Chapter 749 – 750: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 749: Spark

The next day, Kris Chen got up, and Demon Kris, Buddha Kris, and North Kris had come out of him.

“Please.” Kris said with a smile.

“Why say thank you to yourself!”

Demon Kris waved his hand, “After the creation of this Spark, you’re going to hide behind the Closing Door again, I’ll be the leader sooner or later.”

“He’s right, but I want more believers, how much Faith Power can be provided by the believers of the Detachment Stage!”

“You two, is it fun to rob yourselves?” North Kris said.

“Okay, let’s go, try to fool around some more, we don’t have much time, we need more resources!” Kris said.

“Then let’s go!”

The three people simply disappeared.

Kris smiled, the personality of his incarnations were more and more distinct.

Actually he did it on purpose, if there was no personality, he would be his own slave.

And, only he knew himself best!

Kris was used to being indifferent to other things, and this was the only way to be able to cultivate in peace and quiet.

From now on, he no longer had to go to the stove room, he just needed to concentrate on his cultivation.

Yuan Kris was projecting, and Kris cultivated the Magic Energy to wash his flesh over and over again.

Once the whole body cells broke through the Transcendence of Later period, his strength would also increase substantially.

“The energy provided by the Zhongmiao Door is too sufficient, if I collect resources, I don’t know how much it will take and how long it will take to complete the cleansing once, and I don’t know what is hidden behind it and why the energy is endless!”

Although he was vaguely worried, but to stop cultivation because of that unknown danger, would not that be too great a loss?

Kris wouldn’t do such a stupid thing.

“Yuan Kris should be able to complete the deduction in three months, after four years, the whole body cells can be upgraded to the Later period. At that time, I don’t know what stage the strength will rise to. Taoist King’s Later period? Or Fulfilled period?”

“The ascension of sun soul and the universe can’t be left behind. Only when the three improve together, the power that bursts out is strong.”

At the same time, in the washing room!

Hundreds of C-level newcomers were doing laundry there.

The clothes were piled there like mountains, and the end was nowhere in sight, and everyone was desperate.

No one had expected that after breaking through the detachment, they would come to wash clothes.

Hundreds of millions of clothes were piled up here. They were not allowed to use magic. Otherwise, they would be beaten and scolded, and even killed!

It’s not that no one had resisted, but they were all in vain. After the resistance, there were only a few more skeletons in the backyard!

They woke up early and slept late, and barely ate three meals a day.

At the beginning, the resources they had were able to support them, but after a long time, they were unable to pay the debt.

They dragged their bodies like old men, their eyes were bleak and hopeless, and they were not even allowed to disembark. They said that anyone who dared to disembark would be killed!

If they had known this before, they wouldn’t come here, wouldn’t it be good to be the king in the Cave World?

Demon Kris touched his chin. He thought it was miserable enough to pick up the dung and sweep the floor in the stove room. And now in washing room, it even couldn’t be described as miserable.

The people here were even more humble than slaves. They wash endless clothes every day and eat meals with rare spiritual energy. They were like old people who were dying.

“Start from here!”

Demon Kris used the Ever-changing Technique and directly mixed in, “Haha, wait for me to save you lost lambs!”


On the other side, weaving room!

There were hundreds of thousands of female nuns here, weaving clothes day and night.

And after inquiring into it, in addition to supplying Lanting Immortal Boat here, it also supplied Lanting Immortal Palace when the boat stopped, there was a complete chain of interests.

The profit was not small, it was said to be the industry of Immortal Boat managers.

It was impossible for those who entered here to go out, they won’t go out in this life.

Yang Buddha smiled, “This is a good place, these female donors should be saved by me!”

“However, it is still quite difficult to get in. There are still two Taoist Kings guarding this place, so wait outside.”

Don’t make troubles and get in touch secretly!

The place where North Kris came was more disgusting, decontamination room!

It’s worse than the washing room, and people here were accompanied with muddy stains every day!

There were billions of people living here, and it was inevitable for rubbish or something. In fact, rubbish was okay, the real disgusting thing was stool.

Naturally, no one wanted to take this kind of errand, so once someone was sentenced to come here, they couldn’t go out.

“Shit, I seem to come to the wrong place.”

North Kris touched his nose, “Never mind, stay in this kind of place can resonate with them.”

After thinking about it, North Kris just mixed in, no, he just walked in.

On this day, the three gained a lot, and they directly absorbed hundreds of members!

