Chapter 751 – 752: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 751: Reach the Agreement

One billion members were indeed a huge force. But he needed more. “Not enough, transcendental followers mean nothing to me, what I need are Taoist Masters and Taoist Kings.” Ziping said.

Kris had guessed this, “Run and I will also be your helper, it is enough now?”

Six Kings of the Great Tao.

Ziping narrowed his eyes, it seemed that Kris had already made a plan.

He tried to calculate his gains and losses.

Soon he had a decision, he originally wanted to kill Kris when he got out, but now he changed his mind.

It was easy for him to kill their group, since they wanted to work for him, it was a good idea.

Everyone wanted to have a aide like Kris.

“Fine, I agree, but you have to swear that you won’t betray me.”

Ziping was really shrewd, Kris sneered in his heart and said, “Well, since it’s a business, there should be a work spam, we can’t always be your helper.”

“How about this, let’s take a hundred years as the deadline! We help you ascend the rank, you protect us during this period, besides, we don’t need your resources.”

The war was set a hundred years later, Kris must knew this.

Ziping frowned and guessed, “Does he think that he can break the Taoist King within a hundred years?

A Taoist Master was not enough, only a Taoist King could survive.

A Taoist King was the mainstay of the Immortal Palace, it acted as the foundation.

The more Taoist Kings there were, the more people would achieve immortality in the future!

The more immortals meant that the stronger the Immortal Palace was, it was until then could they seize the opportunity and gain more benefits.

As for the Eternity, they were the supreme masters, even the owners of the palace should show respect towards them.

“Well, that’s the deal.”

Then Kris and Ziping high fived and made the oath.

“Mr. Meng, please guide us in the future.”

Kris arched his hand with a smile on his face, he treated Ziping so politely.

Then people all followed.

“Well, it’s my honor.”

People all knew it was just polite remarks.

“Chef Qian, please prepare some food, we’ll enjoy a big meal today.”

Run was stunned at first, then he quickly responded, “Copy that!”

Ziping nodded, it seemed that they were adaptable to the new environment.

Liu and others acted slowly and they felt a bit strange.

Kris only smiled and said nothing.

Soon, the food and wine were served, everyone enjoyed the meal, but he still kept cautious.

“These people can only be the helper, I can’t trust them, I’ll assign the dangerous tasks for them.” Ziping sneered.

He gained a lot this time, the gift for the master was prepared and both Chun and Yan had died, nobody could defeat him in Shaohua Palace now.

He could integrate all the resources in Shaohua Palace. Besides, he had collected one billion helpers and six Taoist kings, he was more confident about the war a hundred years later.

“He is really a shrew man! How dare him to say that to us? I’ll definitely give him a lesson in the future.”

“That’s right, how dare him to command Run?”

“Well, don’t say that, we need his help, you’d better break the Taoist King within a hundred years, then we don’t need to cooperate with him.” Kris said calmly.

“This is a test and also a retaliation.”

Run sneered, “If it weren’t for the Commander’s power, I’m afraid that he would even command Kris.”

“He is indeed a hypocrite!”

“You are right, he’ll definitely assign some dangerous tasks for us.”

Kris said, “So we have to improve ourselves within this hundred years.”

“Copy that!”


Kris stood up, ” I will practice Taoist magic art alone in the following years. Keep recruiting the members and take care of yourself.”

“Yes, commander!” People all knelt down.

Then Kris nodded and returned to the Time Barrier in a flash!

His sun soul could reach the Fulfilled period in the following years, so did his magic power and body.

Then it was time for him to break Half Taoist Master and Taoist King.

The universe within him contained countless living beings and Great Tao. He put more than 200 billion transcendental books into his inner world to further accelerate their growth.

With the Tao of Heaven formed by the Great Transcendental String Formation, Kris didn’t need to care about the direction.

In addition, Yuan Kris would supervise the process, as long as the power piled up, he could achieve it.

Time past quickly, seven years later, the sun soul, magic power and his body had all reached the Fulfilled period.

Every cell had created the great world, which contained infinite magical power.

It was more than ten times stronger than before.

Kris clenched his fist, these years Yuan Kris and other incarnations had also improved very fast, he could defeat a Taoist King of the early stage.

