Karen Lee’s speed was like a ray of light in the darkness. After the shot, she had already reached the old man!

The old man sneered, he revealed the strength of the strongest bodyguard in his home.

Against Karen Lee!!


The two are in a fierce battle!

If anyone watches here, they will be surprised!

Because of the speed of two people, most people can’t see it clearly!

One second!

Two seconds!

Three seconds!

This fierce battle lasted fifteen seconds!

The old man was surprised!!


Karen Lee punched out!

The old man couldn’t stop it at all and backed away. He was repelled by Karen Lee. After he lowered his head, his chest was torn and painful, and three ribs must have been broken!

He can’t help but vomit blood in my mouth!

“You? Did you hide your strength last time?” The old man was shocked!

He is the strongest bodyguard of the Stewart family. When he was young, he was not as fierce as Karen Lee!

A master’s trick is often an instant victory!

In less than fifteen seconds, the old man retreated!

Karen Lee has indeed hidden her strength. An old man who is seventy-year-old to eighty-year-old can make her truly exert all her strength?

After the old man was furious, he chose to step back.

To escape, he chose to escape!

Fifteen seconds to repel him, even if he is a fool, he knows how big the gap between the two is.

It’s no longer in a level now, do you keep it for death?

“Escape? Can you escape?!”

The indifferent voice sounded like thunder in the ears of the terrified old man.

The old man who was still confident just now, fifteen seconds later, was already in fear. This is the conquest of Karen Lee’s powerful strength!


Karen Lee chased behind the old man, she punched it out!

The old man’s body shakes!!

He turned his head and found that his breastbone was torn apart, “You…”


The old man lay down, the expression of fear still existed, but the expression of fear had been frozen and could not be changed…

“When you are old, you must recognize your old age. If you would have been still young, fighting with me would have been fine, you are almost dead, and you fight with me? Then I must send you into the coffin in advance.”

Karen Lee glanced at him and caught up with Yvette Jordan and Logan.

For Karen Lee, the fighting made her in her prime of life, and the old man stepped into the coffin with half of his foot. After a few kilometres, he would be out of breath. Still, fighting in this state?

Karen Lee was pretty good if he didn’t kill him in a second.

When the two saw her, only forty-five seconds have passed!

The two were shocked.

Yvette Jordan felt even more disappointed. This gap is already obvious!

The old man just now, let alone solved it in 15 seconds, just can’t beat it, Yvette Jordan doesn’t have any confidence, and she definitely can’t.

Yvette Jordan bit her lip and swears in her heart that she will definitely surpass Karen Lee!!

“Go, go on!”

Karen Lee said and the three of them continued to go deeper.

In the security room of the Stewart Family Guard!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Suddenly, someone discovered the situation!

“Monitoring closer!”

Someone solemnly ordered!

The huge monitoring screen was pulled in immediately. This was a picture of the forest. After pulling in, he saw a dead face with fear!

The people in the security room were shocked to see this picture! Shock!!

This is your strongest bodyguard!

He died with such fear?

Everyone thought, incredible, “What’s going on? What’s going on?!”

“Someone broke in, broke in!”

“Ambush Team No. 3, report the situation, report the situation!!!” A strong man was roaring!

He was the captain of the family guard!

Traps have been designed in several places in Stewart. As long as someone shows up, they will definitely be trapped!

However, at this moment, there was no alarm sound. Is this a ghost?

How is it possible that all monitoring instruments are useless?

“Ambush Team No. 3 is normal!” Someone spoke on the intercom.

“Ambush Team Four answered!!” The strong man roared!

“The fourth ambush team is normal!”

“Ambush Team No. 5 report!” The strong man continued to roar!

“Ambush Team No. 5… Click!!”

Suddenly there is no sound in the intercom, this click, this is the sound of the neck being twisted!

The people in the security room were sweating behind them!

You know, there are many people in the No. 5 Ambush Squad, each of them is an absolute master of fighting!


The whole army was wiped out?


Everyone was shocked beyond words!


The athletic man was angrily slapped on the table to vent, “No. 4, report from the No. 3 ambush team!!”

“Number four…ah!”


There is no sound from the intercom.

The security room was quiet to the extreme of horror!

Snoring, snore!

Everyone swallowed subconsciously, the three ambush teams, this is a trap arranged by Brayden Stewart himself!

At this time, it had no effect at all, and was completely wiped out one after another?

How did you do that?

No one can imagine.


Boom, Boom, Boom!!

After the strong man was shocked, he slapped the family alarm bell!

The whole Stewart fell into a panic like a fire!

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter!”

Many visitors to the home, still sleeping, were awakened by the bell in a daze, and they gathered in the lobby of the home.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know, I heard this sound when I was sleeping just now, what happened?”

Many travellers were sleepy-eyed.

Don’t know what happened!

Security room!

The strong man was going to tell these people that someone has broken in!

But suddenly!

A loud bang!

The door of the security room was blown open by a bomb!

One person rushed in first!

The two followed!


Karen Lee, who was headed, fisted a strong man who wanted to talk!

The strong man smashed on the wall, he looked down in shock, his ribs had broken, and his breathing was uncomfortable.

“Ah, ah…”

After the scream, his voice was weak!

Ten seconds later, he was motionless!

Everyone was horrified!

Punch someone to death?

This person is still a master of fighting!

Has it become so vulnerable?

“Don’t move!” Logan had a gun in her hand!

Yvette Jordan was also holding a gun!

Following Karen Lee, relying on her sensitive sixth sense, it seemed as if she had entered the land of no one!

Three ambush teams, all solved!

So fast, Yvette Jordan couldn’t believe that this was actually true.

Yes, Karen Lee has been trying to find the design drawings of Stewart recently!

Karen Lee, who is already aware of it, certainly knows the situation of Stewart!

It’s not too difficult to get in here.

This is what Karen Lee is good at!

None of the people in the security room dared to move. Karen Lee punched them and killed them, which completely shocked them!

How could a woman be so scary?

No one imagined how this woman has grown up to the present. They only know that if they move, they will definitely die in an instant!!

Because Karen Lee came in, the god of death came in!

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