Chapter 765 – 766: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 765: Bid Crazily

Finally, the Taiyi Divine Needle was sold for three million Primary Principle Stones.

“The second treasure, a Taoist Emperor Weapon with the remnant soul of a monster at Taoist Stage.”

“The starting price is three million Primary Principle Stones, each increase is no less than one hundred thousand!”

The remnant soul of a monster at Taoist Stage? It was indeed a treasure.

Wanqing was excited, although the weapon was useless, the remnant soul was very valuable. It could be added in many weapons as well.

“Three million and one hundred thousand!”

“Three million and three hundred thousand!”

“Four million!”

“Four million and eight hundred thousand.”

The weapon used by Taoist Emperor were all very expensive. People all wanted to show themselves in the Rank War a hundred years later.

And who didn’t want to be the Rank himself?

“Five million!” Wanqing shouted!

“It’s already five million, is there anyone else who still want to add the price?”

“Five million and three hundred thousand!”

“Five million and seven hundred thousand!”

“Six million!”

The price shot up and soon reached eight million!

Kris estimated that this remnant weapon would probably exceed 10 million.

Just as he expected, after a few rounds, the price had exceeded ten million Primary Principle Stones.

Wanqing gritted her teeth, “Twelve million!”

“Twelve million, is there anyone else to raise the price?”

“Thirteen million!”

“Anyone else?”

“Fifteen million!”

Wanqing would only spend twenty million, she knew it was just a remnant soul and didn’t worth that much. It couldn’t exert the complete energy.

“Senior Qiao, although I can’t afford the Embryo of Taoist Emperor, I can buy this for you.” Then Qilin yelled, “Eighteen million!”

“Eighteen million once, is there anyone else?”

The whole room was silent, this price had obviously exceeded many people’s expectations.

“You don’t need to do that! I can afford it.”

Of course she wouldn’t receive this, she didn’t like Qilin. If she received his gift, then he would definitely annoy her.

“Nineteen million!” Wanqing shouted.

“Nineteen million, anyone else?”

Of course, nobody could add more.

“Nineteen million once, twice ,three times!”

Finally, Wanqing bought this at the price of nineteen million primary Principle Stones.

“You cause me to pay an extra million!”

Wanqing rolled up her eyes and went to take her treasure. Qilin was also embarrassed, “Senior Qiao, I’m sorry, what about I pay you a million?”

“No! Don’t follow me.” After saying this, Wanqing left.

Seeing this, Linger was speechless, “Qilin is a good man, but he is a bit stupid, no wonder senior Qiao doesn’t like him.”

Kris was also shocked by Qilin’s behaviors.

Soon, the third treasure was placed. It was a gold hairpin, which was said to have been worn by the wife of an Immortal.

That Immortal was called Su liu who was a master in the Eternity domain, however, his family was killed in a battle and he committed suicide.

“I’ll take this hairpin.”

Bixiao got excited.

“Senior, I also want one, what about leave this to me?” Linger also heard bout this love story, she wanted it too.

“Well, you already have Ziping, just ask him to send you one.”

“Don’t talking nonsense.” Linger quickly waved her hands and continued, “We are just friends.”

“She is just joking.” Hearing this, Ziping said with a smile, there was nothing between them, they were too familiar with each other and he didn’t like her.

He preferred Bixiao more.

“Don’t say like that.” Linger wrinkled her nose and said.

Then Bixiao smiled and focused on the gold hairpin below.

It was not a ornament from Su liu’s wife, it was also a great treasure. She would try her best to get it. Nobody knew that the thing placed on hair was a treasure.

“The starting price is five million, each increase should be no less than two hundred thousand!”

“Five million and fifty thousands!”

“Six million!”

“Seven million!”

After a few rounds, the price had exceeded ten million, most of the bidders were women.

Bixiao kept silent, it was useless to bid so early.

“Sixteen million!”

“Twenty million!”

“Twenty-three million.”

“It must surpass sixty million.”

Hearing this, Ziping said, “You are really rich.”

“Don’t say that.”

Bixiao said, “You are the richest among us.”

Ziping smiled and said nothing.

When the price exceeded forty million, Linger joined the competition, her parents were both Internal Elders, she had the power to get it.

“Forty five million!” Linger shouted!

