Chapter 745 – 746: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 745: Let Off Steam

In the kitchen, Run Qian has a high status, while in front of Ziping Meng and others, he is inferior as a handyman.

The lowest requirement for being an outer disciple is to reach the stage of Taoist King, but he has not reached yet.

To be honest, if it were not for the poor cultivation, how could he be willing to stay in this place and deal with daily necessities?

“It smells in here, how could I step in?” Yan Xiong covered her nose with handkerchief in disgust.

Chun Ji said, “Junior sister, it won’t take long.”

“Distinguished guests, please forgive me. This way please, I have built a separate yard in the backyard, and nine chefs will cook in front of you in a while.”

“Thank you!” Meng greeted Qian and followed him.

Nine chefs as well as Kris were called in.

The backyard, half as large as the big kitchen, equipped with brand-new kitchenware.

In front of stoves, there were tables with delicious snacks on them. “Your dignitaries, please take a seat. The chefs will go all out to show their abilities for your selection.”

Nine people, in new outfits, stepped forward under instructions.

Kris served as commis for them. Looking at the mountain-like ingredients, he couldn’t imagine how busy it would be and how many dishes they should make!

“Thanks for your help, chefs.” Meng said with a smile.

“Our pleasure,it’s my duty.” Hanming Wu took the lead.

“Big Brother, they are just some cooks. If you are so polite, they will be arrogant, which will debase ourselves!” Ji said contemptuously: “If others know about this, they will definitely laugh at us.”

In the Lanting Immortal Palace, the handymen are just a little bit better than the servants by name but make no difference in essence as they are always ordered by others.

“Nine of you, do your best or you will be killed if dare to make mistakes!” Ji snorted coldly.

Wu and others felt angry, Yi Zhao even clenched his fists, but did not dare to be disrespectful for they are merely cooks with poor strength, not even outer disciples.

A group of people sat there, like towering mountains, which made them unable to think about resistance.

Smile on the face, anger in the heart, Qian had no choice but to suppress himself until he broke through to the Taoist King and turned himself from slavery to disciple. At that time, even if he is not a dignitary, it is a step further.

“You guys, didn’t you hear, especially you?” Xiong patted the table and pulled out the long whip around her waist.

“Flap!” A whip was drawn on the face of Chef Changsheng Li , and a bright red blood mark appeared.

“Ah!” Li yelled in pain, Xiong continued, “You dare to cry out, you are a lower class. If you want to cook, you should look up to me.” “You are mean mugging us, how dare you!”

“Flap! Pop! Pop!” One whip after another were drawn on Li’s face with greater and greater strength exerted.

“I didn’t…” He stood there without resistance, how could he do that?

“You dare to contradict me, you bastard, if I don’t kill you today, you don’t know what is respect!” Xiong was unhappy at first and it’s time to vent her anger at the moment for it was nothing serious for her to kill this kind of handyman disciple as she always do.

“Junior sister Xiong, it’s enough!” Meng was furious, how could he not know that Li was innocent? Xiong was clearly venting her dissatisfaction.

“Big Brother, your words sound unpleasant to ears.” Ji said: “He’s just an inferior person. It’s not a big deal to kill him. As long as the Junior Sister is happy, the trash is still a bit useful!”

“Besides, this person contradicts Junior Sister, even if he is killed, he deserves it!”

Wu was raging with fists clenched and nails almost embedded in his flesh.

Zhao lowered his head, shaking unceasingly, with anger and fear. Because when Xiong beat Li just now, a few whips affected him. He was afraid that Xiong would also use him as a punching bag, which would ruin his whole life.

“Your dignitary, Chef Li is exquisite in cooking. If he is injured, it will definitely affect his performance. Why not let him cook well and redeem sins by good deeds?” Qian gritted his teeth and stepped forward.

“Are you teaching me how to do it?” Xiong waved the whip to flap Qian.

Subconsciously, Qian wanted to avoid it, but once did that, the incident would not end. He sighed in his heart and closed his eyes.

