Chuck Cannon drove to the place his mother said. It was really secretive. No one said that there was no navigation from his mother’s company in the car, so they couldn’t find it here.

Chuck Cannon found a place to park. He was sure that he had enough equipment, and he sneaked into this place quietly.

It’s also inside a big cave, how can he say, there must be something else in it!

The guy Brayden Stewart love luxurious way of living, and it was decorated like a palace, Chuck Cannon believed.

Chuck Cannon was extremely vigilant!

He had taken out the dagger given by Alice a long time ago, and Chuck Cannon succeeded in entering according to all the attention his mother said.

Maybe this place is too secret, there are no people at the door.

Chuck Cannon used a signal to interfere with the monitoring in this cave so that others could not monitor him temporarily so that it was easy to get in.

This is still taught by his mother, try bailing, Chuck Cannon really came in so quickly!

Chuck Cannon came in, he couldn’t help himself, he must find Alice quickly, Emily!

Otherwise, Chuck Cannon could think of what that abnormal Brayden Stewart could do.

That hurt Alice, Emily, too much!!


Suddenly, Chuck Cannon heard a voice, this is Alice’s scream?

Chuck Cannon was so nervous, he rushed angrily!

When he encountered people, they are resolved at the fastest speed.

It’s finally close to the place where this sound was coming from, in a room!

The base of Brayden Stewart simply hollowed out a mountain. It was filled with high-tech rooms. When he came in, Chuck Cannon also saw the swimming pool, and there were even various beauties playing in the swimming pool.

This is the harem of Brayden Stewart, right?

Chuck Cannon secretly planted a bomb in one place and set a time so that he could be safe.

However, Chuck Cannon was surprised, why?

Alice’s voice was not from a direct place, and what room has she been kept. And more than that how will Chuck Cannon get in?



You can use two bombs together to blow up the door.

Chuck Cannon was ready to do this!!

“Huh! Who? You actually came here, you are so bold!” A person suddenly appeared.

With cold eyes, he knew he was a master at a glance!

The aura is particularly amazing!

Chuck Cannon frowned, and he understood that there are so few people in this place because there is a master here!!

One man is going to be a guard, the gates are open!

“You are the first person to be able to enter here! Tell me your name, I will not kill the unknown!” In the darkness, there was a burly man!

He stared at Chuck Cannon with cold eyes, like two sharp swords!

Yes, he is the strongest person here, guarding this place!

He just discovered that the monitoring was abnormal, and his instinct told him that someone had come in!

After searching, he found someone who came in here.

He was a little bit surprised.

Chuck Cannon can actually get here?

Chuck Cannon didn’t say a word, there is no time to delay, let’s make a quick decision!!

“Huh, don’t you? Take you to the Patriarch, you will say!” The man sneered and approached.

What he is good at is fighting. What does Chuck Cannon do first with a dagger?

Want to compare with yourself?

Looking for death!!

He clenched his fist, Chuck Cannon’s type of Huaxia people, only need a punch, you can hit him hard! Even beat him to death!

The man still needs to control his strength, because if he would beat Chuck Cannon to death with one punch, how can he explain to Brayden Stewart?

The body moved, and the man punched it out!

At this speed, most people have long been shocked.

Chuck Cannon was unmoved, he approached!

The fist style is scary, and Chuck Cannon’s dagger is not a vegetarian.

The two played against each other.

The man frowned, but he couldn’t solve Chuck Cannon with a punch?

Humph, then use the second punch!


Chuck Cannon didn’t even retreat, so he insisted?

It is good!

Destroy you!

The man sneered, but it was crashing, and Chuck Cannon avoided the punch.


Stabbed with the dagger!

The man sneered, and he reached out and grabbed Chuck Cannon’s wrist, “Just your strength, still thinking?!”

However, before he finished speaking, Chuck Cannon’s grasped hand shot a dagger, and it came to his face.

At this moment, if you don’t stop it, you will definitely die!

The man was annoyed, let go and open the dagger. Chuck Cannon seized the opportunity and touched him with a smooth flow!

The man was shocked, “Want to run? Give it to me!”

He chased him with his fist, but after Chuck Cannon stepped back a long way, the expression on his face became cold, “It’s a pity…”

“What a pity?” The man was annoyed, and he suddenly heard sounds, Ding, Ding, Ding…

Is this the sound of a countdown?

Especially subtle, he still heard it.

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter?”

The man looked down, and at this moment, his soul was frightened!

There was something the size of a glass ball in the place of his belt!

After he saw it for a second, he was astonished. What is this?

In the next second, he was afraid!

What does this guy do?

I still have to catch him seeing the Patriarch’s invitation, I can’t die!

“Ah, bomb!” The man didn’t say anything in fear, this little thing exploded!

Blew him up instantly!!

The entire cave shook violently, like an earthquake.

“I don’t have time to play with you. What a pity!” Chuck Cannon picked up the dagger on the ground. When he reached the door of a room, he took out two small bombs and pressed the explosion timer!

“What’s the matter? The explosion just now?” Brayden Stewart was annoyed, his place would explode?

“Patriarch, something might be wrong, in terms of wiring,” someone whispered.

This place is secretive. No one else will come over. Even if there is, it will be solved by the best bodyguard in this place.

So there is only the problem of wiring.

“That’s not going to be solved. Damn? Scaring to death!” Brayden Stewart exclaimed angrily!

The explosion sound just now was amazing!

Alice, who was about to commit suicide, stopped. Her blood-red beautiful eyes have been staring at the door, are you here?

She was nervous and worried!

“Oh, Alice, what are you looking at? Don’t you think someone will come to rescue you?” Brayden Stewart laughed haha.

This place, but his base camp, often brings a lot of women here, others do not know this place.

Who can come over?

“Don’t you think Chuck Cannon is here? Haha, don’t imagine, for Chuck Cannon it is impossible to come here, you haven’t called him yet, have you forgotten?” Brayden Stewart laughed.

However, it was just right to come, anyway, he wanted to let him come.

The security of this place will surprise everyone. He was absolutely safe here!

However, as soon as he finished speaking, suddenly, a violent explosion sounded again. The ground shook the mountain, the door was blown up, and among the dust, one walked in!

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