“Forty seven million!” Bixiao also joined the bidding.

At this moment, there were only a few people left.

“Forty-eight million.”

“Forty-nine million.”

“Fifty million!”

Linger raised her bid again, “Senior, I really like this.”

“Sorry, I also like it, just give this to me! I won’t buy other things.”

Bixiao wouldn’t give up.

“Well then, let’s bid!”

Linger was not as innocent as she looked, otherwise she would not help Kris to hide the secret.

Innocence and naivety were her masks. She used such plots to communicate with other people.

You would be hurt if you trusted her.

“Fifty-two million.”

“Fifty-three million.”

“Fifty-five million.”

“Fifty-eight million!”

When Bixiao said this, people all gave up bidding. Although it was valuable, it was not that expensive.

“Fifty-nine million!”

Linger gritted her teeth and raised her bid again.

“Sixty million!”

Bixiao also raised the price, she had altogether two hundred million principle stone, sixty million meant nothing to her!

“Sixty-one million.”

Linger said, “Just stop here.”

“Well, I’ll definitely get it.” Then Bixiao smiled, “Sixty-two million.”

Hearing this price, Linger felt depressed and said, “Well, it’s yours.” She was really very sad.

“Sixty-two million, first time, second time, third time.”

At this moment, Bixiao stood up, “I’ll come back soon.”

Kris nodded his head.

Not long after, Bixiao and Wanqing came back together, of course Qilin was behind them.

Wanqing had took her weapon and Bixiao had worn the hairpin. She dressed beautiful today and the hairpin made her look better.

“Senior, you are so beautiful!” Kris couldn’t help but say.

Hearing this, Bixiao’ flushed, “Don’t flatter me.”

“I’m just telling the truth.” Kris laughed heatedly.

“Shut up!” Bixiao’s stared at him, she felt shy now.

“Well, I know.” Kris deliberately drooped his head and responded.

Seeing this, Ziping felt weird, he didn’t know Bixiao and Kris were so close.

Linger also felt depressed, it should be on her head.

The auction continued, there were still many treasures like the map of emperor treasure, the map of the immortal tomb, some magic pills, the talisman of millions of light years, scapegoat doll and the curse blood.

All Kris wanted are the scapegoat doll and talisman.

After spending nearly 80 million principles stones to get these two treasures, Kris had no other wills.

Seeing this, Ziping was stunned.

He was a newcomer, where did he get so many principle stones?

Actually, Kris was very rich, he had owned many sects, if wasn’t for he had spent some, he would be richer.

“When will the Embryo of Taoist Emperor be placed? I’m really curious!”

Linger propped up her face, she gained nothing from this auction.

“Just wait.”

Ziping became excited, he would get the treasure for it was good to improve himself.

“Bring up the treasure!”

The female disciple came up with a tray containing hundreds of green fragments of various sizes!

“This is the destroyed Immortal Treasure, if you can repair it, then it has the power of a Middle Period Taoist Emperor. The starting price is ten million intermediate Principle stones, each increase is no less than one million.”

An Immortal treasure?

Seeing this, people all became excited. They wanted this even they were fragments.

The Qi of Immortals were stored in this treasure, if one could absorb all of it, he would be stronger.

“Fifteen million.”

“Twenty million.”

“Thirty million.”


In a few rounds, the price skyrocketed to sixty million, it was equivalent to six hundred million primary principle stones!

These people were really rich!

Kris was not interested in this, however the Gate of Miracles hidden in his body suddenly trembled.

A sense of familiarity arose in his heart.

Could it be that there were fragments of the Gate of Miracles? Or why it trembled?

“He has to get it!”

Kris didn’t know where to find the fragments of the Gate of Miracles, now the chances came. He got it so easily.

“Eighty million!”

When the price climbed to seventy-five million, Ziping started to bid! His intuition told him that this fragment was of great use to him.

“Eighty-two million.”

“Eighty-five million.”

“One hundred million.”

The price of the Fragment of Immortal Treasure skyrocketed to 150 million. Besides, it was still increasing.

These people got crazy!

“One hundred and eighty million!”

When the price climbed to one hundred and seventy million, Kris started to bid.

Chapter 766: Buy at Will

After hearing the price, people were all stunned.


Bixiao was shocked, what he said is 180 million Intermediate Principle stones, and not 180 million Chaos Essence!

