Chuck Cannon still doesn’t know the situation of Alice and Emily.

After he and his mother came back from the technology company, Chuck Cannon went to his casino!

He also personally confirmed that the casino was okay, and Chuck Cannon felt relieved.

Du Peixin has been arranging for strict guards, and there was no problem!

But Chuck Cannon knew that once something went wrong, this new casino would be over!!

He told Du Peixin directly, and Du Peixin solemnly said that if there would be a problem, she will be responsible!!

Chuck Cannon doesn’t need her to be like this, for him she just needs to be careful!

Simply explained to Du Peixin!

Chuck Cannon came back from his casino, Logan & Yvette Jordan, both of them also came back to discuss together!

During this process, Chuck Cannon was absent-minded. Why?

If Brayden Stewart’s ability to control Stewart is too strong, whether he should listen to his father and ask Heidi Hudson for help?

Chuck Cannon didn’t know what he thought, but he knew that Chuck Cannon didn’t want his mother, Yvette Jordan, and Logan to have an accident.

At that point, Chuck Cannon wouldn’t hesitate.

Karen Lee suddenly received a call, and she was shocked, “Chuck, your partner, something happened to Alice.”

Chuck Cannon stood up suddenly!


Something happened to Alice?

Was Brayden Stewart?

Chuck Cannon’s eyes were cold, and he became angry all of a sudden, Brayden Stewart, how dare you do this?

Transferred your anger to Alice?

“Mom, I know, I’ll go out for a while.” Chuck Cannon said coldly.

Karen Lee was surprised more, Chuck Cannon’s eyes were terrifying, how could Alice also make Chuck Cannon look like this?

“Wait!” Logan, Yvette Jordan, and Karen Lee all called Chuck Cannon at the same time!

“Since we have reached this point, there is nothing to say, Chuck, Brayden Stewart would also be there controlling Alice, then you should go to see her, and I, Logan, Yvette Jordan can go to his home!” Karen Lee felt that it was impossible. She must drag on.

It should be a blow to Brayden Stewart!

“I, I want to be with Chuck Cannon,” Yvette Jordan said hurriedly.

How can she rest assured?

If Chuck Cannon went to see Brayden Stewart alone, so how dangerous can it be?

“Yvette Jordan, Alice’s side, should call me immediately and let Chuck go alone!” Karen Lee shook her head.

Logan was worried, but Karen Lee’s words still made sense.

Chuck Cannon would drag Brayden Stewart and they would directly go to Stewart, and it would be good way to control it.

Control Stewart, then Brayden Stewart will definitely panic!

Chuck Cannon will also be much safer. This is the best method now.

“But, but…”

Yvette Jordan couldn’t take over, and she had to listen to Karen Lee’s words!

“Husband, you have to be careful!” Yvette Jordan couldn’t control her emotions.

This time, it was the hidden family!

“En.” Chuck Cannon asked his mother about the address, the mother said, Chuck Cannon remembered and went out.

Karen Lee, Logan, and Yvette Jordan did not speak, but Chuck Cannon left and silenced them.

“Yvette Jordan, you go and prepare! You can guard here.” Karen Lee began to assign tasks.

Both she and Logan are good at personal night attacks!

The two of them are going to Stewart directly!!

“I don’t want it, I want to go too!!” Yvette Jordan denied!

Karen Lee was stunned, Yvette Jordan lowered her head, and her voice was much lower without confidence, “I don’t want to, I want to go too, don’t underestimate me, I will surpass you one day!”

“Okay! Go and prepare!” Karen Lee agreed.

Yvette Jordan ran out to prepare.

Logan kept looking outside, her heart followed Chuck Cannon.

“Don’t worry, Chuck’s ability is better than Brayden Stewart, so don’t worry,” Karen Lee said.

Regarding Chuck Cannon, she can rest assured!

She didn’t meet this situation, she did, and survived, even if it was a particularly big improvement, Chuck Cannon needed this too!

No one can help him, all the growth, he still needs to do it himself!

“Oh!!” Logan sighed.

What’s the use of worrying?

“By the way, putting on the body armour, I think there may be an accident this time.” Karen Lee said.

Her sixth sense tells her that something will happen suddenly!

What it is, she hasn’t determined yet, but definitely, there is!

After so many years, Karen Lee can live to the present, she firmly believes in the sixth sense!!

Logan was surprised, “What do you feel?!”

Logan believed Karen Lee 100%.

“I just feel that an accident has happened, so be careful,”

Karen Lee thought about it, so he could only say so.

“En.” Logan didn’t feel this way just now, but suddenly Karen Lee mentioned it, and she also felt that way!

What kind of accident would it be?

Let’s prepare!!

When the three came out, Karen Lee took the lead and flew to Stewart by plane, but Betty Bernard didn’t go. All of Karen Lee’s industries were under surveillance. As long as there is a problem, Betty Bernard will solve it immediately!

Chuck Cannon drove out of the house and went straight to the subject to where his mother said!

He had already prepared everything, but after leaving home, Chuck Cannon stopped suddenly without knowing why!

There was a pimple in his heart, and he felt that something unexpected will happen, what’s going on?

Chuck Cannon didn’t think much about what it might be? Is it his own thoughts?

Drive there!

Halfway through Chuck Cannon received a call from the boss behind the scenes, saying that something was going on!

Chuck Cannon didn’t want to go, but on the way, Chuck Cannon went.

Last time, didn’t the boss behind the scenes say that she arranged a spy in three secret families?

But what clues can she give him?

It will also make Chuck Cannon more confident in the face of Brayden Stewart.

“Little lover, where are you going?” When they reached the place, the boss behind the scenes was astonished. Chuck Cannon’s expression was serious. She knew where Chuck Cannon was going.

Too dangerous!

Chuck Cannon didn’t say much. The boss behind the scenes was anxious, and she didn’t care about anything and took out the last three small bombs on her to Chuck Cannon.

In fact, Chuck Cannon still has a few in his hands.

“You can keep it for yourself,”

Chuck Cannon didn’t want it. The so-called adversity sees the true feelings. Now that there is no adversity, Chuck Cannon has seen her true feelings.

“No, you take it, you are my little lover, I don’t allow you to die, you know?” The boss behind the scenes was red.

How to say, to Chuck Cannon, she feels very much.

Chuck Cannon couldn’t refuse, so he took one and let her keep two.

The boss behind the scenes shook her head. Chuck Cannon said, “Elder, don’t talk about it, you have to live too!”

The boss behind the scenes put it away, and she said, “I received a secret message that something happened to Stewart.”

“What?” Chuck Cannon was startled in amazement.

“Yes, my person told me that a secret warehouse in Stewart was taken away. Brayden Stewart still doesn’t know about this.”

“Who took it?” Chuck Cannon didn’t expect that the boss behind the scenes would tell him about this. Could it be that this incident was his sixth sense, the reason for the accident?

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