Yolanda Lane shook her head. What do you want to do?

I thought about it a lot.

She entered the parking lot and wanted to look elsewhere.

“How about Lara Jane, Chuck Cannon hasn’t come back yet?” Lara Jane’s cousin Charlotte Yates asked.

Lara Jane already knows that Charlotte Yates also has feelings for Chuck Cannon, and Charlotte Yates also knows that Lara Jane has feelings for Chuck Cannon, and the two of them are helpless.

What can they do?

Feeling that this kind of thing is uncontrollable, all they can do is worry together and expect Chuck Cannon to return from the United States soon.

“No,” Lara Jane lost.

Charlotte Yates sighed, after a long time, when will Chuck Cannon return from the United States?

Still not planning to come back?

“Cousin, how about we go to the U.S. or have fun.” Lara Jane said expectantly.

“Are you going to find Chuck Cannon?” Charlotte Yates understood this.

“For fun, I have never been abroad. Anyway, business has been very good recently, so I can also go abroad for fun. By the way, I can find Chuck Cannon,” Lara Jane muttered.

“How to find? We two found it, and then?” Charlotte Yates was solemn.


Lara Jane whispered, “Then, we two are together. Anyway, it was not nearly…”

Lara Jane blushed, and Charlotte Yates blushed, “Last time was the last time, this time is this time, not to mention that Chuck Cannon doesn’t feel much about the two of us!”

This was Charlotte Yates’s helplessness. After several times and so many opportunities, Chuck Cannon didn’t do anything to herself. This shows that Chuck Cannon has no thoughts about herself.

Lara Jane was also lost.

“What should I do then? I think that other men, the more I look at them, the more annoying, I just want to see Chuck Cannon…” Lara Jane muttered.

This is really true. Lara Jane has been working with handsome guys in recent filming, but she doesn’t feel at all, and she even feels attentive to those handsome guys.

It seems to have developed immunity to the handsome guy.

“Me, me too, alas…”

Charlotte Yates sighed. She was in the same situation. The 4s shop where she worked had some handsome interns.

She has no interest at all.

Two like a man at the same time. What should they do in this situation?

Lara Jane and Charlotte Yates looked at each other. Soon, the two of them dared not look at each other with a guilty conscience, and they were silent.

“Hey, Lara Jane, is Chuck Cannon not coming back!”

“Yeah, didn’t you say that he went to the United States? Did he go to pick up girls?”

This is Chuck Cannon’s classmate when he was studying.

Now they knew that the square belonged to Chuck Cannon, and they all admired it to death, not to mention that the square was really made.

It was many times better than the original lifelessness.

Chuck Cannon is very capable!

“How do I know!” Lara Jane was annoyed.

“I see, Chuck Cannon will definitely not come back, or will not come back for a short time. I see, the big beauties of the United States, but they are so beautiful, if I have a chance to go there, I will definitely play enough, and I will never come back.”

“What nonsense are you talking about? There is something for Chuck Cannon to go to the United States. Where did you go thinking of him picking up girls?” Lara Jane was extremely angry.

Charlotte Yates’s complexion was also not very good. She has never been abroad, but she also knows that a woman from the US is the best in the world. A Chinese woman is really incomparable. She is thin, so Chuck Cannon doesn’t like her. , Did not touch her either.

Lara Jane quarrelled with her classmates, and Charlotte Yates sighed.

Chuck Cannon, when are you coming back?

If you come back, Lara Jane and I… both belong to you.

“Boss, there is a problem with the decoration of the new store. Come and have a look!” This is the call Zelda Maine received in the morning.

The restaurant in the city square is so popular that she earns nearly 800,000 dollars a month. She has another idea and plans to open another branch.

The location has been selected, but there has been a disturbance recently.

He has to say something. Someone tripped over the decoration at the door, and she has to lose money and that’s 300,000 dollars.

Of course, Zelda Maine refused, absolutely not bowing to these people!

Otherwise, once there is this time, there will be another time!!

Zelda Maine drove to the newly decorated place.

She was very beautiful today, it can be said that she has always been beautiful.

Black stockings, long legs, are all men like.

She swayed her long legs into the decorated shop, and a few people looked at Zelda Maine at the shop.

“Brother, this boss is so beautiful, that leg…”

“Haha, I actually met a big beauty, luckily, how many brothers, are you still?”

These people approached with a smile.

Zelda Maine was full of temptation.

“Beauty, don’t say anything. Something at your door tripped my eldest brother. My eldest brother is still in the hospital and his knee broke. What do you think?” A yellow-haired kid said with a smile.

This is a mixed play!

“Handle? Call the police!” Zelda Maine didn’t give up!

“Call the police? Big beauty, you are a bit ignorant, human, be smart, what about you calling the police? At that time, your store will open. Don’t blame the brothers for giving me some carefully prepared gifts on the day you opened. Here you are!” Huang Mao said with a sneer.

“Are you threatening me?” Zelda Maine was angry.

“Beauty, you are wrong, I didn’t threaten you. I have said that when you opened your business, I gave you a gift. This is congratulations! Why don’t you understand human words?”

Several of his men stared at Zelda Maine with a smile, and there was one person whose saliva was about to flow out.

They surrounded Zelda Maine.

Zelda Maine looked cold, “What do you want to do?”

“Seeing you are wearing high heels, you are too tired, can I press it for you? Haha!”

The Huang Mao boy laughed and stretched out his hand.

Zelda Maine was shocked, where did she think that these people are so bold in broad daylight?

In fact, this is Zelda Maine underestimating her charm.

A woman with a perfect body like her, even if she is in jail, many people will be willing to touch her.

“Don’t come, don’t come.” Zelda Maine was terrified.

She turned around and ran.

Little Huang Mao, he thought about it a long time ago, grabbing Zelda Maine, “Brothers, go and close the rolling shutters, let’s give her a lesson today!”


Several people laughed, someone went to pull the rolling gate, and Zelda Maine walked around in a group, “What are you doing? Get out, get out!!”

“Beauty, don’t struggle, coach you first, and then let’s talk about losing money.”

The yellow-haired boy held onto Zelda Maine, Zelda Maine panicked, she slapped the yellow-haired boy on the face.


The yellow-haired boy’s face was numb, and Zelda Maine seized the opportunity to run.

“I don’t know what it is.” The Huang Mao boy rushed up angrily, grabbed Zelda Maine and pulled Zelda Maine in.

“Ah, let go, let go…” Zelda Maine panicked to the extreme, what should she do?

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