Chapter 76 – 80: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 76: Condemned by all family members

Hearing her words, Kris turned around and saw Lan Yu coming close with her eyes closed.

The sexy and attractive red lips were pressed on Kris’s face.

“Okay, I’m done with it,” Lan said, red-faced, “Redeem what you just said.”

“Okay, for the sake of your sincereness, I agree with you.” Kris smiled, helped Lan to the stone bench beside him, and looked at Bao, glaring at him in anger.

He looked at Bao with a smile, “For officer Yu’s sake, I was willing to give you a helping hand. If she didn’t kiss me, I would not save you unless you kneel on the ground and kowtow to me to admit your mistake.”

“Fuck, you are going to far.”

Bao’s face changed color, and he couldn’t help shouting.

Kris shook his head helplessly. This idiot ignored Lan’s good intentions and discarded it as garbage.

“Have it your way, I have no time to spend on you; so much time wasted, those people are about to wake up soon, you are here to wait to bear their anger.”

Kris’s words fell on Bao’s heart, extinguishing the rising anger in him. Fear seized him: “Kris, it was all my fault. I apologize to you here. Forgive me and help me.”

His expression was extremely painful.

Kris, wait for me. I won’t let you go after I go out.

Bao roared wildly in his heart. Seeing that he was defeated, Kris smiled, helped him untie the rope, then held him and Lan, and quickly walked through the passage toward the outside.

After walking for ten minutes or so, Kris knew that his estimation was right, here was the exit.

After a few more minutes of walking, a faint light appeared in the front passage. Kris was very happy and strode toward the exit.

Looking at the wide sea, all three had a feeling of rebirth.

They never imagined that the Sun and Moon Holy Cult branch was actually set under the cliff by the sea.

Under the moonlight, Lan quietly noted this position and then asked Kris to drive the car outside the branch to carry her and Bao and head for the city.

When Kris arrived home, it was already midnight, and Mary Su and Jane Tang had already rested.

Instead of disturbing Mary, he went to the guest room on the second floor.

After experiencing so much today, Kris was sleepless. After closing the guest room door, he couldn’t wait to take out the secret book hidden in his arms.

Sun and Moon Divine Scripture! He opened the kraft paper, turned to the first page, and a few lines of small characters came into his eyes.

“‘Sun and Moon Divine Scripture’ was a super-secret of the cult, and the man who practiced and be in senior stages had the power to change the world.”

“This divine scripture can only be practiced by the hierarch of the cult. If anyone else dares to learn according to the divine scripture, no matter who he is, he will be abused to death!”

Undoubtedly, this secret book was stolen by Changkong Yin.

Unexpectedly, it was his now.

What was the magic of this secret book as the top-secret of the Sun and Moon Holy Cult? Especially “Practiced to great success, with the power to change the world.” in it attracted Kris a lot.

“Practitioner, nourished by vigor in the morning and by the sun glows at sunset…” Kris quickly turned the book to the second page and began to practice while reciting the above formula.

When he opened his eyes, it was already dawn outside.

Kris stayed up all night. Not only did he not feel tired, but he was refreshed.

The exercises in the Holy bible of Sun and Moon Holy cult were truly magical, absorbing the essence of the sun during the day and the essence of the moon at night.

Kris absorbed the essence of the moon for a night and learned the method of attack of an unpredictable power in the Sun and Moon Divine Scripture.

He stretched out contentedly, then hid the book. When the door was pushed open, and he was about to go downstairs, the master bedroom door was pushed open, and Mary came out of the room.

“You are back?”

Seeing Kris, Mary couldn’t help but show a sweet smile.

She smiled happily, but there was a trace of sadness between her eyebrows.

“What’s wrong?” Kris asked.

Mary sighed: “Grandma just called and called the family members back for the meeting.”

Kris was speechless. How could she have another family meeting?

The old lady of the Su family seemed to particularly like to hold family meetings. Doesn’t she feel bothered about such big or small things?

Kris glanced at Mary. Mary was almost bullied in the last family meeting. He might not dare to let her go to the meeting alone again. In case running out a sucker again, it was his wife who suffered.

“I will go with you,” Kris said.

“Good!” Mary nodded.

On the way to Su Family Manor, Kris asked Mary, and then he knew why the old layers of the Su family had to hold a family meeting.

After Tiandong Zhai was taken away by the police, the matter of subscribing 24% of the Su family’s shares did not have a result.

Many people in the Su family believed that Mary should be responsible for it because her failure to cooperate led to the cooperation’s failure.

These so-called relatives of Mary were simply joking. For their own benefit, they don’t even maintain their faces.

Yesterday, Tiandong Zhai molested Mary in face of everyone. Although they were also very angry at the time, they thought that Mary had made a fuss after calming down afterward.

Not only did everyone in the Su family think so, but so did the Su family’s old lady.

They thought that Mary and Kris’s divorce was a matter of time. If Mary obeyed Tiandong yesterday, the shares of the Su family would have been sold.

