Chapter 761 – 762: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 761: What Is the Big Business?

“I heard from Master that you are now in the later period of Detachment stage?”


“You’re cute, but your cultivation is a bit low.” Bixiao murmured.

Then she took out a huge stone. “I got this from a tomb of a cultivator in the Taoist Emperor. It’s condensed from the mixed essence. It’s good for your cultivation.” She said, and then she handed it to Kris.

“I also have a sword. It is a medium-grade treasure. And there is a divine pill of Taoist King. It is of great benefit to the sun soul. You can take them all.”

“It’s too precious. I can’t accept them.” Kris Chen said.

“But they are insignificant to me.” Bixiao said, “You can just accept them. There are no other rules in our school, as long as you remember not to betray the master and not to kill your fellow disciples.”

Kris thought back to that day when the master didn’t tell him about the rules

“In that case, I’ll accept it. Thank you.” said Kris.

Then he also took out the latest version of projector. “Please take it.” said he.

“What is this?” Bixiao looked at this card he handed her curiously.

“This is a super power chip. You will know it when you drop a drop of blood on it.”

Bixiao took the card and dropped her blood on it.

“Dear Master, Chao is at your service!” A voice rang out.

Bixiao froze. “Who’s talking?”

“This is the super intelligence in the chip, which you can understand it as the Demon Spirit.”

“Oh, I see.” Bixiao said. “Then this is a magic weapon?”

“Yeah, it is a functional magic weapon that combines entertainment and aids in cultivation.” Kris explained, “It has superb calculation and deduction abilities. You can also enter the resources you have collected in it.”

Then Kris took out dozens of books of different types of cultivation techniques.

“You say scan them!”

“Scan them!”Bixiao said, and then the chip automatically scanned them.

“The information is scanned successfully. Do you want to enter them?” Chao asked.

“Yes!” Bixiao answered.

“The information is successfully entered. You can extract from it, seal it, or deduce it.” Chao replied.

At that moment Bixiao understood the function of the super power chip.

“This is really a treasure!” Bixiao said in shock.

“It also contains a large number of battle images. He can also calculate the direction of attack, and strength of enemies that are not beyond your Stage, and even be able to give you advice!” Kris said, then stood up and swung his fist towards Bixiao.

“His fist will attack your left arm at a thirty-five degree angle with a force equivalent to later period of Detachment stage. You can attack him, or you can dodge …..” Chao said.

In that moment, Chao gave Bixiao dozens more options to deal with Kris.

Then Kris’s fist really attacked her left arm at a thirty-five degree angle. But Kris stopped just in time. “What do you think of it?”

“Good, it’s really precious!” Bixiao exclaimed. “But I can’t take it!”

“Please take it. It’s precious to you, but it’s insignificant to me.” Kris smiled.

Thanks to the inspiration given to him by his Inner Universe, he decided to upgrade the projector, so he made the super chip.

If ten thousand people buy this upgraded super chip, then all the cultivation techniques that ten thousand people get from scanning with it will be transmitted to Kris.

However, Kris gave Bixiao this card without making any other changes.

Bixiao smiled. “Thank you. I’ll take it then.”

“In addition, the super power chip can be upgraded with regular energy. But after that the resources it needs to upgrade will become more. It will tell you those resources that will allow it to be upgraded.”

“Okay, then you can go back now. I’ll figure it out myself.” Bixiao said.

Kris smiled. He was surprised that Bixiao had accepted his gift so quickly.


Kris took the the divine elixir given to him by Bixiao, and then he felt as if his sun soul was soaking in hot spring water.

The stone condensed from the mixed essence was precious. It was the same level of treasure as the liquid of Great Tao. However, it was just that this stone was condensed after the liquid had reached the extreme point.

He put it directly into his Yin-yang and Five-element Universe, and its aura swept through the universe.

He didn’t need the sword either, so he teleported it directly to North Kris with his super chips.


The next day, Kris was awakened by a sharp knock on the door. He opened the door and saw angry Bixiao.

“What’s wrong?”

“Tell me, Linger is not dead, right?”

Kris looked confused.

“The Nuwa’s descendant.” Bixiao said. “Damned Baiyue. If he hadn’t already been killed by Xiaoyao Li, I would have dug him up and whipped his corpse!”

“You’re just for this?” Kris was speechless. “That’s a myth. Don’t take it seriously! It’s just a TV series.”

“A myth?” Bixiao’s eyes widened.

“Yeah.” Kris said. “Didn’t Chao tell you this?”

