Chapter 759 – 760: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 759: Smarter Than Others

“Junior Sister Qiao, where are you?”

” Junior Sister Qiao, don’t hide, come out quickly!”

At this time, a shout came from outside, Wanqing Qiao was very angry, “The more he is so shady, the more I hate him.”

Ling’er Zuo also covered her mouth and laughed, but she sighed slightly in her heart, Senior Brother Duan was indeed a bit clingy, a woman as bold as Senior Sister Qiao, it was indeed difficult to make her like Senior Brother Duan.

“Have you seen Junior Sister Qiao?”

“How about you?”

Qilin Duan asked and looked around, precisely found Wanqing from the crowd, and he was happy “Junior Sister Qiao, so you’re here!”

His eyes seemed to have only Wanqing alone, automatically ignoring Ziping Meng and the others sitting beside her.

“Didn’t I say that you should not follow me anymore?”

Wanqing said impatiently.

“Junior Sister Qiao, I’m not following you, didn’t you say last time that your stomach was not feeling well? I deliberately consulted thousands of medical books, and then I could refine a Blood Ginseng Dabu pill, in the future, if your stomach is not comfortable, you can ……”

Wanqing was about to collapse, she was almost in Later period, how could her stomach hurt?

That was entirely her excuse, the purpose was to get rid of him.

But he actually went through the medical books and even refined the Dabu pill.

“Thanks, but I don’t need it!”

Wanqing said coldly.

“Junior Sister, don’t be embarrassed, just take it!”

Wanqing said in her heart, how do you see that I’m embarrassed?

“I said no means no.”

“Senior Brother Duan, how about this, you give me the magical pill, I’ll give it to Senior Sister later!”

At this moment everyone was watching, and Ling’er spoke to crack the awkward situation.

“Who are you and why I ……”

“Huh, it’s Junior Sister Zuo.”

Qilin widened his eyes, “When did you come, how come I didn’t ……”

“I just came!”

Ling’er was also speechless, thinking that you are so spoony but you can’t ignore the next person, right?

“Well, don’t say so much, Senior Sister is embarrassed to receive, you give me the magical pill, later I will give her!”

“Junior Sister, you ……”

Ling’er squeezed Wanqing’s hand and made a wink, signaling her not to speak.

Qilin heard, “Junior Sister Zuo, you are really good, thank you, but I still want to personally give the magical to Junior Sister Qiao!”

Come on, this situation couldn’t be broken.

“Well Junior Brother Duan, it’s so embarrassing!”

Ziping frowned and his voice exploded in Qilin’s ears, making him wake up.

“Big… Brother? Junior Brother Gu, Junior Brother Hong, why are you all here?”

Looking at his dumbfounded face, Ziping pulled him to sit down, “Alright, just sit down, don’t open your mouth, let’s talk after dinner.”

The reason why his junior brother was like this, Wanqing accounted for part of it, the rest was mostly because he cultivated an achievement methods.

This achievement methods called Into Love, the name was very ordinary, but the method was very domineering.

The deeper you fall into the love, the faster your cultivation will improve.

In his eyes, Wanqing was the only one, which was why he ignored others.

Thousands of years, only Qilin didn’t know this, because he rarely showed it in front of outsiders.

Perhaps only Wanqing knew some.

The master’s birthday, if not Wanqing back, he simply would not come back.

Qilin was naive and he looked at Wanqing straightly, and did not know what he was thinking.

It was rare to be so affectionate towards a person.

“By the way, where are the other senior brothers?”

Wanqing asked.

“Chun Ji, Yan Xiong died, Junior Brother Jian, Junior Brother Niu are still wandering outside, they should return before the birthday of the master.”

“What? Senior Brother Ji and Senior Sister Xiong are dead?”

Wanqing was very surprised, “How did they die?”

“It’s a long story, I’ll tell you more about it after we eat.”

Ziping said.


Wanqing nodded, she did not expect such a thing to happen to Shaohua Academy after she had been gone for more than twenty years, the master would surely be sad when he came out, right?

