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Chapter 757 – 758: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 757: The personal apprentice of the leader of the house

“If you could defeat me, then I’ll make you be my apprentice. But if you lose, you will be punished for cleaning the toilet!”

If it wasn’t for the power of Kris Chen had reached the Taoist King Stage, he wouldn’t want him.

Talent is the most valuable whenever it is.

Anyway, no one would let a talent who could challenge someone beyond his level go away.

“Then you should take care of yourself, Shishu Zhan.”

Kris was aware that it was time to prove himself. He dared not to be careless, and instantly released half of his full power.

Their fists hit together and released their power to the utmost.The forces that can destroy the Cave World counteract each other.

“Well, strong power, but not enough to defeat me!”

Jianfei Zhang sprawled his fingers and grasped Kris’s fists. He released his power violently as if he wanted to crash Kris’s fist.

If half of the full power was not enough, then what about 60% percent?

“Bang bang bang!”

They fought with each other in this small yard. It didn’t look like the battle of two Taoist Kings, for they hadn’t destroyed a floor board yet.

But the more peaceful it looked, the more difficult it actually was.

It showed that both of them had a great control of their power.

The more they fought, the more frightened Jianfei was, for Kris looked so calm and easy. Moreover, with time passing by, his strength continued to increase, surpassing the middle period of the Taoist King.

He couldn’t help increasing his strength.

70 percent, 80 percent, 90percent…Kris kept increasing his power, but still failed to defeat Jianfei.

Just then, Jianfei suddenly stepped back and said, “Well. You won.You do have strong power!”

Jianfei had used the power of the Later Period of the Taoist King, but still hard to resist.

Kris dared to challenge him with lower power, which showed that Kris was an extraordinary man.

“Come on. If you used all your power, I would have lost this battle already.”

“Still call me Shishu?”


Kris’s facial expression was a little strange. He only had Shishu but no master before, from the earth to the Devil Land, to the Supreme Universe, and finally to the Cave World.

Along the way, Kris had been self teaching, and no one taught him. But right now he suddenly had a master, which made him feel uneasy.

“Are you reluctant?”

“Definitely not!”

Kris pondered for a while and eventually knelt on the ground, “My great master.” “Well. Stand up now.”

Jianfei nodded, “You have nine brothers and a sister here, but they’re not in the Penalty House temporarily. I’ll introduce them to you when they come back.”

“Yes, master!”

Kris stood up.

“Are you aware why I take you as my apprentice?”

“Because of my talent? And I can battle with people beyond my level?”


Jianfei continued, “I believe that your future is bright, and the most important thing is that you’re pleasing to my eyes. Only man who is talented and pleasing to my eyes could be my apprentice. And you’re perfectly qualified!”

Kris was quite confused. Others chose their apprentices according to their talents and characters, but Jianfei relied on the likes or dislikes to people.

If he didn’t like me, then I would have died already.

“This axe is prepared for me in Taoist King Stage. Now it’s no use to me. I’ll give you today.”

And then Jianfei took out an axe in copper red, tall as a human.

Kris took the axe, and it was rather heavy.

“Thank you, master!”

“Anyway it’s not precious. I gave your seniors better…”

At this point, he quickly shut up, “I mean nearly the same. I treat all my followers alike.”

Kris murmured in his mind, “You mean things that you gave to my seniors are better.”

“I got it.”

“Well, you! Come here!”

Jianfei casually called a follower of the Penalty House, “This is my new apprentice. Take him to the living place, just next to my tenth apprentice.”

“Yes, leader of the house!”

The follower answered politely.

“Please come with me!”

“Thank you!”

Kris nodded his head and said, “Master, then I’ll go now.”

“Well. You can walk around if you have nothing to do. I’ll give you the identity card later.”

Jianfei said.

Looking at them walking away, Jianfei said with satisfaction, “I mustn’t underestimate Kris’s power, for he could challenge one beyond his stage. I got a treasure this time! The day when he broke through the Taoist King Stage, he would be unstoppable!”


“Brother, this is where you live.”

“You must be tired taking me around.”

“Not at all. It’s my pleasure to lead your way.”

