“Black Rose?”

Behind the scene, boss was stunned when Black Rose had left.

what’s the situation?

Don’t tell Chuck Cannon, her situation?

“Hey, why would Chuck Cannon ask about your situation?” The boss behind the scenes shouted at the back of Black Rose who had left.

“Why? By the way… why would he come over and ask her specifically? In his eyes, she is just a bodyguard. If she is injured, he will give money to leave the bodyguard. Now she is useless to him, Why will he be looking for her?”

Black Rose shook her head, feeling uncomfortable and angry in her heart.

Black Rose laughed at herself and left.

The boss behind the scenes was even more puzzled, what is the situation?

“Boss,” This time, Ouyang Fei out, she happened to see the departure of Black Rose.

But she just saw, Black Rose pale ah!

During this period of time, Ouyang Fei improved too fast, and the boss behind the scenes was surprised. Ouyang Fei felt that her strength could solve Black Rose.

What’s more, what about Black Rose that is injured at the moment?

“Black Rose can’t move me now!” Then she saw behind the boss!

Ouyang Fei smiled, smug on her face, “You said you won’t let me move? What are you? When I will solve Black Rose, I will deal with you…”

The Lee family of the four major families!!

At this moment, the Patriarch of the Lee family was gloomy!

Overlord Lee angry to the extreme, there are other Lee family, are restless!

“What did I say? Karen Lee, who is a bitch, actually offended the secret family members by the crocodile. She wants to die? Don’t drag us if you want to die!!”

Overlord Lee just received the news, and everyone is in danger!

The secret family is the average person can resist?

What if Karen Lee wiped out the Ouke family? The Ouke family, in front of the hidden family, is just vulnerable trash!!

Lee family is so, not to mention the now battered Lee.

“Oh, how did Karen do this? Isn’t this hurting my Lee family?” The other Lee family shook their head and sighed.

The strength of the hidden family, as one of the four big families, how could they not know?

Offend the family secret, and that is court death! The coffin can be prepared in advance.

Patriarch Lee said nothing!

Overlord Lee said, “Dad, let’s return to the hidden family Stewart ahead of time. Otherwise, Karen Lee will definitely hurt my Lee family! The hidden family is no joke!”

“Overlord Lee, did you actually say such a thing?” Patriarch Lee was angry!

He hates iron but not steel!!

Why are there no bones?

“Dad, I am also thinking about the future of the Lee family. The Hidden Family has to deal with Karen Lee. With our relationship with Karen Lee, we will definitely be implicated. It is better to submit in advance so that it is possible to survive!” Overlord Lee was worried.

The other descendants of the Lee family looked at each other, Overlord Lee said very spinelessly, but it is true!

How can the hidden family keep their roots when they take action? My Lee family is the root of Karen Lee, so the hidden family will definitely eradicate the Lee family!

No one speaks!

“Niezi!!” Patriarch Lee got angry!

He came over and slapped Overlord Lee!

No one from the Lee family dared to speak.

Overlord Lee blushed, his face was calm, “Dad, you have to think for the offspring of the Lee family! Our Lee family has the slut, Karen Lee, it is the misfortune of our Lee family! We can only find a way to make up for it!”


Slapped again!

Overlord Lee stepped back, his face flushed, “Dad!!”

“I’m already sorry for this daughter Karen, now let me still be sorry for her? I can’t do it! Our Lee family must have spine!” Patriarch Lee scolded!

No one answered.

“Dad, Karen Lee is no longer part of our Lee family, what are you thinking of her for?” Overlord Lee also became annoyed.

He has always hated Karen Lee and Chuck Cannon!

“Bastard!!” Patriarch Lee was extremely angry!

“Pop, pop, pop!”

Someone was clapping, and a group of people walked in outside, surrounded by others.

“Overlord Lee, you really know the current affairs, more than these old things know the current affairs!” Brayden Stewart smiled slightly, humans and animals are harmless!

“Who, who are you?”

Everyone in the Lee family was shocked!

Why is there no movement of the bodyguard outside?

How did these people get in?

“Your bodyguards are too rubbish. No wonder Karen Lee could rush you here at night before.”

Brayden Stewart laughed mockingly!

The family guard of the Lee family was truly vulnerable to his wandering family, the bodyguard of the hidden family!!

“Are you? Are you from a hidden family?” Overlord Lee was shocked!

The rest of the Lee family were also shocked, and instinctively revealed fear!

If it’s not a member of a hidden family, then how can you ignore your family guard and come in?

The Lee family Patriarch shines!

“Yes, Overlord Lee, you still have some knowledge. I heard that you are on both sides, and now it seems that you want to bother which side? Where is Karen Lee? Oh, it will die, there are so many on my side. Now,” Brayden Stewart laughed!

Control the Lee family to deal with Karen Lee, and let Karen Lee’s family kill Karen Lee, isn’t it interesting then?

This is Brayden Stewart’s first plan!


Pain, he wants Karen Lee and Chuck Cannon fall into despair step by step!!

He would feel so little satisfaction!

Overlord Lee was shocked, “You…”

He blushed, and he was said that by Brayden Stewart, he was not so angry, what right did he have to be angry?

“I just ask you again, which side are you on!”

The sound was not loud, but it shocked everyone!

Don’t take refuge in Stewart, die, take refuge in Stewart, live!!

This is a life and death choice!

The hall was as silent as death!

Unconsciously, everyone looked at Overlord Lee! They struggled to the extreme!

What should he do?

How should he choose?

“I, I take refuge in you! Patriarch!!!” Overlord Lee knelt!

The descendants of the Lee family were stunned.

“Asshole, wicked!” Patriarch Lee coughed with anger.

His own son actually kneeled to others!

“Dad, you’re always confused, Karen Lee offends Patriarch Stewart, it’s her business, why do you bother us?” Overlord Lee was polite!

“Have you forgotten, have we been concerned about Karen?” Patriarch Lee resented!

“I don’t think I have a problem with her at all, but she, I don’t know what to do!” Overlord Lee shook his head. Extremely indifferent!

Overlord Lee said to the others, “Are you going to die or live? Are you going to get involved by Karen Lee who is not from the Lee family? I don’t want to! Who is she?”

He walked to Brayden Stewart and bowed his head politely, “Patriarch!”

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