“I… I didn’t ask it…” Bixiao was a little embarrassed.

“You spent all night yesterday looking at the stuff in Demon Spirit!” Kris asked.

Bixiao nodded her head. She was a little embarrassed. “Then I’ll go first.”

Then she went back over the wall to her courtyard.


The Lanting Immortal Palace borders the Immortal Taoist Palace and Yansheng Sect. The borders they share are called the ungoverned zones.

Not all the sects in the Eternity domain are occupied by the Three-thousand Great Taoist Palace. The ungoverned zones are uncontrolled, but the security here is surprisingly good.

It is a very prosperous place for business. It looks like a place that was purposely set aside for certain evil deals.

Demon Kris and North Kris first took over a small sect called Luoyan Sect. The person with the highest cultivation is its Sovereign Lord, a practitioner at the early stage of the Taoist King. His combat power is average, only his sun soul is at the stage of Taoist King, but his physical body and magic power are still in the Detachment Stage.

“Leader, I… I…” The middle-aged man knelt on the ground and begged. He was the Sovereign Lord of the Luoyan Sect, Lingding Lord.

Demon Kris did not kill him, but took him in as a subordinate.

This man was extremely lustful. The disciples of his sect were also all lustful, so his sect often stole many beautiful women.

Demon Kris released those imprisoned women after he took over the Luoyan Sect and then took them under his command.

“Go and invite your friends over.” Demon Kris said angrily, kicking him out a few meters away. “You coward, if you don’t go, I’ll get you killed right now.”

Lingding Lord knelt on the ground and prayed. “Don’t kill me. I’ll go invite them here.” He said as he then he crawled out towards the outside.

“Bastard, he won’t listen to me if I don’t beat him!” said Demon Kris, and then he spat.

“We better set up the Battle Formation first. The three people we invited this time have supreme strength.” North Kris said. “However, it’s fortunate that Kris has transmitted a Medium Grade Taoist King’s Treasure to me.”

“But did you forget about the axe?” Demon Kris said. Then he used his mind to summon a huge battle axe.

“This is an extremely high quality Taoist King’s treasure.” North Kris exclaimed in admiration.


Soon, Lingding Lord invited his buddies to drink at the place where Demon Kris was.

His three buddies were Wugen Taoist King, Shenlong Taoist King, and Manglei Taoist King. They are the Sovereign Lord of Rootless Immortal Sect, Divine Dragon Immortal Sect, and Thunder Immortal Sect respectively. They have frequent dealings with the Luoyan Sect.

“Lingding, you are so anxious to have us come here. What exactly is the matter?”

“Did you rob beautiful woman for us again?”

Lingding Lord shook his head, and then said, “I have a big business to talk to you guys today!”

“Big business? What’s the big business?” Manglei Taoist King became interested. “Are you planning to supply us with furnace tripod in large quantities?”

Lingding Lord laughed, and then shook his head. “Let’s talk about it while we eat.”

Then several beautiful women came with dishes. They stared lustfully at these women.

There were many of the ungoverned zones doing the tripod business, but Luoyan Sect was the only one doing the best. This is not only because they make a lot, but also because of the high quality of their tripod. It is said that they have a certain upper sect as a backer, and these tripod are supplied internally.

“Thank you for all the help you have given me over the years.” Lingding Lord raised his cup of wine.

“Lingding, you don’t have to be so polite. We are mutually beneficial and helpful to each other.” As Shenlong Daoist King spoke, his eyes were staring at these female disciples. He pulled one over. “You stay and serve me!”

The female disciple squirmed reluctantly.

“Shenlong, today we are talking about something big, no one else can be present.” Lingding Lord said. “After discussing the matter later, you can pick a few women if you want.”

“Haha, good. You can’t go back on your word.”

Then Lingding Lord waved his hand and signaled for those female disciples to leave.

The three of them also looked serious. When they used to drink, Lingding Lord would definitely let his female disciples accompany them. When they saw Lingding Lord become so serious today, they knew that he really had something important to say to them. They were looking forward to what Lingding Lord would talk about.

Chapter 762: The projector Was In the Market

Lingding Lord hurriedly poured wine for the three of them. After drinking for a while, he said, “This business is very simple. I just want you guys to give your sects to me.”

“What are you talking about?” Shenlong Taoist King frowned. “Lingding, are you crazy?”

Manglei Taoist King stood up, seemingly sensing something wrong. “Lingding, what exactly is your plan for bringing us here?”

