Chapter 755 – 756: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 755: Rock the Boat

Not only her, other female disciples also knelt down and begged for mercy. Zhiyuan Gu said, “Am I an ogre, why are you so afraid of me?”

The female disciple shook her head hastily, but in her heart, she was extremely terrified, she thought, although Zhiyuan Gu was not an ogre, but he’s a cruel man who wouldn’t hesitate a second to kill.

Even if he doesn’t kill others at first, he will torture and afflict people so hard that countless female disciples have died because of him.

But, that’s him, boring as they come. Once he gets laid with a female disciple, he would get tired and abandon her. Yet if she dares to fall in love with others, she dies.

No mercy, no choice, only death is waiting for her.

“All right, let’s go!”

Zhiyuan waved his hand, and several female disciples left as if they were pardoned, “Thank you, my senior, thank you!”

When female disciples left, he looked at the exterior disciple in gloomily silence that made him feel a terrible pressure.

The exterior disciple flumped down on the ground.

He can kill his fellow disciples at will, but not the exterior disciples, because it is not allowed by the rules of the Immortal Palace, as the exterior disciples are the reserves of the Internal Gate!

“Say it, what happened.”

The exterior disciple’s face was twisted owing to sharp pain, feeling like his knees were going to shatter, “Gu… Senior Gu, Brother Meng’s fellow men beat up Brother Zhao so badly that he couldn’t come here.”

“What did you say?”

Zhiyuan squinted slightly, “The brother you talked about, is it Ziping Meng?”

“That’s right, it’s no other than Ziping Meng.”

The exterior disciple nodded his head hastily.

“Those who injured Senior Brother Zhao told us, from now on, when we see them, we have to bow and kneel, if we forgot it, we will be beaten once we see them!”

Zhiyuan laughed coldly, “How arrogant are they, it’s true that stupid master will only have stupid fellow men!”

He stood up, “Where is Yong Zhao?”

“My Senior, brother Zhao is now at his house.”

“Go, carry Yong Zhao here, I’ll take him to get to Ziping Meng!”

“Many thanks to My Senior, thank you so much!”

The exterior disciple rushed away.

“Ziping Meng, do you think only your father is Rank?”

Zhiyuan muttered.


Meanwhile, Ziping Meng was sitting in the courtyard, drinking tea and reading a book when the sound of hurried footsteps came from outside, followed by a panicked looking disciple running in, “Pardon me, My Senior! Something bad happened, My Senior, Brother Gu is coming here with many disciples.”

Ziping Meng put down his book and said calmly, “Why did he do that?”

“He brought people here… They are here for an interrogation…”


Ziping Meng frowned slightly, “So, what did we do?”

“They accused us of beating Yong Zhao!”

After he just finished speaking, a cursing voices came from outside, “Is anyone here? Don’t you dare to see me!”

“My Senior, Brother Meng, where are you!”

Ziping Meng’s face turned cold as a clutter of footsteps sounded and Zhiyuan walked in with a large group of people.

“Brother Gu, what do you mean by that?”

“Senior Meng, I haven’t seen you for decades, I didn’t expect you to teach me a lesson as soon as you returned!”

Zhiyuan looked at him with a seemingly smile, “Does brotherhood means nothing to you? Do you see brotherhood as shit?”

“Why do you say that?”

“Can you stop acting?”

Zhiyuan clapped his hands, then his fellow men stepped back. Yong Zhao, who had broken his right arm and now covered in blood, was carried forward, “Look, this is what your men have done.”

“Senior Gu, you are absurd! We absolutely didn’t do what you accused us of! It’s not us!”

Ziping Meng said.

“Yong Zhao, tell me, who beat you up?”

Zhiyuan snorted coldly, “It can’t be that I plant evidence and frame you, can I?”

Yong Zhao said in a weak voice, “They were sent by Senior Meng! About an hour ago, we were heading to find Senior Gu, when we happened to meet some people walking towards us.”

“However, they yelled at us and asked why we did not salute to them!”

“I thought it was a senior brother from Inner Gate, so I bowed and saluted to them, yet I didn’t imagine that the leading man wouldn’t let us go easily, he wanted us to kneel down and kowtow, otherwise he would punch us!”