Glancing at his clothes, Kris thought that he should be the inner apprentice of the Shaohua Palace, but now he called Kris brother, which could reveal that Jianfei’s followers have a high status.

Kris just wanted to save himself, but inexplicably he had a master now.

“You can come here whenever you want.”

Kris smiled, and pushed the door straight in.

This was a unique elegant garden, everywhere was extremely exquisite.

The room was well equipped, and the magic power was thousands of times thicker than outside, perfect for training.

But it was useless. Compared to the power of nature of the Zhongmiao Door,the magic power was so much weaker.

“I must find the rest Zhongmiao Doors. Well, Shengzong Feng and Sansheng Ying have mentioned that the Lanting Palace was called the Heaven Palace before, but just because of the Zhongmiao Door, which brought trouble and made the Lanting Palace destroyed.

“I don’t know if there is any record in the sect, and what the Zhongmiao Door is. We need to find out.”

Staying in the yard for a while, someone came to knock the door.

“Brother, here is your identity card and clothes.”

It was a woman around 28 years old.

Taking the things, Kris said, “Thanks!”

“Brother, I heard that you’re new here. Do you want to go around with me?”

“It’s getting late now, and I want to rest.”

Kris smiled and then closed the door.

That female follower was confused, “It’s still the daytime. How could it be late?”

Stamping her feet, the younger martial sister left angrily.

“It seems that people can not be too good, otherwise it’s to easy to attract people’s attention.”

Kris looked at the identity card, which was green, there was a word “Xing (meaning penalty in Chinese)” on the top, and number eleven on the bottom.

This color looked awful, green and ominous.

And why should the clothes be green. It looked like spinach wearing it on.

If it would all be green…

Come on, I don’t want to wear a green hat.

This must be the uniform of the Penalty House, and Kris put on the clothes reluctantly.

Waling out of the yard, Kris wondered casually in the Penalty House.

After browsing around, he found an apprentice and asked him about the information of the Shaohua Palace.

The Shaohua Palace had six houses in all.

The Penalty House, Magical Pills House, Daobin House, Battle Hall, Yanwu House and Shaohua House.

Among them, the Shaohua House was under the control of Daozhu, and the other five houses were commanded by the presbyters.

The Penalty House was the most notorious one, while the Magic Pills House was the richest one, and the Daobin House was the most popular one.

People in the Battle Hall were all fighting enthusiasts, and people in the Yanwu House were the quietest.

Now he was the apprentice of the Prime Presbyter, which meant he was the notorious subchief.

No one dared to irritate him anymore.


Kris walked away after saying that.

Now he basically had a solid status here, so something could start ahead of time.

Very soon, Jianfei spread the news that Kris had been accepted as his apprentice, which made Zhiyuan Gu completely confused!

Zhiyuan originally thought that Jianfei just valued Kris’s talent, thus letting Kris enter the Penalty House, but it was really out of his expectation that he made Kris as his personal apprentice.

The personal apprentice of the leader of the house, had a higher status of other apprentices.

Ziping Meng’s mind wondered for a while, “How lucky Kris is! Whatever, this is good to me anyway. The Penalty House, what a good place!”

He murmured in his mind.

Run Qian and others were out of rapture.

Kris became the personal apprentice of the master of the Penalty House, which meant that they could protect themselves officially.

But all these things happened so fast, and they hadn’t fully responded.

“You’re definitely a great leader!”

“It’s so great!”

They were all overjoyed, and right now they knew that it was a right bet.

Not only that, it also gave them a bright future.

“Let’s go to see our great leader!”


“So what should we do now, my leader?”

Zilong Liu asked.

“Now since I have been the personal apprentice of the presbyter, then something could be done ahead of time. But we should still wait for a while.”

“We could open the shop first!”

Kris took out three Storage Rings and said, “The goods were all in here. It’s enough for you to sell for ten years. What you get should be used for investment, making profits and making money. We all come from the Cave World. We should be aware of what to do. I won’t repeat it. You guys should negotiate with each other.”

“By the way, please choose some backbones to take your place in the shortest time.”

“Yes, leader.”

