Chapter 753 – 754: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 753: What Is the Most Profitable Activity?

“You’re lying! My son is in the Middle period of Taoist King. There are very few people in the Cave World who can hurt him.” said Heng Ji angrily.

His face dropped. “If you don’t tell the truth, I’ll kill you.”

Run Qian was trembling with fear. “Sir, we have no grudge against Mr. Ji, how could we hurt him? Besides, we don’t have the strength to hurt him.”

Heng Ji swept through these people with his Divine Spiritual Power. He found that they were indeed all in the Detachment Stage. They did not have the ability to harm Chun Ji.

“You guys come back with me. I have questions to ask you guys!” Heng instructed.

“Uncle Heng, I’m sorry they can’t go with you.” Ziping Meng stepped forward and said. “They are my people. If they go with you, it means you suspect that I did it.”

“I just want to know in detail what happened that day.” Heng said. “I heard that Elder Xiong was furious at the moment when he learned that his favorite granddaughter’s soul lamp had gone out. It’s better to find out about this matter. If it really has nothing to do with them, I will let these people go!” said Heng coldly.

His words were implicitly threatening.

“You should ask the others about this matter. They won’t dare hurt your son.” Ziping said. “My father asked me to go see him, so I have to leave right away.” Then he and Run Qian left.

Surprisingly, Heng didn’t stop them. He just looked at them coldly. Ziping Meng’s father’s position was higher than his, so he did not dare to stop Ziping in this matter. If Ziping‘s father, Chengyun Meng came here, Heng was afraid that he would be out of luck.

These people were suspicious. Heng thought. He narrowed his eyes, and then flew out.

Although Chenyun Meng ranked high, but if Heng went to Elder Xiong, he was not afraid of Chenyun Meng.

Meanwhile, Kris and others followed Ziping out of the void and looked at the ethereal immortal world, which was vast and boundless.

The energy of heaven and earth was a thousand times denser than the Cave World. It instantly surrounded the crowd, and with it came a heavy world pressure. Some people were pressed down to the ground by the pressure. But Kris quickly adapted to the pressure.

“This is the token of Shaohua Palace. After you reach the Purifying Pool, show this token to the person guarding the Purifying Pool. Come find me after you finish it.” Ziping said to Kris and then left.

With the Shaohua Palace’s token in hand, Kris had unimpeded access all the way. He quickly arrived at the Purifying Pool. It was a pool of about ten cubic meters, filled with extreme heaven and earth energy.

“Take off your clothes and go straight down.” The man said.

Kris nodded and took off his clothes and went down. As soon as his body entered the pool, endless energy drilled into his body along the pores.

Only then did he understand that these heaven and earth fluids were the Great Tao fluids that had coalesced to the extreme.

Using the Great Tao to purify the body? Kris smiled. His flesh had already been washed by himself with the Great Tao in his body, so the Purifying Pool was not of much use to him.

The sixty trillion cells and 129,600 universes in his body absorbed energy frantically, and in just two or three seconds, the pools of heaven and earth liquid instantly decreased by half. But these pools seemed to be interconnected. The Great Tao liquid in the other pools was constantly replenished.

The star field within his body rapidly opened up and expanded, and every great world within his cells were entangled with the Great Tao. Only the great worlds needed a lot of accumulation to transform the universe, and the Great Tao liquid was a great resource.

In the blink of an eye, a quarter of an hour had passed.

“Are you ready?” The immortal officer of the pool asked.

“Not yet, I can still absorb it!”

The immortal officer was a little impatient, but he wouldn’t force him to come out. Kris held the token of Shaohua Palace, so he didn’t dare to offend him.

In the blink of an eye, another quarter of an hour passed.

Actuality, Kris had now absorbed more energy than 100,000 people have absorbed.

There were more than 100 million pools here. After it was consumed, new heaven and earth liquid would be replenished, so no one would notice that the energy for more than 100,000 people had disappeared.

“Are you done?”

“I can still hold on a little longer!” Kris replied.

“These Great Tao fluids are not allowed to be taken outside. If someone is found not complying with the rules, he is guilty of a capital offense.”

“If you don’t believe me, you can come down.”

“You really don’t know the rules. If I come down, doesn’t that mean that I’m your accomplice?”

Once Kris heard that, he didn’t answer him and just accelerated the speed of absorption. The great world within his cells was gradually becoming stronger.

Soon, another two quarters passed.

“Are you done? A quarter is already the limit for ordinary people, and you are almost half an hour. What kind of tricks are you doing inside?”