Everything was difficult at the beginning, as long as you started, you could quickly deal with it.

On this day, the stove room had completed the booklet, and eight major cadres began to select core members to focus on training.

Three days later, Demon Kris, Yang Buddha, North Kris and others had absorbed more than 5,000 members!

Among these people, they chose some talents to expand to the outside world with the people in the stove.

Because everyone did it secretly and confidentially, in two months, there had been more than three million members!

Although it was a small number compared to billions and tens of billions, these are all Sparks and seeds!

Once planted, they would take root sooner or later!

The deputy leader and cadres in Spark laughed from ear to ear!

No one had expected that they would accomplish such a big thing unconsciously.

And they penetrated into the ground.

It was hundreds of times more dangerous and difficult than here!

Under this huge Immortal Boat, there were still billions of people living, that was, these billions of people were driving the operation of the Boat.

Countless gears were running, and every C-level newcomer was assigned here, living in dark days, doing repetitive things every day, eating hard-to-swallow meals.

There was no hope, no future, and life was gloomy.

It was impossible to escape.

No one could escape from here that guarded by hundreds of kings,.

To pinch them to death was as simple as pinching an ant.

They thought they would spend their entire lives here, die or be killed.

But one day, they saw a beam of light shining in, and one person stretched out his hand and told them that as long as they joined them, they could escape from here.

They stretched out their hands without hesitation, and then they got the sweet and delicious food that they hadn’t eaten for decades, even hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands of years.

The feeling of replenishing the body with energy was really moving.

“Remember, we are called Spark, you are all Spark, one day, we will completely burn this boat.”

That voice came quickly and went quickly, but each of them clearly remembered the rules, those purposes, and the materials that would be enough for them to live for a while.

They work harder, because there was hope in life, they had a common goal, and they knew that someone would lead them to break through the shackles!

The infiltration was still going on, from the middle core to the bottom layer, this was the place in contact with the outside world, and the ingredients in the stove room were delivered from here.

This was also the place with the most abundant benefits.

However, only a few people could benefit from it, while millions of C-level newcomers were doing the hardest work here like slaves, some people even didn’t have enough to eat, and they had to act as bait to seduce all kinds of exotics beasts.

What was transcendence, this was their transcendence!

Compared to them, Kris felt that he was quite lucky, at least not being assigned here.

The stove room was like heaven!

There were a lot of resources here. Kris quietly put the Hybrid Spirit Cauldron here, continuously absorbed a large amount of Chaos Energy and refined the Chaos Essence.

These may be nothing to him, but for the other members, it’s a great asset.

Except for cultivation, at least it could guarantee their mana consumption.

He thought the people at the bottom were the easiest to fall into, but in fact, this was the most difficult part.

A large number of people died every day, and a large number of people came in.

Everyone was shrouded in death, and some people had tolerated to the limit and went crazy directly.

Those who stood out from the Cave World were the heroes of the world. They fought against people and the God, and finally soared.

But now, they just became baits!

It’s so ridiculous.

And the Spark people took a lot of effort to infiltrate here.

A year later, the members of Spark had spread throughout Immortal Boat with more than 100 million members!

Massive resources were coming, all of them were the best and top treasures in the Cave World.

Kris also successfully practiced Normalization, sun soul, and mana, and he improved himself once again!

The physical body also improved a little.

His sun soul was in Later period, mana in Later period, only one-third of the cells of the physical body had ascended to the Later period!

With a huge supply of resources, Kris became generous, but he didn’t forget his followers and wanted to satisfy everyone as much as possible.

Members’ lives are getting better and better!

Especially Qian Run and other cadres, who never think of it before.

Ma Liu also had a comfortable life.

On this day, Kris issued an order to temporarily stop enrolling members, to settle first, and then all members would further study the Goal, and then investigated from top to bottom!

Regardless of the fact that there were a lot of people in Spark nowadays, it was still a loose group. If they wanted to fully utilize it, they needed to work hard!

Hearing what Kris said, everyone went to work.

The power that Kris could mobilize now was huge, even in the Lanting Immortal Palace, it could also be a great one!

There were still more than eight years left, he was thinking that was it possible to break through the Taoist King on this boat!

If he could break through Taoist King, maybe Taoist Emperor wouldn’t be invincible.

He had completed the background of the Normalization Stage, and now he could proceed to the Detachment Stage.