Kris continued speaking, “The Lanting Immortal Palace has 108 palaces in all. The kitchen should figure out how to drive there. Also those 300 Lanting Immortal Boats are also our goal. We should start with these basic things.”

“I couldn’t agree more. Only when they have gone through a lot on the immortal boat will they understand the importance of living.”

“Don’t flatter me.”

Glancing at Liu Ma, Kris said, “We’re all clear that the amount of resources on those boats is huge. Even one percent of it could support our basic life.”

“I need resources to train myself, and so do you. It’s perfectly wrong to say that everyone is equal, for the Eternity will never change. Only a small part of people could control the most resources.”

“And I do hope we could be the latter one!”

Everyone nodded their heads. Kris had made it very clear, and his words were quite explicit, but deeply true. Kris regarded them as his friends and trusted them, thus saying those words.

“Well, since the slogan has been called out, we have to do our best to achieve our goal, although it is impossible to make everyone equal, but we can always get something as we work hard, and we could provide them with a complete promotion channel and reasonable resources.”

“I appreciate that!” Run Qian said.

He knew how tough it is to achieve what Kris said, just like when he commanded the cooking room, 80 percent of them lived a hard life.

No matter how hard they tried,how well they did, it’s meaningless.

Because the evaluation of grade C, had basically blocked their way.

Moreover, people are selfish, who would be willing to give the benefits to others?

But Kris would!

So Run Qian showed great admiration and appreciation to Kris, and was extremely loyal to him!

Needless to say Liu Ma, who lived a great life because of Kris.

The feeling of being protected by someone was fantastic.

“Our business is not successful yet. We still should work hard!”

“Yes, my leader!”

All the people stood up, bowed and kowtowed.

At the same time, Ji Heng also received the news.

He was the presbyter of the Yanwu House, whose status was a little lower than the personal apprentice of the leader of the Penalty House.

The difference between the personal apprentice and others was quite huge.

He dared not to irritate Jianfei.

“Damn, so even the god is helping them?”

Chapter 758: A Succesion of Comers

Heng Ji was frustrated.

His son died in a shroud of mystery while the murder was still sauntering around with apparent impunity—a liberally pathetic fact that could not be accepted by any parent.

“I believe, the chance is yet to come!” He closed his eyes and thought. There would be a competition held among the houses three years later in which the internal disciples would race for preliminary rank while the outer disciples for the internal slots.

Quite a perfect timing.

“I will definitely grab your life then.”


In the Time Barrier.

“Wow, time really goes further slower in the Eternal Domain with the ratio of one to one million, and that’s the result of my promotion!” Kris Chen was amazed because it meant that one year in the Cave World was equal to mere one million years here while the figure should have been supposed to be five times larger.

Besides, he could defeat his previous self with only a punch now.

“So-so. Can’t believe I still need to take ten years to become Half Taoist King. That’s too slow!”

The thought that entered his mind would certainly incur endless wrath from others. Even a hair of promotion was enough to peg himself as a legend considering that the practitioners would only grow slower and slower in cultivation promotion, therefore, it was not uncommon for their Taoist Power to be horned to perfect by ten thousand years.

“The paucity of the rare magical pills is the crux of the matter. Maybe it’s time for my homies to go out and build power here. Quite weird to stand on a place totally under other’s control.”

And then he called Demon Kris and others out and commanded, “Come on, guys, you must know very well in your heart of my intention. True to form. Let’s set up a small sect firstly, and then develop it into another Gengu No.1 Sect so that the resources will be in our pocket.”

The others nodded in agreement. As they were on a par with a Taoist King as a combination, it should not be a problem for them to kill those of the Middle Period of that stage.

After they left, Kris rubbed his chin and murmured to himself, “The internal disciples are allowed to enter the Scripture Pavilion of Penalty House……maybe I should firstly advance to Detachment Stage.”

And then he immersed himself in the Inner Universe for drawing an epiphany.

The next day, Kris came to Scripture Pavilion. After showing up his identity card, the gate-keeper opened the door, “There you go.”


He walked inside the Pavilion and was a bit marveled at the surprisingly spacious inner structure which you could not tell from its normal apparent from the outside.

