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Chapter 75 – 76: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 75: Venus and Xinyou, over(1)


Sighing lightly, Venus Mu put down her pen and subconsciously looked at Xinyou Qiao. She then looked stiff and stopped looking at her.

Xinyou didn’t notice her, whose entire mind was on the works of the others.

At this time, all of Zijie Li’ s men were finished displaying, whose strength couldn’t be underestimated. Venus was a little nervous.

Because of what happened just now, she had to fight back to gain honor for Meiling He by her design.

“Xinyou, you go first.” Meiling said.

Xinyou raised a bright smile, walking up to the stage. She then placed her work on the projector, which immediately attracted the crowd.

“Hello everyone, my name is Xinyou Qiao. My work this time is about lace, because I always like girl’s elements, showing more of the girl’s thoughtful and soft qualities… “Xinyou was full of confidence and her voice mixed with her unique brightness.

Venus clutched her hands, staring at her with doubt, as helpless as one who had lost her soul, and there was a voice in her mind that kept reminding her not to trust her anymore!

But she wanted an explanation.

Xinyou slowly returned to her seat amidst the applause, never looking at her the entire time.

Only then did Venus sadly realize that there was never a place for her in Xinyou’ s heart and it was all wishful thinking.

“Venus, it’s your turn.” Meiling called her.

Venus quickly adjusted herself and then stood up and walked to the projector. When she pulled out the torn-in-half design draft from the paper bag, people began to whisper.

“What? How dare she bring a scrap design?”

“Maybe she just wants to be different? I think it’s because she couldn’t design anything!”

“I think so. After all, she’s not like us. She’s Mr. Ye’ s wife.”

“Shh…keep your voice down. Don’t let Mr. Ye hear this.”

“Didn’t you see how Mr. Ye treated her just now? Perhaps that rumor is not wrong. Poor Mr. Ye!”

Venus was upset as she heard the discussion and she looked at Xinyou, hoping to tell herself it was not done by her, but she saw Xinyou was laughing at her.

“Xinyou, have I misjudged you?”

Venus withdrew her gaze and tried to ignore the pain she felt inside as she reached out and placed half of the drawing on the instrument, forcing herself to cheer up and said with self-depreciation, “First of all, I want to thank someone. If she hadn’t torn up my design, I might not have gained new inspiration.”

Xinyou shuddered, wondering if it was an illusion. She felt that what she said was actually targeting at her.

Was she sensing something?

Venus paused for a moment and continued, “The name of my collection is ‘floating’. The cloth is made of a double layer of light and soft gauze, which meets modern requirements for comfort. The inside gauze can be pink, green or yellow, while the outside is white. With the light and breathable nature of the gauze, it adds a sense of mystery.”

Venus picked up the other half of the paper and placed it underneath that half, saying, “Originally my design was a long swaying dress, but this accident changed my mind, so I thought of a long dress, which looks better, but there is a big problem—inconvenience.”

“I gave up the cake tower design concept for the hem and replaced it with a lotus leaf cut, which not only adds dimension but makes it look lighter and more stylish.” Venus said in a steady tone.

“How did you design the waist of the torn piece?” A puzzled voice came.

Venus smiled and she calmly said, “I plan to use tassels to cover the exposed waist. We can use the white silver threads plus beads to create a sense of seduction.”

Hearing her perfect answer, the man just shut up.

Perhaps his question broke the tense atmosphere and there were more and more questions coming.

Venus calmly said, “Please speak one at a time.”

Chapter 75: Venus and Xinyou, over (2)

Then a young woman pointed at the pattern on the clothes and her voice was cold and arrogant, “I don’t think your pattern is brilliant. The lilies don’t have any highlights. May I don’t know the reason of using this?”

Venus Mu didn’t look embarrassed and said in a calm tone, “The lily is pure and fresh, also noble and elegant. In my opinion, lily is the most suitable flower.”

This time, another woman began to ask. Her voice was soft and gentle, “I think the flower is fine, but after the work has been torn off, there only left the lily pattern and a flower stem below. It feels weird.”

Venus also found this problem. After pondering for a second, she took out of a pen from her pocket and slowly came to the instrument, covering it with her hands to make some changes.

The large room was silent and everyone focused on the screen. And with the time going by, the place where the pen touched was underneath the lily, gradually showing the outline of a hand.

People frowned, speculating about her thoughts.