But after a while, the whip hadn’t come down yet, and when he opened eyes, a young girl of 16 years old firmly grasped the whip, “Elder Sister Xiong, don’t go too far. Handyman disciples are also disciples, and they are also humans not livestock!”

“Let me go, it’s none of your business, don’t pretend to be a good person here!”

“Enough!” Meng took a deep breath and stood up, “Junior Sister Xiong, if you don’t want to learn, just go out, don’t hurt people again.”

“Big Brother, you actually helped outsiders to bully me?”

“What if you are the wicked person? Am I also helping you to abuse?” Meng’s eyes were sharp, like a sharp sword out of its sheath, his eyes opened and closed, piercing people’s hearts.

“The Heart of Sword, you already have cultivated the Heart of Sword!”

Xiong was taken aback, Ji said coldly, “Are you planning to Rank?”

Meng did not answer, but looked at Qian, “Chef Qian, sorry for trouble, I apologize to everyone here.”

As he said, he took out three magical pills, “It is the God King Pill, and Chef Li can heal his injuries after taking this medicine.”

With a flick of his finger, the magical pills fell into Li’s hands.

Li gritted his teeth and swallowed magical pills, “Thank you very much!”

“Thank you!” Qian bowed respectfully.

Then Meng sat down.

Ling’er Zuo also let go of Xiong’s hand, and sat down with a cold snort.

Xiong gritted her teeth, embarrassing to the extreme at this moment, Meng’s words deeply hurt her pride. “Wait and see!” She left angrily.

Seeing Xiong leaving, Ji chased after her. Then the others followed and left.

Only ten were left compared to the original over twenty people.

“That’s good!” Meng didn’t care if they were here or not, “Chef Qian, sorry to bother you.”

Qian smiled, still very fond of Meng, this person holds a high position, but quite respects them.

“It doesn’t matter.” Qian bowed and looked at Kris and others, “Start!”

“Yes, executive chef!” The nine people started to get busy, and Kris did not speak from beginning to end.

Is this the hierarchy of the Lanting Immortal Palace?

It is more of slavery system than a feudal system.

The few people who left would definitely not just let it go. Today Meng humiliated Xiong in front of handyman disciples, and she would definitely find a way to get it back.

They just had a small quarrel, but for the people in the kitchen, it would be a disaster.

“Chef Li, are you OK?” Kris asked.

“The God King Pill works very well, it would not affect my cooking. Thank you Brother Ye for your concern.”

He said calmly, but Kris felt anger and unwillingness from his words.

It all blames to their inadequate strength.

“I’ll give you a hand.” Kris smiled.

The cooking skills of nine chefs are naturally good. As if the God of Cooking is alive, the kitchen knives in their hands are like their own hands.

“Yes, we can smell the aroma of dishes from a distance.” Meng stood up to observe, Zuo and others also surrounded them.

“Who can come and explain to us about what these are!” Zuo shouted at Kris. The latter walked over and explained to them the kitchen utensils and even the various spices.

These inner disciples may have a high cultivation, but lack common sense of life.

“Well, I see, thanks.” Zuo took out a piece of chalcedony, “This is for you.”

Kris took over the chalcedony, which contains lush spirit Qi. “Thank you, Miss!”

Kris walked away and continued to help Li.


On the other side, Ji caught up with the angry Xiong, “Junior Sister Xiong, wait for me!”

“Leave me alone.”

“I know you are angry. I have a great way to vent your anger. I wonder if you would like to listen?”

Hearing this, Xiong quickly turned around, “Big Brother, what is it?”

Ji stepped forward, and the younger brothers behind him took ten steps back.

“If we leave, the villain Meng will definitely speak ill of us in front of the Master. At that time, not only will we not gain credit, but will also make Master feel that we are not filial. It’s not good.”

“You let me go back?” Xiong bit her lip, “Didn’t that make them laugh?”

