Chapter 763 – 764: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 763: Monopolistic Business

They watched the other people being transported to Immortal Taoist Palace.

There was a Domain Boundary as a barrier between two Taoist domains with a distance of billions of light-years.

Half an hour later.

“Everyone, it’s time to show a miracle, now I will connect with him.”

Three seconds after dialing out, the other party picked up the voice.

“Can you hear me?”

“I… I can!”

The other side sounded a little shocked.

Not only him, the onlookers were also completely dumbfounded, it could really transmit voice across the domain.

Even the highest level of Voice Transmission Stone was impossible to do it, and that required thousands of Principle Stone, which were advanced.

While projector only cost 98 primary Principle Stones, but its effectiveness was beyond imagination.

“Awesome, it can communicate across domains.”

“Wonderful, it’s really wonderful.”

Hearing the compliment, the man laughed again, “That’s just an ice-berg!”

With that, he pressed down on face-to-face communication.

Then, a three-dimensional image appeared, it was indeed the man just now, and not only that, even his surroundings were clearly visible.

His surprised expression was so clear that even the pores were clearly visible.


The crowd exclaimed in unison that it was awesome.

That’s too powerful.

“This Taoist brother, please buy a Immortal Wood to teleport over!”

The man nodded stiffly and went into a chamber of commerce and bought a section of Immortal Wood, “How do I teleport it?”

“You say ‘teleport’, and the projector’s Demon Spirir will automatically turn on teleportation.”


The man spoke, then the Immortal Wood in his hand disappeared.

“What … What’s going on?”

“Where is my Immortal Wood? How did it disappear?”

At this time, the people of the Ungoverned Zones said, “I know, it must have been transported here.”

“Amazing, but it should take half an hour to teleport over, right?”

As soon as he finished, a section of Immortal Wood burst out of the void and landed in the man’s hand, “Ten seconds, not bad, a little faster than last time.”


How was that possible?

He couldn’t believe it… My eyes were not blurry, right?

The crowd was in an uproar, it was simply too unbelievable.

“Of course, the more things you transmit, the more energy you consume, the slower it will be, and only dead things can be transmitted, living things can’t be transmitted.”

“Even so, that’s powerful enough.”

Many people were excited about how convenient it would be with a projector.

When they went out on a mission, they didn’t even have to go back to the sect and just directly transmit things over, how convenient it was!

“Now you believe it, right?”

“Yes, yes, we all believe it.”

The people were convinced.

“And these are only the basic functions, there are many other functions, I will not introduce them one by one, you will know when you buy.”

After saying that, the man seemed to think of something and tapped his head, “Oh no, I almost forget, I have to buy some more for my friends!”

“By the way, Brother, that projector is for you, see you again.”

He said and left in a flash.

The crowd first froze, then shouted, “What are you waiting for, go buy it!”

However, by the time they arrived, the projectors had all been sold out.

“Everyone, projector is very precious, it is still on sale in limited quantities, if you want it, please be early tomorrow!” The manager made a bow with hands and said with a smile.

“Let’s go, I heard that the chamber over there also sells it.”

“Go …”


“Leader, look, all 10,000 projectors have been sold out!”

Lingding Lord said, “It seems that everyone likes it!”

“Don’t be in a hurry, we’ll keep selling 10,000 a day for half a month first.”

“Yes, my Leader!”

“Also, tell them to speed up the annexation, it’s a heavy task this month.”

“Then, if anyone else comes, tell them that we are authorized to sell. If someone from Yansheng Sect and the Taoist Palace come here, 98 primary spiritual stone is the wholesale price, understand?”

“Yes, Leader, I understand!” Lingding Lord said respectfully.

After he left, North Kris said: “The original soul also gave feedback that they sold quickly, but Lanting Immortal Palace is the home base, he also called on Sister Bixiao to join him, and gave her 10% of the profits. “

“It seems the situation is better than we expected, but… doing business is easy, keeping business is hard, we have to find a way to give up some of our profits to those big clans!”

“Let Lingding do this, and we do not step in.”

Buddha Kris said: “Yunhai Temple, Golden Orchid Valley, Moyun Sect, Pilgrim Palace, Mixed Sect, Spiritual Void Immortal Sect, Yuting Taoist Sect, Evil King Mansion, Demon Spirit Sect, Heartless Sect!”

“This ten first class sects occupy the largest channels in the Ungoverned Zone. And there are different forces behind them, if we want to put it on sale in large quantities, we must make concessions!”

“You’re right!”


“Junior brother, 10% profit is too much, really !” Bixiao firmly refused to take it.