The building, with nine stories high, was crammed with numerous Taoist classics in every story which could only be accessed by those at least of the previous period of Detachment Stage!

The external disciples could only come in three times per month, not more than two hours each time, and were allowed to check out mere three books at once.

The regulation was not applied to the internal disciples, but they could not get to the final three stories where only the Elders and certain figures were allowed to get in.

Kris was exactly included in the “certain figures”.

There were around thirty billion Taoist collections in the first story, not a great number, though, all of them were fabulous curiosities, and that alone had made this pavilion far excellent than the Mast Scripture Pavilion of Lanting Immortal Boat.

There were twenty billion classics stored in the second story, eighteen billion classics in the third story, and thirteen billion classics in the fourth story. Those in the sixth story were about the achievement methods of the Taoist King Stage and Kris also glanced through all of them.

The ninth story, which had only ten million classics, had the fewest collection than others, but out of his surprise, Kris found some achievement methods fitted for those Taoist Emperor level practitioners.

“These are indeed priceless treasures…of course not too much of them will be displayed in the Pavilion, the core part must be word of mouth.”

Kris took a day to read through a total of one hundred billion achievement methods which were more useful than those in the Mast Scripture Pavilion.

“I still need five years to improve myself even though my cultivation had been upgraded. In Time Barrier it will take five million years while in Inner Universe…well, time goes slower there, it will certainly take much longer.”

Reading the message from Yuan Kris, he sighed and thought, “Now I’m still of Detachment Stage, there must be a longer path to practice under the guide of Taoist King and Taoist Emperor Classics.”

It was getting late when Kris left the Pavilion, he went to the kitchen. People in there were on the boil because tomorrow they would have the first cook.

“My Lord!” Liu Ma straightened up the second he noticed Kris’s presence.

“Good day, my lord!” The crowd shouted in unison.

“Don’t call me Lord in case the wall may have ears, after all, the more people, the more talks.”


“Have you had your meal?” Run Qian came up to him and asked.

“Not yet.” Answered Kris with a smile, “Have the ingredients been delivered over here?”


“Remember, we should taste the dishes first to avoid others’ schemes.”

“Yes, my Lord.” Run answered with a serious expression.

“Get some specialty dishes and let’s have a feast tonight!”

At his words, the others began to cook the dinner, and after a few while, dozens of dishes were set on the table.

Kris sat at the head of the table with Run and Liu on his left while Hanming Wu, Yi Zhao and Zilong Liu on his right.

“My fellas, it’s my pleasure to have your help, I’m here to toast everyone!”

Kris stood up and the others follow suit. “We’re the one who should toast you, my Lord. You make us everything we are, without your guidance, we could not find our true selves and our indignities.” Said Run.

“He’s right, if it were not our Lord, I might still be gloating being a side dish chef.” Said Liu genuinely.

“True. It’s you who brings us new lives, my lord.” The admiration also glowed in others’ eyes.

They witnessed how he grew up from a rookie to be an immediate disciple of the Head of Penalty House. Starting from the plan he laid out in Lanting Immortal Boat, he had made everything under his control and established himself in Lanting Immortal Palace.

They didn’t even dare to dream about it before they met him.

“Alright, save your words. Cheers!”

Everyone was rather content with the meal, they didn’t leave until the dead of night.

The next day, the kitchen was officially put into use, turning itself into a hive of activity like yesterday.

Ziping Meng and Linger Zuo and their brothers came to have a meal.

There were mere one hundred thousand internal disciples, most of them were on the task or having a trip for experience and the rest was added up to around one thousand, they were thus arranged to take meals in this canteen.

In order to clutch at the outer disciples, Ziping also set up one more canteen for them.

“You know what? Our big brother is so nice! He invites the most skillful cookers to cook for us!”

“It’s said that they are all from Lanting Immortal Boat who gain their access to Taoist practice through cooking, so their meals can improve our cultivation like the magical pills.”

“Really?! Hurry up! Let’s go take up a seat!”

Hearing their talks, Linger said, “Seems that you’ve done a good job, Ziping.”

Ziping smiled at her and didn’t say anything.

