“How is it? I let you cut off your one hand then I will let Alice go, otherwise, I will let her die immediately!!” Brayden Stewart raised his hand!

Someone caught Alice’s neck immediately.

She had already been tortured to the dying breath, and she was choked. At this moment, she was already extremely uncomfortable, and she couldn’t say if Chuck Cannon did this.

Chuck Cannon remains silent!

“I count three times, don’t let my people do it! I only need to watch self-harm, which is interesting!” Brayden Stewart said with a smile.

“If I will break one hand, will you let her go?” Chuck Cannon calmly.

“Of course, I am the most trustworthy person!”

Brayden Stewart laughed, “Hurry up and think about it, Alice can’t hold it for a few seconds.”


Alice’s neck was pinched tightly, her breathing was particularly difficult, and her beautiful face was pale as death…

“Stop! Okay, I’ll break!” Chuck Cannon was still so calm!

Chuck Cannon didn’t want to see Alice in pain again, even for a second.

“Oh, agree? Well, cut off one of your own hands! Now start! As long as your hand falls, I will release Alice! Let’s start, I can’t wait!” Brayden Stewart urged excitedly.

“No, Chuck Cannon, don’t do this. It’s not worth…get out of here!” Alice was strangled by her neck, and she still exhausted all her strength and yelled out with difficulty.

“It’s worth it!” Chuck Cannon calmly took out the dagger given by Alice and looked at one of his arms.


Alice closed her eyes, and for a moment, she was already in tears again in despair.

“Haha, hurry up,” Brayden Stewart can’t wait, he won’t miss a point, even if it’s a second!

Because this is so cool for him!


In the darkness, three people appeared silently, and the three of them were hidden.

It’s Karen Lee, Logan, Yvette Jordan who were already close!!

Karen Lee was scanning. Among the three, she was the strongest. Of course, Logan would be obedient. Even Yvette Jordan, who had blood feuds with Karen Lee, would all be obedient at this moment.

“The guard is very tight and there are traps!!” The sixth sense told Karen Lee that Stewart has a trap at this moment!

She was not surprised.


Yvette Jordan and Logan were surprised!

“What to do then!”

Yvette Jordan was really anxious. At this time, Chuck Cannon must have already seen Brayden Stewart. If there is not a result here as soon as possible, Chuck Cannon will definitely die!!

She really can’t control it,

Logan was also anxious, and the sixth sense told her that this place was not quite right!

“Just be cautious, I’m in the front, and the two of you follow behind.” Karen Lee has too much experience with this kind of trap.

“Huh…” Karen Lee suddenly looked back.

Yvette Jordan and Logan also looked back, there was no one behind them.

“What’s wrong?” Both women asked.

“It’s nothing, maybe I thought about it too much…” Karen Lee shook her head and didn’t look much.

Yvette Jordan and Logan looked at each other, they didn’t notice anything, it seems that Karen Lee was too sensitive just now.

But be careful, of course, there is no problem.

The three are close to Stewart!

Originally, Stewart was in the mountains, and many trees were monitored by cameras. Karen Lee brought high-tech over and it could accurately scan out where there was monitoring, then they would avoid them.

It really can’t be avoided, so they can only do interference. Interference for a few seconds is enough to get them to the next place.

Yvette Jordan felt a particularly great danger, but Karen Lee was expressionless and indifferent. This made Yvette Jordan feel lost, and the gap was still too great.

How can you kill Karen Lee afterwards?

“Don’t be distracted, there are some things, wait until the time passes!” Karen Lee reminded.

How could Karen Lee not feel the murderous look in a moment?

Yvette Jordan bowed her head.

Karen Lee actually saw it, she felt ashamed.

Obviously, the gap was more than she thought.

Yvette Jordan and Logan followed Karen Lee’s steps closer to Stewart’s home!

Suddenly, Karen Lee stopped!

Yvette Jordan and Logan both felt the crisis!

“You two be here waiting for me!” Finished!

Karen Lee has disappeared into the darkness.

The sixth sense told her that someone was in front of her and she must go over and solve it as quickly as possible.

Yvette Jordan was stunned. Logan who wanted to go with her sighed, “Yvette Jordan, let’s wait here.”

“En,” Yvette Jordan looked at Karen Lee’s place to solve the problem.

Still, nothing happened.

“Yvette Jordan, still want to kill Auntie?” Logan sighed.

“Can I not kill? She killed my dad! This hatred, I will always remember!” Yvette Jordan said coldly.

Logan sighed silently.

Thirty seconds later, Karen Lee returned. There was no sound during this process, and no one noticed it.

Yvette Jordan was surprised secretly and felt even more disappointed.

The gap is too big.

“Let’s go on!” Karen Lee went on!

Suddenly, a knife flew over!

Karen Lee took it coldly!

She wears gloves, these gloves were made of metal like hair, invulnerable!!

Yvette Jordan and Logan, both of them were surprised!

In the darkness, come out alone!

“Last time there was no winner, don’t leave this time!” This was an old man.

The last time Chuck Cannon made a big fuss on Stewart, he finally appeared, Stewart’s strongest bodyguard, but was blown away by Karen Lee’s two punches!

He worked hard to improve his strength forcibly, and he wanted to fight Karen Lee to death!!

This is his dying wish!

Finally, he met someone who could play, how could he let it go!!

“Let’s go first, and wait for me a minute and a kilometre away.” Karen Lee said solemnly.

Yvette Jordan and Logan felt the momentum of this old man!

This is definitely a master among masters!

“But…” Yvette Jordan wanted to stay, to see how Karen Lee dealt with this person.

“Go first!”

Yvette Jordan and Logan were silent for three seconds, and continued to deepen obediently!

“One minute, it means in one minute you can solve me?” The old man sneered excitedly as he approached step by step.

“It wouldn’t take one minute, thirty seconds!” Karen Lee lost the knife in her hand.

“Haha! You’re very confident. You think you’re invincible after when you have beaten me last time?” The old man sneered.

These days, his old body was training, what he was waiting for is now!! The shame of the last time must be brought back today!

“I’m not invincible in the world, but for this kind of old man, thirty seconds is considered a face!” Karen Lee shook her head and stepped forward!

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