Brayden Stewart suddenly fell into a furious cell phone, and his bodyguards were shocked!

What is this?

Whose phone call did Brayden Stewart answer?

He was so angry.

“Gracia Stewart, Gracia Stewart!!”

Brayden Stewart was roaring, and his bodyguard understood.

Here Chuck Cannon also understands.

When Brayden Stewart was answering the phone just now, Chuck Cannon thought it was his mother, but he didn’t expect Gracia Stewart to call it?

So, what happened to Stewart?

Chuck Cannon was confused.

Isn’t Gracia Stewart seriously injured?

How could she suddenly call Brayden Stewart at this time?

This can only show that Gracia Stewart is declaring war on Brayden Stewart!

Chuck Cannon’s only relief is that Gracia Stewart is fine!!

“Patriarch, what’s wrong with you?” a bodyguard asked without fear of death.

Brayden Stewart’s ferociousness reached the extreme, “Damn it! Take my things, I must kill you!!”

Brayden Stewart was burning with anger.

He was not a fool, knowing what it means for Gracia Stewart to call him at this time.

He knows!

At this time, Stewart must be occupied by Gracia Stewart!

“Chuck Cannon, count you lucky this time! I don’t appreciate how you died this time. Keep it. I will keep your life for you!”

Brayden Stewart turned and ran. He wanted Chuck Cannon’s life very much.

But relative to the position of the Patriarch, Chuck Cannon’s life is not worth mentioning, he made a choice!

“You, you, you, and you, the four of you kill Chuck Cannon for me, and everyone else gave me back!!”

The position of this Patriarch was hard-won, how could he give up so simply?

The Patriarch of the Stewart family, but it means that it is very likely to be the Patriarch of the No. 2 Family in the world!

This temptation is too great.

Brayden Stewart absolutely does not allow such things to happen in front of him.

Absolutely not!!

He knew that the four bodyguards left should have nothing to do with Chuck Cannon.

But there is no way to keep people, otherwise, Chuck Cannon will catch up like a dog skin plaster!

The four bodyguards stayed, facing Chuck Cannon coldly, buying time for Brayden Stewart.

At this time, how could Chuck Cannon make Brayden Stewart leave so easily?

dash forward!!


Four bodyguards besieged, Chuck Cannon was dodging, and his goal was Brayden Stewart!

The four bodyguards were thrown away by Chuck Cannon.

“Haha, Chuck Cannon, do you still want to chase me?”

Brayden Stewart laughed grinningly, “Wait for you, after dealing with my affairs, I will continue to play with you?! Wait!”


Brayden Stewart has already rushed out.

Chuck Cannon was a step late, and Brayden Stewart left on a helicopter. Chuck Cannon’s eyes were cold, he actually let him run away.

Chuck Cannon turned his head and looked at the four bodyguards left behind!

The anger was ignited in an instant!

Without these four people blocking him, he could still chase Brayden!



The fierce battle sounded at a moment!!

Five minutes later, Chuck Cannon took a breath and stopped. There were already four corpses lying on the ground, with incredible looks on their faces!

There were a lot of wounds on their bodies, some were stabbed to death by Chuck Cannon, and some were solved by Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon solved them!

None of them expected that they would die in the hands of a Chinese man!

Alice rushed over and hugged Chuck Cannon tightly.

This man appeared when she was in a most dangerous situation.

Tears appeared again in her dry eyes.

The two embraced so silently.

Chuck Cannon didn’t know how to say it, let alone how to comfort her.

Her only daughter, Emily, died unexpectedly.

Still can’t stand the humiliation, commit suicide and die!!

Chuck Cannon knew that Alice’s heart at this moment must be cut by a knife!

There is no need to say comforting words, silent hugs are enough.

After crying for a while, Chuck Cannon felt Alice’s grief.

What can Chuck Cannon do except sigh?

“Alice, I’ll take you, and Emily leave.” Chuck Cannon was also exhausted.

First, he was beaten for so long. Just now forcibly killed four masters of fighting, Chuck Cannon was tired.

You can be safe by leaving here.

“Me,” Alice shook her head, she didn’t want to leave here.

Because her only daughter died here.

She wants to stay with her, or she doesn’t want to live anymore, just wants to die with her daughter…

This is what Alice is thinking at this moment.

She couldn’t bear Chuck Cannon, but with the death of her only daughter, she couldn’t pass this hurdle.

She can’t live a lifetime. Instead of suffering for a lifetime, Alice’s choice is to update fast and die!!

“I know what you are thinking, stay alive!” Chuck Cannon saw it.

“I can’t live.” Alice was in pain.

Chuck Cannon sighed, nodded on Alice’s forehead, and walked to Emily, who was tied up with her head down.

Chuck Cannon can’t say anything about this girl.

Even if she is naughty, she is Alice’s daughter. What can she have?

She died at this age, and Chuck Cannon also felt heartache and sad.

Chuck Cannon let go of her, wanted to take her away and give her a dignified funeral, she was still young.

Suddenly, Chuck Cannon hugged her, unexpectedly… there is still temperature!!

Chuck Cannon was busy testing Emily’s breathing, one more thing!

She bit her tongue and committed suicide without success.

“Alice, come here, your daughter Emily is not dead!” Chuck Cannon was ecstatic!!

Alice, who had originally turned her back to Chuck Cannon, wanted to commit suicide. When she heard this voice suddenly, she trembled and her tears couldn’t stop the flow of tears.


My daughter is still alive?

Is this crying?

No, this is crying for joy!

Alice rushed over like crazy, she tried Emily’s breath, and she cried out, “Woo…”

She held her arms tightly, her only daughter…

Chuck Cannon caressed Alice’s face, “It’s okay, my mother should be here soon…”

In this case, first aid is necessary, and my mother is a master in this area.


Chuck Cannon went out and saw the plane coming. It was his mother’s plane.

Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief, and three people came down, his mother, Logan, and Yvette Jordan.

All intact!

Chuck Cannon was really relieved at this moment.

Logan wanted to rush over, but Yvette Jordan ran over first and hugged Chuck Cannon. It was a long hug!

Chuck Cannon feels at ease, everyone is alive.

“Mom, Alice’s daughter bit her tongue and committed suicide, and she still has a breath. Go in and take a look,” Chuck Cannon said hurriedly.

“En,” Karen Lee ran in, the situation was critical.

Here, Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan were hugging.

Logan stood in the distance, and she ran in sadly. At this time, she couldn’t control it just now and wanted to rush to hold Chuck Cannon and even kiss him.


Logan sighed with sorrow in her heart, she couldn’t disturb the two of them, she could do it silently, it didn’t matter…

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