“Today’s meeting was targeted at me.” Mary said with a sad face: “Kris, what should I do? I’m sure it will be blamed in the meeting again.”

“It’s okay, I’m here!” Kris smiled and said. His words warmed Mary’s heart. Thinking of yesterday’s things, Kris fought with Tiandong in order to protect herself, which gave her a sense of security.

But all he can do was that. He is of minor significance in the Su family. Not only would no one listen to what he said, but he would be attacked by the crowd of the Su family. It would be okay if he did not do a disservice, how could she expect more?

Just when Mary sighed, Kris took out his mobile phone, edited a text message, and sent it out.

Ten minutes later, the two arrived at the Su Family Manor.

At this time, all the children of the Su family had arrived. As soon as Kris and Mary appeared in the hall, Hai Su jumped up from his seat and pointed at Kris’s nose, scolding: “Kris, you waste, how dare you come here!”

Kris sneered: “Why can’t I come?”

“Well, if you and Master Zhai did not fight yesterday, things wouldn’t be as worse as it is today.”

As soon as Hai finished his words, all the members of the Su family nodded and agreed.

“Hai is right, if it weren’t for you, Master Zhai would have already bought the shares.”

“It was no big deal yesterday, Master Zhai likes Su Miao, saying something admiring and doing something intimate is understandable!”

“That’s right, what’s more, you simply not good enough and deserve our Mary.”

“Mary departs you and be together with Tiandong is the most satisfactory result. By then, not only can the family’s shares be sold, but also his support obtained, what a good deal.”

Listening to what the people said, Hai, added fuel to the fire: “Have you heard it, all of us in the Su family agreed that you are not good enough to marry Mary, and if you still take care of your face, leave here quickly.”

Listening to these shameless words, Kris smiled, and he looked at Hai coldly: “As you said, if your wife is molested, you not only stop it but also applaud for it?”

“Fart!” Hai scolded. “You see, you can’t do such things yourself, but you force others to do it. You are shameless, aren’t you?”

Hai was worked up by Kris’s words. He couldn’t help but want to beat Kris, but thought he was no fighting match for him at all, he choked it back.

He turned to see Mary, with a sneering smile that emerged in his face: “Mary, Master Zhai had agreed to buy 24% of the family’s shares at a premium yesterday. However, due to your failure to cooperate, the cooperation was failed. Say, how you make up for the loss of the Su Family.”

Chapter 77: Shares transfer

Stone into the lake caused lots of waves. Hai Su’s words instantly ignited the fury of the Su family.

In front of the interests of the family, personal gains and losses could be ignored.

“Yes, tell me how to solve it!”

“Mary Su, why don’t you think about it. It’s your good fortune that master Zhai likes you. Moreover, he still likes you even after knowing you have married. How could you refuse?”

“That’s right, don’t pretend to be a virtuous woman.”

Their words were getting worse and worse, which couldn’t be heard in the end.

Mary bit her lips and didn’t let herself cry.

These people were really so terrible. Why should she sacrifice herself to fulfill them?

“All right, stop it!” Mrs. Su patted the table and said to Mary, “Mary, I know you don’t like Tiandong Zhai, but I am your Elder and have been thru a lot. I think he’s very suitable for you and matches you very well, so I have decided it. When Tiandong comes out from the detention center half a month later, we will talk about your marriage.”

The old lady saw Kris Chen beside Mary with disdain: “You have to divorce Kris in half a month.”

“I will not divorce.” Mary couldn’t hold back any longer and was torn: “I won’t divorce Kris or marry Tiandong. You don’t want to control my life anymore!”

The old lady stood up instantly and scolded, “what nonsense are you talking about? It’s the order of parents and the words of the matchmaker. It can’t be decided by you. No matter you agree or not, you must marry him. This matter concerns the future of the Su family. I asked you to come here not to discuss with you, but to give you an order. It had been decided. “

“No!” Hearing this, Mary’s eyes were full of despair.

Hai and the rest of the Su family were beaming with the joy of victory. They didn’t care about Mary’s happiness at all.

What they care about was getting Tiandong’s money and setting up a new company them.

Kris had been the son-in-law of the Su family for nearly three years. The people of the Su family had refreshed Kris’s views on them again and again. These people had no bottom line. Looking at them as if they were winners who could control others’ lives. Kris was amused by their antics.

The laughter fell into the ears of the Su family, which was harsh for them.

“What are you laughing at?” the old woman said in a cold voice.

Kris held his stomach in his hand and said with a smile: “you are so funny. Hundreds of people in the Su family put all the responsibility on a woman rather than reflecting on their poor management. It’s really ridiculous!”

After a pause, Kris continued: “what’s more ridiculous is that your Su family ignores family affection for the sake of interests, and even pushes granddaughter into the fire pit. If such a family can get up, it will be a great joke.”

The old lady patted the table and angrily scolded: “this is the Su family’s business. You are just a stranger and have no say on it. Mary will only bear hardships with you. Only with Tiandong can she be happy.”

