Chapter 767 – 768: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 767: Settle the Bill with Zhiyuan

The Principle Stones in Kris Chen’s hand were almost run out after he handed in a hundred million Principle stones, only primary and secondary Principle stones were left.

“Senior sister, now the Embryo of Taoist Emperor belongs to you.”

Bixiao was so moved to get it. “Brother, you’d better take it by yourself. I…”

“I just reached Later period of Detachment Stage. I don’t know when could I use it. You are at Later period of Tao Emperor now, so it’s the best you take it. The stronger you are, the better I will be.”

Bixiao stopped shirking but gritting her teeth, then she said “Well, then I will take the Embryo of Taoist Emperor.”

She did not mention anything related to money, she knew it would make them aloof.

“Let’s go.”

Bixiao said “The following process is quite boring, I believe you will not be interested.”

Kris Chen did not want to stay here anymore, so he replied “Let’s go.”

Kris also wanted to go back to make clear of his fragments after he spent several hundred million. He could also hold a memorial ceremony for Scapegoat Doll and Light-flee Rune.

“Why don’t you wait for us, sister Bixiao.”

Linger Zuo was downhearted.

“Let’s go.”

Ziping Meng got nothing today thus he was also depressed.

“Sister Qiao, wait for me.”

Bixiao said in front of the gate of the yard “Brother, I might be ”Closing Door(practicing Taoist magic art alone) for some time. Don’t give me the bonus anymore.”

“Master sister, it’s not good. That’s quite another matter. It’s…”

“Slippery fellow, you really think I don’t know what you are thinking about?”

Her snowy finger knocked on the forehead of Kris, then she said “Don’t worry about it.”

“Then I will not disturb you anymore.”

Kris chuckled then he went into the yard.

He put the Battle Formation then he went in Time Barrier.

The first thing he wanted to do was taking out his fragment and examining them.

“Not this one, not this one.”

Unexpectedly he did not find any abnormality after careful examination.

“It’s impossible. Is the tip Zhongmiao Door gave me wrong?”

Kris checked it again but no different fragment was found.

“I really spent so many principle stones for some fragments?”

He thought for a while then he took out Zhongmiao Door. Palm-big Zhongmiao Door appeared in his hand.

Then two little finger big fragments suspended with green light from a pile of fragments.

“For sure they are fragments.”

Kris was so excited to see that so he held the two fragments in case the breath was emitted.

He observed them carefully then he found the two were not the same as other fragments in his hands.

The treasure was ashamed. He could not find the two fragment if he did not own Zhongmiao Door before.

He hurried to put the two fragments into his body then he began to fete.

The process went quite smoothly he did not know it was because he owned Zhongmiao Door or these fragments were sacrificed before.

“The smell it emitted is indeed different from other fragments, it seemed it could nourish sun soul.”

Kris was so happy to feel that. Continuous Majic Pneuma was absorbed by sun soul in Mud Pill Palace. Sun soul felt extremely fresh like he had a Dabu Pill.

“It seems it’s the magic power of Essence Power.”

An Essence Light ran through Kris’ eyes “I guess each piece of the nine fragments owns an unique function. For example, the one I own now could nourish my body. The new one is sun soul.

“What a pity. Too few. Only less than one tenth. It’s not easy to get them all.”

“How could two fragments were found in Lanting Immortal Palace? ”

Kris thought that he could not let others know he had Zhongmiao anyway. “I have to get some time to find Laosi Lu to ask him where did these fragments come from?”

Then he took out Scapegoat Doll and Light-flee Rune. Scapegoat Doll could withstand one hit of Middle period of Tao Emperor. It was useless exceed it.

Light-flee Rune was a disposable consumable which used for fleeing.

Kris was more confident since he had two more cards now.

After these, Kris put all the primary Principle stones and secondary Principle stones into Inner Universe.

Supernatural power was the only thing improved very slow. The bigger the universe was, the bigger was the space quality, accordingly the more resources were needed.