“Eh, you can’t say that, it’s all for the birthday of Master, there are no jokes.” Ji continued: “Let’s go back and see what dishes they choose, write it down, and ask people to cook their dishes, then we hand these birthday banquet dishes to Master ahead of them. At that time…you said Master would think who is more filial.”

“Of course it is us!” A hint of joy flashed in Xiong’s eyes, “But if I go back, those inferior people will definitely laugh at me.”

“As long as you learn the dishes, you can look for trouble at any time. Even if you kill them all, there will be no problem. I will always be on your side.”

“Big Brother Ji, you are so kind to me!” Ji smiled, “It’s my pleasure.”

Holding Xiong’s hand, “As long as my good junior sister is happy, Big Brother is willing to do anything.”

“Okay, then I will listen to brother, go back!”

“Don’t worry, if they dare to laugh, I will definitely take action.” He patted her hand, and went back.

An hour later, two to three hundred dishes were laid out on the table in the backyard of the kitchen.

Every dish is a perfect combination of color, aroma and taste full of spirit Qi, forming a vision of heaven and earth in the garden. It seems that you can become a fairy with a single breath.

The chefs have obtained the Tao of cooking.

“Chef Qian, your chefs are really amazing.” Meng nodded, and Zuo also praised, “Big Brother, this dish is beautiful, and that one also looks very appetizing!”

“Let’s have a taste first, then each one select ten dishes to learn!”

“Yes, Big Brother!” Several people shouted in unison, just as everyone was preparing to take down the chopsticks, a discordant voice rang from the back, “Big Brother, this is your fault. Everyone came together. How can you leave us?”

Chapter 746: Kris Chen Stepped in

The crowd turned around and Chun Ji and Yan Xiong led them to turn back.

Run Qian and others frowned, and Changsheng Li even looked a little frightened.

“Brother, I was wrong just now, I’m sorry.”

However, to everyone’s surprise, Yan Xiong walked up to Ziping Meng and apologized, “We all did it for the birthday party of our master, I hope you won’t be angry.”

Ziping was a bit stunned, he knew Yan Xiong’s character well, which couldn’t just be described as spiteful anymore.

If he didn’t have a grandfather who was an Internal Elder, he would have been victimized.

Linger Zuo snorted, “What? The sun is coming out of the west?”

Yan Xiong stiffened, but remembering what Chun Ji said, she ignored it.

“I won’t to be angry, but you must be polite to a few chefs.”

“I know.” Yan Xiong said.

Ziping nodded, “Then you guys come along too, ten dishes each!”

It’s now about nine years to the starting point, enough time for them to learn all the dishes.

It took half an hour to choose ten dishes each. There were thirty of them, so they were divided into three groups to learn.

When the time comes, they would be taught individually one-on-one until they master them.

This was the fastest and most efficient way!

“Greetings to your distinguished guest!”

Run Qian sent the people away, and turned his head to look at the ten people, “You will be hard in this time, remember, if they beat you or scold you, do not fight back, do not talk back, just silently endure it.”

“All of you, cheer up, upgrade early and jump out of this shit ship!”

“Yes, Chef!”

During the lunch break, Liu Ma came over, “Liangchen, I heard you were rewarded by a nobleman?”

“How do you know?” Kris Chen was a little surprised.

“How can a secret be hidden in a cookhouse.”

Liu Ma laughed, “I heard it’s a female nobleman!”

“It’s just a piece of chalcedony.”

Kris took out the chalcedony, which was mundane and useful for the early stage of transcendence, but for him, it’s useless!

“When could I get a reward from a nobleman.” Liu Ma said with a wistful face.

“You can go for it if you want, why do you have to wait for others to reward you.”

Kris said: “Work hard for yourself, and one day you can also be a nobleman.”

At that, Liu Ma nodded, “That’s right, I’ve been an assistant chef now, sooner or later I’ll become a chef one day!”

Kris smiled, so what if the chef, even the head chef had to be respectful to the noblemen.

So a man must move up, it’s certainly stable here, but lack of opportunity, it’s better to fight, like the three guys in Chaos World of the Other Realm, who were just ordinary miscellaneous disciples.