Projector’s costs were very small, ninety-nine percent were profit, ten percent profit meant nothing to Kris, he needed a partner to maintain his business.

But for Bixiao, 10% profit was a large number. Tens of thousands of Principle Stone were credited in a day, and in a year, tens of millions?

Kris also said that 10,000 was only the beginning, after the subsequent expansion, they would sell tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of units, that was hundreds of millions of revenue.

She was really uneasy to hold it in her hand!

“Sister, I can’t do this business alone, and Master is not willing to do it. In Lanting Immortal Palace, the only person I can trust is you.”

Kris said sincerely: “Brother, I can’t!”

Bixiao didn’t expect Kris to trust herself so much.

“Trust me, you can.” Kris was very firm.

A few hundred million Principle Stones, Bixiao thought about it and felt terrible, her entire fortune was only tens of millions of Principle Stones, although a large part of them were medium Principle Stones and high Principle Stones, but they were all earned by her own efforts.

“Brother, I …”

“Sister, please don’t reject me again.”

Kris pretended to be unhappy, “If you won’t even help me, then no one will.”

Bixiao heard that and couldn’t decline , “Brother, do not be angry, I’ll accept it, don’t worry, if anyone dares to mess with our business, I’ll help you even if it’s Taoist Master!”

“That’s right.” Kris Chen said with a smile.

As for Ziping Meng, Kris also asked him to participate in the stock, but he only gave him half a percent of the profits, about 20,000 to 30,000 primary Principle Stone.

After receiving the profit, Ziping smiled, the projector was really a treasure.

He studied it all morning and found the business opportunity in it, which was unprecedentedly good.

Moreover, it couldn’t be replicated.

Even if it’s copied, the core technology couldn’t be cracked.

Who didn’t like this kind of business?

It’s no different from monopoly.

“Not only could I not refuse the benefits he gave me, but I have to find ways to protect him, this man is very far-sighted.”

Ziping had a higher opinion of Kris, and he had wanted to get rid of him, but before he could take action, Kris had became Jianfei Zhan’s eleventh disciple, and his status was lower than Kris.

Now with this projector, he could predict how substantial the subsequent profits was.

“Now, he seems to be helpful to me.”

Ziping muttered, “Since I can’t get rid of him, then make friends with him!”

He had always understood that there were only eternal interests and no eternal enemies. Especially since Kris was now also smoothly within the rules, then they became friends.

After thinking about it, he sent a message to Kris, “Within the rules, no one dares to move!”

Kris smiled when he received the message, “There is nothing in this world that can’t be fixed with money, and if there is, it means that the money is not given enough.”

Meanwhile, inside the courtyard of Zhiyuan Gu.

“Say, what the hell is going on!”

Zhiyuan waved his hand, signaling the female disciples to stop, and several women knelt aside, not even dare to breathe.

“Young Master, recently three stores were opened opposite our store, they attracted a large number of customers, the turnover of these days is less than 30% of the previous!”


Zhiyuan Gu directly smashed the cup and hot water spilled on the manager, who not even dare to make a sound.

“What stores are they, do you know?”

“They’re newcomers, one sells magical pills and herbs, one sells weapons, and one sells Taoist texts, but they all sell one common thing called projector.”


Zhiyuan frowned, “What is that?”

“Young Master, this is what I paid 98 primary Principle Stone for, please take a look, this is …”

The manager handed over the projector, and then introduced it in detail.

Zhiyuan listened while tried it, the more he used it, the more amazed he was, “Okay, enough, who is the boss behind the three?”

“Young Master, we haven’t found for now.”

“It doesn’t matter, contact the boss, tell him we want it, and let them give us the lowest wholesale price.”

“Yes, Young Master!”

“Also, 98 Primary Principle Stone is too little, it should cost at least 980, tell them we can sell this thing for ten times the price!”

Zhiyuan was not a fool, he immediately saw the prospect of projector.

“Get out, I’ll spare you today, if this matter is still not done well, you’ll see!”

“Yes, yes, yes, thank you Young Master for not killing me!”

The manager left in a hurry.

“Brother, do you want more massage?”

“Serve me to rest.”



The next day, as soon as the three stores opened their doors, a long line formed outside the door, “Don’t crowd, 100,000 units are on sale today, for everyone!”

100,000 units, that’s great!

“Give me twenty units, I want twenty units!”

“I want them all…”

“Damn you scalper, you want to sell to someone else at a higher price.” Many people trolled.

“Sorry, there is a limit of two units per person!” The shopkeeper said.

“Two units? What if I want to give it to a friend?”

