After catching Ouyang Fei’s expression, Brayden Stewart smiled triumphantly, “Yes, you have time to chat with me now?”


Ouyang Fei shrugged.

Arrived in the room.

Brayden Stewart looked at Ouyang Fei’s perfect figure, a Chinese woman, besides Logan, actually has this kind of top quality!!

It’s too rare.

“Tell me, are you from a hidden family?” Ouyang Fei asked.

“Oh, do you still know the hidden family?” Brayden Stewart had such a slight surprise.

But he found out, and he also felt that this Chinese woman, to be able to have such a figure, absolutely must have overloaded physical training.

This is also a master of fighting!!

“Of course, otherwise, why would I come in with you?” Ouyang Fei, a woman like Ouyang Fei, whom if he hasn’t told her now that he was from Stewart, she doesn’t care at all for Brayden.

“I like a straight woman like you, what do you do?” Brayden Stewart smiled, satisfied with Ouyang Fei.


“Oh, the killer organized it?”

“Yes, our boss, do you know?”

“Yes, it’s pretty beautiful, not bad.” Brayden Stewart approached step by step. How could he not know the boss behind the scenes?

He had some thoughts before, but unfortunately, he later forgot.

“Shall I be your boss for you and let you be the boss of the killer organization? I am happy to do this for you.” Brayden Stewart laughed.

He now has this strength!

The answer is of course no.

He just pretended to say so in order to be with Ouyang Fei!

He can no longer use Stewart’s card.

He can’t use everything in Stewart.

After using it, the result will be that you are discovered by Gracia Stewart!

Fortunately, he has left too much money while playing around the world for so many years.

The amount of this money is not what ordinary people can imagine, it is enough to make him come back.

This is why he is in this situation, and he can still be in the mood for Ouyang Fei.

“I don’t need you for this, I have a method myself.” Ouyang Fei shook her head, she still had the handle of the boss behind the scenes in her hand, she kept hiding it for no use.

“Oh.” Brayden Stewart squeezed Ouyang Fei’s chin.

Ouyang Fei did not refuse.

“Then what can I do for you?”

“You only need to be a traveller, and I want your traveller’s ability to help me,” Ouyang Fei said.

She now has eyesight, the kind of aristocratic temperament in Brayden Stewart, this can’t deceive anyone, it must be the descendant of the Stewart family.

This is enough.

“Oh, what’s the matter?” Brayden Stewart smiled, so easy to succeed, his name is still very useful!!

He approached, but Ouyang Fei did not refuse.

On the Bed.

Ouyang Fei stared at the ceiling. She sat up and put on her clothes, and Brayden Stewart was all red, “Are you leaving in such a hurry?”

“Yes,” Ouyang Fei said without hesitation, putting on her clothes, “I want you to use your traveller’s power to help me deal with someone!”

“Beauty, who are you going to deal with?”

“Chuck Cannon!”

Brayden Stewart was stunned, “You have to deal with Chuck Cannon?”

“What do you mean? You too have Chuck Cannon as your enemy?” Ouyang Fei did not expect.

“Yes, it’s one of my greatest enemies!”

“Oh, let’s get together,” Ouyang Fei was expressionless, how could Brayden Stewart let her go?

Pulled her to lie down again.

“When you want to deal with Chuck Cannon, tell me, I want to watch.” Ouyang Fei thinks that it will be of great help to her after taking the line of the hidden family home.

But, she has capsized in the gutter for so long.

Ouyang Fei didn’t know that the relationship she exchanged with her body was actually useless because Brayden Stewart had been expelled from the Stewart, he was a bereavement dog!!

“Of course, there is no problem, but I am going to Huaxia now, are you going?”

Ouyang Fei want to chase and kill Black Rose, but she was actually thrown off by Black Rose. She was very upset that she could no longer find Black Rose. She was going to the boss behind the scenes.

However, Brayden Stewart suddenly said something, which gave her the idea of returning to China.

It’s been a long time, the transformed self is no longer the school girl Ouyang Fei who can be bullied by men!

It is possible to go back.

“Okay, no problem, I’ll take care of things, and I will go to Huaxia! After all, I am also from Huaxia! … You, there is still no end?” Ouyang Fei was extremely angry.

Brayden Stewart laughed.

Ouyang Fei’s superb body was fascinated by him…


Town square!

Yolanda Lane checked today’s work and patrolled the square. In the past six months, the operation of the square has started.

Chuck Cannon’s vision at the time was not wrong at all!

The flow of people in this place, after six months of Yolanda Lane’s management, has become extremely popular.

Whether it’s daytime or holidays, there are a lot of people. The square has completely entered a profit model. Even a few days ago, Yolanda Lane had already built a movie theatre on the top floor. It was completed only a few days ago. It is very luxurious and young people will love it. This can drive more traffic.

The cinema is waiting to open!

If Chuck Cannon comes back, he should be satisfied!

Yolanda Lane looked forward to this.

“Yolanda Lane…” Lara Jane ran over at this time.

Asked almost once a day, Yolanda Lane was speechless and asked when Chuck Cannon would come back. It was almost half a year, right?

Isn’t Chuck Cannon coming back from the United States?

How does this work?

“Lara Jane.”

Yolanda Lane was going to the construction site. The land that Chuck Cannon bought before in that construction has already begun.

She was going to have a look. Besides, after asking Chuck Cannon, she took over a nightclub, and the business was booming.

She was also very busy and needs to be managed.

“When will Chuck Cannon come back? It’s been a long time,” Lara Jane didn’t dare to call Chuck Cannon.

If it hits, Chuck Cannon will definitely not pick it up!

“I don’t know, it shouldn’t be so fast,” Yolanda Lane said every time. Chuck Cannon didn’t call, and she didn’t ask. How did she know?

“Oh,” Lara Jane sighed in disappointment.

“What do you think of Chuck Cannon’s life in the United States?” Lara Jane was dreaming about this.

She wanted to go to find Chuck Cannon, but where did she go? The United States is so big.

“How do I know? Lara Jane, your business is so good, please invite a few more people,” Yolanda Lane went downstairs.

Lara Jane came down with her.

Yes, the increase in traffic in the square makes Lara Jane’s milk tea shop business superb.

She has opened a branch and is planning to buy a car recently.

It was Chuck Cannon who gave her this opportunity at that time. Lara Jane thanked Chuck Cannon from the bottom of her heart. Besides, after Logan’s introduction, she had already begun to take on the play. Although she got the role of a brainless girl, Lara Jane is happy because there are still fans.

Many people in the school have seen her movies.

“I know, then I’m busy, about Chuck Cannon, you must tell me when he comes back!” Lara Jane went to her store to be busy.

Yolanda Lane was speechless, what can she tell her?

Unconsciously, Yolanda Lane actually missed Chuck Cannon a bit. After all, it’s been a long time since she saw him…

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