Ziping was also stunned, he didn’t expect Kris to be so rich. However, he suddenly thought of the organization that Kris once said and then calmed down.

The organization had one billion members, he could obtain one billion intermediate Principle Stones if one person handed a piece.

Then Ziping decided that if Kris gave more than 300 million, then he would give up this treasure.

This was the highest price he could pay, although it was a treasure, no one knew the exact strength it had.

Even if it was mended, it couldn’t enter the Middle Stage of Taoist Emperor. The auctioneer was just bragging.

“Two hundred million!” Ziping said casually.

“Two hundred and twenty million.” Kris added.

“Two hundred and fifty million.”

“Two hundred and seventy million.”

“Two hundred and ninety million.”

“Three hundred million!”

“Kris, this fragment is yours.” Ziping said with a smile.

The whole place became quiet. Someone sneered that only an idiot would buy such fragments at this price.

“Well, he is really stupid!” A stout in the corner sneered, he got this fragment by chance and had already absorbed the Qi of Immortal, there was not much left in it. Besides, the price had far beyond his expectation.

“I will win a lot this time!” He thought in his heart.

“Three hundred million once, twice, three times, it’s a deal!”

Kris stood up, “Senior, Ziping, I will go back soon.” Then he left.

Downstairs, after paying the stones, Kris placed the fragments in the ring.

It was crowded here, so he’d better check when he returned.

“Please wait!” At this moment, a voice came from behind.

After turning back, Kris found a stout with small eyes, just like a fox.

“Who are you?”

“It’ s me who found the fragment.”

“Well!” Kris nodded, “Do you want to take it back?”

He quickly waved his hands and said, “Of course not, how can I do that? If that’s the case, I’ll be mocked.”

“Then what do you want to say?”

“I want to make a friend with you. What do you think?” He said sincerely.

“My pleasure.” Kris was relieved, he thought that he came over to ask for his things back.

“My name is Laosi Lu, a disciple of Jingyang Palace, my friends call me Laosi, you can just call that too if you don’t mind.”

“My name is Liangchen, a disciple from Shaohua Palace!” Kris said with a smile.

“Good name!”

Laosi said, “Let’s exchange each other’s number?”

Kris took out the projector and said, “I’ll scan you!”

“Well, I’ll scan you!”

Laosi laughed and took out his projector, “I thought you didn’t have and wanted to send one to you.”

“Well, you are so generous.”

“Hah, I treat my friends nice.”

After seeing Laosi’s epithet, Kris laughed, it was written “Brave Forth Young Master”

“Liangchen, I still have some to deal with, remember to come to find me in Jingyang Palace!”


Seeing Kris’s back, Laosi smiled, “Another rich friend.” Then he placed Kris into one of his group where all of them were rich people.

“Liangchen, what took you so long to come up?” Bixiao asked.

“Oh, I met an interesting person down there just now, so I talked to him a bit more.” Kris smiled and sat down.

“How is the fragment? Is it good?”

“I haven’t checked it in detail yet, let’s talk about it later!”

“Fine.” Bixiao nodded.

“Next comes the final treasure, the Embryo of Taoist Emperor !”

Looking at the palm-sized and baby-shaped treasure, Kris said, “Can this refine incarnations?”

“Yes, but it has many other functions.”

Bixiao explained, “The incarnation could only be as strong as you, but if you eat it, then it is easy for you to break the Taoist Emperor Stage.”

“However, it does not mean that everyone can succeed, it depends on your cultivation. You can at least became a master in the half Taoist Emperor.”

“You should take it if you have enough stones.” Then Bixiao was a bit embarrassed and said, “Unfortunately, I can’t get it for I’ve used up all the stones.”

“I’ll lend some to you!” Kris said.


“I can lend the stones you need.” Kris smiled, he knew Bixiao wanted this.

Hearing this, Ziping said, “Liangchen, I won’t give up this time.”

He was a bit nervous, if Kris really lent the Principle Stone to Bixiao, he might lose the chance.


“That’s it.” Kris interrupted her and then focused on the treasure again.

“The starting price is thirty million Advanced Principle Stones, each increase should be no less than one million!”

“Thirty-five million!”

“Thirty-eight million!”

“Forty-two million ……”

Everyone wanted it for it was a real treasure.