Hearing this, Kris folded his smile: “it’s just because the men of the Su family are incompetent that more than half shares of the Su family have fallen into others. Because you are incompetent and talentless, you have to give the women of the Su family to others in exchange for your ridiculous family dignity. “

“You… You…”

The old lady was extremely angry. She pointed to Kris with trembling hands. She could not control her anger and said, “kick this rubbish out!”

Kris spoke nothing and stood still.

All the people of the Su family were gnashing and clamoring for hurting Kris, but none of them dared to go ahead.

Thinking that Kris beat Tiandong violently yesterday. No one dared to move.

Even Tiandong couldn’t beat this trash, let alone them.

Seeing the situation between Kris and the Su family was getting worse and worse, Mary quickly pulled Kris’s arm and whispered, “Kris, I know you did it for me, but now you say so will only make the situation worse…”

Mary’s heart had been completely disordered. Now, the only method she came up with was to plead her grandmother after the meeting, hoping that grandma would think about their relationship and not sacrifice her happiness.

Kris knew Mary’s mind and gently shook her hand: “don’t be afraid. You don’t have to ask them. On the contrary, they will plead you later.”

What? Was the guy mad? Are we going to ask Mary?

Now it was a foregone conclusion that Mary divorced you and married Tiandong. It was not your little son-in-law who could resist. You’d better recognize the reality.

Mrs. Su was also contemptuous. There were so many people in the Su family, could you turn the sky over?

Mary’s heart suddenly got tense. Did Kris want to solve the problem with his fist as he did yesterday?

No, absolutely not. That would only make things worse!

“Kris, I know you want to protect me, but men can’t just rely on the brute force!” Mary whispered, “if you really want to live with me, don’t just think about brute force…”

Before Mary finished, a servant rushed into the hall from outside and said in a panic: “Mrs. Su, general manager Mr. Ding of Lieyang Technology are here!”


As soon as the words came out, Mrs. Su stood up from her position.

The rest of the Su family also stood up.

Now, Jie Ding of Lieyang Technology was the biggest shareholder of the Su family. They were not qualified to show off.

Soon, Jie strode into the hall, with sunglasses and casual clothes, accompanied by two assistants

“Mrs. Su, long time no see.” Jie greeted with a smile

The old lady did not dare to slight him. She instantly ordered the servant to bring a chair for him: “Please sit down, Mr. Ding.”

When Jie sat down, the old lady said uneasily: “Welcome to the Su family, Mr.Ding. If you have any instructions?”

The Su family was controlled by Jie, and she had to be respectful.

Jie cocked his leg and chuckled: “you are so polite. In fact, there is no big deal, just a little thing!”

Little things?

What little thing needed Mr. Ding to come in person?

The members of the Su Family looked at each other, were full of doubts.

Just when everyone was curious, Jie got up from his chair, took off his sunglasses, and went straight to Mary.

“Miss Mary, oh no, it should be sister-in-law.” Jie patted his head and was annoyed that he had made a mistake. He took a document from his assistant and handed it to Mary. He said politely, “sister-in-law, this is 51% shares of the Su family in my hand. Now I have officially transferred the shares to your name. This is the share transfer certificate. You just need to confirm it.”


Mr. Ding actually called Mary’s sister-in-law?

Moreover, he transferred his 51% shares of the Su family to Mary…

My Gosh, the 51% shares were worth one billion!

The whole Su family manor fell into a dead silence.

At this time, someone heard the clue from Jie’s words.

Jie called Mary his sister-in-law.

Did Mary have another man outside beside Kris?

Unbelievably, Mary. People thought you were a chaste woman, but they didn’t expect that you had already taken up with other men outside!

Just then, Mary’s image in the hearts of all the Su family people collapsed in an instant.

However, at this time, Jie once again stepped forward to Kris and bowed to him respectfully!

“Brother Kris, if I had known that Mary was your wife, I would not have to go here today.”

After acquiring shares of the Su family, Kris asked Jie to change his name to brother Kris. General manager Chen was an old term for him. Kris nodded with a smile and saw him with satisfaction.

“Brother Kris, nothing else, I would like to go back to the company.” After receiving Kris’s message, Jie stopped all the things and rushed there in a hurry. He still had a lot of things to deal with within the company.

Now that the shares were transferred, he left with his men.

Jie came and went quickly. All the people in the Su family didn’t react.

When Jie’s figure disappeared in the public’s sight, they just reacted.

What… What…

What was going on?

51% shares of the Su family now belongs to Mary?

The old lady looked at Mary dully and wanted to talk, but she found it seem to be something was in her throat.

Mary’s hand that held the equity transfer agreement was shaking. It happened so fast that she felt too unreal!.

Chapter 78: Being set up

Mary Su couldn’t help but ask, “Kris, you and Mr. Ding…”

Kris Chen smiled and said, “He’s my friend.”