“That’s right, I have ten wives and they all want it, what can I do?”

“Sorry, this is the rule, when production increases, you can have as many as you want, now the policy of limiting the purchase of two units is set by the top, and we are not qualified to make the decision.”

Although people cursed, they grabbed fiercely!

After the warming up recently, people who had projector had become the focus.

There was a storyteller who stopped talking about stories, he took out projector, clicked on the video, then a large group of people just sit there to watch the series and rewarded money in an endless stream.

It’s said that it was full of customers and the threshold was almost stepped on.

Chapter 764: The High-end Place

The social function of the projector was really smart, even those who were a hundred million miles away could be connected.

Thus, the projector became famous outside Lanting Immortal Palace.

In less than half an hour, 100,000 projectors were sold out in three shops, it carried other businesses in these shops as well.

Nine million and eight hundred thousand Primary Principle stones could only hold a day.

This scene made people very jealous, and while they were focusing on the Essence of Chaos, these people had already started taking the Principle Stones.

Normally speaking, one hundred Chaos Essence could be exchanged for a Primary Principle Stone, one thousand for an Intermediate Principle Stone, and ten thousand for a high-level Principle Stone.

“Is the account all settled?” The shopkeeper asked.


“Well, go and find the deputy commander!”

The shopkeeper was also a member of Spark, besides, he was very loyal.

At this moment, someone came and said, “Why do you close the shop so early?”

“Tianchuan, why do you come here?”

Tianchuan walked over and asked, “Are you the shopkeeper?”

“Right.” Zhongyi answered.

“Who is your supporter?”

“What do you mean?”

“We are all businessmen, so don’t beat around the bush.” Then Tianchuan continued, “Our Young Master wants to cooperate with you and I give you two choices, first, sell the projector to us at the lowest price and we’ll give you some benefits. Second we’ll just take your business without any payment.”

Hearing this, Zhongyi sneered, “You are so arrogant! What if we all don’t choose?” ,

“Then I guarantee that you can’t keep your business going!”

“Since you said this, I don’t want to say more, just leave here please.” Zhongyi said coldly, “Send them away!”

“You are driving me out? Think more carefully, once I walk out, you have no other choices.” Tianchuan gritted his teeth and said.

“That’s my business, it has nothing to do with you.”

Zhongyi said, “Go and tell your Family Head, we may cooperate with you if you be more polite, if you insist to show like this, there’s no possibility between us.”

“You are really arrogant!”

Tianchuan shivered with anger, this was his place, how dared Zhongyi to say like this! He said coldly, “Just wait!” Then, he left.

“Zhongyi, will this cause trouble?”

“It doesn’t matter, I can handle it. Take the account book and come with me.”



Meanwhile Tianchuan knelt in front of Zhiyuan Gu, “Young Master, that’s what they said, besides, they said to give us a lesson if we continue doing so!”

Zhiyuan narrowed his eyes and asked, “Then do you find out the owner of the shops?”


“You are useless, I find it myself.” Then he continued, “There are three bosses, Ziping, Xiaobi and Liangchen!”

“No wonder that they are so arrogant.”

Tianchuan didn’t dare to say more, he couldn’t defend those people, they were more powerful than his Young Master.

“Can the poster be copied?”

“No!” Tianchuan said, “I’ve already studied it when it first came out, but I don’t know the manufacturing ways.”

“It seems that they want to monopolize the business.”

Then Zhiyuan said, “Well, do me a favor.”

After talking to Tianchuan, Zhiyuan asked, “Do you get it?”

“You are really smart! I’ll do it right now.”

“I’ll definitely give them a lesson.” Zhiyuan sneered.

Meanwhile, Zhongyi and Run came to the courtyard of Kris.

“Commander, we’ve benefited seven million and thirteen thousand Primary Principle Stones, please have a check!”

After taking all the Principle Stones, Kris asked, “Why do you come today?”

“Commander, Tianchuan came and said something to us today.”

Zhongyi didn’t hide and told Kris exactly what Tianchuan had said.

“Just ignore them.” Then he continued, “Tell Ziping that he has to help us since he takes the revenue. He’ll know how to deal this.”

“Yes, Commander!” Run stood up straight and said.

“Who is owner of Fugui Business?”

“Zhiyuan from the inner door of Shaohua Palace.”

“Well, it’s him. He also came on the opening ceremony, if it wasn’t for Heng Ji, he would cause some trouble for us.”

Kris tapped his fingers on the table, making the duh sound, then he added, “Be careful these days, he is really a shrewd man.”