Hardworking could bring you what you want.

“I’m going back to rest.” With that, Kris went back to his practice.

The presence of these noblemen made Kris realize the sense of crisis, the Taoist King was nothing, none of these people were below the Taoist King Realm, or even the Tao Emperor.

His sun soul was in Middle period Transcendence, physical body in Middle period Transcendence, mana in Middle period Transcendence, all of them were a little far away from Later period.

Even if his combined strength reached the Middle period of the Taoist King , but others must have unique skill, it was normal to explode attack beyond their own power.

“Until you have the strength, it is better to hide yourself honestly.”

Kris was optimistic, and with a few more months, Yuan Kris would be able to make up the foundation of the Normalization Stage and then practice it in reverse with the Heavenly Replenishment.

The perfect foundation could definitely bring his strength to a higher level.

Also the resources required would rise exponentially.

The resources they currently needed were already ten thousand times more than others, a million times more, and if they were to replenish their roots, they would even exceed ten million times more!

Time passed day by day, and two months later, all the thirty people who came had learned the dishes.

It was on this day that Changsheng was killed alive by Yan Xiong with a whip.

“This person harassed me under the pretext of teaching cooking, he deserves to die!”

The whip on Yan Xiong’s hand was still dripping blood, and the large cooking room was silent, as it was a one-on-one taught, Ziping and the others were not present.

The last group happened to be Yan Xiong and Chun Ji and others.

Run Qian shivered with anger, what harassment, it’s a lie.

Changsheng simply did not dare to have such evil thought.

Hanming Wu gritted his teeth, he understood, he finally understood, no wonder this woman went to return, her purpose was to seize this opportunity of learning to plant framed.

The anger in Yi Zhao’s heart overwhelmed his fear, and despite the competition with

each other, he felt some sad at that time.

Kris just looked indifferent!

He had a hunch that these two would not stop there.

“Run Qian, you son of a bitch, you poorly discipline your subordinate and he harassed my sister, you should be punished!”

After that, Chun Ji fiercely stroke, with a palm down, Run Qian made the best effort to resist, but was instantly suppressed!

Chun Ji’s eyes showed a trace of disdain, “Half-step Taoist King, a small trick!”

“You dare to resist, you are treacherous and should be punished for offending!”

Chun Ji clenched his fist tightly, raised his hand towards Run Qian’s head, if it hit, Run Qian would certainly die.

Just then, a stern cry came from outside, “Chun Ji, stop!”

The visitor was Ziping, who arrived in a hurry, and behind him was Linger Zuo.

It was too far, and Chun Ji’s fist was already down.

“Head Chef!”

“You damned bastards, I’ll kill you.”

Hanming could no longer tolerate, what bullshit noblemen, these people were worse than demons!

“Go to the hell!”

Yan Xiong flexed his fingers, the light directly penetrated Hanming’s heart, the terrifying destructive force was losing his life force little by little, but did not let him die instantly.

It was clear that he wanted to torture him.

Run Qian opened his eyes wide, he saw the fist infinitely enlarged, he did not expect he was always conscientious and respectful, but finally, he would ended in this way.

He felt anger, fear and helpless, and wanted to roar and destroy everything.

But now he could hardly even move his fingers, these people were too strong, he was unable to resist.

He thought he was about to cross the gulf from handyman disciple to disciple, but

these people didn’t give him a chance!

He had cultivated all his life, but ended up in such a state?

Just at this moment, Kris stepped in.

He took a step forward and reached out his palm to grab Chun Ji’s fist.

The huge power was caught by him, and in that instant, all the people around were stunned!

Chun Ji’s fist was caught and a look of shock flashed in his eyes.

Run Qian saw that the fist was slow to fall and then came back to his senses. When he saw that Kris had caught Chun Ji’s fist, his body trembled uncontrollably.

He didn’t expect that Kris would step in at this time and save his life.

“Mr. Ye, you … “

“Chef, get up!”