Bixiao clutched her clothes tightly, she only had eight million Advanced Principle Stones, however, the price was still mounting.

Even if Kris could help her, she couldn’t afford it.

After the price broke a hundred million, Ziping joined the line, so did many other disciples.

“One hundred and thirty million.”

“One hundred and fifty million.”

“Two hundred million!”

The bidding was fierce, if one could break the Taoist Emperor Stage within a hundred years, he would definitely be the rank.

“Two hundred and forty million.”

“Two hundred and sixty million.”

The price continued to climb. Under current momentum, it would be auctioned between five hundred and eight hundred million.

Although it was a good treasure, there were many others. Such high price was already enough. Besides, no one could take so many stones at once, even the Taoist Emperor.

“Four hundred million.” Ziping said and he looked at Kris who still kept silent.

At this moment, Bixiao felt relieved, fortunately, Kris didn’t help her, she couldn’t afford such a large amount of stones.

“Four hundred and thirty million.”

“Four hundred and sixty million.”

“Five hundred million!”

As expected, the price smoothly exceeded five hundred million, and it was worthy of its reputation.

However, there were less bidders in the next rounds for most of the people couldn’t afford it.

“Five hundred and ten million.” Ziping said again.

“Five hundred and twenty million!” At this moment, a voice was heard beside him.

It was Zhiyuan.

“Ziping, do you really want it? How about giving it to me?”

“The one who pays the highest price can get it.” Ziping replied.

“Five hundred and forty million!”

“Stop bidding, I’ll get it.” Another voice was heard. It was Tingfang Hong.

“Although the Embryo of Taoist Emperor is valuable, I will only give 600 million at most.” Ziping snorted.

Hearing this, Zhiyuan sneered, he also knew it, he would only give five hundred and eighty million at most.

Tingfang covered his mouth and smiled, “Then I’ll bid at six hundred and ten million!”

“Five hundred and seventy million.”

“Five hundred and eighty million.”

“Five hundred and ninety million.”

The price exceeded Zhiyuan’s expectation and disciples from other Palaces also joined the competition.

“Six hundred and twenty million.”

After hearing the price, both Ziping and Tingfang gave up. They couldn’t offer it.

“Six hundred and fifty million.”

“Six hundred and seventy million.” There were only three people left.

“I’ll only offer Seven hundred million at most.”

“Seven hundred and ten million!”

“I’ll give seven hundred and thirty million.”

After a long time of silence, a voice came from the southeast corner, “Seven hundred and thirty-one million!”

“Damn it!” Then there was only one left.

Now, the bidders on the stage also shouted, “The current price is seven hundred and thirty-one million, anyone else?”

“Seven hundred and thirty-two million!” Just at this moment, Kris bid.

All the people were shocked by the price.

“Are you crazy, can you afford it?” Bixiao was stunned and her hands trembled.

Ziping was really shocked this time, “Could it be that the stones he collected were actually advanced Principle Stones?”

Linger looked at Kris with her eyes full of curiosity and so did Wanqing, she didn’t expect Kris to be so rich.

Qilin was also dumbfounded, but he still focused on Wanqing.

“I’ve promised you.” Kris smiled, “I can still earn more.”

“But I ……”

“Don’t be polite! I’ll get it for you today.”

Bixiao didn’t know what to say, she felt weird.

“Seven hundred and forty million.”

“Seven hundred and forty-one million!”

No matter how much his competitor bid, Kris would add more.

“Seven hundred and fifty million.”

“Seven hundred and fifty-one million!”

Kris heard the cold voice from that man, obviously, he didn’t expect to have such a competitor.

“Seven hundred and eighty million is the highest price I can offer.”

“Seven hundred and eighty-one million!” Kris said casually.


A man in the southeast corner said, “Go and find his background.”

“Yes, Young Master!”

“Seven hundred and eighty-one million once, twice, three times! Deal!”

Then the crowd become excited.

“Senior, let’s go and take it.” Kris said.

“Pull me up!” Bixiao felt dizzy, she couldn’t believe it.

Kris pulled her up with one hand and said, “Let’s go.”

After they left, Linger said with envy, “How lucky Bixiao is! Ziping, you should ask him to join our Palace.”

She was even thinking that would Kris help her if he was her senior?

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