“Keep our sale stable these days.”

“Yes, Commander!”

“Okay, you can leave now.”

After they left, Kris took some Principle Stones and knocked the door beside his room, “Senior, are you there?”

Then the door was opened.

Bixiao was playing the zither in the courtyard, she dressed so plain today and looked more feminine.

Kris was stunned by her beauty.


“Well, you dress so different today, I didn’t recognize you.”

Kris laughed and handed over the Principle Stone, “This is today’s gain!”

Xiaobi didn’t refused and took it by her Divine Spiritual Power, then she smiled, “There is a play tonight, do you want to have a look?”

“What it is?”

“A play that only rich people could enter.”

Kris laughed, “I’m not a rich person!”

“Well, you deserve the epithet for you earn a lot.” Xiaobi joked.

“Don’t say like that!”

Kris waved his hand and poured himself a cup of tea, “The tea brewed by you really smells good!”

“Don’t flatter me.”

Xiaobi put away the zither and said, “I just want to show you something, the play is the dream place for all the young people in the whole Palace.”

“Then I’ll definitely go there!”

Kris put down his tea, “Can you borrow me some money?”

“Since you say like this, of course I’ll borrow you.”

Xiaobi said with a smile, she always felt very happy when staying with Kris.

“I know you won’t left me alone.”


In the evening, they ate together, after that, Xiaobi took Kris to an elegant courtyard.

“The people who come here are all the disciples of the major Palaces, besides, there were also many senior masters. They will hold a meeting here on the 15th of every month!” Xiaobi explained.

Kris nodded his head, this was exactly a tea party!

“Liangchen, senior Xiao!”

At this moment, Ziping walked over, followed by Linger Zuo and Wanqing Qiao. Besides, Qilin Duan was also behind them.


Kris nodded and smiled.

“Let’s walk together!” Then Ziping said, “I’ll deal that thing, don’t worry.”

“Thank you Ziping.”

Kris quickly changed a topic, “Do you usually come to this tea party?”


Ziping said, “Those who come to participate are all the progenitors of the various Palaces and Academies, the future Rank will be selected among them.”

“Let’s go and find a good seat!”

Soon, they went up to the second floor and found a seat in the corner, and the trivial disciples came to serve them.

“The building has more than a hundred floors, the seniors use their power to show us the illusion, so we can’t see it.”

Kris nodded, this was simple, he could also do that, just like creating a mustard seed space. Although it was small, it could hold many things.

There was a platform placed beside the patio, many trivial disciples were stood there.

“I wonder what good things are there today!”

Linger said excitedly, “I heard that there will be the Embryo of Taoist Emperor.

“I also heard about that.”

Wanqing added, “Anyone who swallow the Embryo can enter the Taoist King Stage, they are really powerful to find such smart treasures.”

“Senior Qiao, do you want it? I’ll buy it to you.” Qilin said.

“No, it’s really expensive.”

Wanqing sighed, compared with those top 50 Palaces, Shaohua Palace was still too weak in terms of treatment and resources.

The system of Lanting Immortal Palace was very cruel, the Rank war once in ten thousand years was an indifferent battle.

The family which has more and stronger ranks could receive better resources and more rights.

“Money is not a problem, I guess they will put it in the end.”

“Time’s up!”

At this moment, a man in blue walked to the stage and said, “The first item!”

Then a female disciple served a treasure in her hand, “This is a set of Taiyi Divine Needles, there are altogether one hundred and eighty thousand needles, each of them is high-level Treasure of Transcendence, it’s really very powerful.”

“In addition to killing the enemy, it can also be used for healing, and with the help of the Qi of Ethereal Wood, it could be ranked as a Spirit Weapon.”

“The staring price is one million Primary Principle Stones, ten thousand each time!”

“I didn’t expect the first treasure to be so valuable. It is a set of magic weapon.”

“I want it! One million and a hundred thousand!”

“I also want this treasure, I’ll add a hundred thousand more.”

“Another hundred thousand more.”

Hearing these voice, Kris was shocked, was this the so-called play? It was an auction.

Seeing Kris’s expression, Xiaobi said, “Do you want it? It is actually useless.”

“No, I’m just a bit surprised by the process.” Actually, Kris was disappointed.

“In fact, in the early years, the tea party was normal, however, gradually people get board and then it changed like this.”

Ziping knew what Kris was thinking and he said, “The treasures are provided by the disciples, so they can’t be sold in the ghost market.”

“Ziping, I understand!”

It was merely a matter of reputation.

The real good treasure should be found in the ghost market. Those sold here were really very expensive.

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