Yong Zhao said with tears streaming down his face, “Although we are exterior disciples, we are not slaves! We went up and argued with those people. They knew that they got a weak case, so they said they’re with Senior Meng, and if we didn’t kneel down today, they would beat us to death!!”

“After he said that, they attacked me and Brother Wang right in front of many disciples. I didn’t make that up.”

“Please deliver the killer and give us justice, Senior Meng!”

After he said that, people stood behind him all yelled at him, “Please deliver the murderer, Senior Brother Meng.”

They yelled together like they had a rehearsal before.

“Senior Brother Meng, I respect you as my predecessor, so I ask you politely. As long as you deliver the murderer, I’ll handle everything!”

Zhiyuan said indifferently. This is a good opportunity to snatch Ziping Meng’s crest of wave.

“I need to investigate this matter first, it’s not too late for me to figure it all out. And wait a minute, who can prove those people are my fellow men?”

Ziping said, “If you want to arrest the perpetrator, please give me your evidence!”

“Brother Meng wants evidence, alright, I have it.”

Zhiyuan seemed to have guessed that Ziping would require evidence, he said, “Sensing Tactic is a skill that I have mastered for tracing. With only a slight breath, I can trace his location.”

“Yan Wang, come here!”

The disciple, who was punched away by Run Qian, came forward, “The murderer left his smell on Yan Wang. I’ll do the tactic now, My Senior, you should watch out.”

“Poles, world, and the universe! Tracing it for me!”

The smell remained on Yan Wang’s body solidified, and an arrow emerged that it pointed to the west!

“The murderer is in the west!”

Zhiyuan asked, “My Senior, do you dare to follow me?”

Ziping answered him, “Why wouldn’t I!”

Whether it was his men or not, he had to go. If he didn’t go, they would slander him again!

It is common for disciples to fight in private, but it is rare to see someone got hurt like that.

Most importantly, Zhiyuan intended to stir up trouble, so if he didn’t settle it down nicely, his authority would be shamed.

His master is still in the Closing Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone), he will certainly be punished when his master heard it after finished practicing.

“Good, My Senior, you are so straightforward and candor, let’s go together!”

Following the direction of the arrow, they headed to the west, and eventually stopped at the kitchen located at the back of the mountain!

“The murderer is here!”

Zhiyuan sneered, “Previously, I heard that Senior Brother went to Senior Uncle Huang’s Immortal Boat and invited many chefs with excellent cookery skills to improve catering for all disciples, but I didn’t expect that these people would be so arrogant and domineering.”

After saying that, he did the tactic again, then the arrow rushed in the kitchen and stopped in front of Run Qian, “Found it, it’s him!”

Run Qian was instructing disciples to set up the kitchen. Seeing a bunch of people swarming in, he thought they were coming for a meal, so he said, “Sorry, the kitchen has not been opened officially, please come back in two days.”

“It’s him, he’s the one who beat me!”

Yan Wang pointed at Run Qian with a ghastly pale face.

“That’s right, it’s him, we all saw it.”

Many people echoed and agreed with him.

Ziping stepped forward and looked at Run Qian, “Chef Qian, what is going on?”

Run Qian was not a fool, he understood immediately when he saw Yan Wang, “My lord, we were ordered to go down the mountain today and purchase some utensils, but we ran into these people when we went up the mountain, they not only asked us to salute, but also required us to kneel and kowtow. They attacked us first, we just did it to protect ourselves.”

“Who can beat someone like that just for self-defense? What kind of grudge do you have?”

Zhiyuan sneered, “Besides, you are just some domestic help. It’s you who to blame even if we killed you, not to mention just kneel down! You should be gratitude.”

He was not only humiliating Run Qian, but also Ziping, so how could Ziping stand it?

Ziping was irritated, “Brother Gu, no matter how low their status is, they are still my brothers, when did it become your turn to teach my people a lesson?”

They were making a falsely accuse. It’s them who stirred up the trouble, yet they didn’t lose the fight, and even tried to call white black!

“Brother, you can’t say that, justice is justice, your men beat up my brothers first, then it’s your fault!”

Zhiyuan said, “Deliver him and the other man who beat my brother, and we’ll stop here. If brother Meng is relentless, easy. I’ll invite our teacher Master Zhan in the Penalty House, and he’ll be the judge!”