Kris knew he couldn’t continue to stay in there, so he flew out of the pool. He absorbed the portion of a million people and was satisfied.

He then stayed in the pool for half an hour, which saved him at least half a year of cultivation. If he could absorb endlessly, Kris was confident that he could break through to half-step Taoist King or even Taoist King within two days.

“You can leave now!” The Immortal waved his hand.

Kris smiled and walked out of the pool. This was the moment he truly set foot in the Lanting Immortal Palace.

At this moment, the Lanting mark in his body had completely dissipated.

His Way of Space was not weak either, but the Great Tao he now mastered was not so much a Great Tao as it was an enhanced version of the Principle. This was also what he saw from the transcendental canon.

There are twelve levels of Principle. After the twelfth level is the Supreme Principle). And the Great Tao is also divided into twelve levels, but Kris was not quite sure how to divide it.

He estimated that his Principle would be between the fourth and fifth levels.

It is reasonable to say that the fourth level of the Principle is the Taoist King and the fifth level is the Middle period of the Taoist King. But Kris’s base was too deep, so breakthrough needed more power accumulation.

“Sir, may I ask how to go to Shaohua Palace?” Kris asked.

“Do you see those highest peaks? From left to right, the ninety-ninth peak is Shaohua Palace!”

“Thanks a lot!” said Kris and then he flew towards the mountain.

After coming up, Kris’ flight speed was at least a hundred times slower, which made Kris very uncomfortable with it.

It seemed to be very close to the mountain, but it took him a quarter of an hour to get there.

Standing at the foot of the mountain Kris realized how small he was. No wonder it can accommodate so many people, this mountain was simply bigger than the size of a planet. The higher up Kris went, the more dense the energy he felt. The energy on the mountain was more than ten times denser than the periphery of the mountain.

It was a pity that after the cultivation of a cultivator reached the Detachment Stage, it was impossible to break through the stage by purely absorbing the energy.

By now, Ziping had changed into a new outfit, looking noble. Run Qian and the others were also following him.

“You’re back?” said Ziping.

“Yes, my lord!” Kris smiled, and then he returned the token to Ziping.

“Come with me, I’ll take you guys to the back of the mountain. Shaohua Palace has 100,000 inner disciples, one million outer disciples, and ten million disciples who do hard labor. You only need to take care of three meals a day for the inner disciples.”

“Yes, sir.” Run Qian said.

The back mountain was huge. Ziping pointed to the open space. “From now on, this is where you will work. Behind the cookhouse, you can build your own shelter.” said Ziping. “All the ingredients will be delivered daily.”

After Ziping finished speaking he left, and he didn’t let Kris follow him.

“Leader, it seems he still doesn’t trust us. He didn’t offer us any opportunity to gain benefits.” Run Qian said.

“Never mind.” Kris said. “Do you know what is the most profitable activity?”

“These magical pills, weapons, cultivation techniques, and treasures!” Liu Ma said. “ We can sell them.”

Kris snapped his fingers. “You’re right. Pass my order, have everyone map out the locations of all the bazaars these days.”

“Yes, Leader!” All the people said in unison.

Seeing that Kris was confident, everyone was relieved.

When he was in Devil Land, Kris was able to manage the clan with high technology. Just by putting in sufficient amount of materials, he was able to produce magical pills and weapons quickly.

There were so many people on the outskirts of Lanting Immortal Palace. There was a great demand for magical pills and weapons.

“In six months, we’ll recruit new members.” Kris said. Then he continued. “You guys build the cookhouse and everyone’s shelter first. I have the drawings here, just follow them to build.”

Making a house in the immortal world was easy. They worked all morning, and a large canteen that could hold more than 100,000 people was built. There were also quite a few private rooms, twhich were specially prepared for those disciples and elders with great power.

Five hundred meters away from the cookhouse, many dormitory buildings had been built, which can accommodate tens of thousands of people.

“Ziping gave us three days. In the remaining two days, you pass my orders down.” Kris spoke while Liu took notes.

“All have been fully recorded.” Liu said.

“Very well, I’ll leave this matter to you.” said Kris.

“The others come with me to find Ziping.” He instructed.

Chapter 754: He Was in Trouble

The Shaohua Palace was very big, with 100,000 inner disciples living inside. Kris had to ask a few people for directions to find out where Ziping Meng was.

“He is meeting a guest. You guys have to wait outside now.” Two disciples said. They blocked the way of Kris.

Kris smiled bitterly. They could only wait outside now.

