Chapter 747 – 748: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 747: The Raid

“I advise you that don’t give them too much room for reverie, and let them know the cruel reality early, in case that they would be killed after going out.” While talking, Chun Ji kept glancing at Kris. Although he just used only 50% of his strength, it was not something that Detachment Stage could resist.

And Kris’ weapon even cut off the Flying Fairy Sword, a Treasure of Transcendence, so that weapon must be a treasure of the Taoist King.

Could it be that this kid got the inheritance of a certain Taoist King?

For the first time, Ziping Meng felt speechless. Ling’er Zuo opened her mouth, but couldn’t say a word.

Because of the fact that there are many people who are more brutal than Yan Xiong.

In the Lanting Immortal Palace, servants and handyman disciples are the lowest existence, as many as the sand of the desert, they are worthless even if they died!

As for female disciples, they could depend on their beauty. While the male disciples have no value except for running errands.

If you think that you are still the number one in this world just as the Cave World, sooner or later, you will be killed.

“No words, right? Who don’t want to be good, though you could save one, could you save all?” Ji became more arrogant.

Everyone in the kitchen was angry, but no one dared to speak because they would die.

Liu Ma’s eyes are crimson. He struggled to ascend to the Upper World, but in the end he was ordered on this ship. Life and death are controlled in other’s hand. Why did he cultivate, why did he break through the Detachment Stage, is it not good to stay in the Cave World?

Maybe one day the Cave World was swallowed by the World Swallowing Beast, and it’s okay to die, why should him be so shameful like this? “

“Bullshit!” Kris sneered: “You are distorting the meaning. Do you have the right to decide the lives of others? If he is killed for his own rude remarks, he deserves it!”

“Chef Li has never had any disrespect in his words, and the resistance is only for self-protection. The ants would fight for survival, let alone people?”

“Your killing is just to vent your anger, which has been excused in so many crooked ways! Many people at present are from the Cave World, who does not have more experience than you, do they need you to tell them what cruelty is?”

“Okay, I saw you two not pleasing to my eyes today, I will also kill you to vent my anger, let you know what cruelty is!”

Kris raised his hand, sixty trillion cells are connected, billions of Great Tao is superimposed, and 129,600 forces of the universe are superimposed as well!

At that moment, everyone was terrified.

It seems that Kris’ fist is not a fist, but a tiger that can swallow everything!

“Chef Ye, Don’t do that!”

“Brother Ye!”

The fluttering fist hit Ji. Ji was horrified to the extreme, the treasure on his body automatically protected him, and his hands were in front of his chest to fend against in a hurry.

Meng hurriedly shouted, “Chef Ye, no!”

In the meanwhile, Kris had already noticed the Sword Energy flew to him, so he tapped with his left hand to repel it. Who can play Sword Energy with him, the ancestor of playing sword!

“Boom!” The fist broke the protective shield, shattered his arms, and directly imprinted on his chest. The chest was sunken, and the broken bone pierced the heart. This blow shattered all the organs in his body, and countless Great Tao ran across his body, directly destroying the divine soul!

With a light breath, Ji dissipated into powder.

After he took the shot, there was no room left behind.

Once Ji is allowed to escape, everyone in the kitchen will die!

“Big Brother Ji!” Xiong screamed in fright.

Kris did not hesitate. Chaos Spirit Sword had already split her in half!

He didn’t even exempt the people brought by the two in case that the others would let it out!

When everyone reacted, Kris had cleared them all!

“Chef Ye, you…you…” Meng went pale, and felt cold. This person is decisive in killing, once he takes a shot, he will remove out the source of trouble, very cruel!

As soon as Zuo retreated half a step, Chaos Spirit Sword had already blocked the way.

“Forbiddance of the Great Tao!” Kris pointed out and blocked the entire room!

“Miss Zuo, Mr. Meng, is it cruel or not, is it realistic or not?” Kris was in a low voice, but it shuddered when fell into the ears of the two.

Although Qian was shocked in his heart, he was sane. He knew that Kris handled it the best way. If they were let go today, none of them would survive later!

Hanming Wu and others also took out their own weapons, “We are living in extreme misery just for the sake of some meagre resources for cultivation, you, high-ranking inner disciples who obtain considerable resources, why bother lower realms?”

“If we are doomed to die, why do we die on your knees? I am reluctant and don’t want to!”

Wu took off the chef’s clothes and took out the weapons before boarding the ship. The murderous aura filled the entire barrier.

The way that made him stand out from the Cave World was killing. But he was seriously injured when he ascended, and his cultivation regressed. Finally, he was rated a Class C, and firmly trapped in this Immortal Boat.

Yi Zhao also released the evil spirit from his body, “Fuck, what a shit, I won’t serve you!”

“Yes, I won’t serve anymore!” The assistant chefs watched their chefs take actions, they also took out their weapons!