When the nib left, there was indeed a well-defined hand on the screen, with fingers facing upwards, curving.

It was then that the nib moved to the stem of the flower, still ending up as a slender hand, with the back of the hand up and the thumb and forefinger holding the stem.

When she finished, Venus looked straight ahead and said softly, “I believe everyone can tell that the hand curving is a man’s hand, and the hand holding the stem is a woman’s hand. The lily represents ‘forever love’. I hope my design is not only beautiful clothes, but a precious gift, given by a man to the woman he loves.”

What Venus had said caused a round of applause, mixed with people’s discussion.

“I never thought that her works could be so creative. I always thought her coming into the company depends all on Mr. Ye!”

“I like her idea. If my boyfriend gives me a gift like that, I will be happier than receiving those luxuries. She’s right, money cannot show one’s love!”

“Her thoughts are brilliant…”

Venus didn’t want to care those people and went straight back to her seat, feeling relieved that she had done her best, regardless of the final result.

Then Meiling He’s group kept displaying their work. Venus listened carefully, while taking good notes. Until the last person finished, she had written down three whole pages.

‘There must be one out of three who can be your teacher’ was Venus’s motto.

Kerry glanced at the room and said, “The works have been all displayed and the proposal will finally be discussed and decided by the board. That’s it!”

He was the first to stand up, looking at Hao Nangong who was leaning against the door for a long time and said, “Let’s go.”

Hao nodded and looked back at Venus again, and suddenly he saw her turn around, and eye to eye, Hao smiled and waved goodbye.

Venus nodded and suddenly Xinyou’ s voice came to her, “Venus, your performance just now was great… I was worrying for you… I’m glad you did it!”

Venus wasn’t as happy as usual and she also didn’t comfort her. She only looked numb and cold when she learned that it was Xinyou who ruined her design.

“Xinyou, come out with me for a moment.” Venus looked full of seriousness and said faintly.

Seeing she was like this, Xinyou realized that she had known everything. It’s good. She could make it clear now. Then she would be done with Venus.

Arriving at the entrance of Yehuang Mansion, Venus was seen from the distance to be extremely pale, as if she had been suddenly traumatized. Xinyou only at this moment determined that Venus indeed cherished her a lot.

Xinyou slowly walked up to her, smiling, and asked, “Venus, why do you look so pale? Do you need a doctor?”

Venus shook her head, trying to control her emotions. Her voice was empty, “Xinyou, please tell me the truth, do you truly see me as a friend?”

Xinyou saw she was so straightforward and knew that she must have suspected her of that. If it was before, she would act innocent to beg for her forgiveness, but right now, she was so tired that she didn’t want to act!

She wanted to stand across from her and justifiably get everything she wanted! She wanted to take Kerry from her and be the young lady of Ye family.

Xinyou crossed her arms, with a sneer, which was unfamiliar to Venus. Her tone was filled with disdain, “Love and friendship are cheap. In my eyes, they are nothing!”

Venus turned paler, as if she had lost all her blood, and with tremor, she murmured incredulously, “Xinyou…”

Chapter 75: Venus and Xinyou, over (3)

Before she could finish, Xinyou Qiao interrupted her, “Did you see me ruin your design?”

“No, but I noticed the paper bag closure was folded in reverse.” Venus closed his eyes in despair, trembling.

“Oh… I see.” Xinyou sneered. This was her habit and she had made this mistake many times in the past when she was in school, and then she had deliberately corrected it, but perhaps she was so nervous that she did it wrong again.

Xinyou took a deep breath and admitted, “It was me.”

Venus looked at her incredulously, still unable to accept it when she admitted.

Tears ran down and Venus looked in great pain. Her voice was trembling, “Why?”

Xinyou turned around, not wanting to look at her at the moment, and said in an icy voice, “Venus, I sometimes think you’re so stupid! We’re not even from the same world. I’m realistic and I never cared for that ridiculous friendship. I want to live a better life, better than most people!”

Venus shook her head, with tears keeping running down. Every word hurt her so much.

“You know what? How annoyed I got when you try to persuade me with all that preaching! Look at your own life, what a shitty life! How dare you offer advice to me?” Xinyou said, getting mor and more excited. Inwardly, she felt great. She finally said what she wanted to say.

Venus went blank and she felt like her chest was about to explode with pain!