Jeez, Zhiyuan declares him guilty! Whether it is their fault or not, Zhiyuan’s status decides everything. If Master Zhan be the judge, he’ll definitely favor Zhiyuan.

The human rights of the Lanting Immortal Palace only exist among disciples, not the same case for domestic help. They are just servants who are not regarded as normal disciples.

Run Qian and other people noticed the seriousness, even Ziping was silent. Was it more serious than killing the elders’ sons and granddaughters?

If Ziping knew what was in his mind, he would certainly tell him that the two assumptions are not even comparable!

They didn’t have any proof, no testimony and material evidence. Even if they guessed the true condition, they didn’t dare to fight.

Once they stirred up trouble, it’s them who to be messed up.

This matter is tricky.

Even if it’s true that Yong Zhao and other people beat up others first, that should be normal. Domestic disciples couldn’t resist official disciples.

Because that would be inappropriate and insubordinate. That’s a sin.

“It’s really a headache!”

Ziping did not expect these people would cause so much trouble for himself.

If they were abandoned by him, who else would dare to follow him in the future?

But if he refused to deliver the murderers, that would be harboring the killer, and his good reputation over the years would be ruined.

“My lord, it’s obvious that they did it first!”

“All right, stop it.”

Ziping waved his hand, “How about this, you did it in Shaohua Palace, both of you made a mistake! As for you, cut off your own arms, and that will be the punishment.”

Run Qian heard what Ziping said, Ziping wanted him to break his own arms?

“My lord, I ……”

“What, do you want to disobey my order?”

Ziping said it blankly, this was his place, he has countless way to deal with them!

“Brother Meng, I haven’t seen anyone to harboring killers like you.”

Zhiyuan blew a raspberry at him, he said, “When did the status of a domestic disciple become so high that it’s normal to break both arms of the Inner and elder brothers like this? If this is known to the other senior brothers, I’m afraid that brother Meng’s grand image in their hearts will be all ruined.”

“If brother insists on this, then in order to regain our justice, I have to go to find Master Zhan, don’t you regret then!”


Run Qian stepped forward, “I am willing to break my own hands and feet!”



Liu Ma and the others walked forward, anger filled their eyes, “It’s clearly their fault, what does it have to do with us?”

“No, I’ll go and get Chef Ye here.”

Ma Liu stomped his foot and was about to leave when he heard a voice from behind him, “I’m already here.”

Chapter 756: Don’t Act Like a Coward

“Chef Ye, you’re here!” Run Qian shouted in surprise.

As soon as Kris appeared, the crowd felt like they had found their backbone.

“Without my permission, you can’t cut off your arms, understood?” Kris asked Run Qian as he walked into the room.

Then he glanced at Ziping Meng.”I will take the blame. I won’t put you on the spot like that.” He said to Ziping.

Ziping looked deeply at Kris and did not say anything.

“I crippled him. You guys can come after me.” Kris said calmly. “Just leave my friends alone.”

“Mr. Ye, thank you, but you don’t have to defend us so much.” said Run Qian. He was a little surprised. .He was grateful that Kris spoke up for him. Compared to Kris, Ziping didn’t have the slightest courage to defy Chumo Xiong and Heng Ji. And he offended Chumo and Heng for them before, because he needed to fulfill his promise.

“You guys keep quiet.” Kris said, and then continued. “It doesn’t matter who I am, but at the very least you have to show respect to the strong.”

Respect for the strong? Hearing these words, Zhiyuan Gu first froze, then laughed. “Your cultivation is only in the late period of Detachment Stage. You don’t deserve to be called a strong person.”

Those behind him also laughed loud. “You guys, cricket-like things, are not qualified to be respected.”

Everyone was laughing, but Yong Zhao didn’t. Kris instantly beat him half to death, so he knew how strong Kris was. He wanted to tell Zhiyuan not to underestimate Kris’s strength, but then he thought that Zhiyuan was able to fight against Ziping. And Zhiyuan’s father was also a sequence disciple, so he believed Zhiyuan had the strength to defeat Kris.

“Brother Gu will definitely help me take revenge.” Yong Zhao murmured.

“Even if I’m at the late period of Detachment stage, I can destroy you.” said Kris coldly.

