apologize to him reverently.” Liu said.

“Ah? Liu, it’s…”

“Won’t you go? Then just wait for your death.” Liu said.

“Be a man, you should acknowledge wrong and then change. Why did I take you trash as my men? Well, lest I get mad at you in the future, I’d better kill you now.” Liu said coldly.

“Liu, no. We know we’re wrong. We will prepare for the gifts now. Don’t be impulsive.”

Those men were thoroughly frightened. Though cultivation isn’t gone, they are no match for Liu. They daren’t get into a fight easily.

Liu only needs an idea to kill them.

“Go to do that right now!” Liu said.

“OK. Liu, don’t be angry. We will do it right now.”

Seeing them left in terror, Liu curled his lip. “They are indeed idiots.” Liu said.

Just then, Kris walked in. “Liu, who made you angry?” Kris said.

Liu stood up immediately and said, “Liangchen, congratulations on your promotion. As a scouting chef, your position is just a little lower than a chef.”

“I just won recognition from the head chef.” Kris waved his hands and said.

“So you are very lucky. Though your position is just a little lower than a chef, chefs daren’t offend you and they may even flatter you.” Liu said.

“Really? Why?” Kris said.

“As a scouting chef, you can patrol the whole kitchen. That is to say, you are the eyes of the head chef. You can give anyone who has a mistake a punishment. Who dares…” Liu said.

Liu then grinned and said, “Do you understand now?”

“Yes.” Kris said.

“I didn’t expect the head chef to be so kind to me.” Kris said with a smile on his face.

“He is very kind to you. By the way, do you know that Liang drowned?” Liu said.

“Yes. I knew that on the way here.” Kris nodded and said.

“Ho, ho, just as the saying goes, wickedness does not go altogether unrequited. Bro, in this place, you can do without authority and money, but you can’t do without strength. If you have strength, no one dares to fight with you even if you are a worker who carries manure. On the other hand, if you don’t have strength, things worse than bully will happen to you.” Liu said.

“Liu, thank you for what you tell me.” Kris saluted with joined hands and said.

“As we are friends, you don’t need to thank me. I may need your help in the future.” Liu waved his hands and said.

“I will help you when you need.” Kris said.

They chatted for a while and Kris took leave when he saw Liu recover soon. “Liu, the head chef gave Liang’s house to me and you can come over there when you have time.” Kris said.

“OK.” Liu said.

After watching Kris leave, Liu was both envious and emotional.

“He’s be a scouting chef after being in the kitchen for three days. I, on the contrary, is just such a small potato after being in the kitchen for 300 years. But as I have a good relationship with Kris, his social rise will certainly benefit me. As he got a promotion, I may get it soon.” Liu thought.


Liang’s house is more than three times larger than Liu’s. There are front yard, back yard, Taoist practice room and pill-refining room.

Practicing here is much better than in the Cave World.

But as Kris needed so much spirit Qi that his demands couldn’t be satisfied.

Half a loaf is better than no bread. Kris set up Time Barrier and put tens of billions of Chaos Essence into his Self Universe.

The seven main universes contain infinite power of Yin and Yang and Five-elements.

Yuan Kris and the incarnations were immersed in practicing. It will take a long time, maybe millions of years, maybe tens of millions of years. As Kris had Time Barrier and accumulated strength in the Cave World, he could hold out for ten years.

Kris practiced for the whole night. The next day, Kris set a time to stop practicing. On his way out, he happened to run into Hanming Wu.

“Good morning, chef Wu.” Kris said.

“Good morning, scouting chef Ye.” Hanming said.

After greeting each other, they two walked side by side.

“Congratulations on your promotion to the position of scouting chef.” Hanming flattered with a smile on his face.

“That’s because I received your help.” Kris said.

Kris knew Hanming wanted to draw their distance close. This is the change that came with rising status.

“You are a fair-haired boy of the head chef and I may need your help in the future.” Hanming said.

“You are overpraising me.” Kris said with smile on his face.

“As Kris is in my side, I have a good helper. My status has also risen in an imperceptible way. In the future, those who want to play dirty tricks with me must be more careful.” Hanming thought.

As a scouting chef, it’s easy for Kris to find fault.

Along the way, Kris and Hanming were greeted by passers-by incessantly.

It took them more than twenty minutes to walk a ten minutes’ journey.