There were still about seven days left, after taking back Demon Kris and others, he withdrew the Time Barrier and walked out.



Run and the others all knelt down. Seven years had past, Kris looked more powerful.

“Get up!” Kris said, “Tell me about the condition of our group.”

Liu stepped forward, “Commander, we have a total of 330 million members currently, with the addition of 2,000 cadres, we can depend on ourselves now.”


Kris nodded his head, “What about Ziping?”

“He has been practicing alone these years.” Run replied.

“Gather all the cadres, we’ll get off seven days later!”

“Yes, Commander!”

Everyone was excited, they had waited for so long.

Although they could only serve as miscellaneous disciples, they were a group. There would always be someone who would protect them. Nobody dared to bully them.

They didn’t cause trouble, but they were also brave. Freedom and unity was their principle!

“Let’s ask Ziping out!”

“Yes, Commander!”

“Besides, just call my name and don’t say like that. We are equal.”

“Yes, Commander!”

A group of people followed Kris and attracted people’s attention.

“Why do they come out?”

“They look so arrogant.”

“So what, they are too weak.”

A disciple said.

At this moment, Kris suddenly turned around and looked at that disciple, then all the people all looked at him, “What did you say? Say it again.” Kris said indifferently.

The disciple was startled, “I… I…”

He felt nervous when observed by so many people.

He was also a newcomer and got a B rating for his sun soul had and body had reached the early stage and his magic power had reached the fulfilled period.

“What do you want to do? I am going to be a outer disciple in the future, I can accept you if you kneel down now.”

That disciple said nervously.


Kris said coldly, “Keep him alive and do want you want.”

After saying this, Kris pointed at him and he couldn’t move.

Then people rushed to beat him. All the standby felt surprised.

“We are not inferior to you, the only difference is the resource!”

Kris looked around disdainfully, “If you treat us like pigs and dogs, then you are wrong!”

“You are so arrogant! Aren’t you afraid of the law enforcement team?”

“Those who insult others should be insulted!”

Kris acted indifferent.

“Forgive me! I’m wrong.”

That disciple begged but nobody stopped. His body could recover quickly.

“What are you doing? Stop quickly!”

At this moment, the law enforcement team rushed over from afar.

“You’ll be punished!” Many people next to them shouted.

“Stop right now! Don’t you hear?”

The young captain of the law enforcement team shouted, since those miscellaneous disciples didn’t listen to him, he would just kill them.


His sword was destroyed by Run, “How dare you? We are Ziping’s helper, how can you do this to us?”

“We don’t know him!”

Hearing this, the captain was furious, “You are arrogant, I’ll definitely kill you today.”

As for him, those C-level disciples were weak and meant nothing.

Only female disciples could meet their demands. This was the reality.

“Well, just do it. You’ll be punished.”

Run smiled coldly and didn’t afraid at all.

After saying this, he fought with the captain.

Everyone was dumbfounded by this scene.

How dare them to fight with the captain of law enforcement?

Were they crazy?

“How dare you!”

The law enforcement captain yelled, “Run, since you are an old crew, don’t you know the result of offending us?”

After fighting for a while, he found that he couldn’t defeat Run.

It was impossible!

“I don’t care who you are, since you offend me now, I’ll kill you, and nobody can stop me.”

Chapter 752: Arriving at the Starting Point

“What, you dare to kill me?”

The enforcement captain instantly felt creepy, a terrifying killing aura emanated from Run Qian’s body, firmly locked him in place.

At that moment, he was sure that Run Qian really dared to kill him.

“What are you doing? Go, now!”

“Oh… Yes!”

Members of the law enforcement team rushed up, and they fought together.

The news of the fight between the stove room and the law enforcement team spread instantly, and drew in more members of the law enforcement team!

Then a great battle broke out, and the people in the city were aware of it.

In a dark room, a man opened his eyes suddenly, then the room became bright, “Who is making trouble in the Immortal Boat under my jurisdiction, I’ll kill him!”

A large face formed in the sky, and the whole crowd was firmly suppressed by a solemn aura, “Stop!”

After that, the people around fell to their knees.

The Detachment Stage was so overwhelming that even Run Qian was barely able to hold it, he was shaking and sweating.

Hundreds of millions of people had been pressed to the ground by this force.