“I’ve made it very clear. You might as well merge your clan into the Luoyan Sect.” Lingding Lord took a sip of wine and then said.

“Lingding, are you confident that you can beat the three of us?”

“I can’t beat you guys, but someone can beat you.” Lingding Lord laughed. “The three of you have been trapped and still don’t know it.”

“I already knew there was something wrong with that wine, so I diluted it.”

Lingding Lord smiled. “Do you think you can really dilute it?” He asked back. Then he stood up and threw the cup in his hand on the ground. Then a large formation appeared.

“Please show up, Leader.” Lingding Lord said respectfully.

Wugen Taoist King was holding a magic weapon shaped like a tree root. His original body was a rootless tree, and his magic weapon was the root of the tree that had been with him all his life.

The palm of Shenlong Taoist King had turned into a dragon claw with scales emerging from his skin. Obviously, his original body was a blue dragon.

There were thunderbolts appearing next to Manglei Taoist King. He was originally a cloud, and then by chance, he took on human form.

Soon, Demon Kris, North Kris, Yuan Kris walked in from outside the great formation.

“The super particle of Yuan Kris is so strong. After dispersing it into the wine, it can cling to the body, mana, and sun soul. If the person does not unleash the power, they cannot sense it, but once they ……”

Before he finished, the three persons’ faces suddenly changed. They felt something was rapidly squirming in their bodies. And their magic power, their flesh, and even their sun soul were all being tainted.

Three seconds later, the three men’s bodies were already covered with super particles, forming a great sealing formation.

The Manglei Taoist King panicked. “What the hell is going on here?”

“I have the divine dragon energy protecting my body, and I’m invulnerable. If I ate poison, how could I not feel anything at all?” Shenlong Taoist King said. He was horrified.

“It’s hard for me to explain this matter to you guys.” Demon Kris laughed. “It is a super particle that you have not seen before.”

North Kris laughed. “I was expecting a big fight, but now a few drinks fix them.”

Yang Buddha stood out. “Technology combined with Battle Formation, we are invincible.”

Lingding Lord stood aside. He grew more and more in awe of Demon Kris and his buddies.

“Hand over your soul source to us” Demon Kris said. “Then I can let you guys go.”

“No, I don’t hand it over. You won’t be able to control me …..” Shenlong Taoist King roared. His eyes widened. Before he finished speaking, his body shrank rapidly in the blink of an eye and became dry.

Then a bead flew out from the Mud Pill Palace of Shenlong Taoist King.

“Since you don’t want to be controlled, I just finished you off.” Demon Kris said loudly.

Wugen Taoist King and Manglei Taoist King were terrified. “How cruel, all his billions of years of cultivation have been deprived. He will never have the chance to be reborn again.”

“I hand over my soul source, but you need to unblock my sun soul first.” Wugen Taoist King hurriedly said.

“It’s not a big deal. You can just open your mind.” North Kris said.

Wugen Taoist King smiled bitterly. He only had to open his mind. Then he felt a sharp pain in his soul, as if someone had cut him hard.

Wugen Taoist King knew that the core of his purest divine soul had been taken away. From now on he would never be free again.

“What about you?” Demon Kris looked at the Manglei Taoist King.

“It’s an honor to be under your command.” Mangrai Dao King said respectfully.

Then Demon Kris refined their soul source, and at that moment the life and death of the two were in his hands.

After removing the super particle formation, Demon Kris said. “You three send troops to attack the Divine Dragon Immortal Sect overnight and get it.”

“Yes, Leader!”


Then Luoyan Sect, the Rootless Immortal Sect, and the Thunder Immortal Sect sent their troops and attacked the Divine Dragon Immortal Sect together. Without the leadership of Shenlong Taoist King, the people of the Sect were powerless to resist. Soon the sect was captured, and then it was directly divided by the three sects.

The news quickly spread through the ungoverned zones, but no one was surprised.

In the ungoverned zones, it is normal for sect to turn against each other. The Divine Dragon Immortal Sect is only a low class sect. Its destruction would not attract much attention.

“The resources of the three sects are not enough. We need to gather the useful resources first. In five or six days, we’ll find a way to create some trouble.” North Kris said.

“The ungoverned zones have ten upper class sects, three hundred middle class sects, and one thousand lower class sects. We’ll annex the lower class sects first.”

After Demon Kris and his brothers kept some of the cultivation resources, they passed the rest of the resources to Kris through the super chip.

