Gracia Stewart could not forget Chuck Cannon’s shot and almost abolished her hand. Even changing to an ordinary person she has long been unable to tolerate the pain.

Not to mention being able to raise her hand, even a person with strong will like Gracia Stewart, endured the severe pain and performed surgery on herself.

Karen Lee was shocked and Logan, Yvette Jordan did not expect it.

“My son shot you?”

Karen Lee frowned. Chuck Cannon came back at that time and didn’t say anything about it because he only wanted to save Black Rose.

“Yes, a shot! Hit me!” Gracia Stewart was indifferent to the extreme.

She finds it ridiculous, so what if Chuck Cannon understands herself? In the end, for the benefit, isn’t he pointed the gun at her?


Haha, what irony!

Only benefits!

Karen Lee has nothing to say, Chuck Cannon really did it, and she couldn’t help it, but why did Chuck Cannon shoot Gracia Stewart?

“Gracia Stewart, is there any misunderstanding in this?” Karen Lee said.

“Misunderstanding, do you think it is a misunderstanding?” Gracia Stewart narrowed her eyes!

“I mean, it might be a misunderstanding,”

“I saw him holding a gun with my own eyes. Do you think this is a misunderstanding?” Gracia Stewart said coldly.

Karen Lee, Logan, even Yvette Jordan were silent.

The three of them know how important a gun is to a person who shoots. Most people don’t understand it. Just like a car, others can’t touch it.

Therefore, it is unlikely that someone else lost the gun and happened to be picked up by Chuck Cannon.

Karen Lee felt that this possibility was too low, at least she would not give up her gun.

Because of her gun, she has been with her for almost 20 years, and she has used it smoothly, and she is not willing to lose it or change it.

“This shot interrupted everything! I have nothing to do with him!” Gracia Stewart said indifferently.

“Okay, you let Yvette Jordan go!”

Karen Lee was solemn, and Yvette Jordan knows exactly what Chuck Cannon represents.

If Yvette Jordan had an accident with her, she might not be able to face her son.

The gun in Logan’s hand was moving.

“Don’t move! Don’t underestimate me,” Gracia Stewart said coldly.

Logan’s expression was stiff.

Yes, Gracia Stewart had already surpassed her in some aspects, so if she acted rashly it would only harm Yvette Jordan.

“Logan, don’t move, Gracia Stewart can shot quickly,” Karen Lee said slowly.

When it comes to Yvette Jordan’s life and death, there can be absolutely no mistakes!

Otherwise, she can’t face Chuck Cannon!!

“Well, I see,” Logan stopped pointing at Gracia Stewart and continued to face the descendants of Stewart family.

“What do you want?” Karen Lee asked.

“This is Gracia Stewart whose grandpa stocked back then? Has it grown so big?”

“What’s the use? She killed Grandpa!”

The descendants of the Stewart family stared at Gracia Stewart angrily.

“Hush, Gracia Stewart is still a traveller anyway, she suddenly appeared, maybe it was to save us?”

The travellers were talking in a low voice.

Is this the time to say this? Regardless of whether Gracia Stewart killed Adam Stewart or not, does it matter?


The important thing is that this Gracia Stewart might save them!

Suddenly, all the descendants of the Stewart family were looking forward to it.

“You know what I want!” Gracia Stewart said coldly.

“Well, I promise you what you want, but let me make a call. My son Chuck Cannon has gone to see Brayden Stewart. If he doesn’t call, he may die…”

“He is dead? What does it matter to me?” Gracia Stewart’s eyes were cold!!

Karen Lee was surprised.

“He shot me, and I still care about his life and death?” Gracia Stewart was extremely cold.

“You don’t care, I have to care, he is my son!” Karen Lee’s voice also fell cold.

“It has nothing to do with me! I came here today to get my position back! Position of Patriarch!!!” Gracia Stewart said.

Her voice echoed in the lobby of Stewart.

Everyone was shocked, what?

Gracia Stewart will be the owner of the Stewart family?

“Gracia Stewart, you want to be the head of the Stewart family?” an old man asked.

“Yes, this position was originally mine!”

“But you killed Grandpa, what qualifications do you have?”

“I didn’t kill, Brayden Stewart was the one who killed!” Gracia Stewart said every word.

Hate, mixed in it!

All the descendants of the Stewart family were in an uproar!

“Brayden Stewart killed it?”

“How could it be?”

“Brayden Stewart dare to kill Grandpa?”

“Shhh, I think it’s possible. Did Brayden Stewart kill a few people in the family? My cousin was secretly instructed to kill.”


“Of course, you think, the few people who can be the owner of the Patriarch are dead, but Brayden Stewart is still alive and successfully sat on the position of the Patriarch. What does this mean? It’s not clear yet?”

“Wow, why didn’t you say these things that day.”

“My mother dare to say?”

Everyone doubted it. After someone broke the news, the uproar was even greater.

The scene is lively!

Brayden Stewart’s father was angry, “Gracia Stewart, you are talking nonsense, how could my son do such a rebellious thing? You want to be the head of the house, and you don’t need to say such vicious slander?”

“I didn’t slander, you know it in your heart!” Gracia Stewart said coldly.

“I don’t know, you are the one who killed my dad!” Brayden Stewart’s dad must maintain Brayden Stewart’s position!

“I’ll kill Grandpa and let you chase me? I’m the heir to the Patriarch, should I do this?” Gracia Stewart sneered.

“Yes, when I heard my grandfather was in a coma, I called Gracia Stewart by name. She, she must be the heir that grandpa fancied. There is really no need to kill grandpa.”

“I think so.”

The descendants of the Stewart family were discussing, and the public opinion actually fell towards Brayden Stewart.

Brayden Stewart’s father suddenly became anxious, “Gracia Stewart, you are so vicious. At this time, you say that my son, don’t you just want to be the head of the family? But it’s impossible. My son is already the head of the family. My dad, my son will kill you to avenge his grandfather and my dad!!”

“I didn’t kill Grandpa, and I have nothing to say. Those who are willing to follow me today, I will save you, and those who are willing to follow Brayden Stewart, I won’t force it!” Why should Gracia Stewart say more?

At this time, she controlled Yvette Jordan and could easily save all of them, so what about the position of the Patriarch?

They only need to remain neutral and allow themselves and Brayden Stewart to take the position of Patriarch.

The descendants of the Stewart family looked at each other suddenly!

To live or die, everyone has a choice.

“I will follow Gracia Stewart!”

“I will follow too!”

“And I!”

Many people began to express their views, only a few were still watching, and Brayden Stewart’s father was furious, “You, you, when my son comes back, you will be over!”

“Huh, where is Brayden Stewart at this time?”

“We just want to survive!”


Basically, all the descendants of the Stewart family are on your side.

The situation changes suddenly!

Karen Lee narrowed her eyes, “Gracia Stewart, to be honest, don’t you think you surprised me?”

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