“You guys sit down first, I’ll go outside to meet and greet them!”

Ziping said and quickly got up, “Senior Uncle Feng, Senior Uncle Zhang, Senior Uncle Wang, please come inside!”

“Senior Uncle Gao is also here, go inside please!”

The ones who came were all the elders of Shaohua Academy, there were more than 20, all of them were good friends with him!

Of course, there were also those who were not so close.

For example, Heng Ji, and Chumo Xiong.

“Junior Nephew Meng is really good at buying popularity!”

Heng said with a smile on his face.

“Why did Senior Uncle Ji say that?”

Ziping said, “It’s just a small benefit for the people in the Shaohua Academy, how can we buy popularity?”

“Although the benefits are good, don’t make any mistakes.”

Heng said and walked in!

“Chef Qian, no matter what, there must be no mistakes today!”


Run Qian nodded, Kris Chen had ordered them long ago that they had to taste each dish themselves to make sure it was okay.

Every dish was strictly poison controlled to prevent problems.

Inside the cooking room, Kris had also laid a Barrier, only they could enter!

Soon, it was filled with people, 30,000 to 40,000 people.

It was still a spectacular sight to see so many people sitting together for a meal.

Elders and personal disciples sat inside the elegant room, while Kris sat in the corner, quietly enjoying the three dishes and one soup.

Just then a disciple suddenly wailed and rolled on the ground holding his stomach, “That hurt, there’s something wrong in the dish ……”


At this moment the whole room was in an uproar!

Everyone stood up, “Where is the chef, get out of here!”

“Yes, where is the chef, come out!”

“Damn, how dare you put poison in the dishes, you’re dead!”

“Ouch, my stomach also hurts, that hurt ……”

One after another, people clutching their stomachs fell to the ground, the sound alarmed the people in the room.

The elders frowned, “What’s going on, what’s going on outside, why is it so noisy?”

Ziping stood up, “I’ll go out and take a look!”

He had an ominous feeling in his heart. Opening the door, he saw that the outside was in a mess.

“Senior Brother Meng, come and take a look, the food is poisoned, and many senior brothers have already had problems.”



Ziping was shocked, the problem he was most worried about still happened.

“Damn it, didn’t I already tell Run to be careful?”

“No, the problem will certainly not be in Run, except for the dishes in the room, the other are all shared dishes, all people will be poisoned, not only a few people!”

Ziping was not stupid, he knew that there must be someone who did this.

But if he couldn’t handle this matter properly, the follow-up trouble would be big.

The people in the cooking room must die, not only that, he would also be implicated, and it was a great implication.

“This must be their tricks.”

Ziping came over, “Move aside, I’ll see what kind of poison it is!”

Taking a look at one’s pulse, he was relieved that it wasn’t a potent poison, it seemed that the person didn’t dare to do too much.

“Junior Nephew Meng, what is going on?”

The elders came out.

“It seems that there is something wrong with the meal, someone has been poisoned!”

Heng, who was in the crowd, said.


“Go and take a look!”

The crowd was shocked, this was not a trivial matter, if there was something wrong with the food, then who would dare to come and eat in the future?

“Spirit Eroded Poison!”

Xiao Feng frowned and recognized the poison they had been poisoned with a single glance, “This poison is of middle class, the attack is unending, at first it is abdominal pain, then it spreads to the tendons and veins, and finally the pain is all over the body.”

“Senior Uncle Feng, is there an antidote for this poison?”


Xiao took out the antidote pill, “Take this pill to cure the poison, and take a cup of water and dissolve the pill in the water.”

Ling’er nodded and directly took out a jade bowl, which was full of spiritual liquid. She dissolved the magical pills and then fed them to drink it.

“Thanks to Senior Uncle Feng!”

Xiao waved his hand, “This matter needs to be investigated, otherwise the consequences will be endless.”

Ziping naturally understood, his eyes averted, “Run, get out of here!”

Run came forward, he didn’t look frightened, but indifferent, “Young master!”

“Do you admit?”

“I don’t know what the crime is.”

