Chuck Cannon didn’t say much.

“Safe journey.” Du Peixin said softly. This is when she was silent for more than ten seconds.

“It is good.”

Chuck Cannon left and went to the boss behind the scenes.

Actually, Chuck Cannon also wanted to go to Alice, but it was not good for Alice.

Du Peixin looked at Chuck Cannon who was leaving, and she sighed, “What is she thinking? Alas!”

She turned to work hard, and suddenly she was thinking about a question. Five years later, when the time agreed with Chuck Cannon will come, how would she choose?

Will she continue to work for Chuck Cannon, or will she leave?

She went to work in the office lonely.

“Hey, Du Peixin,” Chuck Cannon’s voice came over suddenly.

Du Peixin was surprised, “What?”

“When you have time, let’s drink together!”

“Yes.” Du Peixin smiled, he still remembered this.

Chuck Cannon left.

Du Peixin feels sad, he will be all back to China.

Who are you looking for?

“I don’t want to drink with other people. Drinking with you will make me feel at ease.” This was the truth and she was particularly relieved of Chuck Cannon.

“Master, the business of your casino is very good. After a while, you can open a second one. No, you can open several at the same time.”

Betty Bernard felt that Chuck Cannon had found the right person, and Du Peixin really had this ability.

“Hope.” Chuck Cannon got on the plane.

To the boss behind the scenes.

Chuck Cannon went to her bar.

He didn’t say much, he just went in for a hug.

Only to show that he was still alive.

“Little lover, are you going back?” The boss behind the scenes was a smart woman.

There was Betty Bernard on the plane outside, indicating that Chuck Cannon was going back to China.


“Should I go back with you?”

“Uh, no,” Chuck Cannon shook his head and refused.

The boss behind the scenes pinched Chuck Cannon, “You are not allowed to tell me no, next time I will beat you,”

She can’t bear it.

After Chuck Cannon met Brayden Stewart, there were still obvious scars on his face.

It is obvious how difficult it is for Chuck Cannon to come back alive!


“Who let you go? Will you stay with me for a while?”


Chuck Cannon shrugged and smiled, “What do you want to do with you?”

“Little guy, what are you willing to do? Elder will do whatever you want.” The boss behind the scenes showed a smile that Chuck Cannon had finally “opened up”.

“Uh, I don’t dare, forget it,” Chuck Cannon waved his hand hurriedly.

He must not dare.

Besides, he didn’t have this thought, he came to bid farewell.

The boss behind the scenes snorted, “Coward, afraid I will eat you?”


Chuck Cannon was speechless. At this moment, the boss behind the scenes was very beautiful. She is sexy and perfect, but it is a thorny rose. It won’t hurt much when touched, but it will be poisoned.

A poison that can’t leave, so forget it.

Chuck Cannon didn’t want to provoke too much.

The boss behind the scenes was disappointed, “You are a coward, where did that courage go when you first saw me?”

“Uh, it’s hidden.” Chuck Cannon was embarrassed to the extreme.

“Screw you.”

“Elder, I’m leaving,”

“I let you go, you go, I don’t want to see you anymore,” the boss behind the scenes drank by herself, which was boring.

Chuck Cannon was also embarrassed. He used to comfort and drink, but suddenly, the boss behind the scenes kissed him, and Chuck Cannon hurriedly backed away.

Then, embarrassed…

“Three seconds, disappear from the front of me, or else I will never end with you! I will issue a chase order to kill you.” The boss behind the scenes was angry and aggrieved. How could this be done?

She took the initiative, but he still hides?

Hide you a big head ghost!

“Sorry, I’m not ready,” Chuck Cannon coughed.

“Go to hell!” The boss behind the scenes smashed a cup and hit Chuck Cannon who hadn’t dodged. She was busy and distressed, “You didn’t hide it just now? Why didn’t you hide from me? Does it hurt? Let your elder see. “

“It doesn’t hurt.”

“If it doesn’t hurt, then get out!!”


Chuck Cannon came out and boarded the plane, Betty Bernard took Chuck Cannon back to China.

“If I want you to get out of here, do you want to get out? I didn’t see you so obedient as you are just now?” The boss behind the scenes downcast continued to drink.

“What are you talking about? Karen Lee, there is a plane flying to China?” Alice was astonished, what does this mean.

She wants it.

Putting down the phone in a daze, he sighed, “You are going back to China? Why don’t you just come to see me? Alas… you don’t want to see me, or… safe journey.”

“Mom, what are you talking about?” The pale Emily woke up.

She bit her tongue and Emily couldn’t speak clearly.

“Nothing…” Alice continued to take care of her daughter carefully.

“Mom, where is Chuck Cannon?” Emily already knew it was Chuck Cannon who rushed to rescue her and Alice.

“He is going back to China.”

“What? Why is he going back to China?” Emily got up from the hospital bed excitedly.

Chuck Cannon rescued her again this time, and she was grateful.

“Maybe, this place, there is nothing he has nostalgia for, or, to work in China, if something happens, it is possible…”

“Mom, shall I go to China too?” Emily asked carefully.

“You? Let’s talk later about it not now when you are hurt,” Alice said to her heart, silently sighing.

This sentence reveals what her daughter thinks about Chuck Cannon…

What should she do?

Alice was in pain.

“Patriarch, Chuck Cannon is back to China!!”

Stewart, Gracia Stewart got the news.

“I know, keep staring at him!”


“You want to run, right? Feeling guilty I’m conscience after you shot me? I won’t let you do it!” Gracia Stewart stood up and strode outside, her beautiful face was indifferent!!

“Miss, Chuck Cannon has returned to China,” the man said cautiously.

The lazy Heidi Hudson opened her eyes, “Oh, normal, Chuck Cannon’s mind is always in China,”

“Then are you going to Huaxia?”

“How do I get to that kind of place? I’m not going.” Heidi Hudson denied without hesitation.

However, a second later, she was stunned, “Go to Huaxia? Haven’t said hello to me, you really have you, I won’t go… I… Go, prepare the plane, I will also go to Huaxia…”

The man was shocked!!

What is Heidi Hudson talking to herself?

“Hurry up?”


The people of Brayden Stewart rest in a place, which is very ordinary, but suddenly, Brayden Stewart sees a beautiful woman.

With a tall and perfect figure, a beautiful face, a Chinese person, yes, this is Ouyang Fei who has followed Black Rose here!!

Brayden Stewart needs to vent his anger, so he decides to strike up a conversation with Ouyang Fei.

“Stay away from me!!” Ouyang Fei said coldly.

“Oh, beauty, we can talk about it, my surname is Stewart!!” Brayden Stewart said bluntly, picking up girls is just so direct.

Ouyang Fei’s indifferent gaze shot her brightly, “Your last name is Stewart?”

Yes, when she was performing her mission, she accidentally heard about the secret family, one of which was named Stewart…

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