At this moment, Zhiyuan Gu came over with a group of people, “Hey, Ziping! I’ve come with my bros to have a meal, can we get in?”

“Of course, everyone is welcomed to enjoy their meals here.”

“Oh really?” A pondering smile displayed on his face, “Then why did you set a canteen for the outer disciples to draw a line between the outers and the internals?”

“If not, do they dare to take meals in the canteen?” Ziping ran a casual glance at him and replied.

The unsurmountable hierarchy existing in the Palace was apparently an obstacle for the outsider disciples to dine with the internals and the Elders.

Zhiyuan pressed his l**s and didn’t retort him.

“Alright, let’s sit down and enjoy our meal. If it tastes suck, don’t blame us for telling the truth, Ziping.”

“It’s impossible to please all. Quite normal if you don’t like it, but you’re free to make some comments and we will make further improvements according to your valuable opinions.” Ziping answered. He was clear of the tricks in his words.

At this moment, a slim man with feminine features came in, also followed by an equally great group of people.

“Hey, Tingfang.”

Zhiyuan hastened to stand up and hail the comer. The man, Tingfang Hong, was an immediate disciple whose father was the Internal Elders of Yanwu House while his mother had been on the preliminary rank.

“Are you also coming to celebrate the opening of the canteen, Zhiyuan?” Tingfang broke a smile and said, “Why didn’t you call me to come together?”

“There there, you’re of the very wise nature who need no any notice. Besides, who will miss such a great chance given by our big brother!” Answered Zhiyuan with a sting in his words.

“That’s true.” Tingfang squinted, “Did I come too late, Ziping?”

“Of course not, sit down please.” Ziping gestured.

“Oh, is it Linger? Long time no see. We haven’t met for years.” Tingfang came up to her and took out a sandalwood box, “This is my homemade rouge, have a try!”

The girl was stunned at his feminine habit and behavior. Can’t believe there is a man gentler than her!

“Thank…thank you.”

“Pleasure. It’s no need to stand on ceremony, Linger, see you later.” And then he sat down aside.

Apparently, nothing good came out of these guys.

“Ziping!” A young lady in smart garments came in, that was a beauty with a slim figure, unblemished skin and a rather fair complexion.

“Wanqing!” Ziping’s eyes lit up, “When did you come back?”

“Just now!” Wanqing Qiao—the fair lady—walk over and said, “Hey Linger!”

“You’re finally back, Wanqing!” The excitement was written on Linger’s face. After all, the girl and Ziping were her best friends.

“You won’t only stay a few days this time, right?”

“No, I will leave after Master’s birthday.” That was the main purpose of her coming back. Noticing Zhiyuan and Tingfang’s existence, she hailed to the guys, “Hello Zhiyuan, Tingfang!”

They nodded in returned.

“Have a seat, Wanqing!” Linger sat down with her and asked about her experience in all these years.

“Well, I’ve been to the southwest part of the Eternity Domain, I’ve witnessed the splendid migration of Chaos Whales, set my eyes on the legendary whale fall, and participated in the competition for Immortal Inheritance……but not a tad did I get from it because there were too many excellent rivals, I could only take good care of myself. And I’ve seen……”

Linger listened with great interest, “Can you take me along next time, Wanqing? It’s too boring to stay here with Ziping.”

“It’s too dangerous, you’d better practice for a few more years.”

“She’s right, Linger.” Ziping said, “The outside is not as peaceful as Shaohua Palace.”

“OK.” Linger dropped her head in a low spirit. She knew it would turn out like this.

“By the way,” She asked, “how about Qilin Duan? Has he become your boyfriend?”

This guy was also one of the immediate disciples of Shaohua School, he grew up with a deep affection towards Wanqing and even regarded their marriage as his greatest dream.

What a legend of Shaohua Palace!

“Im…Impossible!” Wanqing bit her l**s hard, “I just take him as my brother!”

“Actually he’s rather nice, handsome, powerful, a definitely good husband and partner who will devote all his soul and mind to you!” Said Linger.

“Forced love does not last, honey. I don’t like him, that’s all.” Said Wanqing resignedly.

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