Run said, “This Spirit Eroded Poison is not from the inside, we will have the chef taste it before serving it to make sure it is not poisonous, so this matter is planted by someone!”

“How dare you!”

Heng jumped out and said, “If you didn’t do the poison, who else could it be? Did they do it to themselves?”

Run said, “Maybe, anyway, the poison did not flow out from us, a person with a little brain will know it, do we not want to live?”

“How dare you talk to me like that!”

Heng did not expect a cook to refute him in public, so he raised his hand to slap Run to death.


Just then, a hand firmly grabbed his wrist, “Senior Uncle Ji, you are an old man, just calm down. This is the canteen, not the scene of bloody slaughter!”

Everyone looked over.

“It’s you!”

Heng’s face lost color, his teeth almost gritted, “I know, you are in cahoots with these people!”

Kris snickered, “I didn’t expect you become stupid as you got older, are you trying to say that the poisoning matter has something to do with me as well?”

“I am a personal disciple of the Penalty Academy and have a great future, why would I do such a stupid thing?”

Kris let go of his hand, “I have understood the whole story of this matter, please see!”

He took out the projector and played the video, and the holographic video appeared in front of the people.

“These poisoned people, I don’t know who instructed them to poison themselves, it’s really stupid.”

People could clearly see that they sprinkled the same powder into their own bowls in the holographic film.

This time everyone was dumbfounded.

Poisoning himself, was there really someone so stupid?

“In fact, the person behind is too stupid, he completely can place a poison sac in the back groove, so that it will not be detected? And more hidden?”

Hearing these words, the expressions of the people present became very odd, especially Heng, his face was even more blue!

Ziping did not expect that Kris had guessed that they would make a move and had made preparations in advance.

“Say, who exactly are you being instructed by!”

Ziping’s eyes were stern, like a sharp sword!

His eyes made those people scared!

“Do you know what will happen to you if you do this?”

This matter would definitely not be easily solved.

“Senior Brother Meng, we were wronged, we didn’t know, and we are victims!”

Chapter 760: An Old And Cunning Man

“Junior Nephew Meng, there is something fishy about this matter, it’s better to talk about it until everyone recovers!”

Chumo Xiong stood out, but his face was slightly unnatural.

“No, if we don’t find the real culprit, what will others think of me?”

Ziping Meng said, “I kindly invited all the chefs to improve the food for everyone, this is supposed to be a good thing, but now it has become a way for some people to attack me, who knows if there will be another person who hides poison in the back teeth slot to frame me next time?”


Chumo opened his mouth, unable to say anything.

“Well, this matter must be solved!”

Xiao Feng narrowed his eyes, “or I let Master Zhan interrogate, these damn things, how dare they try to weasel out of it!”

At these words, those poisoned disciples stood up, “Senior Uncle Feng, please don’t, don’t ask Master Zhan out!”

Jianfei Zhan, the master of the Penalty House, if they go in, they will almost die, if anything comes out of the interrogation, they will be finished.

“Then you guys say, who ordered this!”

“It’s… It’s… It was him…”

A disciple trembled and extended his finger.


Just then, Heng Ji, who was on the side, made a move.

His palm slapped on that disciple’s forehead.

The disciple was instantly killed.

“Damn it, how dare you frame your senior.”

Heng’s hands were shaking, “Senior Brother Feng, I suggest that it’s better not to make a big deal, who knows if they will frame others, then we can’t be innocent!”

“Junior Brother Ji is right!”

Chumo stood out and said, “These people are trying to frame Junior Nephew Meng, the circumstances are bad, it’s better to banish them all!”

Those disciples cried out one by one, “No, we’re wrong, we know we’re wrong!”

They shouted loudly, but none of them dared to say who ordered it, because the one who said it was already dead, and if they dared to say it, they would definitely die.

Xiao understood what they mean totally.

The other elders were standing there silent, but their eyes were full of disdain.

How dare you used such lowly tactics?