When they arrived in the kitchen, a kitchen helper brought over Kris’s clothes to him. “Scouting chef Ye, here are your clothes.” The kitchen helper said.

Kris nodded and said, “Thank you.”

“That’s what I should do.” The kitchen helper said.

The kitchen helper also works for Hanming. He used to give a cold shoulder to Kris, but he was very enthusiastic at that time.

Chapter 744: Here Come Some Distinguished Guests

On Kris’ first day on the job, several other chefs came up to greet him. They were all ingratiating themselves to Kris.

To his surprise, Liu Ma also came today.

“Didn’t the head chef give you three days off?” Kris asked.

“These are all minor injuries. After taking the magical pills you gave me yesterday, my injuries are almost healed.” Liu laughed. “Besides, I can’t eat such a good meal at home.”

Kris laughed. “I’ll go talk to Chef Wu. You’ve just recovered from your injury, so you’ll just do less. Don’t you have a few followers? Let them help you!”

“That couldn’t be better.” Liu said. Kris was not yet one of Hanming’s men, so he needed to get Hanming’s permission to let Liu do less work. This showed that he had respect for Hanming.

As expected, when Hanming knew about it, he smiled and nodded his head. “That’’s fine. You decide this.”

“When Liu’s injury has healed, I will give him a promotion. I still need a helper cook, and Liu is very smart.” Hanming said.

“Then, thank you, Chef Wu.” said Kris happily.

After breakfast, the group started to get busy. Liu stood aside to direct a few people to serve the dishes. They were all helpers before, so it was easy for them to do such a thing.

He took in a couple of disciples as his men, but also let them work for him, which was too high-profile.

When Kris told Liu the news that Hanming was promoting him to head chef’s helper, Liu was shocked, and then he just grinned.

He had struggled for three hundred years to get the current position. But the third day he met Kris, he could be promoted to be a helper chef.

“Liangchen, thank you. It’s my greatest luck to know you.” said Liu gratefully.

Kris patted him on the shoulder. Then he began his tour of the kitchen. The cookhouse, which can accommodate more than 10,000 people, was so large that it took him an hour to walk around twice.

At lunchtime, Kris ate at the same table as the head chef. After all, now he had the right to eat with the head chef.

After the meal, many of the chefs invited Kris to be their guest, and Kris did not refuse. In the next few days, he visited several chefs one by one.

But among these chefs, Yi Zhao was the only one who was most apprehensive. “I didn’t control my people well before. I am here to apology to you.”

“You don’t have to apologize to me. You were also used by Liang. I know this has nothing to do with you.”

“Thanks.” said Yi Zhao. He finally relieved. He was glad that Kris didn’t hold a grudge against him.

“This is a gift for you, please accept it.” Yi said.

Kris hastily refused. “Chef Zhao, you don’t have to do that, I ……”

Before he could finish his sentence, Yi interrupted him. “This is the energy essence of World Swallowing Beast. It can help you cultivate. You can also use it as magic weapons.”

“World Swallowing Beast is rare and exotic in the Cave World. And World Swallowing Beast that can condense energy essence must be in the Taoist king level.” said Kris. Now he was not a rookie.

In the hundreds of billions of books in the Scripture Pavilion, there was a small part about the exotic beasts of the Cave World and the Eternity.

The energy essence in theTaoist King level was definitely powerful. If it was sold on the black market, it would be worth at least a hundred billion Chaos Essence. Even though a cultivator has money, he didn’t always have a place to buy it.

It can store energy and then infuse it into the practitioner’s body quickly. If the cultivator put a few cultivation techniques inside, the cultivator can use it against the enemy at critical times.

Although Yi was reluctant to give it to Kris, he still gave it to him. He had a treasure that was a little better than this. After being a chef for so many years, he must have gotten some treasures.

“In that case, then I’ll accept it. Thanks.” said Kris.

He took the box and inside was a precious pearl. He used his Divine Spiritual Power to probe into it, and sensed the vastness of the space inside. It wasn’t as big as the individual universe inside Kris.

The atmosphere became cordial after Kris took the energy essence of World Swallowing Beast. Then they drank until late at night.

“It’s good. I can store some techniques in it. But it can only store the cultivation of the early stage of the Taoist King.” Kris murmured.

It was about time he got the pearl. He still didn’t know how powerful his full power strike was. With this pearl, he would be able to know how strong he really was.

He held his breath and adjusted his state to the best, and then he first used his fifty percent power. The pearl endured it.