“Elder Xiong, Yan is my friend. Why did I kill her?” Ziping Meng said. He was angry. “This matter has nothing to do with me. If you have to blame someone, it’s Chun’s fault.”

“We had already decided on the dishes to be cooked for the birthday banquet that day, and even the ingredients were already prepared. But Chun said that the dish I prepared was not special and then he and Yan went discuss the new dish. Then I learned afterwards that they should have left the immortal boat to hunt for ingredients in the Cave World.” he continued. “Even if Chun was at the stage of Taoist King, there are still many creatures that can hurt him in the Cave World. The World Swallowing Beast and Yin Beast are both extremely fierce species.”

“After that day, we went on our cultivation in seclusion. You can go and ask others about this matter. Someone will help us prove this. But if you insist on slandering me, I will go to find master. And my father will also seek justice for me.”

Chumo Xiong frowned tightly and did not speak. Heng Ji’s face was even gloomier. “Do you insist on protecting those people?”

“It’s not that I want to protect them, but this matter has nothing to do with them at all.”

Linger Zuo was also anxious. “Elder Xiong, Uncle Heng, this matter has nothing to do with Ziping. We can all testify for him!”

“If you suspect Ziping, that means you suspect me too, because I was there, too!” Linger said.

Her intervention made Chumo Xiong hesitate a little. Linger’s parents were the same as him as Internal Elders, but their status was much higher than his.

Chumo was considering whether he should continue to pursue the matter. He was worried that he might offend Linger’s parents.

“In that case, then I might now take my leave.” Chumo compromised.

Yan Xiong was only one of his many grandchildren. Over the years, his grandchildren had died in many of their adventures outside. He couldn’t possibly go after them all to find out how they died.

“Elder Xiong, you ……” Heng’s face darkened. He did not expect Chumo to leave.

For Chumo, he didn’t need to ruin his future for his insignificant granddaughter. But Heng was different from him. His most promising son had died, and his son had hopes of becoming a sequence disciple in the future.

It must be that Ziping Meng was jealous that Chun would compete with him for the sequence disciple, so he secretly killed Chun. Heng thought.

But now it was not his chance to take revenge. He would only be able to find another opportunity to do so.

“In that case, then I will also leave!” Heng said, and then left quickly

After pushing open the door, he saw Kris waiting outside. He was even more furious. “These people are definitely accomplices. I will make sure you all die!” He thought.

He didn’t take revenge now, but it didn’t mean he forgave them. Chun was his only son and the one he had spent a lot of effort to train to compete for the sequence disciples. But now he was dead. He was absolutely furious. “Chun, I will definitely take revenge for you.”

Kris and Run Qian walked in.

“Thank you for what you have done for us.” said Kris.

“You don’t have to thank me.” said Ziping casually.

“Helping you guys is also helping us. But in the future, you guys have to cook more delicious food to repay us.” Linger said.

Now Run Qian had more admiration for Kris’s decision. If Ziping and Linger hadn’t been defending them, they would have died for sure.

“What do you guys want?” Ziping asked.

“The cookhouse has already been built. But we still need to purchase some items, so we want to make a trip down the mountain!” Kris said.

“Fine, go ahead, but you’d better but not stay too long down the hill. I’m afraid someone will attack you guys.” Ziping said.

Kris nodded and left.

Watching a few people leave, Ziping smiled coldly.


The town down the mountain was very prosperous. Once they arrived at the town, they split up. Liu Ma informed the others of the mission, and Run Qian went to purchase supplies.

Kris changed into a man in his early thirties, wearing a green robe.

People with low cultivation abounded in the town. There were many cultivators in the Detachment Stage, but more than ninety-five percent were below the Detachment Stage. He wandered around for half an hour and didn’t see a cultivator in the Taoist King stage.

He went to the drugstores of major chamber of commerce to find out how their stores were doing. Originally, he wanted his people to do this, but he thought it would be faster for him to do this kind of thing himself.

An hour later, Kris had bought three stores. They were all stores with excellent locations on the street, but this also cost him one billion Chaos Essence.

He had many magical pills, the vast majority of which were suitable for cultivators below Detachment Stage. If he could sell these pills, then he would gain a huge fortune.

“You choose a group of people to run these three stores. Then let them deal in magical pills, weapons, and cultivation techniques business respectively.” He instructed Run Qian.

“We’ll open three stores for now. In six months we have to expand to fifty. In a year our Starfire Chamber of Commerce will have at least two hundred branches.” Kris continued.

When his Chamber of Commerce had influence, Kris would use some of his own technology. At that time, he would be plundering wealth.