“Two thousand and one hundred and thirty trillion stars. It’s still too slow. At least two thousand five hundred stars of the Great Tao were needed to make breaks of Fulfilled period of Detachment.

It was Half Tao beyond Fulfilled period of Detachment Stage. At least three thousand stars were needed at that stage. Kris was headache thinking of it.

At the same time, at the ungoverned zones.

Lingding Lord already made contact with Xingjiao Businessmen of Taoist Palace and Yansheng Sect. Thus their shipments each day exceeded a million.

It would be more if North Kris did not control it strictly. Tens of millions were credited per day which shocked Lingding Lord.

It was not easy to earn money but faster than robbing.

Why doing business on furnaces and pots if he could do this?

“Ten Great Sects had noticed us. And they made contact with them, it seemed they were trying to search the supplier.”

“Let Lingding send out the message that the goods come from Lanting Immortal Palace. They dare not to act rashly even if I lent him some courage.”

“But we have to give them some benefits. Give them eighty as the wholesale prices. It could save us many troubles though we have to earn less than before. In addition, we could make contact with people of Taoist Palace and Yansheng Sect, so it’s not a bad business.”


The three nailed it down after a short discussion. Lingding Lord did a great work. He had a meet with people of ten Great Sects within several days and they signed agreements. Therefore the sale volume soared instantly.

Sales volume roared from millions to tens of millions a day. And the price was set.

Embezzlement was still exist in ungoverned zones. Middle rank and advanced sects enjoyed the selling. Within one month, the ungoverned zones were filled.

Everyday earning reached several billion, sometimes even ten billion.

The outer city of Lanting Immortal Palace was also popular. There were thirty branches now from the beginning three.

Those branches occupied the main roads of outer city. Their sales volume was around three million and the bonus Ziping Meng could get per day was about ten million.

You had to work once you took the money. Not long ago, Tianchuan Xu of Fugui Commerce counterfeited a large quantity of goods at the instigation of Zhiyuan Gu.

They intended to destroy the reputation of projector.

Ziping killed all the people of Fugui Commerce following up the clue then he found Zhiyuan with Tianchuan’s head.

He just left him some words “Cutting off one’s fortune as if killing his parents. I will kill you next time if you did it again.”

Zhiyuan was gloomy without any word for Ziping had both human testimony and material evidence.

And people began to know that Projectors belongs to Ziping from then on.

People thought it would go like this. However, Bixiao went to Zhiyuan directly after she came out of Practicing Room.

Her moves were swift and fierce, and each move was freaky deadly so that Zhiyuan could not handle it.

Bixiao broke Half Tao Emperor after she swallowed Embryo of Taoist Emperor. Taoist Emperor was not a problem in the near future as long as she kept absorbing the power from the Embryo.

“Bixiao, are you crazy?”

“I am crazy?”

Bixiao said with cold face “Who ordered you to solve it? Don’t you know projector was my idea?”

“Let me tell you, if you don’t give me a reasonable saying today, I will go to Master uncle.”

The master uncle Bixiao mentioned was the lord of Shaohua Palace.

“Isn’t projector the idea of Ziping? Why you said it’s your idea now?”

“We own it together, can’t we?”

Zhiyuan was stunned, he wondered why it was also related to Bixiao. He knew he would suffer if master was disturbed from practicing Taoist magic art alone.

“Don’t go too far.”

“Who went too far?”

Bixiao replied “I gave a chance for we were from the same sect. But you did not cherish it but going too far, then let’s go to master uncle.”

“Don’t go.”

Zhiyuan stopped Bixiao, finally he could not control himself anymore. “Sister Bixiao, you don’t need to do this, for it’s only normal business competition.”

“And you already killed those who did that.”

“They deserved.”

Bixiao sneered “Fine, then pay me if you don’t want to go to master uncle. Do you know what kind of bad influence Fugui Commerce brought us?”

Zhiyuan hauled deeply to hold his bad thought, then he asked “Well, how much do you want?”

“A billion secondary Principle stones.”


A billion?