After that, he didn’t give Mary the chance to ask more questions, “It’s getting late, I should go to work, I still have a lot of work to do today.”

Kris stood up, turned around, and walked out of the hall.

Sitting in the car, Kris was a little anxious, so he sent a text message to Mary, “You must hold your stake firmly, don’t hand it over even if the old lady begs for you, from now on, you’re free, the Su family is in your charge.”

Mary saw Kris’s text message, she replied without thinking too much, “I understand.”

From yesterday to today, Mary had completely realized what these so-called kinfolks were like.

They sacrificed her to please others for the sake of their so-called benefits. Mary is not a saint, she knew what to do.

After receiving Mary’s reply, Kris smiled and left the manor of Su Family.

As soon as he arrived at the downstairs of Huanyu Group Building, a strange number called in.

Kris hesitated for a moment and answered the call.

“Hello, is this Kris Chen speaking?”

A husky and deep male voice came over the phone.

“Who are you? What do you want from me?” Kris frowned and said.

“Oh, don’t be nervous, Mr. Chen.” He smiled and said, “It was Hu Li who introduced me to you.”

“Hu Li said, Mr. Chen has Obstacle-Breaking Pill which can break through bottleneck in practice after taking it, I need it very much, Mr. Chen, name a price.” He said politely.

Fuck, how could Hu Li have such a big mouth?

It was easy for him to refine this Obstacle-Breaking Pill, but he didn’t want to publicize his ability.

Such a miraculous pill could easily be coveted by others, and he didn’t want to bring himself any trouble. Besides, he had refined only two pills before, one sold to Hu Li and one to Bao Cao, and now he didn’t have any pills left.

Even if he starts to refine a pill now, it will take several hours. He thought about it since this man was introduced by Hu Li, then he should be a follower of the six major schools, it might cause him trouble if he refused rashly.

He paused for a second and replied, “If you really want it, come to see me tomorrow.”

“Good, Mr. Chen is indeed outright.”

“Don’t be too happy yet.” Kris said indifferently, “I’m afraid you can’t afford it.”

The man smiled, “Mr. Chen can rest assured, money is not a problem. You tell me how much the pill is first so I can prepare the money.”

“Two billion!”

When he sold the pill at one billion to Hu Li, that boy didn’t even blink his eyes, thus showing how precious this pill was to these practitioners. It’s absolutely not something that could be measured by money.

“Fine, two billion, it’s a deal! I’ll contact Mr. Chen tomorrow.” Hearing Kris’s offer, the man agreed without any hesitation, and there was even a hint of delight in his tone!

After hanging up the phone, Kris mumbled, did he offer a low price? Fuck, it’s two billion dollars, the whole Su family couldn’t even sell for this kind of price.

Kris parked the car steadily, then he took the elevator upstairs.

When he was about to enter the office, Xue Mi came out of the office. “Mr. Chen, two guests, are looking for you. They have been waiting in the office for a while.”


Kris was a bit strange, then he pushed the door in. When he saw who were sitting on the sofa, he got excited immediately. “Dad, Mom, why are you here?”

On the sofa in the office sat a middle-aged couple, dressed plainly but neatly. These two elders were Kris’s father, Tianyao Chen, and his mother, Fang Gu.

Two years ago, Kris had been kicked out of the family as well as his parents.

He had been living in the countryside for many years, so he would go back to see his parents now and then.

“Kris, a few days ago, your middle uncle came over to see me and said that he gave you the Huanyu Group, I didn’t believe it, so I came over to take a look.” Tianyao Chen was very delighted.

“Kris, you tell mom, are you really the president of Huanyu Group now?” Fang Gu still couldn’t believe it, so she inquired.

Kris smiled and said, “Mom, I’m really the president of Huanyu Group now. Middle uncle already apologized to me about what happened two years ago, and he handed Huanyu Group over to me personally. All the shares are in my personal name.”

Looking at the wrinkles on his parents’ faces, Kris was somewhat distressed, “Mom and Dad, it’s been ungrateful as a son to make you worry and work hard these past two years, I will take good care of you in the future. Now that the past is the past, our family will become better and better.”

Tianyao let out a long sigh and said with great emotion, “It’s good that the misunderstanding is resolved, so your mom and I will be relieved.”

“Mom, Dad, since you’re here, don’t go back to the countryside,” Kris said.

Although the countryside was quiet and the air quality was good, it was always not very convenient.

His parents used to be lived high on the hog in the Chen family, and they hadn’t had any hard times. Kris understood the suffering they had endured in the past two years. He should take good care of them in the ongoing days.

Tianyao looked at his wife and nodded, “That’s better. We have been live in the countryside for years and didn’t go back to the Chen family ever since, but people become nostalgic when they grow old, later me and your mom want to go to the Chen family and visit them.”

“I’ll send you over later.”

Tianyao waved his hand and said, “No need, it’s not like we know the way. You’re managing so many people up and down the group now, you must be very busy, I and your mom hasn’t been to the urban area for a long time, we will hang out first. I’ll call you when we need you.”