“What are you talking about?” Zhiyuan said angrily, narrowing his eyes. “You’re trying to irritate me and get yourself killed.”

“Ziping, you also heard what he said. If you don’t punish him severely, I’m not gonna stop.” zhiyuan said. Then he said to his disciple, “You go to the Penalty House and invite Mr. Zhan”

“You couldn’t beat me, so you go and beg the elders to help you?” Kris snickered. He kept thinking about how to solve the current trouble. “This time it might be a chance to prove my strength!” He thought.

“Now you just laugh, maybe after a while and you will never have the opportunity to laugh.” Zhiyuan said coldly. Then he looked at Ziping. “Brother Meng, you are such a shrewd person, why would you have such a stupid follower.”

Ziping pursed his lips and didn’t answer. He looked at Kris. “What do you want? This is Lanting Immortal Palace, and you’re just a Bing-rank disciple. The Immortal Palace has a law that Bing-rank disciple cannot be rude to their elders.”

“I know. But I have a reason. The magic weapon responsible for testing cultivation was wrong, so it only gave me a Bing-rank certificate.” Kris argued. “If I were to be tested again, I might have a chance to become an outer disciple, or even an inner disciple.”

Ziping was a little surprised. He now knew that Kris had this plan.

“My guess was wrong?” He thought. That day, he guessed that Kris should have received the inheritance of a Taoist King or Taoist Emperor and then used some kind of one-time means to be able to perform such a powerful attack. As for testing magic weapon, there was absolutely no way it can go wrong. Countless years had passed, the testing magic weapon had never been wrong. “Could it be that he has some kind of treasure on him that can forcefully raise his cultivation level?” He thought.

On the side, Zhiyuan frowned. “No matter what means you have, you’ll die today.”

Not long after, a terrifying aura spread over. The person had not yet arrived, but his mighty pressure belonging to the Taoist Emperor had arrived, which was much stronger than the pressure of the immortal boat manager. Soon a man wearing battle armor, probably around forty years old, walked in. He was Jianfei Zhan.

Seeing him, Zhiyuan and the others hurriedly bowed to him. Even Ziping had to bow to him.

This man was the Prime Elder of the Penalty House. He was a half-step immortal super existence, just one step short of the Immortal stage.

Ziping would not dare to be arrogant to him. Even his father had to be polite to him. Of course, this was not to say that his father was afraid of him, but his father was just optimistic about his future.

No one would want to mess with an existence that was about to step into immortality. Even the sequence disciples had to befriend these people, because the more immortals that supported them, the greater the possibility of them reaching the top.

Jianfei stepped forward. “What have you invited me here for?” he asked.

“Mr Zhan, the main reason for inviting you here is ……” Zhiyuan told him what had just happened.

Jianfei frowned. “Ziping, you did wrong in this matter. They are just a group of disciples doing hard labor. You just punish them according to the Immortal Palace’s laws and regulations.” said he.

“Mr. Zhan, but they are ……”

Jianfei interrupted him. “You are the senior disciple of Shaohua Palace, you know the rules here. You can’t ignore the rules here just because they’re your people.”

Ziping gritted his teeth and was just about to speak when Kris stepped forward. “I shouldn’t do hard work. If the testing magic weapons don’t go wrong, I’ll definitely be an inner disciple.”

“Mr. Zhan, don’t listen to his nonsense!” Zhiyuan said. “He is just trying to stall for time!”

Jianfei looked at Kris. “Release your aura.” He ordered.

Kris immediately released his aura.

“The power he released in that moment reached the Fulfilled period of the Taoist King? How strange!” Jianfei thought. Then he said, “Give me your identity tag!”

Kris handed over his own Bing-rank identity tag, which had his information and aura on it, as well as the exact time he came aboard.

“You boarded the board ten years ago?”Jianfei said. “Then why didn’t you say that when you were on the boat?”

“I didn’t know what it meant when I got on the boat. Afterwards I went to ask them about it and they thought I was joking.” Kris said.

“Mr. Zhan, Liangchen’s strength is extraordinary. You must re-test his cultivation.” Ziping said.

Now that things had turned out this way, this was the only way to help Kris get out of this trouble. If Kris got the Bing-rank credentials, he could easily become an inner disciple, and then no one would pursue him for injuring Yong Zhao.