“Junior nephew Meng, it is now known that you were wronged, and these chefs were also wronged. How about this, bind these people back, and interrogate them, and we will tell you if the person behind it is found”

Xiao also did not want to make a big deal, so they all knew it by heart.

Ziping thought about it and was about to speak when an abrupt voice rang out, “I have already informed my master about this matter, these people cannot be moved and must be admitted to the Penalty House!”


Everyone looked over in unison, Xiao’s face lost color, Heng, Chumo even had more blue faces.

Ziping was also a bit surprised.

Kris Chen stood out, not caring about Heng’s gaze, “this matter was about planting, to say that the larger, that is a black heart. If I did not produce evidence, I am afraid that Brother Meng was difficult to be innocent.”

“Some people will certainly fall into the well, or even to death, at least the tens of thousands of people in the kitchen is not alive.”

“I can’t just sit there, not to find out the real culprit behind, I will not rest!”

“This is the unanimous decision of the elders, what right do you have to question it?”

Heng’s face turned red with anger, and there was a hint of panic in his eyes.

Jianfei is a disinterested man, if he investigated it, he would definitely get to the root of the matter, and these people would definitely say everything.

So no matter what, he couldn’t let Jianfei interrogate.

“I am the master’s personal disciple, and also a person of the Penalty House, if it is a small matter, just let it go. But this kind of big matter you can’t muddle through.”

Kris said with a smile.

“If I say no, then no!”

Heng wanted to take these disciples away, Jianfei could not snatch people from his hands!

Chumo didn’t stay idle either, he took out a yellow bag and was ready to take these disciples away!


Kris’s fist blocked Heng’s palm so that it could not fall a bit.

In his left hand, he held a huge axe which Jianfei had given him.

He slashed the axe, and the yellow bag was directly cut open!

“My Qiankun Bag!”

Chumo was at the early stage of Tao Emperor, and his Qiankun Bag was also a middle grade treasure of Tao King.

“This axe is so sharp!”

Kris was also slightly surprised, it seemed that what his master gave him was quite good.

Ziping’s pupils shrank slightly, Kris fought against the Outer Elders and the Internal Elders by himself.

What kind of strength was he?

“No, it should be because of that axe, the extremely high quality Tao King’s treasure, so he is so strong! It should have been given to him by Senior Uncle Zhan.”

Ziping’s discernment was amazing, after he thought about it in his mind, he thought he had found the real reason.

He was different from Kris, who grew up savagely and thought to kill people directly.

Ziping was born in the Lanting Immortal Palace as a child, and he liked to lend his strength and used the rules to dump people to death.

This time, it was not enough to bring the two elders to ruin, plus Xiao’s words, so he did not say anything.

He also knew that afterwards, there would definitely be compensation.

This was the rule of the Lanting Immortal Palace.

“Kid, although you are a personal disciple, I am an Internal Elder, how dare you make a move with me?”

Chumo narrowed his eyes, “Since that’s the case, don’t blame me for bullying the young.”

Just then, a rough voice came from outside the door, “Who is trying to bully the young?”

Along with the voice, a strong wind swept over him, and Chumo felt that the sky was about to collapse.

The pressure made his body creak.

He had not arrived, but everyone knew who was coming.

The Penalty House’s master, Jianfei.



Jianfei waved his hand, although he was only one person, the crowd felt the dark clouds covering their heads.

“Master…Master Zhan, I… I…”

“Bullying my disciple, who gave you the courage?”

Jianfei extended his fist over, and Chumo was directly knocked away.

This brawny move made the crowd just swallow.

Heng even shrank his neck in fear.

“I already know what happened, you, good, you are really good at fighting with your companion.”

Jianfei spat, “You are really worse day by day, I see this time the big competition, I’m afraid our Shaohua Palace will ranked one hundredth.”

“Master, it’s better to bring these people back and interrogate them strictly!”

Kris reminded.

“Bring them back?”

Jianfei shook his head, “Interrogate them right here!”

He walked up to a disciple, “Tell me who ordered this!”

The disciple’s eyes were terrified, he looked at Heng and then at Jianfei, he was confused!