“And I!” “Fuck you. When I was in the Cave World, I ranked first, why should I be constrained by these shit ratings!”

These people were forced to come here, with grievances in their hearts.

The actions of Yan Xiong, Chun Ji and others are nothing more than a blasting fuse to anger.

But the real drive is Kris, this Grade C rookie, even killed more than a dozen Taoist Kings!

Now all fools know how terrifying Kris is.

“Calm down, everyone calm down!” Meng said hurriedly: “Chef Ye, killing the two of us will not do you any good for if we haven’t returned for a long time, those Big Brothers will definitely suspect and then the law enforcement team and the managers of the boat will come. You can’t escape from death!”

Kris looked at Meng, “The reason you didn’t make a move just now was because you made use of me to kill your companions, right?”

Meng was startled and asked how he knew in the heart. Just about to deny it, Zuo behind him said: “Nonsense, my Big Brother is not like that!”

“Miss Zuo, you should be a native of the Eternity Domain, right?”

“How do you know?” she looked at Kris warily.

“If someone soars up from the Cave World, he can’t be so naive.”

Kris smiled, “No matter what your purpose is, I have already killed them, which also helped you, but if you want to leave, a word is not enough!”

This person is stronger than Ji. He was able to kill Ji because the opponent did not break out all his strength, maybe not even one-third.

Killing Xiong was entirely based on the power of Chaos Spirit Sword!

At this moment, the two had already been on guard, and it was almost impossible to kill them instantly.

He forestalled his opponents by a show of strength, which created an unmatched feeling for the other party.

Meng was the Big Brother, his strength is definitely above the middle period of Taoist King.

If they fight, Kris is not absolutely sure that he can beat him.

But once a real battle attracts the law enforcement team and manager, they will be in big trouble.

It is said that on every Lanting Immortal Boat, there is a Taoist Emperor and his strength is above many ordinary Taoist emperors.

Kris was not sure that he could escape.

“You guys……”

“Junior Sister.” Meng raised his hand to interrupt her, looked at Kris, “I will help you conceal the whereabouts of Chun Ji and others. After reaching the starting point, you will leave respectively.”

“It’s not enough!”

“I, Ziping Meng, swear by the Great Tao that I will help fellow Taoists…” He made an oath, and then a thunder sounded in the void, thus Taoist vow was established!

“What about her?”

Kris looks at Zuo!


“Junior Sister, swear!” While talking, he used Divine Spiritual Power to tell her: “Quickly swear, this person is unfathomable. He can kill the middle period of Taoist King with a single blow. The strength is extraordinary. I suspect that he may be a half-step or infinitely close to Taoist Emperor. If you don’t swear, we will be killed here today.”

Hearing the voice, she quickly vowed: “I, Ling’er Zuo, swear by the Great Tao, to help other fellow Taoists…”

After repeating Meng’s words, there was a thunder, and everyone in the kitchen was relieved.

“You two can go, the next thing is our internal affairs.”

Kris withdrew the barrier, Meng pulled Zuo away in a stride, and disappeared instantly.

“Junior sister, if they ask, just say they were Closing Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone).” Meng told her.

“Big Brother, is this really all right?”

“It’s okay. Your parents are all Internal Elders. Chun Ji’s father dare not do anything to you. Yan Xiong is just a woman. His grandfather didn’t love her very much and will not offend the two Internal Elders.”

Zuo nodded, knowing that Men’s background was better than her. His father is one of the Rank of the Lanting Immortal Palace!

The Rank is much higher than the status of the Elders.

Even her parents dare not offend easily.

Otherwise, it is impossible for Meng to become the Big Brother, let alone to compete for the Rank!

“Big Brother, I have another question!” Zuo looked at him with complicated look.

“Just say it!”

“Is it true that as Liangchen Ye said that you deliberately utilized him to weed out Ji and…”

“Junior Sister Zuo, how can you believe what he said, he is deliberately provoking our relationship.” Meng responded: “Although we are directly at odds, we are fellows, how could I do such a thing.”


“If you don’t believe me, I can make a Taoist vow!”

“No, I believe you!” Zuo hurriedly stopped him, “Sorry big brother, I almost cheated by him.”

“It’s okay, let’s go back quickly.”



At the same time, Kris looked at everyone, “For the sake of safety, everyone should come up and make a Taoist vow. Now everyone is a grasshopper on a rope. We have to advance and retreat together, and once things let out, everyone will not survive.”

Qian was the first to stand up, “I, Run Qian, swear by the Great Tao…”

“I Hanming Wu (Yi Zhao, Zilong Liu…) swear by the Great Tao…”

The executive chef took the other eight chefs to swear, and then the others!

Kris did not swear from beginning to end, because it was unnecessary!