Seeing that his father insisted on not letting him send them, Kris had no choice but to agree. He took out his cell phone and transferred twenty million to his father’s account without notice.

After sending his parents out of the office, Kris took out the pottery pot for boiling pills from the office’s lounge and started to refine the Obstacle-Breaking Pill.

At the Westriver City, the manor of the Chen Family, the taxi stopped at the manor’s entrance. Tianyao and Fang got out of the car one after the other, looking at the manor in front of them, their hearts were overwhelmed with emotion, they finally returned.

As the two men got out of the car, the security guard standing at the door called out in hesitation, “High lord, madame?”

Hearing the familiar name, Tianyao smiled, “It’s been a while!”

A few minutes later, Tianzong Chen, who had received the news, rushed over with Quan Chen, Jie Liang, and the rest of the Chen family.

In the hall. Tianzong Chen held Tianyao’s hand tightly, “Brother, you’re finally back, I’ll send someone to clean up your room later.”

When Kris’s family was kicked out of their family back then, Tianzong Chen actually felt guilty.

However, he still felt a little uncertain. He thought to himself, “Brother is back, he wouldn’t want to take back his seat of the patriarch, would he?”

He looked at Tianyao, gritted his teeth, and said, “Brother, I took your place as the patriarch of the Chen family in the two years when you were away, now that you’re back, the patriarch is still yours…”

Before he could finish his words, Tianyao waved his hand and interrupted him, “Middle Brother, I’ve figured it out during these two years in the countryside, you are a better choice to be the patriarch than I do, and I’m happy to see you leading the family to prosperity. This time, I came back to take a look after hearing that the misunderstanding between you and Kris has been resolved.”

When they heard Tianyao mention Kris, the faces of the Chen Family members changed.

Even Tianzong was no exception.

In particular, Lei Chen, who was standing next to him, his face was even more ugly.

It had been several days since Lei Chen’s wedding.

These days, the matter of Sisi Mu being defiled by Kris had spread in the family thoroughly.

If Kris had only made them jealous two years ago, now the name was infamous in the family.

At this time, that Jie Liang stepped forward and said, “You three have been expelled from the family for so long, and you still have the face to come back!”

Tianyao’s face changed, he said, “How dare you, is this the way how you talk to your elders?”

Jie Liang sneered and said, “Elder? I don’t have an elder like you. Your son, Kris, transferred Chen family’s funds two years ago for his own personal profits to tell you the truth. Not to mention that he married into the uninvited Su family. The Su family is nothing more than a third rated family, isn’t he bringing shame to our Chen family?”

At this point, Jie Liang paused and continued, “Let’s put aside he disgraced the Chen family, but who would have thought that this asshole would put his hands on his sister-in-law!”

Hearing Jie Liang say such harsh words, Fang couldn’t sit still, she frowned and said, “What kind of thing did my son do? You’d better get it straight!”

Jie Liang sneered and looked at Quan Chen, who walked out after he got a hint from Jie Liang and said in a low voice, “Uncle, aunt, you don’t know, brother… Brother defiled the bride at the night of Lei’s wedding!”


Quan’s words were heard by them, it’s so shocking that no less than a thunder from the clear sky.

Tianyao and Fang’s faces changed at the same time, and they stood up in an instant!

Chapter 79: Being Dangerously ill

Nonsense! How could my son do such a thing!” Said Fang Gu, who was quite unconvinced.

“As the saying goes, ‘You may know a man quite well but still don’t understand his mind.’ Since the eldest brother dared to embezzle family funds two years ago, it is still possible for him to do such a thing two years later.” Quan Chen said, sneering: “Lei Chen, tell them about the condition that you know now.”

Lei looked at Tianyao Chen and his wife seriously: “Uncle, aunt, now that all the clues left at the spot are all related to Kris Chen, who else can it be?”

After hearing what Lei said, Tianyao was extremely shocked and distressed as if he was struck by lightning.

“Now, you should believe it since it is Lei who tells you about this thing!” Jie curled his lip and said with disdain: “This Kris is indeed the shame of our Chen family, who could even do such an immoral thing. If I were his parents, I would definitely have beaten such a son to death.”

“I’ve also heard that Kris had never held his wife’s hands when he was the son-in-law of the Su family for more than two years. Although his wife didn’t let him touch her, he couldn’t still lay a finger on his sister-in-law no matter what happened! He’s totally insane!”

“That’s impossible,” Tianyao said, covering his chest and choking with heartache, “There’s no way that my son could have done such a thing.”

After seeing his look, all the other people in the Chen family all sneered.

“Now even the servants of the Chen family all know that your son has insulted his sister-in-law, what else is impossible?”

“That’s right. It’s a disgrace for the Chen family to have such a scum like your son.”

“As the saying goes, ‘It’s a father’s fault that his son is not well educated’. You are such a failure as a father who can’t even educate your own son well. How dare you go back to the Chen family now?”