Only one of these people was standing up straight, Kris Chen.

“Oh, you can even stand, are you provoking me?”

The voice was like rolling thunder exploded from the sky, and all people were filled with fears.

Kris was not afraid, but even wanted to have a try, “You are the Immortal Boat manager?”


The lips of the face opened and closed, “No one dares to make trouble on the Immortal Boat I manage, you’ll go to the hell!”

At this moment, a person hurriedly flew over, “Mr. Huang, wait a minute!”

It’s Ziping Meng!

“Oh, it’s Ziping, do you know this person?”

Ziping hurriedly handed over, “Mr. Huang, he is my subordinate, he is a newcomer, he is ignorant and offended you, please don’t be angry!”

“Hehe, that’s it!”

The voice of the face changed in an instant, “Since he is your subordinate, then forget about it, and we will be there in a few days. Discipline him well, don’t cause trouble again!”

“Thank you, Mr. Huang.”

After speaking, the face gradually dissipated, and the terrifying coercion on everyone was gone.

Everyone was scared, and the people on the law enforcement team were sweaty.

“Damn, these people turned out to be subordinates of noblemen, when did it happen?”

The leader of the law enforcement team complained secretly. He was only the most marginal outer disciple. He was sent to the Immortal Boat because he offended others. Maybe he would never have a chance to go back in his life.

Now, he offended another disciple of the inner sect, and the background of this person was not simple, even the manager was very kind to him.

You know, the Immortal Boat manager was also a figure of the Internal Elders level in the fairy palace.

While a small person like him could be killed by a blowing.

“Thank you!”

Kris arched his hands and said apologetically: “We were here to welcome you out, but we didn’t expect to cause you trouble.”

“It’s fine!”

Ziping smiled and looked at everyone, “Is everyone okay?”

“Thank you, Sir, we are all right!”


Ziping nodded, “Come with me.”

Kris nodded and took a group of people away.

Now, everyone knew that the people in the stove were Ziping’s men.

Liu Ma also secretly gave Kris a thumbs up, this was a good trick, he directly tested Ziping.

This was called eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

Kris was actually frightened, the men in Taoist Emperor Realm was really amazing, if he fought with him, he would definitely lose in a hundred moves.

He could fight against the powerful Taoist King, but the Taoist Emperor was too powerful, he needed to improve himself.

However, this time he not only tested Ziping, but also led to Taoist Emperor, which at least met his expectations.

Following Ziping to the place where the inner disciples lived, Kris knew what the gap was.

It’s totally different.

“Let them wait outside, Chef Ye, you guys come in.” Ziping said.

Kris winked and Liu Ma quickly ran out, “Brothers, wait here for a while. We’ll go in first. We will deliver Brother Meng’s words to everyone later.”

As soon as they walked in, they saw Linger Zuo and a few brothers.

“Sister Zuo, let me introduce to you. Chef Qian and several chefs will be our dedicated chefs in the future.”

Ziping had thought about it. If he said that they were his own people and went with him, it would obviously be impossible.

However, Master’s birthday would come in more than a year, he accepted a few chefs, that made sense and no one would doubt.

“Really? These chefs were really with you? Great!”

Linger was very happy. The dishes made by these chefs were not comparable to those

of the Immortal Palace.

They had a high cultivation, but they didn’t put much effort into cooking, and the dishes they made had nothing to do with delicacy.

Run Qian looked at each other and quickly understood what Ziping meant, “Yes. Miss Zuo, we will do whatever you want to eat in the future!”

“That’s great! I’m afraid that there will be a mistake in cooking for Master. Now that you are here, I will never be afraid anymore!” Linger said with a smile.

Ziping said: “Chef Qian will take the people from the stove room to disembark, and then settle down in the back mountain of Shaohua Palace. There is a large piece of land there, then brothers can go there to eat.”

“Great!” Linger said, sticking out his tongue.

Ziping smiled, “You, what a greedy girl!”

After speaking, he looked at Kris and others and said: “Okay, you go back to pack up, and get off the boat together in seven days.”


Run Qian and others bowed and left immediately.

They came quickly and left quickly.

On the way back, Run Qian said: “Leader, Ziping is not kind, he wants to trap us in the kitchen.”

Kris smiled, “If he can.”