Blue tendons stood up from Zhiyuan’s forehead, “You are demanding an exorbitant price.”

“Were a billion secondary Principle stones a lot?”

Bixiao sneered “Just ten billion primary Principle stones.”

“A billion of principle stones is a piece of cake if we are not controlling the shipment strictly. Ten billion principle stones just need several days.”

“Brother Gu, I don’t care whether you want to pay or not. It’s nothing for me. I just want a reason.”

Zhiyuan was shocked and annoyed. Ten billion principle stones were nothing?

He could not earn so many for decades.

Bixiao was impatient to say Zhiyuan did not reply. “Just let me know if you are willing to offer.”


Zhiyuan said while gritting his teeth.

”Here you are.”

Bixiao got Na ring and glanced with her Divine Spiritual Power, then said “It was settled this time. But I will not spare you if you do it again.”

Zhiyuan cursed “Bitch, bitch” after Bixiao went far.

“Don’t let me get the chance. Or I will let you know my power.”

“Come, ask a female disciple to my room. A pretty one.”

“Brothere, here is the money.”

Bixiao handed Kris the ring after she came back with fruitful results. “Here you are.”

“Sister, what do you mean?”

“Here are a billion secondary principle stones. All belongs to you.”

Kris touched his nose and said “That’s too many. You contributed the most. You take eight and I will take two.”

“No, each of us get half.”

“I will only take one if you said so.”

Bixiao knocked on Kris’ forehead and said “Others wish to get more money, but you try your best to give others.”

“I am your brother, not others. It’s different.”

Bixiao’s face turned red when she heard what Kris said though those were normal words.”I don’t want to take the half if you said so. Take all of them. Just assume I give you back.”

“Are you sure?”


Bixiao said “How could I get so many principle stones without your help.”

She had practiced for millions of millions years, but she never got so many principle stones.

She felt embarrassed to mention that.

“Then I will take them.”

Kris did not act daintily, he knew Bixiao did not want to owe others anything.

Their relationship was firm now, so that he did not need to flatter her like this.

“That’s right.”

Bixiao smiled.

“By the way, it’s uncle’s birthday several months later, what do you want to give him?”

Chapter 768: The Meeting with Nine Funny Guys

“Are we close? If so I will prepare it earnestly. If not, I will give what you give. ”

“You are good at being lazy.”

Bixiao gave Kris a supercilious look and replied “Not very close, but you’d better not get estranged with him.”

“Then it’s normal.”

Kris said “Then I will prepare the same gift with you.”

“Well, then you don’t need to prepare it. I will prepare two.”

“Thank you so much, sister.”

“By the way. I want to ask something else. Can I go to the Scripture Pavilions of other houses?”

He needed more Taoist books to deduce infinite universe.

“It’s Time Methods Shaohua Palace practiced. There are five parts all together. Only the lord could practice all of them. You don’t want to practice all, right?”

“Time Methods? Never heard before.”

Kris smiled awkwardly, “Master never told me about it.”

“He did not pass on you Time Method?”

Bixiao touched her forehead “He must wants me to pass you.”

Then she bent her finger thus a spirit light was put into Kris. “There are five parts of Time Methods, but each part is an integrated achievement methods and reach immortal stage. The full Time Method could be practiced to the Eternity which is a powerful Eternity achievement methods.”

Kris nodded and thought for sure Time Method was mighty for it related to time, cause and effect and other Great Tao.

Well, the Great Tao Kris learned was too comprehensive so that even Time Method could only be used as nourishment.

“The competition of departments three years later would be a nice chance. The champion could get three parts of the Time Method. The silver medal winner could get two parts and the third place could get one part.”

Bixiao said “The competition is geared to preparing the disciples for the Rank war. So brother, cheer up.”

Kris nodded.

“ As for the Scripture Pavilions of other houses, it’s okay if you want to go. But there are only some books for ordinary disciples, they are useless for you.”

“As long as I can enter.”

Kris came to Shaohua Palace and went to Scripture Pavilion directly. Everyone knew Kris was close to Ziping, so no one stopped him.