“You are kind, but your miserable life is due to your kindness. How did you treat Zihang Lu before? You could even sacrifice for him, but what he did to you? Don’t think I don’t know that he fucked with your cousin!” Xinyou looked at her pained look and spoke even more vicious words.

“Stop!” Venus desperately covered her ears and yelled in despair, “Stop!”

Seeing she was like this, Xinyou stepped forward to pull down her hand, forcing her to look directly at herself and said indifferently, “Do you know why your life is so bad? Because you have no self-awareness and occupy something that do not belong to your!”

Venus froze, asking, “What do you mean?”

“Oh…” Xinyou laughed scornfully and said with cruelty, “What do you think makes you a good match for Kerry? How can you be the young lady of Ye family?”

Venus’s muscles tensed all over and her hands clenched together. She asked in grief, “Did you approach me for him?”

“Ever since you married him. And also, before, because you were so ordinary and I found that with you, people would look up to me, making me feel satisfied! It’s like…a flower needs a leaf to show its beauty.”

Xinyou’ s words were cruel, making Venus shivering, so it was her wishful thinking for all this time!

What a joke!

She couldn’t help but wonder how did she, the one who brought her hope, mock her ignorance when she was happy.

“Is that all?” Venus felt a headache and she seemed to lose all her strength. She tried to stay awake and asked weakly.

“That’s right. You’re just my tool.” Xinyou said this, with her hands instantly loosening.

After losing her restraints, Venus felt her body rapidly descended, eventually losing her consciousness.

Looking at Venus who fell to the ground, Xinyou hesitated foe a moment. She subconsciously wanted to reach out to help, but she finally slowly withdrew her hand. Looking condescendingly at her face, she said indifferently, “Venus, don’t blame me… I’m just pursuing what I want.”

After saying that, she turned around and left. When Xinyou had just walked away, an anxious male voice suddenly came, so she immediately turned back.

As soon as Hao Nangong walked out of Ye Huang, he noticed a familiar figure lying on the ground, and it was Venus!

Chapter 76: I like Venus (1)

“Why is Venus lying there?” Hao Nangong said to himself.

He didn’t have time to think about it and rushed forward to pull her up. Looking at her pale face, Hao Nangong gently patted her face and called out anxiously, “Venus, please wake up, are you okay?”

He shouted for a long time but she still didn’t respond at all. He was very worried. Then he picked her up and ran towards the underground garage quickly.

Looking at the scene just now, XinYou Qiao thought for a moment, and then her look became cold.


When Venus slowly opened her eyes, she found herself in an unfamiliar place. She tried to get up from the bed, but found that she was too weak and eventually fell back onto the bed heavily.

The noise on the bed attracted Hao’s attention. He quickly left the balcony and was very happy to find that she woke up. Then he walked toward her and said happily “Thanks god, you finally wake up.”

When she saw that the man was Hao, she looked surprised and asked, “Hao, where am I?”

“This is my home.” Hao smiled and his voice was soft, “I found you lying in front of the company, so I brought you back to see the doctor. The doctor said that you were overworked and needed some rest.”

Venus nodded slightly. She recalled the scene again just now. Her eyes were filled with tears and her heart was aching inside.

Seeing the tears falling down her face, Hao looked worried and was busy helping her wipe away the tears from the corners of her eyes, asking, “Venus, why are you crying? Were you bullied by someone? You tell me and I’ll hit him for you.”

Hao gently covered her face and said lovingly, “You’re very weak now. Don’t think too much.”

Venus nodded. When she noticed his movements suddenly, she was a little embarrassed. She turned her face away quickly, and said, “I see.”

Hao hid his inner loss, tried to smile and said gently, “You take a rest. I have some things to deal with.

“I have to take my time slowly, or I’ll scare her.”Hao thought.

“I have made too much trouble for you. I should go.” Venus struggled to get up and was about to get off the bed. Venus struggled to get up and was about to get off the bed, but she didn’t expect Hao to grab her hands suddenly. He looked complicated.

Venus froze. She felt familiar with his eyes but couldn’t remember where she had seen them before.

“Venus, please don’t be so cold to me.” said Hao.

Hao looked very complicated. She couldn’t read his expression. She only nodded gently.

Then Hao gently stroked down her dark hair gently. Looking at her confused look, he gently said, “Have a good sleep. Don’t think too much.”

