Overlord Lee called Patriarch Brayden Stewart in front of everyone. The Patriarch of the Lee family was furious!

The other descendants of the Lee family looked at each other, no one dared to speak! !

“Overlord Lee, from today on, you don’t have the surname Lee anymore, you are surnamed Stewart! I permit you to be a member of traveller family!” Brayden Stewart laughed!

“Thank Patriarch!” Overlord Lee bowed his head respectfully!

For him, survival is the most important thing, what family! What surname? Not worth mentioning!

The rest of the Lee family felt uncomfortable, and they wanted to live too!

Patriarch Lee’s fists clenched and squeaked!

“Overlord Lee, I shouldn’t drive Karen out, the most importantly, you are the one who should be kicked out!!” Lee family Patriarch was very angry!

He regretted that he treated Karen Lee so much and left someone like Overlord Lee.

Actually betrayed now and became a dog of others!

Is survival more important than self-esteem?

“Dad, don’t say anything, come here too! Come and be able to live!!” Overlord Lee said to the other descendants of the Lee family.

The descendants of the Lee family looked at each other!

No one dared to move!

Brayden Stewart laughed, “Come or die? Come over and give me a bang, and I will reward you with a surname, the same as my Stewart!”

Patriarch Lee’s eyes became blood red! Covered by shame!

“Me, Dad, I want to live!”

“Grandpa, I want to live too!”

“Grandpa, forgive me, I want to live too!!”

One after another, the descendants of the Lee family came over, they cried and kowtow to Brayden Stewart.

Kowtowing one by one!

On the Lee family’s side, there is only the Lee family’s Patriarch alone, so lonely to the extreme!

Brayden Stewart laughed grinningly, “Haha! Okay, starting from today, you are all named Stewart! You are the descendants of my Stewart family!”

“Home, Patriarch!”

The descendants of the Lee family dropped their heads in shame and were afraid to see the head of the Lee family head!

“Dad, come here too! To live is more important than anything!” Overlord Lee said.

“Yes, grandpa, come here, it’s okay! Just changed the last name!”

“The surname Lee and Stewart are the same, there is no difference! There is no need to do this. Grandpa, come here, just kowtow with the Patriarch, it’s easy!”

The descendants of the Lee family are calling.

The Patriarch of the Lee family was in distress, what did he raise a group of?

These are his own children, who are shamelessly calling other people’s patrons?

“Shut up!”

The Lee family Patriarch resented, “From today, you are no longer from the Lee family. You must remember that it is the Lee family who does not want you anymore!!!”

Lee’s descendants looked at each other!

To them, survival is more important than anything else, and other things are irrelevant.

Brayden Stewart smiled grinningly, “Oh, so spineless, give me a bang, you can survive and be a descendant of a hidden family, why bother?”

“Shut up you!”

Patriarch Lee steps forward step by step, without fear!

“I am so old that I can’t kneel down!”

“Then I will find someone to kneel for you! I like others to kneel down for me, especially you!” Brayden Stewart beckoned fiercely, “You overlord, you go! Let him kneel!!”

“Patriarch, he is my…” Overlord Lee hesitated!


A slap on his face!

Overlord Lee’s cheeks were scarlet!

He was angry, but he didn’t dare to say anything. He only had one step up the mountain. No one from the Lee family spoke, and they all bowed their heads!

“Dad, be more interesting!” Overlord Lee is bitter!

“Shut up!”

Patriarch Lee was angry, he stepped forward and smashed his fist!!


Overlord Lee confronts and strikes!

Patriarch Lee fell out!

He vomited blood and lay down in embarrassment.

“Dad, you are old, you are old and confused.” Overlord Lee has no expression on his face!

“I really regret giving birth to you!” Patriarch Lee stood up, and blood kept coming out of his mouth.

“No, you should regret that Karen Lee is left!” Overlord Lee was furious!

“The one I regret most is her!”

“You overlord, won’t you do it?” Brayden Stewart urged lazily!

“Yes, Patriarch!” Overlord Lee hesitated for three seconds, “Patriarch, my dad still has a role in surviving. You can bring Karen Lee here!”

“Oh, no, no, no, Karen Lee was kicked out by you. He has no feelings for you anymore. Do you still expect her to come here for you?” Brayden Stewart has no humanity, and his thoughts are the same.

How could Karen Lee come over?

“Let him kneel down! I can let him go! Otherwise, Overlord Stewart, you die!”

Overlord Lee’s face was expressionless, he walked up to his father and kicked him.

Patriarch Lee turned over and knelt down, his kneecap bursting!

No one from the Lee family spoke, and they dared not look up!

“Dad, don’t blame me!” Overlord Lee returned.

“Haha, well done! Go! You can follow me!” Brayden Stewart laughed loudly!

Take people away.

The descendants of the Lee family followed, and the Overlord Lee followed, and he hated Karen Lee even more! It’s all you!!

“Master, do you want me to kill him?” a bodyguard asked!

“Kill? Why kill him? This old immortal self-esteem has been trampled on by me. After I leave, he will definitely commit suicide. Compared with me, he committed suicide by himself. Wouldn’t the revenge for Karen Lee be greater!?” Brayden Stewart Shrugged with a grinning smile!

“Understood, see you master!”

Brayden Stewart smiled, it’s just starting now, Chuck Cannon, Karen Lee, you two will regret it!

“Karen, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t drive you out, otherwise today’s things will never happen, everything is our own responsibility, everything is our own fault…” Patriarch Lee remorse!

If Karen Lee was not driven out at the beginning, what can you do if there are people like Karen Lee and Brayden Stewart sitting in town today?

The bones of a family are important! The bone of Overlord Lee has softened, and everyone else has also softened. People who have no face and skin have become fathers!

Patriarch Lee looked down at a piece of broken glass on the ground, he stretched out his hand and slowly picked it up…

Karen Lee and Chuck Cannon came out.

“Mom, what are you doing here with me?” Chuck Cannon didn’t quite understand, Karen Lee unexpectedly Chuck Cannon went to her technology company!

What is this for?

“Give you a good outfit! The next day will be particularly dangerous! You know?” Karen Lee was calm and calm.

Chuck Cannon understood. He followed his mother in. The technology company had everything in it, self-help medicine, and special metals. Karen Lee gave Chuck Cannon a full set, and felt that it was necessary!

Protect your hands and feet so that your combat effectiveness is high!

However, when Chuck Cannon was replaced, he saw his mother answer a call, and never saw his mother move again. Chuck Cannon came over and said, “Mom, what’s wrong with you?”

Karen Lee closed her eyes, tears coming out.

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