Kris came out contentedly after a day’s stay in the Scripture Pavilion

One third of the scriptures were lapped, and the other two thirds was better in quality than that of the Penalty Academy. After all, Shaohua Palace was a major academy.

There were over dozens billions scriptures telling achievement methods of Detachment stage, ten billion scriptures for Taoist King Stage. But all of them were just ordinary scriptures, and many of them were similar.

What made Kris surprised was there were over a thousand scriptures for Tao Emperor stage achievement methods.

For sure Detachment Method was enough now, Taoist Emperor would be waited for use.

Kris began to practice new incarnations after that. These incarnations were used to help Yuan Kris. He practiced over a hundred incarnations over a night which consumed him lots of energy.

Though he was at Later period of Detachment stage, his fighting power was not high. He was good at deducing.

The incarnations Kris practiced taking the True God as the model in the Cave World were left there basically.

Only less than ten thousand came with him, and those incarnations were not good at deducing.

The materials used for practiced incarnations were ran out after Kris practiced three thousand incarnations.

Kris deduced that he could finish it now and it supposed to take four or five years before.

Kris could begin finding ways to break Taoist Emperor once he refilled Detachment Stage.

Time flied and a year past.

Sun soul of Kris firstly broke Fulfilled period of Detachment stage. His power was not perfect and one thirds of his cells were not practiced yet.

But his strength was several times stronger than before.

Members of Spark already exceeded ten billion, and it sold over fifty billion projectors thus a complete benefit chain as formed. Spark annexed five thousand inferior sects, three hundred middle class sects and no first class sect was conquered right now.

The main reason was high end fighting power. No one expected that the highest leader of Spark had not yet reached Taoist Emperor.

“That’s the headache of owning too rich base.”

Kris smiled bitterly. It was not easy for a common person to practice dozens even hundred achievement methods.

He was different. Ten billion was not less, and hundred billion was not more for him.

The inner universe in Kris expanded into two thousand four hundred and twenty trillion with over a trillion of resources were accumulated. Then it multiplied one hundred and twenty nine thousand and six hundred, how many could that be?

It might as big as hundreds Cave worlds, and it kept expanding.

Maybe one day it could compare with, even exceed the External Domain.

At this time, Yuan Kris sent a voice message from far away. The base of Detachment Stage had been refilled, it could be practiced by Heaven Replenishment Technique.

“Deduce achievement methods at Taoist King stage first, I only need some accumulation now.”

Kris was worn out in mind. If so many resources were put into another person, he might entered Taoist Emperor even Immortal stage, while Kris could only improve little.

He might break Half Taoist within another two years.

Then a knock at the door came, “Brother, come. Elder brothers come back. Hurry up.”


Bixiao held him once Kris opened the door “Come with me, several brothers want to talk with you.”

“Don’t worry, I will go…”

In the hall of Penalty House, nine men with the same appearance and height stood there.

Kris was shocked to see nine people like that.

“Sis, what’s going on?”

“Come and let me introduce. This is eldest apprentice, Niuda, this is the second apprentice, Niu’er, …this is the ninth apprentice, Niuniu.”

What? Niuniu? Kris thought the ninth apprentice named Niujiu at first.

Their names were so curtly named.

Bixiao explained seeing Kris was so shocked “They are multiple birth. Actually they are easy to tell apart.”

Each of them looked the same, even their hair style was the same. Now you were telling they were easy to tell apart?

Finally did Kris figured out why Bixiao thought he was handsome, for her senior brothers were little bit ugly.

And they were the same ugly.

“See, the one in red is the eldest brother, the orange one is the second brother, the yellow one is the third brother…the one in half black and half white is ninth brother.”

“Got it?”


Kris made a bow with hands folded in front and said “I want to pay my respect to eldest brother, second brother…ninth brother.”

“You did good job. Just you are little bit ugly.”

“I heard from our master that you are nice.”

“Don’t worry, we will take care of you in the future. We will not spare him if who dares to bully you.”