“Come on, let’s go back!” Kris said.

It was easy to go down the mountain, but it was hard to go up the mountain. This time they didn’t have Ziping’s token, so the disciples guarding the gate purposely made things difficult for them. They had to spend money to bribe them to get past.

After spending tens of thousands of Chaos Essence, Kris and his men were able to get to the mountain. But they had just walked to Shaohua Palace when they saw a group of people approaching, led by a stout man.

The two parties brushed past each other, but the man in the lead suddenly stopped, turned around and shouted. “You stop. Why don’t you salute when you see me?”

Kris frowned and didn’t want to cause any trouble. He bowed, and then said, “Hello, sir.”

“Are you new handymen? Don’t you know the rules? Kneel down and kowtow, understood?” The man sneered.

“Kneel down?” Kris was a little angry. He felt offended. “Are you inner disciples or outer disciples?”

“This is Yong Zhao. He is comparable to an Inner disciple. You lowly handymen must kneel down to him.” A man stood out and said. “Kneel down quickly, or things will turn ugly.”

Run Qian and the others were so scared that their palms were sweating. They didn’t anticipate that they would run into trouble one after another.

“We are Brother Meng’s people. How dare you ask us to kneel to you?” said Run Qian.

“Brother Meng? Which one of Brother Meng? Don’t fucking bullshit here ……” Yong’s man shouted.

Before the man could finish his sentence, a man covered his mouth with his hand. “Shut up, have you forgotten? Shaohua Palace only has one Brother Meng.”

“No… That can’t be. Shaohua Palace also has many people with the surname Meng. They can’t be talking about Ziping Meng.”

Hearing their conversation, Run Qian hurriedly stepped forward and said. “We are Ziping Meng’s people. We can kneel down to you, but only if you can bear the consequences!”

Hearing him, those two people didn’t dare to speak at once. They wanted Ziping’s people to kneel to them, which was equal to humiliating Ziping. These people wouldn’t dare to do that.

Yong frowned. These people may be lying. They weren’t wearing Shaohua Palace’s clothes and looked like newcomers. A newcomer couldn’t possibly be able to befriend Ziping. He thought.

“You guys are lying. Brother Meng couldn’t possibly take people like you as his men. You guys aren’t even in the stage of Taoist King.”

Then another person echoed. “Yes, your cultivation is below the stage of Taois King. Brother Meng will never accept you as his men.”

“You, lowly things, you got powerful death wish, hum.”

“I’ll catch you now and send you to Brother Meng. He will definitely punish you all severely.”

Then the man made his moves. His cultivation level was only at the later period of Detachment Stage.

Kris gave a wink to Run Qian, and then Run Qian threw a punch and sent the man flying straight away!

He didn’t use his full power, so the man just spat blood. If he had used his full strength, this person’s body and soul would have been destroyed.

“You dare to hurt my people.” said Yong incredulously. As the eldest of the outer disciples, he was also very strong. Both his sun soul and his physical body had managed to reach the stage of Taoist King.

“You’re in trouble.” He shouted.

“Run Qian, stand aside.” Kris shouted. Run Qian knew he was no match for Yong, so he stood to the side in a hurry.

Kris used thirty percent of his strength to directly knock Yong to the ground. He spat blood profusely, his right arm shattered.

“Today it’s just a lesson for you. If you dare to offend me again, I will kill you!” Kris snorted coldly and directly led his men away.

The others were stunned. Yong had been injured by one punch. They hurriedly went over and helped the half-dead Yong up.

Yong’s face was distorted by pain, and his eyes were filled with fear.

He knew he had messed with the wrong person today. This person’s strength was definitely not only at the Detachment stage. He had the strength of Taoist King, or at least the strength of the later period of Taoist King. Yong thought bitterly.

“Help me up quickly!” Yong said angrily, then he stood up and ordered, “Go tell Brother Gu that I was seriously injured by Brother Meng’s men.”

After that person got the order, he hurriedly ran to find Zhiyuan Gu.

At this moment, Zhiyuan Gu was in a decorated courtyard. He was surrounded by two beautiful female disciples who were massaging his legs. Another two female disciples stood behind him, massaging his back.

“Brother Gu, please have some tea!” The female disciple carefully handed the tea to Zhiyuan Gu.

“Brother Gu, something……something is wrong.” A man shouted

The sudden shouting scared the female disciple. Her hand shivered and the tea spilled on Zhiyuan’s body. She was so frightened that she hurriedly knelt on the ground.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have let the tea spill on you, please forgive me ……” she begged.

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