Zelda Maine was really panicked. She didn’t expect that she would encounter such a thing, what should she do!


When she screamed and struggled frantically, she suddenly screamed!!



Falling out alone is the same as throwing out the trash!

The little Huang Mao was shocked!

What happened?

They turned their heads and saw their companion, who fell to the ground and lay motionless on the ground. What happened?

“What’s wrong with the third child?”

“Ah, the third child was kicked by him!”

They were horrified!

“Elder Zelda…” Suddenly, there was a voice in Zelda Maine’s ears she was familiar with!

Zelda Maine burst into tears for an instant, and after a long time, he finally came back.

“You’re back? I am not dreaming, am I?”

Zelda Maine turned her head, the man in front of him was still so tall, but his skin was healthier, Chuck Cannon came back.

When Chuck Cannon left China and went to the United States, she thought that she would simply forget Chuck Cannon.

Or stay single, or find a man and try to talk?

But things backfired.

She thought about it, but couldn’t act.

Instead, she thought about Chuck Cannon.

“Of course, not…Hey, you guys treat my Elder Zelda Maine like this, still want to run?” Chuck Cannon roared!

The little Huang Mao was shocked and confused.

Their companion was over a hundred kilograms, but was kicked flying?

This is Hercules?

“Ah, grandpa forgive me, forgive me!”

Chuck Cannon’s roar scared them, how could they bear it?

It’s fine if you don’t freak out.

“Forgive you? You dare to insult my Elder Zelda, you are impatient.” Chuck Cannon walked over and gave a kick to someone.


Chuck Cannon’s strength has improved too quickly. How can such a street gangster be Chuck Cannon’s opponent?

This person has already fainted when he fell out.

“Ah, no!”

The yellow-haired boy was scared.

Mom, who is this person who suddenly appeared?

Kicks an adult like this, what is this concept?

“You just took my Elder Zelda Maine’s hand?” Chuck Cannon grabbed the Huang Mao boy and slapped him on the face which was full of fear.


The yellow-haired boy screamed and fainted.

“Damn, do you still come out to be a slut if you don’t fight like this?” Chuck Cannon slapped him again in disgust, throwing him out as if throwing the trash.

“Are you still running?” Chuck Cannon kicked.

The last person fell to the ground and fainted.

Easily solved these few people, Chuck Cannon shrugged, this kind of garbage, Chuck Cannon hasn’t moved his hands and feet yet!

Zelda Maine was stunned. Chuck Cannon went to the U.S., but he didn’t come back yet. Is he so amazing?

Three under five divided by two solved them?

“Elder Zelda, I haven’t eaten yet.” Chuck Cannon touched his stomach and came over.

Today, Zelda Maine looked beautiful. This is Chuck Cannon’s favourite clothes. Zelda Maine has a perfect figure and a line. How do you say, Chuck Cannon has been in the U.S. for so long. How many American beauties has he seen?

But Zelda Maine’s figure is close to that of a hot American beauty, and everything looks so comfortable.

It’s been a long time since he saw her, really…it feels a little unspeakable!

“Ah? Then, let’s go, I’ll do it for you.” Zelda Maine recovered.

Chuck Cannon shrugged, and it’s been a long time since he had eaten Zelda Maine’s made dishes. She opened the restaurant by herself, but she did her own dishes.

“Elder Zelda, won’t you go to your restaurant?” Chuck Cannon was astonished. He had just arrived by car. At this moment, he was sitting next to Zelda Maine who was driving!

“Not going.”

“Where to go?”

“My home, or yours,” Zelda Maine said.

Chuck Cannon was embarrassed and thought of some memories of the two people, it was really…indelible!

When he arrived in the community, Chuck Cannon was deeply moved!

This was the first house Chuck Cannon bought. At that time, he discovered that he and Zelda Maine lived in the same community. He didn’t expect it.

After he came back again, Chuck Cannon was in a daze. This year, since his mother’s phone call, he really changed his destiny!

Without his mother’s phone number, Chuck Cannon must still be laughed at by his classmates.

“What are you thinking about? When you arrive, what are you still doing? You haven’t come in yet…” Zelda Maine’s voice became quiet.

Chuck Cannon coughed in.

It still tastes like before.

The decoration has not changed.

“Elder Zelda, on the sofa…” Chuck Cannon saw the clothes on the sofa.

Zelda Maine was living at home alone, so she must have been more casual, so the changed clothes were put on the sofa.

Zelda Maine blushed instantly!

She instinctively went to put it away, but she blushed and lowered her head and said, “Have you not seen it?”

“Ah…” Chuck Cannon really saw it.

Zelda Maine put away the clothes and asked Chuck Cannon to sit for a while, and she went to the kitchen.

Chuck Cannon was also tired. He was walking on the balcony and received a call from Betty Bernard.

Betty Bernard sent Chuck Cannon over. She went to the hotel her mother bought to check it out. She was going back in a few days.

She asked Chuck Cannon what he needed?

Chuck Cannon felt that there was no need for anything, he had a plan for expanding his business empire.

So, he will just go to see Yolanda Lane after dinner, and the two will discuss it.

“Then master, where will you live tonight?”

“Whatever you want,”

Where can I stay in my own home, mom’s hotel?

“Master, or else, come to the hotel and I will ask someone to cook for you? Or… I can do it, too,”

Betty Bernard said this suddenly, and Chuck Cannon smiled, “Sister Bernard, you go to bed early,”

“En,” Betty Bernard blushed, how can she say such a thing? The young master has never eaten what she made, so why do you recommend yourself so easily?

“Okay, come and eat.” Zelda Maine came out of the kitchen with the vegetables.

Chuck Cannon was already hungry, entered, and the two sat down.

“Elder Zelda’s craftsmanship is still so good,”

Chuck Cannon smiled, this is the truth.

“If you like it, eat more.” Zelda Maine’s beautiful eyes were gentle, picking vegetables for Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon ate swiftly, and Zelda Maine just looked at it with a smile on her lips.


Zelda Maine cleaned up the dishes.

Chuck Cannon felt that it was almost time to go back. How could it be said that it was still early, to meet Yolanda Lane?

“Elder Zelda, I’m leaving.” Chuck Cannon said to the kitchen.

Zelda Maine ran out and said, “Going? Going after dinner?”

Chuck Cannon didn’t dare to look at this eye-catching eye.

“Don’t go today, live at my house tonight, you haven’t lived yet, okay?” Zelda Maine walked step by step, everything about her was a woman’s grudge.

She was very disappointed. Chuck Cannon has never been in contact with her in a real sense. He finally returned from the United States this time, now just leaving?

“Elder Zelda, it’s not so good.” Chuck Cannon coughed. He didn’t come here for what he was doing. He only met with Zelda Maine. How can he miss her if he hasn’t seen her for so long?

“Not good?” Zelda Maine approached, “Not good?”

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