Kris smiled, then his right hand slammed hard, sixty trillion cells hooked up, this tremendous force made Chun Ji twist with pain.

“You … You … get off me!”

“You bastard, let go!”

Yan Xiong drew out his sword and slashed over with it.

“Be careful, Mr. Ye!” Run Qian, who was seriously injured, shouted in a hurry.

Kris narrowed his eyes, and his Chaos Spirit Sword flew out and chopped at Yan Xiong’s sword.

With a “Dang” sound, Yan Xiong’s sword was cut off directly from the middle!

“My Fairy Sword!” Yan Xiong exclaimed.

Kris didn’t give her a chance to react at all, and the Chaos Spirit Sword was about to slash down on her head.


Ziping arrived and formed his two fingers into a sword, and Sword Energy blasted at the Chaos Spirit Sword, which was dispersed by the Chaos Spirit Sword.

However, the Chaos Spirit Sword also lost its forward momentum!

Chun Ji waited for an opportunity to escape, not that Kris did not want to stop, but there was no need.

He did not want to show too much strength.

He walked to Hanming’s side, and there was a force at his heart that prevented the wound from recovering.

The King of Tao, the King of the whole world!

The Great Tao swallowed all the Tao to make itself!

To compare the Great Tao?

Kris had never been afraid of anyone.

His Great Tao like Cause and Effect, Time, Space, Destruction … and so on were incomparably strong, and each of them was dependent on countless small Tao.

Moreover, he had hundreds of millions of Great Tao like this.

In fact, he did not make good use of the Great Tao in his body, but only kept compressing and perfecting the fine details of the Great Tao.

“You’ll be fine!”

Kris dispelled Yan Xiong’s Great Tao of Corruption, which was just a branch of the the Great Tao of Destruction and was nothing at all.

After that, Hanming in the Later period was cured without medicine.

“Thank you so much, Mr. Ye!”

“It’s okay, we’re friends.”

Kris helped him up and Yan Xiong, who was furious, stepped aside, “Senior brother, why did you stop me?”

Stop you?

Ziping was a little angry, if he had not arrived in time, she would have been decapitated today by Liangchen Ye.

“Shut up, Chef Li taught you the art of cooking, but you killed him!”

“He harassed me, he should be killed!”

“Although it’s a one-on-one learning, but there were more than a dozen people in the backyard, do you think others are blind, or do you think I am stupid!”

Ziping was furious, Linger Zuo was also slightly surprised, it was the first time she saw the gentle brother get so angry.

“Whose senior brother are you anyway? Even if you don’t like me, you don’t have to be so biased towards others, right?”

Yan Xiong sobbed a little, and Chun Ji on the side said gloomily: “Brother, because you are the eldest brother so I have tolerated you again and again, I only ask you one question, are you the eldest brother of our Shaohua Palace or the eldest brother of these inferior people!”

This was a heartbreaking statement.

“I am the eldest brother of Shaohua Palace, but I am a person who only recognizes reason, not people!”

When heard this, Chun Ji laughed, “Did you hear it? What a heartless person!”

The disciples behind him also looked cold, and at this time one of them said: “If one day our Master did something wrong, would you not even recognize him?”

Ziping was frozen, how could he answer this?

Linger Zuo rebuked: “Can you be compared to the Master?”

“You guys don’t need to talk nonsense here.”

“Let’s not say whether Yan Xiong is right or wrong, how are these handyman disciples different from slaves?”

Chun Ji sneered, “If you really respect them so much, why do you have to boss them around, and why are you so willing when they call you noblemen?”

“Those handyman disciples have groveled to you, have you ever treated them well? It is only because you have asked for help this time, otherwise how could you have such an attitude?”

“We are all brothers and sisters, and we know each other’ s nature as well, so there is no need to pretend in front of outsiders. It’s not a glamorous thing!”

Chun Ji paused, “This is the Tao of Heaven, the law of this world has always been the survival of the fittest, if you violate the law, you will be condemned by God!”

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