Looking at his eyes, her restless mood was instantly relieved a lot. She felt her eyelids getting heavier and heavier, and finally slowly closed her eyes.

Looking at her beautiful face, Hao leaned down and kissed her forehead gently.

“Venus, I’ll give you a happy life.” He said softly.

In the office building, Xinyou Qiao brought her lunch to look for Kerry Ye. Now Kerry was concentrating on his work.

Looking at his handsome face, Xinyou was charmed. In her eyes, Kerry was handsome and rich and he had all the good qualities of a man. He was her prince charming. She wouldn’t let anyone stop her from getting him.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Kerry raised his head and saw Xinyou’s happy face and said lightly, “You’re here.”

Xinyou placed her lunch on the table and said gently, “Now, it’s time for lunch.”

The simple words made Kerry think too much. He felt as if he saw a smiling face when he came home at night, and then his wife said, “You’re finally back. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

“What are you thinking about?” Xinyou suddenly asked.

He suddenly lifted his head and was a little disappointed. The one that had just appeared in his mind was Venus Mu.

“Why did I miss her? She’s selfish and lascivious. How could she wait for me to come home like a wife?” Kerry thought.

Chapter 76: I like Venus Mu (2)

“Nothing. Let’s have lunch.” Kerry said quietly, then lowered his head and ate.

Looking at him quietly eating what she had bought, Xinyou Qiao felt satisfied. Her hand was holding the spoon, stirring the coffee.

She pretended to say casually, “Just now, I accidentally saw Venus fainted in front of the company.”

Kerry paused, and then said quietly, “I know.”

Xinyou was smug secretly, and continued, “I wanted to call someone to take her to the hospital, but I didn’t expect that she’d be carried away by Mr. Nangong.”

“What?” Kerry’s voice was much lower. He threw away his sandwich and then pulled out a paper towel to wipe his hands and said coldly, “You eat first. I need to go out for something.”

Looking at his hurried pace, Xinyou was very angry and threw away her spoon.

On the other side, Hao Nangong was lying on the sofa in the living room leisurely. He was bored watching the football game on TV, and he looked down at his watch every five minutes.

“Venus slept from noon until four in the afternoon, but she still doesn’t wake up.” Hao thought.

Hao at the moment was like a teenager in a first relationship eagerly waiting for his girlfriend to wake up.

He mocked himself, “Hao, you’re good at dealing with women. After meeting Venus, why don’t you know what to do?”

He stood up and was about to go upstairs to see her when he noticed a person walking slowly down the stairs. He greeted her with concern and asked, “Venus, you’re awake.”

Venus nodded. She was a little better. She looked at him gratefully and said, “Thank you, Hao.”

Hao scratched his hair and said gently, “You don’t have to thank me.”

“I think I should…….” Venus was interrupted before she finished her words.

“I had maid make black chicken soup, just for your health. You’re too skinny. You need to eat more.” Hao knew that she wanted to leave, so he interrupted her and looked at her expectantly.

He knew that she would have to return to the Ye family sooner or later, but he still wished that she could stay here with him longer.

Venus really didn’t know how to refuse him. She bit her lip lightly and finally agreed.

“Okay.” said Venus.

Hao was happily, turning his head sideways towards the kitchen and said to the maid, “Please bring out the food.”

At that moment, a middle-aged woman at the kitchen said respectfully, “Ok, Mr. Nangong.”

Hao took Venus’ hand and walked with her to the dining table, and then he sat next to her.

The food was quickly served. Hao was busying serving food for her, which made the maid was surprised, “When did Mr. Nangong learn to take care of women?” She just guessed what their relationship was.

Venus was affected by his enthusiasm and then she was no longer overly reserved. The two of them chatted happily during the meal. The atmosphere was comfy and cozy.


In the Ye villa, Kerry sat on the sofa with a cold look, tapping his fingertips on the table. The atmosphere becomes extremely depressing, making the bodyguards behind him nervous, praying for Henry Zhang to show up quickly.

With a ‘creak-‘ sound, the door was pushed open. Henry Zhang instantly appeared in the doorway, and these bodyguards finally let out a sigh of relief.

He stood in front of Kerry and said respectfully, “I’ve checked all the hospitals in the city, and there’s no record of Miss Mu’s registration.”

Kerry furrowed and he looked gloomy, clenching his hands tightly.