“Your couple and Kris Chen are completely a disgrace to the Chen family!”

When Tianyao was still the patriarch of the Chen family, though he didn’t lead them to have much development, at least he fulfilled his duty and was devoted to the family.

Now, who would have thought that they should say such cruel words to their past patriarch?

Tianyao’s eyes became extremely red as he listened to their cruel words, then he shouted to them: “Shut up, all of you, there’s no way…that my son…my son would…”

Before he finished his words, Tianyao could not breathe anymore and directly fell in a faint on the ground.

“Tianyao, Tianyao…” Seeing her husband fall on the ground, Fang Gu was so anxious that she fell in a faint on the ground as well.

“Hurry up, call an ambulance…” Tianzong hurriedly said.

At the same time, in the office of the President of Huanyu Group.

Kris was holding the latest batch of Obstacle-Breaking Pill made by himself in his hand. With his previous experience of making them, he was more adept in making the Obstacle-Breaking Pill now.

This time, he made four pills at one time, which were twice as many as the last time.

He wrapped up the pill contentedly since the pills were worth a lot of money.

At this time, Kris’s phone vibrated.

He picked up his phone and saw a strange number, which was called from a landline. Oh fuck, maybe Hu Li introduced another person to buy his pill again.

Kris frowned and put through the phone.

“Is it Kris? I am the doctor of The Fifth Hospital of the Westriver City. Your father is having a heart attack and is having an emergency treatment here. Please come here to sign for his operation now.”

“What are you saying? My father is having emergency treatment in the hospital?” Kris trembled and thought he got it wrong: “Where’s my mother then?”

“How could you don’t know where she is, now that it was you who sent them here? I’ve never seen such an unfilial son like you, who leaves your parents alone in the hospital…”

Kris was stunned at once, he hurried out of the company building, having no time to think.

At the hall of The Fifth Hospital of the Westriver City, Fang Gu had already woken up. Looking at her husband, who was still in a coma and lying unconsciously on the hospital bed, she kept weeping.

Her husband had a heart attack and required a cardiac surgery at once since he was in imminent danger. However, the surgery required 800 thousand dollars, which she could not afford at all, so Tianyao was pushed out of the surgery room and parked in the aisle just like that.

“Doctor, I beg you, save my husband, please.” Fang constantly begged: “My son will be here in a minute, and he will pay for the surgery. Please save him now!”

“Why do the old people all behave like this now? I have told you that he can’t have an operation without paying, which is stipulated by our hospital.” At this time, a nurse nearby who was about thirty years old said.

Judging from the couple’s look, they seemed to be not very rich, so they definitely could not afford the surgery fee.

She had seen many family members of the patients like Fang, who wanted to pay after the treatment, and they still could not pay and owned a great deal of debt in the end, so she knew that the results were all the same.

“Don’t cry here. You’d better borrow some money from your relatives and friends than just cry here.” Seeing Fang keep crying, the nurse was impatient as well.

“My son will be here in a minute, please save him first…” Fang begged.

“So what?” The nurse sneered: “You still can not afford it even if he’s here, right?”

At this time, Kris hurriedly came over. Fang immediately found her mainstay after seeing Kris, she waved to him and shouted: “Kris, here, your father is here!”

Kris hurried to his mother and became angry at once after seeing his father lying in the aisle. He shouted at the nurse: “Why is my dad lying in the aisle? Why don’t you give him surgery?”

The nurse curled her lip and said: “Our hospital has the stipulation that you can’t have an operation without paying first.”

Fuck you, now that my father was in imminent danger, you still told me that he couldn’t have an operation without paying?

Kris smiled and pointed at the nurse, saying: “Arrange my father to have an operation immediately, and I will pay for it now.”

“Why are you so fierce?” The nurse looked at Chen with displeasure and said: “Do you know how serious your father’s condition is? Do you know how much cardiac surgery costs? Now listen to me, 800 thousand dollars!”

“Can you afford so much money? I’ve told your mother that she could raise money, but she is still here and keeps crying. As a big man, how could you be the same as your mother?”

800 thousand dollars?

They left a patient who was in imminent danger in the aisle alone just because he could not afford 800 thousand dollars of the operation cost? To them, was life more important or money on earth?

Kris stared at the nurse coldly.

“Why are you staring at me? Such a big man like you want to hit me, a woman? So what, you can’t stand other people saying you are poor, which is apparently the truth?”

“I said, hurry up to save him!” Kris said, whose eyes were bloody red.

“I have told you that your father could have an operation only after you pay for it. Don’t you understand?” The nurse was completely irritated by Kris, and she pointed at his nose to abuse him: “How could you be such an unfilial son? Now that your father is in great danger, you still make trouble here. Let me tell you now if you continue to make trouble and hang up here, your father will be dead!”

“Fuck you, save him now!” Kris hit the wall with his fist.

“Clack clack clack.”

Cracks appeared on the white walls, spreading like cobwebs along with the fist’s location, and soon the whole wall was full of cracks.