“Mr. Zhan, you’d better not listen to them. Maybe they will cheat.” Zhiyuan said.

“Who dares to cheat in front of Mr. Zhan?” Ziping sneered. “Or you think Mr. Zhan can’t even see through such tricks?”

“No, no,that’s not what I meant.” Zhiyuan hurriedly explained.

“Mr. Zhan, I let Liangchen follow me because of this same reason. I was going to visit you tomorrow to ask you to re-evaluate his cultivation level, but today something like this happened!” said Ziping.

“Both sides are at fault in this matter, but Kris doesn’t know the rules. When they join Shaohua Palace, I will teach them the rules.” Ziping continued.

“They are so arrogant even before they join Shaohua Palace. If they join it, maybe they treat master anyway one pleases.” Zhiyuan said.

“Alright, all shut up.” Jianfei said impatiently. “I have a stone here that can assess the cultivation. You just put your hands on it.”

Kris put his hands on it. At that moment, he triggered the hidden Gate of Wonders and his true cultivation was revealed.

“His sun soul, mana and physical body are all in the later period of Detachment stag.” Jianfei murmured. His face changed instantly. “This cultivation level is… in the first class of Jia-rank.”

The first class of Jia-rank? Zhiyuan and others were instantly dumbfounded when they heard it.

Ziping was calm. He had predicted that Kris was very powerful. If Kris joined the inner sect, it would be much more useful to him than being one of his men. And he and Kris had an oath. He was not afraid that Kris would betray him either. As long as Kris did not harm his interests and he would be glad to make Kris a target for others to attack. It would do him no harm at all.

“Here, you drop a drop of your essential blood on it.” Jianfei said.

Kris forced out a drop of blood and dropped it on the stone. The result was the same as before. Now Jianfei really believed that there was something wrong with the evaluation stone on the immortal boat.

“Maybe there are too many people testing and it caused a disorder.” Jianfei thought. As the Prime Elder of the Penalty House, he knew far more than the ordinary person. The evaluation stone also had a certain error rate. Only the chance of an error was in small probability. There may be a mistake in the 10 billion evaluations.

“Since he has been measured as first class, the matter is closed. You come with me to change you rating.” Jianfei said. “Are you willing to join the Penalty House?”

“Thanks a lot, it’s my pleasure!” Kris replied.

“Good, then from now on you are a disciple of my Penalty House.” Jianfei said. Then he looked at Ziping. “He has joined my Penalty House. You take care of the others.” Then he and Kris left.

Liu Ma and the others looked at each other. They couldn’t believe that Kris had successfully joined the Penalty House with only a few words.

“Zhiyuan, this time your scheme has failed.” Ziping said coldly.

Zhiyuan knew that today’s matter he had failed. Jianfei let Kris join his Penalty House, which was already clear that he wanted to protect Kris. If he still looked for Kris’s trouble, then Jianfei would definitely not be happy.

It was well known that the Penalty House within Shaohua Palace was the most notorious. No one wanted to mess with the people in it. And now Kris joined the Penalty House. If he sought revenge on Zhiyuan in the future, then Zhiyuan would be in trouble.

“Let’s go!” Zhiyuan said angrily, and then left with his men.

“From now on, you guys don’t leave the cookhouse. This time you offended Zhiyuan, I can still handle it. If you guys offend the elders, they won’t give me face. Understood?” Ziping said.

“Yes, my lord!” Run Qian said in a hurry.

Ziping nodded and turned to leave. “Things are really becoming more and more interesting.” He thought.


Kris followed Jianfei to the Penalty House.

“Liangchen, tell me, you can fight across levels, right?” Jianfei asked.

Kris thought about it. “That’s right. If I use all my strength, I should be able to match a cultivator in the middle period of the Taoist King.”

“Good, I’ll suppress my cultivation to the middle period of the Taoist King. Now you attack me with your full strength!”

“Sorry, sir, I don’t dare attack you!”

“Humph. Don’t act like a coward here.” Jianfei glared at Kris. “I know you’re just pretending to be timid, otherwise you wouldn’t have beaten Yong half to death.”

Kris touched his nose and was a little awkward. “Then I’ll make a move.”

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