This person who came in, the standard Huaxia face, yes, Chuck Cannon who exploded the door with a bomb!!

The blood-red Alice was stunned, and she burst into tears for an instant.

Did he come here?

Alice couldn’t believe it, but he really appeared like this!!

This own second man appeared…

Alice felt like a dream, but this was the dream went real!!

The violent explosion made Brayden Stewart annoyed. In an instant, he saw the door burst and was blown open. After the dust was all over, he saw clearly that the person who came in, Chuck Cannon, it was actually Chuck Cannon!

In an instant, Brayden Stewart smiled grimly!

No matter how Chuck Cannon came here, why did he come here!

He was not interested in these at all.

The only thing he was interested in is that he was here!

Well done!!

Chuck Cannon glanced around. The room was very big, with Brayden Stewart and many bodyguards!

And…they tied and tortured Alice, and…for a moment, Chuck Cannon was surprised, Emily?

She is dead?

Chuck Cannon met Alice’s gaze, her gaze was sad, Chuck Cannon understood, and was angry!

What Brayden Stewart did just now, he had already thought about it, Alice was tortured with despair just now!!

“Oh, it’s not bad, did you come here alone?” Brayden Stewart smiled slightly, extremely ferocious!


Snap your fingers!

Brayden Stewart said, “You guys go and look at the door! See how many people are here””

“Yes, Patriarch!”

Ten people in the room left!


What switch Brayden Stewart pressed, people outside could see that this entrance was sealed by a heavy iron wall, and people outside could not enter!

Chuck Cannon walked in a step by step without being affected by Brayden Stewart’s bodyguard’s gaze!!

After a while, the person who had gone out came back.

“Go home, he is the only one here!”

“Did your mother Karen Lee abandoned you, or did she feel so relieved? Actually, let you come here alone?” Brayden Stewart laughed.

Even if Karen Lee came here, there was no problem!

Brayden Stewart was already the owner of the house. How does the security issue compare to him before?

“Don’t speak? I know what Karen Lee means, oh, is this a separate business, right? You come here, Karen Lee will go to my home? This really fits her character, she doesn’t like to engage in sneak attacks. Night attack? But what!! I knew it a long time ago, so I took a little bit of defence and designed a trap for Karen Lee. Of course, Chuck Cannon, you can rest assured that I will catch her alive, because, I still want to torture her well!!” Brayden Stewart laughed abnormally.

Yes, when he left, he had already designed a trap in Stewart, even if that Karen Lee was powerful, she would definitely not be able to escape the trap!!

Chuck Cannon was surprised, a trap? Isn’t the mother particularly in danger?

“Are you scared? Haha! You have done nothing wrong in your life. The only thing you did wrong is to offend me. I am the one you can’t afford to offend all your life!”

Brayden Stewart walked in front of Alice, and he smiled, “I just asked her to call you and asked her to beg you to come over. She was unwilling to force Emily, and she was unwilling, so I was going to torture Emily. At that time, she actually bit her tongue and committed suicide. What a pity! Emily’s figure, but the type I like!!”

Chuck Cannon understood. He suddenly felt sorry for Emily. She has a strong personality and will definitely not be insulted by Brayden Stewart.

So she chose to end her life!

But she is less than twenty years old!

What a young age, because of Brayden Stewart, she has no future!!

“Let’s talk about it, are you a little bit interesting to Alice, or why does she protect you like that?” Brayden Stewart laughed.

“How will you let her go!” Chuck Cannon approached without fear.

“Let her go? Of course, you can!” Brayden Stewart looks were ferocious!

“Chuck Cannon, hurry up, hurry up…” Alice was desperate. She has lost Emily, can she still lose Chuck Cannon?

She knew she couldn’t live anymore, so she wanted Chuck Cannon to live well!

“Sorry, I hurt you.” Chuck Cannon sighed.

Yes, he really hurt her by himself.

If at that time, the two did not have a relationship, she would not be allowed to hold onto this relationship to threaten him, how could you let Brayden Stewart catch it?

Now that Alice was arrested, Emily was dead, all because of his own fault.

“No, you didn’t harm me,” Alice shook her head in tears.

How can Chuck Cannon harm her?

Even if there is no relationship with Chuck Cannon, the last time Brayden Stewart asked for a bomb, she would be insulted!!

So what does this have to do with Chuck Cannon?

Alice was caught in!

When she was tortured, she never thought about it that way.

She even thanked Chuck Cannon. When Brayden Stewart found her last time if Chuck Cannon were not there, would she still be alive?

Chuck Cannon sighed, Alice was tortured, and Chuck Cannon distressed!

This woman is not good to herself.

without return.

Chuck Cannon felt ashamed of himself.

“Brayden Stewart, how do you let her go? Let’s talk!” Chuck Cannon didn’t wait any longer.

In this place, Chuck Cannon didn’t want Alice to stay for another second!!

If she left, Chuck Cannon can let go of his hands and feet!

Otherwise, Chuck Cannon can only be controlled!

“How can I let her go? Let me think about it first? I haven’t figured it out yet!” Brayden Stewart smiled.

“No, you go quickly…” Alice closed her eyes.

She was so flustered that she couldn’t watch, and then she would be heartbroken.

“I will take you out, trust me!!” Chuck Cannon said.

Alice could not speak, tears fell silently, she believed, but she just wanted Chuck Cannon to live!

“Oh, you are really optimistic, want to take her away? Haha, oh, I think it’s OK, you wanna let me let her go, no problem, I want to see you get beaten first, shouldn’t it be a problem?” Brayden Stewart asked with a smile.

Chuck Cannon said nothing!

“Oh, would you?”

“Okay!” Chuck Cannon nodded and agreed, “If I am beaten, can she be released?”

“It depends on the mood. Anyway, I want to see you being beaten by my people. You should have no objection? If you have an opinion, say it, I am not listening.”

“Okay,” Chuck Cannon agreed.

Alice shook her head, tears more silently.

“You three, entertain him well, oh, yes, don’t kill him, then I won’t have any fun, go!” Brayden Stewart laughed.

“Yes, Patriarch!” The three came out and walked towards Chuck Cannon.

Brayden Stewart showed hideousness, it should be very interesting next, he will not miss the next second.

Chuck Cannon clenched his fists, facing the three people, he chose to let go. Alice’s life is important!

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