“Your grandpa died… committed suicide,”

Karen Lee wiped away the tears, her heart fluctuated.

For her father, Karen Lee is completely indescribable. From childhood to adulthood, she was not as good as a maid, not only was treated completely different from a few brothers, one world at a time!

He didn’t even think of the money to study, anyway, he hated Karen Lee, unconditionally hate it.

What Karen Lee does, as long as she spends a penny in his family, she has to say!

When Karen Lee started to make money, she was poor, and he didn’t support it at all, even if it wasn’t even a point.

Karen Lee didn’t complain. She felt that it was enough for her to be able to grow up, so that Karen Lee had grown up, and when she started, she secretly helped the Lee family! Every year, billions of dollars are brought to the Lee family, and the profits of hundreds of dollars are released by Karen Lee himself.

For more than ten years, there have been thousands of millions of dollars. This is what Karen Lee humorously brought to the Lee family who gave birth to her.

Not long ago, Karen Lee was also driven out of the Lee family!

She was cruel and broke!!

Karen Lee, who is nostalgic for her old love, can’t continue, even if she doesn’t, she will always make money for the Lee family silently…

For family members who only think about their own money, let’s stop!!

What Karen Lee couldn’t tolerate was that he actually acquiesced to Overlord Lee to kill Chuck Cannon!

Karen Lee can’t tolerate it!

Chuck Cannon is her biggest bottom line!!

Therefore, Karen Lee already feels worthy of him.

Afterwards, there will be no family affection. When they meet, they only need to nod our heads. However, he died…

Karen Lee has mixed emotions.

Chuck Cannon was stunned. Patriarch Lee actually committed suicide?

Chuck Cannon understood what was going on right away, and Brayden Stewart became a ghost, otherwise, how could the Lee family leader commit suicide?

What about Overlord Lee?

Chuck Cannon wanted to get it, and he must have returned to Brayden Stewart.

“Mom, this…”

“Chuck, I want to stay by myself for a while, you go in, Betty Bernard is waiting inside,” Karen Lee said.

Chuck Cannon didn’t have any words to comfort him. Chuck Cannon had no feelings for this grandfather. Chuck Cannon didn’t feel sad when he heard the news suddenly.

There is even kind. Be happy!

Who told him to drive his mother out of Lee’s house like that?

You know, the strength of his mother at that time can destroy the Lee family!

Now that you have turned your face and you are a stranger, what can you do to give you face?

If it was Chuck Cannon, Chuck Cannon would definitely not give it!

His mother was still soft-hearted, otherwise she wouldn’t have released Black Rose and Gracia Stewart.

There is no way to be soft-hearted, so it was the Lee family’s luck at that time!

Chuck Cannon got out of the car, Karen Lee was silent for three seconds, sighed, and called someone, “Hey to my dad’s burial… Yes, I will go there when I have time…”

Chuck Cannon entered the technology company by herself. Betty Bernard took Chuck Cannon to change clothes. Now to improve his strength, it is the most straightforward way to equip yourself when there is no time.

This process didn’t take long.

Chuck Cannon already has new equipment. All his hands and feet are protected by soft armor, making it safer and more able to fight!

Chuck Cannon packed up, and brought some first aid pills, anyway, he was well equipped.

At this time, his mother came in.

It could be seen that his mother was still sad, and Chuck Cannon did not speak.

Since he was not sad, he would have laughed out loud when he would have spoken, so what if his mother hears it, wouldn’t it be embarrassing?

It’s better to shut up properly.

His mother went in without a word.

Chuck Cannon waited for a while. His mom, Betty Bernard came out of the technology company. His mom still said nothing. When she drove to a place, she stopped, “Chuck, would you like to see your grandpa now?”

Karen Lee still wanted to see her father for the last time, even if this father never made her feel like a father.

Karen Lee still couldn’t bear to leave the Lee family alone. He walked alone.

“Mother, yeah.” Chuck Cannon was unwilling in his heart, but his mother wanted to see, what could be done?

“Well, then go now!”

Karen Lee drove past.

Arrived at Lee’s house!

Karen Lee’s people were already dealing with the body of the Lee family Patriarch, his throat was cut by glass, and he was still holding the bloody glass in his hand.

Chuck Cannon looked blank, and Karen Lee sighed uncontrollably.

Lifted him in the car personally.

Chuck Cannon was thinking, Brayden Stewart is thinking about doing this, this is to let Overlord Lee deal with him and his mother!

This idea is really insidious! Chuck Cannon feels shameless anyway!

After handling the body of the head of the Lee family, Karen Lee, Chuck Cannon, and Betty Bernard got in the car and left.

Through the rearview mirror, Karen Lee gave her dad the last ride and left here with the gas pedal.

Chuck Cannon had nothing to say during the whole process.

Back home, his mother, Betty Bernard is preparing to deal with Brayden Stewart.

In other words, Brayden Stewart took the position of the upper reaches of the Patriarch, although it was advanced, but it was still in the plan of his mother, so just proceed according to the original plan.

Chuck Cannon still has the handle of Brayden Stewart in his hand. When will he give this handle to him?

It should not be far away, what expression will Brayden Stewart have at that time? ?

Chuck Cannon didn’t think too much, Brayden Stewart had a different mentality now, this kind of handle may not be of much use to him.

But Du Peixin called and talked about the situation in the casino in detail. The business was particularly good. Chuck Cannon was also pleased. How could it be his first business in the United States?

Chuck Cannon has arranged many people there as security.

Make sure Brayden Stewart won’t mess around there!

What Chuck Cannon didn’t know was that Alice was in very danger here!!

That’s right, Brayden Stewart knew last time that Chuck Cannon and Alice have a good relationship, how else would they make a point for Alice?

So the first one, pointed the finger at Alice!


At the door of Alice’s house, a lot of people suddenly appeared, these are the elite bodyguards of the wandering family!!

They are out, no one can resist!

“Emily, you leave first!” Alice had discovered the problem a long time ago. Now that she knows the situation, this Brayden Stewart asked someone to come over.

When she learned that Stewart had changed the owner again, and that it was Brayden Stewart, she already knew that Brayden Stewart would come and look for her!

Because of the last time!

“Mom, what happened?” Emily panicked!

It’s a rain of bullets outside!

It’s crackling, scary!

“Brayden Stewart called someone over, you go first!” Alice said Emily and came out.

She told the bodyguard to send Emily away, it was useless for Emily to struggle, and was forcibly taken away by the bodyguard!!


Outside the house is the same as the scene, Alice personally took the gun out, rumbling to pull the trigger!

Kill one with one!

She was also a sharpshooter!


Suddenly, a bomb flew over here, straight to Alice!!

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