“We supposed to come back early, but we were trapped until last month.”

“This is the gift for you, take it.”

Then nine people slipped Kris their gifts to Kris.

Among them, there were three pieces of Supreme Taoist Emperor Treasure, three gourds magical pills and some other fantastic gifts that even Kris did not know what were them.

“Thank you eldest brother, second brother, third brother…”

Kris took out his super power chip after he thanked everyone. “This is my gift for you. Hope you can take it.”

“Ah? We are elder brothers. How could we take your gift? Take it back.”

“Brother, don’t do that. Master would curse us if he know it.”

“Younger brother shall let elder brothers love, no, care about you.”

When three women were talking together, it was like one hundred ducks were quacking. When nice men were talking, it was like you were in a duck farm.

They were so talkative, and their voice was similar. It’s good their names were simple, otherwise Kris needed lots of time to remember them.

“Brothers, the chip is nice which could help you practice. And it owns many other functions. You will regret if you refuse it today.”

Bixiao said.

“I suddenly want to try since you said so.”

“That’s right. Then I will take it if it could help me to practice.”

“Bixiao is right, how could we refuse younger brother’s gift.”

“We are losing his face if we don’t take his gift.”

The nine took the chips. Bixiao hurried to tell them how to use it.

The fell in love with it after a try.

“Nice, nice chip.”

“It’s better than the projector sister gave us.”

“I love it. Thank you for your love, no, care…”

“Young brother, though you are not as handsome as us, but we see your sincerity.”

Kris felt bitter in mind but he did not tell.

Bixiao sent a voice message secretly to Kris “Brother, the nine elder brothers are nice except they are narcissistic. They would be stricken if they realized they were ugly.”

Kris understood what Bixiao meant. He knew the nine brothers would be unable to accept the fact they were ugly.

“Come, brother, let’s go to see master together.”

The nine Gourds, oh no, elder brother pulled Kris to go inside as they talking.

They bent their keens on the ground once they came where Jianfei Zhen Closed his door(practicing Taoist magic art alone), and they pressed Kris’ head to ask him to bent his knees also.

“Master, disciples Niuda, Niu’er…Niuniu come back.”

They said one by one.

Kris gave a bitter smile. They just did what the elder brothers pulled him to do.

The closed door broke instantly as their words fell, a man fled out immediately.

It was Jianfei at a close look.

Their was a ruler in his hand, then he shouted “You still know you have to come back?”

Then the ruler fell on the nine like heavy rain. The nice scampered off like frightened rats, they kept screaming, but no one dared to leave the yard.

“Master, I’m wrong.”

“Master, we traveled around to improve our cultivation. We did not make you ashamed.”

“The people who delivered me were my parents, the one who taught me is my teacher. As the saying goes, hitting means care and cursing means love. We know your meaning.”

“Bang bang bang.”

“Bang bang bang.”

Jianfei cursed while beating them “Traveling around? You are so ashamed that you were robbed by Hongchen Sect and washed clothes for some women for hundred years. Now you are still bold to tell me that?”

“I feel so ashamed of you.”

“Do you know that I am embarrassed to go out now for I am afraid people would recognize that I am your master.”

Kris was so difficult in controlling himself not to laugh hearing this.

Hongchen Sect was one of three thousand Taoist Palaces, they ranked behind two thousand and five hundred.

The people who owned highest status there were women. Usually people take women as the Tripod, while men were take as tripod and slaves there.

It was said that no man could come out one he went in. He would be happy to be there otherwise he would be absorbed out.

No one knew how did they come out after they washed clothes there for hundred years.

“Now, tell me, how did you come out?”

“The officer in the washing room let us go for they thought we were too handsome to bully.”

Niuda replied.

“Exactly. What did that mean? It meant we are…”


Jianfei beat Niusi so hard so that he flied out. “If I were not kind enough, then how could I accept you as my disciples for you are so ugly?”

Bixiao smiled while covering her mouth, Kris could not help laughing. They were so funny.

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