“Well, now everyone has vowed, as long as you follow the arrangement, everyone can get out of this boat.” Kris said: “It is impossible for everyone to stay in this place for the rest of their lives. The resources are good, but they are not enough to promote everyone to be the Taoist King or even the Taoist Emperor!”

“Chef Li’s misfortune taught us a lesson, I ask you, would you like to live so strenuously?”

Chapter 748: To Visit the Leader

“No, I don’t agree!”

Liu Ma was the first to come forward, “I have been on the ship for more than three hundred years, and everyone should understand why I still stay on the ship, or everyone stays on the ship for similar reasons as I do.”

“This damn rating, I hate it, when you all were in the Cave World, which one of you was not the supreme one who reigned over everything? But why do you have to be so humble when you come here? Why?”

Liu Ma said: “I’ve had enough, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in this fireplace, dealing with the stove every day, not to mention serving those so-called noblemen!”

“My hands are for fighting, for killing, damn it, I’m leaving!”

Hearing this, everyone’s face showed indignation.

“I also quit, if this continues, I just can’t walk out of this place in a million years or ten million years, maybe one day another so-called nobleman will come, I don’t want to put my life in the hands of others.”

“I also quit, even after all the tribulations, and finally transcend, this is a bullshit transcendence, even the stove room can not be transcend! Even if I break through the Taoist King, it will still be the weakest Taoist King, a coward can never become a Taoist King!”

Everyone was in a heated discussion.

Kris Chen was satisfied that the anger inside them had finally been forced out.

In the Cave Realm, his phrase ‘Are aristocrats inherently more noble than others?’ was spread to the whole world.

The Eternity Domain was ten times or a hundred times strict than the Cave World, the rebellion here was still very likely to succeed!

Those who gained more help would be successful. If you wanted to have great achievements, you must enlist more people!

Run Qian looked at a few chefs and understood that he couldn’t stay on this ship anymore.

He was the top leader of the cookhouse and must be responsible for it.

“Chef Ye, your cultivation is super high and you stand up for us when it matters, I do admire you.”

Run Qian stepped forward, “I am willing to follow the lead of Chef Ye.”

Hanming Wu also stood out, “Me too.”

Then Yi Zhao, Zilong Liu … and others came forward to show their determination that they were already a group and that those who went alone to inform would not end up well.

Moreover, with the Great Taoist vow, no one dared to overstep it.

“Liangchen, I am also willing to follow you.”

Liu Ma was not stupid, he rushed forward, and arched his hands to worship.

When the others saw that the head chef and the chef said so, they all understood, “We will follow Chef Ye.”

Kris scanned around, he spent so much effort just for this moment!

But some procedures were still necessary.

“Get up, my brothers.”

Kris gently raised his hands, the crowd only felt a soft force holding them up.

“I’m too young, I’ve only been in the cooking room for a few months, how can I take

on this major responsibility? I think it’s better to be the head chef!”

Run Qian heard it and shook his head, “No, no, no, the strength of Chef Ye is superb, I am never as good as you, I can’t afford it, and only powerful talent like Chef Ye can lead our brothers to escape!”

Hanming also stood out, “Brother Ye, you should not refuse, this is the unanimous decision of the group, now we are all in the same ship, we can only make an achievement by uniting together.”

Liu Ma also shouted, “Liangchen, don’t reject our brothers!”

“That’s right, Chef Ye, don’t refuse!”

For a while, the voices in the cookhouse were incessant.

Kris swept them and sighed: “Since the brothers think so highly of me, then I won’t let you down.”

Some things may seemed hypocritical, but they could really enlist people.

“Now, please be quiet for a moment, I’ll say a few words.”

Then the room was silent, and everyone looked at Kris, “Since everyone is headed by me, then we should form an organization.”

“We started in the stove room, how about calling it a Spark, which means the transmission of Spark, also represents the fire of a spark can burn a prairie.”

Kris said: “Since we have decided to rebel, then it should be more thorough, our destiny is only in our own hands. .”

Run Qian narrowed his eyes, he didn’t expect Kris to be so ambitious, but setting up an organization was indeed the best way to go.

“What do you think?”

“I agree!” Run Qian was the first to say.

“I agree too!” Hanming followed closely.

“We all agree!”

“I …”

“Good, since everyone agrees, then I am the leader of the Spark.”

Kris said, “Run Qian is the deputy leader, Hanming, Yi Zhao, Zilong … for the highest cadres of Spark, the remaining 10,000 people all compiled in the book and divided into eight teams, this matter will be done by the Leader Qian.”

“Yes, Leader!”

Run Qian did not expect Kris to be so generous and so liberal with his rights.

But it made sense, his strength was superb, and he was not afraid of having his power taken away by others, for he could easily suppress the rebels.

Any scheming in front of strength was vain, he knew it very well!