“What’s more, that is our old line of business. The resources outside are more abundant than in the Cave World. He made a mistake with this idea.”

Kris said: “After we go out and stand firm, we can develop vigorously.”

“Yes, we all listen to leader.”

On this day, all Spark members received news that they would be gathered by Shaohua Palace.

But even a child knew that you cannot put all eggs in a basket.

So Kris decided that 50 million people would stay in Shaohua Palace, and the rest

would go to the other 107 palaces.

In this way, they could continue to expand their enrollment, which was conducive to the development of Spark.

However, in order to prevent Soul-searching and other magical powers, Yuan Kris had been studying a kind of prohibition recently, and finally found inspiration from Yang Buddha’s belief.

If someone searched for the soul forcibly, then the soul would automatically collapse.

Anyway, if someone were searched for the soul, he would become an idiot, so it’s

better to die.

In six days, the key disciples planted a restriction on everyone, Kris did not hide it, nor did he want to hide it.

Everything depended on the individual’s willingness. If they didn’t want to, they could erase any memories related to Spark, and didn’t have to follow them off the boat.

But over the years they had seen the cruelty of the Eternity, how could they stay.

Moreover, everyone had a high recognition of the Spark, no one thought that there was anything wrong.

Finally, seven days passed, Kris took Run Qian and others behind Ziping, and the others were mixed in the crowd.

There were more than 7 billion people in this group, and more than 6 billion people disembarked.

After a long period of void, the front suddenly became bright, and when they looked up, there were many Immortal Boats on it.

One, two, three… there were more than three hundred ships.

In other words, there were hundreds of billions of detached newcomers who would enter the Immortal Palace!

What a terrifying force this was, if in the Cave World, anyone of them could dominate the world.

But in the Eternity Domain, they were just ants, and they were not even qualified to be cannon fodder.

Each ship had a dedicated dock, and the huge stairs could accommodate millions of people.

“The starting point is here, open the gate!”

A loud voice sounded, the gate opened, and a brand new world appeared in front of everyone.

Infinite aura leaked from the floodgate.

The cabin door opened, countless disciples flew out, and covered the sky.

Kris frowned. Would they leave so easily?

Chun Ji and Yan Xiong were killed, wasn’t the people behind them aware of it?

Even without any soul lamp?

The more quiet, the more nervous Kris was.

At this moment, a person flew out from inside, wearing a blue robe with a long beard, “My nephew, please stay!”

With the sound, Kris’s heartbeat increased.

Ziping looked different slightly, “It turns out to be Uncle Ji!”

Heng Ji stepped forward, “Did you see Chun Ji?”


Ziping said, “We haven’t seen him for many years!”

“And Sister Xiong. They said they went to practice Taoist magic art, but I don’t know if they have already gone out.”


The blue veins on Heng Ji’s forehead raised: “Chun Ji’ s soul lamp has gone out, tell me what happened!”


Ziping was shocked, “Uncle Ji, what did you say, his soul lamp has gone out? How… how is this possible?”

Linger and others were also surprised, “Yeah, how is this possible? Brother Ji went back after learning the dishes and he said that he was going to practice Taoist magic art. How could it be possible that his soul lamp has gone out?”

“Learning dishes? What dishes?”

Heng Ji was confused, “What the hell is going on? Didn’t you say that you came to the

Cave World for practicing?”

“Uncle Ji, look, it will be our Master’s birthday next year. So we discussed it and felt that giving gifts was too vulgar, and Master might not like it. Then we took the opportunity of practicing to the Immortal Boat with Master Huang, and learned some cooking skills and prepared to cook for Master by ourselves!”

“Well, you are so filial!”

Heng Ji’s voice became more and more indifferent, “Where are the people in the stove, find them out, I will ask them what happened at that time.”

“Don’t be anxious, Uncle Ji, we just happened to have a few chefs from the stove room.”

Ziping turned and looked at Run Qian, “Chef Qian, tell Uncle Ji about what happened at that time.”

Run Qian said: “Yes!”

He took a step forward, “Master Ji, Brother Ji took Sister Xiong and the other brothers and left after learning the dishes. He said that he was inspired and studied new dishes. He must go out to catch the ingredients himself!”

“I suspect that Brother Ji and the others may have encountered danger in the Cave World…”

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