When he use his eighty percent of his power, the pearl was about to explode.

“Eighty percent, oh no, seventy percent is already the limit of the Pearl. This means that if I used my full power, I’ll be stronger than the Taoist King in the early stage.”

Kris rubbed his chin and thought. When he reversed the training of Normalization stage, his power would further increase, and by then, reaching the late stage of Taoist King was not impossible.

“This decade should be put to good use. I have to continue to go to the Scripture Pavilion. I must continue to go up.” Kris said to himself.

As the days went by, Kris was completely integrated into the cookhouse.

This day the head chef called everyone together. “There will be some distinguished guests here today, so all of you should be in good spirits. If there is any mistake, I will skin you all. Do you hear me clearly?”

“Yes, sir.” Everyone shouted in unison.

Kris was also slightly curious. He had been here for a few months, but he hadn’t seen any of the so-called distinguished guests. However, he probably knew that most of the so-called noble people were the inner disciples of the Lanting Immortal Palace.

The lowest levels of the disciples of the Lanting Immortal Palace are those who do hard labor, to be precise, they are not really considered disciples. The core disciples are the most distinguished, then the inner disciples, and the outer disciples.

Core disciples are also the Daozi of the Lanting Immortal Palace, and are also known as sequence disciples. There are a total of one thousand of them. Each one of them is the future mainstay of the immortal palace. There are also many disciples who will follow them.

“You guys must be careful. If you displease a noble person, they can crush us to death with a single finger.”

“Yes, Chief Chef!”

Just as everyone was busy cooking, a group of men and women walked in from outside.

“This is the cookhouse? It’s the first time I’ve come here!” A woman with delicate features said.

“Although we are celebrating the birthday of our master, we don’t have to come and learn how to cook in person. Just let the cooks do it directly.” Another beautiful-looking woman said. She was Yan Xiong. She looked impatient, and her eyes were full of disgust. She didn’t want to come to such a place where inferior people came.

“We came here first to search for exotic treasures and second to personally cook a birthday feast for our master.” said a man in the lead. His name was Ziping Meng. “Master is not short of treasures. Our filial piety is what Master values.”

“Good, you’re right.”

“Yan, it’s better to listen to Ziping in this matter. We are all here, we can’t stop halfway!”

At this time, a man stood out. He was called Chun Ji. He was handsome, but there was always some evil aura between his eyebrows.

“If Master knew we weren’t concentrating on our training, he would be furious.” said he.

Ziping frowned. “This matter is discussed by everyone together. If you are afraid of delaying your cultivation, you may go back. When the time comes, on the birthday banquet of the master, there will be credit for you all as well.”

“Are you trying to let us take the credit without putting in the effort?” Chun laughed.” No, we can’t do this.”

“Then what exactly do you want?” Linger Zuo frowned.

It had been more than ten years since they had been in the lower world. The ingredients needed for the birthday banquet had all been prepared.

Chun Ji did not do anything for the ingredients, but he came to take the credit. If it weren’t for Chun’s father being an elder of the outer sect, they wouldn’t have allowed Chun to participate in their plans.

“I’m just voicing my opinion.” Chun said calmly. “Linger, why are you suddenly angry?”

Yan also smiled coldly. “Linger, if you have any problems with that, just tell us”

“Problems? Of course I have a problem!” Linger said. She was a little angry.

“All right, everyone shut up. We are in the cookhouse. If people know we’re arguing, we’ll be embarrassed.” said Ziping. Then he glanced at the crowd. There were a few people who hadn’t spoken, but they were standing behind Chun Ji and Yan Xiong. Obviously they were supporting Chun and Yan.

“I still say that this matter was negotiated by us together. Learn to cook or not, it’s up to you guys.” Ziping said.

“Linger, let’s go!” He walked in with big steps, and Ling’er followed him in.

“Brother Ji, shall we go into the cookhouse?” A man asked.

“Of course we’ll enter. If Master knows that we are unwilling to prepare for his birthday banquet, he will definitely blame us.” Chun Ji replied.

“He used Master’s birthday to order us to learn how to cook. He’s so hateful!” Yan snorted coldly. Then she also walked in.

When a group of people walked in, Chef Qian hurriedly welcomed them. “Good morning.”

“Good morning, Chef Qian, thank you for preparing Master’s birthday banquet for us.”

“You’re welcome. These are all things I should do.” Chef Qian said.

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