“We must be fast, now we have only a few years to reach the starting point, we must infiltrate the Lanting Immortal Boat in these years, pull in as many C-level disciples as possible and expand our team.”

“At the same time, we must search for more resources for the brothers to practice, and improve our strength as much as possible.”

“My Leader, my Leader!”

He gave them both right and resources, how could they didn’t like him?

Run Qian sighed with emotion, some people were born leaders!

And it’s such an easy thing for Kris.

“Everyone does their own work, but the resources are jointly supervised by several cadres, and the resources are allocated reasonably, so that everyone has sufficient resources for cultivation as much as possible.”

After instructing something, Kris said: “We have talked a lot today, it is over!”

“Yes, leader!”

After everyone had dispersed, Kris gave Run Qian and others a voice message, and of course including Liu Ma!

After these days of investigation, Liu Ma was a trustworthy person, at least more reliable than Run Qian and others.

“You’ll be my assistant from now on.”

“Yes, leader!”

Liu Ma smiled, he understood that Kris was promoting him, the leader’s assistant’s status was not lower than the deputy leader.

Ten people gathered in the secret room, and Kris said: “The reason for calling you is very simple. I have a reward and punishment system here. Please go through it first!”

This was made by Buddha Kris casually, directly copying the rules of the Demon King’s army.

Everyone looked at it, and there were dozens of them, each one was perfect and reasonable.

“Our leader is really talented.” Yi Zhao flattered.

Kris waved his hand: “No, these are trivial.”

“Since everyone gets together, we can’t play like a child, we must achieve something.”

Kris said: “In short, our core is very simple, freedom, resources, rights, beauty, these are what our Practitioner pursue.”

“They can’t understand what I’m saying, but you can, because you are all smart people. When talking to smart people, you don’t need to talk in a roundabout way!”

“This time the situation is dangerous. With Ziping Meng and Linger Zuo, we should be able to escape, but where do we go after we escape?”

Then Chun Ji and Yan Xiong were both inner disciples, and there was no way to hide, so we must rise in the shortest time, at least let the people behind Chun JiYan Xiong dare not move us!

“Cultivation is the best, but what if the cultivation is useless? Then take advantage of other strength. Ziping is a good backer. Do you understand what I mean?”

“You mean to use Ziping as a shield?”


Kris nodded, “However, the people in our stove are weak. Although there are 10,000 people, there are billions and tens of billions of people on the Lanting Immortal Boat. If we can win over them for the most part, how powerful is this? Ziping must be hard to refuse!”

“The most important thing is that we have such a powerful force. Once we condense it together and go to the Lanting Immortal Palace, we can also integrate resources quickly, do you understand?”

Run Qian and others became more excited as they listened, “The leader is right, but… is it easy to do it?”

“This is not something you need to worry about. I will take care of it. I have a Spark Goal here. You can select some clever and loyal people, teach them well, and spread our goal. There will always be someone who are willing to join us!”

With that, Kris conjured some Spark Goal that written in great detail, and even with remarks!

This was also the goal of the Demon King army, which had long been thoroughly studied by those cadres.

When Run Qian and others saw it, they were shocked, and they admired Kris’ talent even more.

“Well, it’s done, everyone go back and rest early.”

Since Kris ordered, other people naturally didn’t dare to stay. When they left, Kris smiled, “I didn’t expect to restart my work after flying.”


“Brother, why haven’t Brother Ji and Sister Xiong come back yet?”

“Don’t worry, they said they want to practice Taoist magic art alone to study new dishes.”

Ziping waved his hand and went straight into the Closing Door. Listening to it, the other people didn’t say anything, just felt curious.

“Forget it, anyway, we have learned the dishes, and we can’t waste these years. Let’s practice Taoist magic art, so that we can talk about it when the master asks!”

“Yes, as long as our cultivation is not abolished, the master must be happy but not angry.”

The crowd decided to practice Taoist magic to the end. If Ziping knew about it, he would definitely be happy, because it would reduce a lot of talking and reduce the risk.

“Why are there new C-level newcomers on this ship who had surpassed Taoist King?”

Ziping thought to himself.

“Could it be that a certain Taoist King or Taoist Emperor left some inheritance?”

He thought for a long time, only this conjecture was the most reliable.

“If this is the case, this person would be lucky, but also very intelligent, and he actually knows my intention!”

A trace of murder flashed in Ziping’s eyes, and this person must not be allowed to live. Although the Taoist vow was restrictive, he still had many ways to kill them.

“Why don’t you live well, how dare to threaten me, inferior!”

Ziping squinted his eyes. At this moment, he exposed his true inner thoughts, or that he had worn his hypocritical coat for so long that he himself almost believed that he was a kind person.

In this world, good people did not live long, only bad people could live for thousands of years.

“The first thing is to arrive at the starting point and get out of this ship.”

Ziping closed his eyes.

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