“Tell me and I’ll keep you safe, don’t tell me, you’re on your own!”

Jianfei was in charge of Shaohua Palace’s penalties, who was not afraid of him?

Hearing this, that disciple hurriedly said, “It’s Elder Ji, Elder Ji told me that these powders are great tonic and can greatly enhance cultivation when put in meals.”


Jianfei put a foot on the man’s body, “Are you really not afraid of death?”

“Ah… Elder Zhan, I’m not lying, I really don’t know that it’s Spirit Eroded Poison!”

Hearing this, Jianfei grabbed another person and came up with the same answer!

But Chumo was also involved in this matter.

But their confessions were very helpful to Heng and Chumo, so it was not so serious anymore.

“I gave them wrong, I was going to give them Zhulong Powder, but I gave them wrong, and I didn’t expect them to put it into the meal today, this matter is a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding!”

Heng said, “Master Zhan, this matter is my mistake, I am willing to accept the punishment!”

Wouldn’t he do something without a backhand, so at the beginning, that was how he coaxed them.

In this way, this matter turned out to be a mistake of the elders giving the wrong medicine, which caused the problem.

Kris understood, these people were really cunning!

Even if things were exposed, they had left themselves a way out.

This time, even if they were punished, it would not be too serious.

Xiao and others narrowed their eyes and pulled away from Heng, as for the fainted Chumo, who cared about him!

“Heng, Chumo caused disciples nearly lost their lives, according to the Lanting Immortal Law, go to the Repenting Cliff to repent for a hundred years, and not allowed to come out in a hundred years!”

After all, they did not cause significant damage, the disciple previously killed, dead was dead, there was not much point in dwelling on it.

As long as he insisted to say that they framed him, they could not do anything about him, and he killed the person in front of everyone, there were so many witnesses, so Heng was so cunning.

“Yes, master, I receive the punishment!”

He did not dare to stay long, turned around and left, and incidentally took the unconscious Chumo with him.

“As for you guys, repent for ten years, and you are not allowed to go out for ten years.”

“Thank you, Master Zhan!”

They fled as quickly as possible.

The others saw that there was no more to watch and dispersed.

“Junior nephew, today’s meal is very much to my liking, let the kitchen send me one every day from now on.”

Xiao smiled, Ziping gave him face so much, of course he should give him face too.

“Yes, Senior Uncle Feng!”

“And me, one copy too!”

Those who came all opened their mouths, and Ziping would not refuse.


“Thank you, master.”

Kris said respectfully.

Jianfei waved his hand, “These people are cunning, if there is no conclusive evidence, it is difficult to punish them.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Lanting Immortal Palace has the rules of Lanting Immortal Palace, make good use of the rules.”

Patting Kris on the shoulder, he left straight away.

As he watched Jianfei leave, Kris fell into deep thought.

Today he had learned a good lesson, to deal with these people, he would need to be more skillful than them.

“But after this matter, the kitchen is considered to be completely stable, in the future there is no one to look for trouble!”

He needn’t to go the kitchen, they should know how to do. It was better for him to improve his physical body strength.

He was preparing to close door and practice Taoist magic art alone, a crisp voice rang, “Eh, you are Kris?”

Kris turned his head and and saw a woman in a green robe was lying on the fence looking at him.

She was a heroic woman, and a little curious, and she couldn’t stop looking at Kris.

“You are ……”

“Living next to me and don’t know who I am? Why are you so confused!”

“Senior Sister Bixiao?”

“Well, you are not so confused!”

Bixiao smiled, “Come and sit down.”

Kris nodded his head and jumped into another courtyard with a flip.

The courtyard was filled with spiritual springs, and spiritual flowers of various colors were planted all over the courtyard, which was much richer in spiritual energy than the courtyard where Kris lived.

“Your name is Kris?”


“Master said you are more handsome than all senior brothers, I didn’t believe it, but now I do!”

Bixiao said.

“Master really said that?”

Kris touched his nose, a little embarrassed, “Actually, I am not very handsome, just a little.”

“You’ll know when you meet the senior brothers.

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