“Where the hell is she now?” He said angrily.

Suddenly, a thought came to his mind. He suddenly stood up, picked up the jacket on the sofa, and said with an indifferent tone, “Prepare the car and go to Hao Nangong’s house.”

At Hao’s villa, after they finished dinner, Venus and Hao sat on the sofa chatting. Venus looked up at her watch, thinking about how to tell Hao that it was time for her to go.

Just then, a middle-aged man walked up to them. He was butler Heng Du. He said respectfully, “Mr. Ye is outside the door.”

Both of them were startled.

Venus was a little nervous. She knew Kerry didn’t like her, so she was worried that he would blame Hao.

Now Venus thought Kerry would hurt the people who were good to her.

Hao’s face darkened. He clenched his fists tightly for a moment, eventually slowly unclenching them, and a crooked smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

“Show him in at once.” He said quietly.

Heng Du nodded, and then quickly walked away.

Chapter 76: I like Venus (3)

“Kerry Ye is coming to pick you up, so go back with him.” Hao Nangong said, trying his best to ignore his unwillingness to let Venus Mu go.

“OK.” Venus nodded.

A tall man came and it was indeed Kerry.

Instead of looking at Hao, Kerry directly focused on Venus. He looked stern and said indifferently, “Venus, how dare you? Do not seduce my friend!”

Venus turned pale, feeling no surprise that he would say so. He just wanted to tell the whole world how bitchy she was.

Hao, apparently, was annoyed by Kerry’s words and said in a loud voice, “Kerry, calm down! Vivian fainted in front of your company, so I brought her back. Don’t accuse her before knowing the truth!”

Feeling Hao was protecting her, Kerry was getting angrier. His tone grew colder, “Hao, I hope you don’t get into us.”

Hao looked stiff, for he realized that he shouldn’t get involved in, so he softened his tone quite a bit, “OK. You two, be nice to each other.”

Kerry went forward and viciously clamped down on her shoulders, hurting Venus, but he didn’t stop at all. What he said was as cruel as usual, “Venus, no matter what our relationship is, it’s a matter between you and me, but you take Hao in, which touched my bottom line!”

Venus gritted her teeth to endure. Her body was already weak, and now she felt even more dizzy and her lips kept trembling, “I… I didn’t…”

Kerry saw that something was wrong with her, but he took it as her guilty, looking even colder and said, “Bitch, do you want more? Let’s go home and I’ll let you get what you want.”

Kerry took her hand and was about to walk back, when suddenly a fist swept over.

Kerry couldn’t help but take a few steps back, feeling the pain on the left side of his face that was so hot. He stared at Hao, his tone gloomy, “Hao, what are you doing?”

Hao grabbed him by the collar and looked like he didn’t flinch, questioning, “Kerry, how can you insult her like this? How sad she must be to be treated like this by you!”

Venus looked stunned. He was the first man to give her warmth and make her move.

Kerry stiffened, looking at him with incredulity, and asked coldly, “Hao, when did you start sympathizing with women? Are you sure you want to break up with me for her?”

Without a hint of hesitation, Hao said, “Don’t hurt her!”

What happened next was out of Venus’s expectation. Kerry punched at Hao fiercely.

Hao suddenly slumped to the ground, but he immediately stretched out his leg to kick Kerry. Without any notice, Kerry’s back hit the wall and Hao got up to jump on him…

Venus looked anxious, but she didn’t know how to stop them, so she just stood there and shouted, “You guys stop! Please don’t!”

The two men just ignored her.

Venus didn’t know that they were not fighting, but competing.

Kerry couldn’t accept that his brother fought for that woman.

Hao was venting, for he couldn’t stand the fact that his best friend had married the woman he loved the most!

Their fight drew attracted Heng Du and Henry He and others.

The door was pushed open and a group of people all poured into the room, all stunned when they saw the situation in the room.

Why were they fighting?

Venus noticed Henry and shouted, “Don’t just stand there, quickly stop them!”

Henry and Heng Du didn’t dare to wait for a second and they went forward to forcefully separate the two young masters.

Kerry was being held by Henry, looking at the bruised and swollen Hao. His look was full of gloom and he asked coldly, “Why?”

Why did you fight with me for Venus?

Hao sneered fearlessly, staring at Kerry, who was in a mess, and said calmly, “Because I like her!”

As soon as he said so, the room quieted down.

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