With Qingdi Creation Technique as the main body, other transcendent classics could be turned into nourishment, and then turned into this own heritage.

“It looks like I have to go to the Scripture Pavilion.”

Kris walked out of the Time Barrier, and this time Closing Door took longer than he thought.

When he came to the Scripture Pavilion on the mast, he saw the same registrar as last time. Kris smiled, he didn’t say anything about the last time.

But this time he didn’t need to be promoted like this, because this person was also one of the members of the Spark.

“You… dare to come over!”

The man recognized the person in front of him and was about to yell, and he heard him say: “A single spark can start a prairie fire!”

“What, you are…”

His eyes widened with surprise!

Chapter 750: The Deal

“That’s right, I’m also a Star member and the senior rank!”

Kris smiled and took out another identity card, which proved that he was a senior member.

“Oh! It’s my honor…..”

“Keep quiet. I’ll get in after the registration.”


That registrar didn’t expect Kris to be a senior Star member, he had been waited for thousands of years, now he had a sense of belonging.

“Can I get to the fourth level?”

“There is a restriction on the fourth level, only those have a special card can enter.”

Kris nodded, “Thanks!”

“You’re welcome!”

After entering the Scripture Pavilion, Kris found it a powerful place, thus he walked to the corner and called out Demon Kris, “Go and see if the Break Boundaries can cross the restriction. “

Demon Kris nodded, although Kris was a Battle Formation master, the formation was a huge process and he might attract others’ attention easily.

After operating his magic power, Demon Kris easily entered the fourth level! Then he said, “There are hundreds of billions of books here, all of them are from the early stage of transcendence.”

“Just collect them all.” Kris said.

Although he could share his vision, he didn’t do that, he just took a book and started reading.

The more he read, the more he learned.

Half an hour later, Demon Kris found a secret corner and ran Break Boundaries to reach the fifth level.

The fifth layer had less people and only forty or fifty billion books about the ways f middle period were placed there.

Besides, the barriers there were more powerful. Then he read all these books.

Then Demon Kris went to the sixth layer where book were all about the Late Period of Transcendence, the number was only 20 billion.

The seventh layer was the Fulfilled period almost reached the Half Realm. Only 7 billion books were placed there, they had reached the highest level.

It was already more than two hours later when they came out of the Scripture Pavilion.


“Well, remember to open the door if others come.”

“Copy that.” The registrar nodded his head repeatedly.

Then Kris left with nearly two hundred billion copies of the Detachment Stage books.

It must took Yuan Kris thousands of epochs to thoroughly deduce the gap between the early period stage to Half Tao. That was two years in the outside world. He must laid a solid foundation at that time and break the Late Period of Detachment Stage, it was time to find Ziping Meng.

The Lanting Immortal Boat traveled through the vast and endless void, it carried some passengers from time to time and then vanished again.

Two years later, Kris opened his eyes, Yuan Kris had deduced all the books, which meant that he had a solid foundation now. However, he felt it was not the end and he could continue deducing.

“If we run the Heaven Replenishment Technique now, we can increase our strength by one or two percent, but it will be difficult to make up for the foundation afterwards.”

Kris knew the trade-offs, although the strength was important, the foundation was of higher priority.

In the Late Period of sun soul, each universe had contained more than two trillion stars and the seven Main Universe was also expanding rapidly wit sixty trillion cells all promoted beyond the Late Period.

It should not be a big problem to fight against the Late Period of Taoist King.

The Star members of the Immortal Boat were about 100 million, and with mutual solidarity. After the cooperation, they had gradually became powerful and got rid those former suffer.

“It’s time to find Ziping .”

Kris walked out of the room and gathered all the cadres including Run Qian. There were altogether thousands of cadres here, but the most important ones were those he trusted most and came here early.

“We have a chance now, Captain Qian, send the invitations to Zipian.”

“Copy that.”

Although Run was the deputy leader, he knew who was the highest officer of the payroll.

That was why he acted so respectfully.

The resources he obtained in these three years were more than he gained in his first 300,000 years.

At this rate, after he got off the ship, he would be able to join the Exterior Group and became one of them.

However, after learned from Kris and his incarnations, those Exterior members meant nothing to him.

They wanted to establish a huge power by themselves, although it was difficult, the prospect was vast.

Who didn’t want to be a master himself?

Liu Ma had also improved fast these years, with the help of sun soul, he had entered the early stage of transcendence.