“Oh my god!” The nurse screamed in fright.

When the people around saw that Kris had smashed the whole wall with his fist, they immediately changed their expressions and were all shocked and dumbfounded.

“Help! He’s hitting me!” Cried the nurse, who was crouching on the ground in terror.

“What the fuck, he dared to hit people in the hospital without even having enough money to pay?”

“He has totally gone crazy!”

“You should frighten a woman? Are you a real man or not?”

Several doctors also could not bear him, and they all started to condemn Kris, but they dared not to get close to him since they were afraid of being hit, and they thought their heads were also not as strong as a concrete wall.

At this time, the security guards rushed over here after hearing the nurse’s scream.

All of them were very strong and robust, looking very fierce, and it was apparent that they had been in the underworld before.

Seeing a dozen security guards all gather here, the nurse became fearless and stood up, pointing at Kris and saying: “Come on, catch him, it was him who made trouble here just now!”

It was the Black Scale Security Group that was in charge of the security guards of The Fifth Hospital of the Westriver City. And who were the bosses of the Black Scale Security Group?

Lin Li and Hu Li!

Everyone was afraid of these two siblings since they were in the top position of the Wetriver City society.

Therefore, no one dared to make trouble in the place that hired the security guards from the Black Scale Security Group.

The captain of the Fifth Hospital’s security guards, who was from the Black Scale Security Group, Dalong Zhao, pulled out the electric stick on his waist, trying to control the troublemaker. However, he was stunned as soon as he got close to Kris.

“Brother Dalong, come on, this is the guy who started the trouble just now!”

The nurse shouted, pointing at Kris: “This guy didn’t have enough money to pay for the operation, and he even broke a wall of the hospital.”

Dalong rubbed his eyes without saying anything.

Oh my god, wasn’t this the master of the Chen family, Kris Chen?

A few days ago, he had the honor to follow Lin, the eldest sister of the Group, to attend the Chen family’s wedding, and he just met Kris there.

At that time, when the eldest sister was in a coma, Dalong was in a panic that he didn’t know what to do at all. And it was this master of the Chen family who saved her.

After the wedding banquet ended, he heard the eldest sister said that this Kris had a kind of magic pill, which could help people surmount their innate power!

And he sold one to Brother Hu at the price of one billion dollars.

Brother Hu, was just Hu Li.

More importantly, after Hu took the pill, he really surmounted his innate power!

Chapter 80: The director of the hospital

“Dalong, get him out of here.” The nurse pointed at Kris Chen and said coldly.

“Shut the fuck up!” Dalong Zhao shouted at the nurse.

The nurse was scared out of her wits.

“Mr.Chen.” Dalong stepped forward and respectfully said: “Mr.Chen, please don’t mind it. The nurse’s so young and ignorant, don’t be angry with her.”

Kris frowned, he didn’t even know who this man is. How come the man called him Mr.Chen?

It’s reasonable that Kris didn’t know him. After all, so many wealthy and powerful people came to Lei Chen’s wedding. Dalong is a just a nobody, of course, Kris doesn’t remember him.


Just then, a soft voice came from behind.

When Kris looked back, he saw a beautiful female doctor in a white coat staring at him.


Isn’t she the beautiful lady doctor-Xi Lan that Kris met at the wedding of Lei?

If he’s not mistaken, Xi is the doctor of the First People’s Hospital? Why is she in the Fifth People’s Hospital now?

He didn’t know that Xi was temporarily working here asked by the Director of the Fifth People’s Hospital recently, and she will get back to the First People’s Hospital in a few days.

She looked at the patient with an oxygen tube next to Kris. It must be the father of Kris.

Right then, people all gathered around him.

“The young man is so poor… His father is so sick, he even can’t pay the medical bills, ah…”

“That’s right! He’s too weak!”

“Stop saying that, he’s so pitiful!

“Well, as the saying goes, if you find someone is pitiful, he must have done something mean, haven’t you heard it?”

Kris didn’t pay attention to what others said, and he knew it’s imperative to get the hospital to arrange an operation for his father.

He went to Xi and said, “Doctor Lan, could you help to check on my father?”

Xi nodded and walked to Tianyao Chen. After checking on him, she said to Kris with a solemn expression, “It’s an urgent heart attack. He needs to have surgery as soon as possible.”

Hearing this, Kris was more nervous: “Doctor Lan, could you please do the surgery for my father?”

“Yes, of course.” Xi said, then she said to the nurse by her side: “Get the patient into the operating room, I will be the chief of the surgery.”

The nurse was eager: “Doctor Lan, he hasn’t paid the operation fee yet.”

As she said this, she glanced at Kris with disdain.

How could this poor man know Doctor Lan? And how could Doctor Lan decide to do the surgery before he paid the bill?

Xi glared at the nurse: “Do you think money is more important than a life? And I’m sure he’ll pay the bill.”

