The three of them shot Chuck Cannon with one punch after another punch!!

These were all the fighting masters of Stewart!

Amazing moves!

Chuck Cannon flew out!

Three meters away, Chuck Cannon landed!

He didn’t fall down and stood firm!!

Blood, flowing from the corner of the mouth, three punches! Beat Chuck Cannon bleeding.

Alice screamed hoarsely, and Chuck Cannon came back step by step.

“Haha! Not bad, Chuck Cannon, you are quite resistant!!”

Brayden Stewart felt very comfortable in his heart. He thought of the pain when he was beaten by Chuck Cannon. Today, he will return him back ten times before Chuck Cannon’s death!

“Go on, hit until I’m satisfied!” Brayden Stewart became lazy.


Three men punched and kicked Chuck Cannon!

Chuck Cannon was kicked and fell to the ground, embarrassed!

However, he still got up.

Re-close step by step!

The three men sneered, not bad!


All three kicked at the same time!

Chuck Cannon was kicked again!

He fell to the ground and vomited blood!!

Bright red blood spit on the ground.

“Haha, Chuck Cannon, you are too rubbish, vomiting blood so soon? You can’t do it, get up!” Brayden Stewart laughed!

Chuck Cannon fell on the ground and couldn’t get up.

“Chuck Cannon…” Alice was desperate, how could this be?


In a luxurious room, Heidi Hudson slapped her bodyguard on the face.

The man had scarlet cheeks, kneeling in horror!!


“What are you talking about? What are you talking about?” Heidi Hudson heard this man’s cautious report just now, and she heard that Chuck Cannon went to see Brayden Stewart alone!

Is this okay?

“Chuck Cannon went to see Brayden Stewart.” The man was terrified.

This is Heidi Hudson’s first time beating him!

The moment this slap was slapped, he had the illusion that Heidi Hudson would kill him immediately.

so horrible!

This is simply the same feeling as facing the emperor!!

“Do you want to die? Chuck Cannon is seeing Brayden Stewart, Chuck Cannon can still live?” Heidi Hudson was furious!

The less she could get Chuck Cannon, the more she worried about Chuck Cannon.

It has been in the past few days, depressed, and she feels that she has no idea what to do.

“I, I…” The man can’t help it. This is the news he has received.

“Won’t you prepare the plane for me? I’m going to see Brayden Stewart right away. If he dares to kill my Chuck Cannon, I want him to die! Hurry!” Heidi Hudson was furious!

Her cold eyes, as long as she touched them, she was afraid.

The man got up and hurried out.

A minute later, he ran in!!

“Miss, the plane is ready.”

Heidi Hudson’s ideas are changeable, so aeroplanes are always ready.

Heidi Hudson swayed her long legs out!

On the plane!

Men let people drive!

“Where is Gracia Stewart? Where has she been?” Heidi Hudson asked suddenly.

A few days ago, isn’t Gracia Stewart missing?

This really surprised her.

“She, she, I’m still looking, please don’t worry, Miss, you will be able to lock her soon, I think, that shot, Gracia Stewart must have been severely injured, she found a place to hide and heal her injuries, not to mention, Brayden Stewart is still chasing her to kill her, if she is seriously injured, she will eventually find a place to hide,” the man is cautious, Heidi Hudson really scared him just now.

He also knew that Chuck Cannon’s position in Heidi Hudson’s heart.

It’s useless for him to envy. With a slap just now, he has already decided that he can’t have any thoughts about Chuck Cannon. If he doesn’t pay attention, he will die!!

Heidi Hudson snorted coldly, “Gracia Stewart, this woman, don’t underestimate her, she is definitely not as simple as you think!!”

Yes, Heidi Hudson was able to use Gracia Stewart as her opponent. Although she was a reluctant opponent, what did that show?

It shows that Gracia Stewart’s ability is very good! Has been close to Heidi Hudson to a large extent.

“Miss, don’t worry, I will not underestimate her, I will send more people to lock her position!” the man said hurriedly.

“Suddenly missing? Gracia Stewart, what are you doing? Are you really looking for a place to heal? I don’t think so, if it were me, I would have other ideas…you would think the same as me? If you were really just looking for hiding somewhere, then I will be disappointed with you…” Heidi Hudson’s beautiful eyes shone with light.

Suddenly she smiled, and the man was a little baffling.

What is Heidi Hudson laughing at?

The man didn’t understand, he couldn’t understand Heidi Hudson anymore.


“How could Karen Lee let Chuck Cannon meet Brayden Stewart alone? What does Karen Lee plan to do? I know, she should be on Stewart’s side at the moment, acting separately, but this is too dangerous for Chuck Cannon, how can you let Chuck Cannon taking such a big risk?” Heidi Hudson said coldly.

She was very angry and felt that Karen Lee could not do this!

“Yes, Karen Lee did something wrong this time.” The man agreed.

“Huh! Chuck Cannon has something to do this time, Karen Lee I won’t let her go! Ask people to go faster!” Heidi Hudson urged.

“Yes, miss!” The man arranged.

“Chuck Cannon, I’m so good to you, don’t you feel anything about me? You have to see how good I am to you,” Heidi Hudson blinked beautifully.


Three fists came out!

He opened his mouth and vomited blood, and he was completely up.

Alice’s tears were about to drain, Chuck Cannon, Chuck Cannon… She has been muttering to herself so hoarsely…

“Master, he seems to be unable to hold it,” said one of the three men.

Just now, the three of them punched and kicked and never stopped. If they were replaced by others, they would have been beaten to death.

Only Chuck Cannon can hold it so hard.

To be honest, all three of them were surprised!

This guy is too good at fighting, right?

Is the body made of iron?

“I saw it!” Brayden Stewart felt very cool!

Chuck Cannon vomited blood and looked embarrassed.

He didn’t miss a second, he saw it all in a panoramic view.

“Chuck Cannon, can’t get up anymore? It hasn’t really started yet. Why are you so rubbish?” Brayden Stewart laughed grimly.

“Let her go…” Chuck Cannon said with difficulty.

“Oh, I ask you, have you ever thought about such a day? Have you thought about the consequences of offending me? Do you regret it now?”

Chuck Cannon tried hard to get up, “Let her go!!”

This is the roar of a man!

“Haha, do you know what you look like now? A dog! You, you are a dog now, you have to do what I want you to do, not to mention you only have half your life or a dead dog…” Brayden Stewart said, “Let me let her go, but how do I see that your hands and feet are intact, so dazzling? Can you meet one of my requirements? Can you cut off one of your own hands? Cut off, I will let her go!!”

Chuck Cannon was silent with one hand!

“No, no!” Alice was hoarse to the extreme.

Chuck Cannon said nothing, but his fist clenched!!

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