It was not easy.

In fact there was a second chance after the rating, those who had washed their brands and entered the Taoist Path within a hundred years could become a disciple. If one couldn’t reach such standard, then he could only be the dogsbody.

The Immortal Palace was the place for talents.

“Leader, do you think Ziping will come?”

Kris thought about it and said, “He should come, after all, we are a group now.”

“I heard that he starts practicing Taoist magic art alone, I’m afraid that Run can’t enter.”

Liu rubbed his chin and said, “In fact, we are strong now, there’s no need for us to worry.”

“I think he is right!”

Hanming Wu said, “We have 100 million members, nobody dares to look down at us.”

“That’s right, we don’t need to ally with Ziping .” Yi Zhao said.

“You are all at the early stage of transcendence, the Taoist Master can kill thousands of you in a second. What about the Taoist King? Even his breath can be the weapon.”

Then Kris continued, “According to the information we found, Chun Ji’s father the Master of the Exterior Group, which is very powerful. Besides, Yan Xiong’s father is an Internal Elders, do you think we can fight against them?”

Hearing this, people all kept silent.

Ziping was the elder senior of Shaohua Palace, although his father was not that famous, he was also very powerful.

They didn’t dare to offend him due to this.

“Not only that, we also lure Ziping ‘s senior brother, he told us that Ziping wants to defeat those ranks.”

Hearing this, Kris laughed, “That’s what he needs most.”

Then people all nodded their heads and echoed. Meanwhile they felt surprised, how could Kris lure the inner disciple of Shaohua Palace.

Not long after, Run came back with Ziping followed him.

Ziping acted calm and no one knew his thoughts.

“Why do you ask me here?”

Kris stood up and said, “Sit down, Mr. Meng.” Then he pointed at a seat. However, Ziping refused and said, “It’s your seat, I can sit there.”

While saying, he looked at Kris and found that he was even more powerful than before. Ziping didn’t know Kris’s intention.

“Mr. Meng, this is specially prepared for you.”

Kris smiled and continued, “I want to deal some businesses with you.”

“Oh? Business? What kind of business?”

“Since we are talking about business, we have to sit down and have a discussion, right?”

After thinking for a while, Ziping sat down and said, “Just tell me now.”

“Well, you have to promise that you’ll keep it a secret.”

Kris picked up his cup and took a sip.

Hearing this, Ziping frowned slightly, what kind of business it was?

“I think it must be a big business, I’m not good at it, you’d better find others.”

Kris put down his teacup and said, “Only you can do that, don’t be modest.”

“So you want to force me?”

“Don’t say that!”

Kris said with a smile, “But I’m afraid that you need stay here for a few years.”

Hearing this, Ziping felt calm and said, “I’m afraid that Senior Sister Zuo will seek help from the owner of the boat if I can’t go back.”

“Mr. Meng, this business can only bring benefits for you. You can get closer to the Rank.”

“What did you say? How do you know that I want to break the Rank?”

Ziping suddenly became anxious.

“It’s just my speculation!”

Kris narrowed his eyes, “Chengyun Meng, who ranks eight hundred and sixty, is your father, right? What a wonderful story if both you and your father enter the rank at the same time? Then it will be easier for you to handle Shaohua Palace.”

“Who told you that?” Ziping stared at Kris.

“You don’t need to know that, we can help you to achieve your goal.”

Ziping looked depressed, he looked around and found that there were boundaries around, if he insisted to break it, then he would be arrested.

Since Kris called him over, he must have ways to keep him.

“I swear I’ll keep it a secret!”


The vow was made.


Kris said, “We have set up an organization with about one billion members and we want you to be our leader.”

Hearing this, Ziping was stunned, “What did you say? One billion members?”

“That’s right!”

Kris laughed and directly exaggerated the numbers, hearing this, people around all felt strange, but they didn’t dare to laugh in front of Kris.

“You need us, right?”

“As long as you accept us, we’ll try to collect resources ourselves, we won’t be your burden.”

Ziping said nothing, his face was full of surprise.

“You want me to be the middleman and seek help from Chun and Yan?”

“You are really smart.” Then Kris looked at Liu and said, “Now you should be convinced.”

“Of course, Mr. Meng is indeed very smart.” Liu said with a smile.

“But you are wrong, it’s a business, we are equal.” Then Kris continued, “We help you to reach the rank and you need to protect us, it’s the deal.”

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