The last time when she went to the Chen Family’s wedding, she heard that Kris is the young master of the Chen family. Not long ago, he even took out five billion dollars to support the family.

He could even take out five billion dollars. Now the operation fee is just eight hundred thousand dollars. How could he not afford it?

“Doctor Lan!” The nurse stamped her feet, this man was obviously not a rich one, how could Doctor Lan believe him? She’s such a kind woman, but what if this man can’t afford to pay the bills and then won’t Doctor Lan have to pay for him?

But Xi has put her words clear, the nurse also didn’t have the right to stop her, so she had to take Tianyao into the operating room.

After entering the operating room, Xi looked at Kris deeply and said, “Don’t worry, I will try my best.”

Then the door of the operating room closed.

The lights outside the operating room went on. The operation began.

The crowd out there to see what happened also dispersed.

Dalong walked to Kris with caution. “Mr.Chen, do you have any other orders? If you don’t…”

Kris waved his hands and said, “You can leave here now.”

“Thank you.” Dalong was finally relieved so he left with his men.

After everyone had gone, Kris breathed a sigh of relief and sat down beside his mother. He could not help asking: “Mom, what happened? Didn’t I transfer $20 million into my dad’s account? Didn’t you use that money when you go shopping?”

Fang Gu sighed: “Ah, your father is eager to get home, how could we have the mood to go shopping?”

Kris nodded. “But how could my father have a heart attack?”

His father had always been in good health. How could he have a heart attack suddenly?

Fang’s face changed, but didn’t give a direct answer, she looked at Kris and asked, “Kris, you should be honest with me. Tell me, did you do anything bad on Lei’s wedding day?”

Kris froze for a moment: “No, I didn’t do anything.”

Wait, did his dad have a heart attack because of the Eight-Diagram Mirror? Is it possible? The answer is no, Chen Family’s house and Lei’s manor are not in the same place, so it can’t be caused by the Eight-Diagram Mirror.

After Fang heard Kris’s words, she put on a complex expression: “Your father was provoked by those people!”

“What?” Kris asked hurriedly: “Is it someone from the family say something?”

“They said that you had raped Lei’s wife on the wedding night.” Fang was sorrowful: “Your father was so angry, so he argued with those people, that’s when the heart attack hit.”


Did he rape Lei’s wife?

How could it be possible? What are they talking about?

At that moment, Kris’s head went blank, and he was completely dumbfounded.

“Mom, she is the wife of Lei, also my sister-in-law, how could I do that kind of dirty things?” Kris soothed his mother: “They must have misunderstood, I went home that day after the wedding banquet finished, it was still early in the night when I left there.”

Fang was also relieved to hear her son’s words: “I gave birth to you. Of course, I knew your temper. Both your father and I believed in you, but they insisted that you did it, even Lei said so.”

Kris knew that he had probably been framed again. He took a deep breath and was about to speak when he saw a middle-aged man in a white coat coming.

“What’s going on? I heard that someone’s making trouble here.”

Zhengde Qian, the director of the Fifth Hospital, came over and said.

At this time, another medical staff walked over and whispered to him.

“What? Is Xi crazy? How could she begin the surgery without being paid? It’s ridiculous.” Zhengde frowned and pointed at the operating room, saying: “Go in there and ask Xi to come out. She is just temporary staff in our hospital. How could she be the chief of the surgery? Besides, the hospital has strict rules, and she should realize what she’s doing. Does she really think she’s good enough to break our rules?”

The medical staff looked at the watch, said with hesitation: “Director, Doctor Lan has been in there for a while, I’m afraid the operation has begun at this moment…”

Before he finished his words, Zhengde glared at him: “If you don’t ask her to go out now, are you going to wait for her until the surgery finished? Or will you pay for the eight hundred thousand dollars?”

“Don’t you dare go in there!” At this moment, Kris couldn’t bear it anymore. He stood up with a cold face, pointed at Zhengde, and said, “Don’t you dare try it!”

“Who do you think you are?” Zhengde looked Kris up and down, seeing his shabby clothes, Zhengde couldn’t help frowning.

“It’s my father in there!” Kris said in a cold voice: “I said I’ll pay the medical bill. Don’t force me.”

“Haha,” said Zhengde with a sneer, “Are you the relatives of Doctor Lan? What’s your plan? You want to have the surgery for free, right? I’m telling you, no way!”

“Eight hundred thousand dollars for an operation?” With a cold smile, Kris took out a bank card from his pocket and threw it directly at Zhengde.


Is… Isn’t it the Violet Gold Regal Card of a commercial bank?

Qian’s hair was even scared to stand up as he recognized the card.

The medical staff next to him were all confused. They didn’t know the card, but how could Zhengde not know it!

But Kris seemed like a poor man whose total assets were not more than two hundred dollars. Is it possible that he really has the Violet Gold Regal Card?

Zhengde would never believe this.

“Hum, do you think you can frighten me with a fake card?” Zhengde sneered and threw the card to one of the staff: “Go and try it, see if there’s money in this card!”

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