After receiving the resources, Kris smiled. His plan was moving forward in an orderly manner. With the resources, he began his cultivation again.

The Taoist King cultivation requires the Stone of Principle, which is somewhat similar to the Taoist Strength stone.

The Principle is divided into twelve levels. Kris had not even reached the middle class level, so he was ready to start his training with mana. His hundreds of millions of Principle stones seemed to be a lot, but they were still not enough to divide them into his 129,600 universes.

He had to throw all these Principle stones into the Yin-yang and Five-element Universe to speed up the expansion of the seven Main Universes, and then provide more nutrients to his major universes.

Seven days later, Kris had already used up all the resources, “These resources are really not enough.”

Just when Kris was worried about the resources, the intelligence of the super chip sent a message, “A large amount of resources are on their way to be transmitted, they will arrive in about thirty seconds!”

Soon, a big ring appeared in Kris’ hand, which could store twice as many resources as the previous storage ring.

“This one should be enough for me to cultivate for half a month.” He said to himself.

A year later, there was a faculty competition to be held and a competition for sequence disciples in a hundred years. Kris was bound to participate in these competitions, so there was very little time left for him to prepare.

“I’ll send a message to Demon Kris. He must help me find more treasures that can create other incarnations to help me get more resources.”

On the other side, Demon Kris received a message from Kris. “It seems Kris needs more resources for him to cultivate. We need to speed up the pace of annexation.”

“Let’s first annex a hundred lower class sects in a month, then three middle class sects!”

Currently they had already taken control of ten lower class sects, but it wasn’t enough.

The cultivation resources Kris needed were ten million times more than an ordinary practitioner. In addition, Demon Kris and his buddies also needed more cultivation resources.

“Can we sell the projector now?”

“Yes, the Lanting Immortal Palace has also started selling them.”

“The Eternity is billions of times larger than the Cave World, and the population is even more immeasurable. Once the projector starts selling, Kris can get more resources, which will be great for the advancement of his realm.”

Yang Buddha and Demon Kris nodded.

“Once the projector comes into the market on a large scale, it will definitely attract the attention of others, but our existing power is still too weak. A Taoist Emperor is able to overthrow us. So let’s take over the low-level market first, and then move on to the mid-level and high-level markets.” North Kris added.

After the three men conferred, they called for Lingding Lord, Manglei Taoist King, Wugen Taoist King. Demon Kris handed the first hundred generations of projector to them and asked them to put them on the market.

As long as the projector could successfully flood the market, the ecological chain in the Cave World could be completely replicated. At that time, Kris would no longer need to worry about resources.

A few days later, dozens of sects’ stores put projectors on their shelves on the same day. This attracted the attention of many people.

“The latest projector can communicate with friends billions of light years away, and can even communicate across domains. You only need to pay 98 stones of primary law principle to buy it.” The vendor called out.

“This is a hundred times better than the best Voice Transmission Stone on the market.”

“It is also able to communicate across domains, which is even more impressive.”

“It’s a lie, it must be a lie!”

There were many people around, but none of them bought it. The product performance was advertised too much, so no one believed it.

“It’s really good, I thought the shop owner was exaggerating its performance before, but after that I found out that it really works well.” A man said. “My brother is in the Yansheng Sect. He and I are hundreds of millions of light years apart. With the projector, we can communicate at any time and also be able to see each other.”

“You’re not the one the store owner got to help him with his publicity, are you?” Someone in the crowd asked.

The man’s face changed, “If you don’t believe me, I’ll prove it to you now!”

“How can you prove it?”

“You take this projector, and then I’ll use the teleportation formation to send you to the Immortal Taoist Palace. Then we communicate by video!”

“What do you mean by communicating by video?” Another person asked.

“This projector cannot only transmit sound, but also allow us to see each other face to face.”

Now the crowd was curious. To be able to see friends who were billions of light years apart was a great divine ability

“Do you dare to go over there? It is said that there is a unique immortal wood in the Immortal Taoist Palace, you teleport it to me.”

“Oh, wait, the projector has a miniature transmission formation. As long as it determines the direction of the transmission, it can help people to transmit things to each other.”

This feature shocked the crowd. They knew that the teleportation formation was already very difficult. It was hard for them to believe that such a small thing was also equipped with a teleportation formation.

Seeing the crowd’s puzzled expressions, the man smiled. “You guys don’t believe it? You can try it!”

“I don’t believe. You give me the projector. I’m going to the Immortal Taoist Palace. And then test it.”

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