Chapter 769 – 770: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 769: One Hundred Millionth Birthday

Jianfei Zhan was not that angry after punishing the nine disciplines. He often regretted to accept the nine boys as his disciples.

But he had no way for what was done could not be undone. And thousand years had past.

“Never mind, I shot my feet myself.”

Jianfei sighed and said “I will break your legs if any of you dare to step out the house before the rank war. And at least one of you have to enter the rank war this time. I will break your legs also if no one could do it.”

“Yes master.”

The nine said with a bloody nose and a swollen face.

“Liangchen, get up.”

“Yes, master.”

Jianfei smiled seeing Kris. This was the right reaction to see his disciples.

Kris never made Jianfei worry and he was good at making money. He could take care of elder sister. In addition, he could fight with someone one stage higher than him.

Kris was the perfect disciple in Jianfei’s mind.

“Do you hate me for I did not teach you for a whole year?”


“You mastered Time Method?”

“A small part.”

Actually Kris already mastered it, he said so in order not to shock everyone.

“Okay, ask your sister if you don’t know anything. Ask me if she dose not know, either.”

“Yes, master.”

“Bixiao, spend more time on Kris. Kris gave his Embryo of Taoist Emperor to you, for sure he did so for you are his elder sister, but you have to know that he could save it for himself.”

“Yes master.”

Bixiao nodded seriously.

“Well, go back if you have nothing else. It’s your uncle’s birthday several days later, don’t forget to prepare him a gift.”

“You nine bent your knees honestly. Don’t get up without my permission.”

Jianfei sneered and went back to Closing Door(practicing Taoist magic art alone), and no one knew when did the broken door was complete again.

“Elder brother, then I will go first with young brother.”

Then Bixiao left pulling Kris.

“Sister, is it good to leave elders brothers bent their knees there?”

“Just get use to it. It’s not the first time for them to be punished already.”

Bixiao said “I became the disciples here for a trillion of years already, they are not used if they did not make any trouble.”

Kris laughed and thought they were nine freaks.

“But all of them are very kind, you will know that later.”

“I will ask the kitchen to send them some food later.”

They smiled to each other and the two reached an agreement in mind.

Five days later, Shaohua Palace was decorated extremely luxury. Both inner and outer disciples of five houses were wearing splendid clothes, even the servants looked graceful/

Today was the one hundred millionth birthday of the lord of Shaohua Palace.

It was eight million years ago Shaohua Palace was so abustle and astir when the Lord broke Immortal stage.

Ziping, Ling’er Zuo, Wanqing Qiao, qilin Duan, Zhiyuan Gu and other inner disciples were welcoming guests at the gate.

“Uncle Wusheng, come in please.”

“Supreme presbyter Wusheng Gong from Time Palace sent two million years ginseng and one Middle-grade Taoist Emperor treasure.”

“Supreme presbyter Tianlin Gong from Eternal House gave a bottle of Taoist Emperor magic pills and a defensive Middle-grade Taoist Emperor treasure”

‘Supreme presbyter Qingshui from Lanshui Palace offered sacred magic water and three Lanshui magic pills.’

All the people came were prestigious people from the Great Tao of Lanting Immortal Palace.

There were over a thousand tables of banquets there. Each dish was a delicacy, not only the shape was exquisite, but also the taste was perfect.

The smell made people drool before the banquet began.

Bixiao, nine elder brothers and Kris sat on one table. Eleven people were not crowded for the table was big.

Jianfei sat on the first row.

But he did not sat together with Master uncle who was sitting with the lords of other Great Tao Palaces.

It was important.

Beidou Luo sat on the seat of honour. Someone shouted “Present a gift.”

It was the most popular round, all the people wanted to see what gifts would those disciples gave him.

“Youdao Song present your gift.”

Youdao bent his knees on the ground and said “I congratulate master the Eternity.”

“Get up.”

Beidou stoke his beard and smiled.

“Master, the Kylin Lucid ganoderma was searched from Kylin Cave, hope you could like it.”

Kylin Lucid ganoderma?

The people around sucked in a deep breath. And it was from Kylin Cave where was one of the most fierce areas of the Eternity area. Even a Taoist Emperor would have life risk to enter there, let alone Youdao was not a Taoist Emperor yet.

And Kylin Lucid ganoderma was a treasure even a Taoist Emperor wanted, Youdao, as a Taoist King, he was indeed sincere.

“I love it.”

Beidou nodded with a smile.

“Chaoqun Niu present your gift.”

Though Chaoqun had the same surname with Niuda, he was much more handsome and his skin was even better than a woman.

“He has a good name, just looked ugly.”

Niuda curled his mouth and said “I don’t know how could he be so ugly.”

“He must be miserable to be so ugly.”

The nine brothers had a heated discussion regarding the appearance of Chaoqun.

Bixiao already got used to it. So did Kris, he just took they were talking the opposite.

“Master, I found the God source from Forbidden area of ancient pit in Infinite Taoist area. I robbed it from a tatoo man, I am sure there is treasure inside.”


People were surprised again.

Infinite area ranked ahead in three thousand Taoist Palaces. Turmoil occurred there and many talented people died there.

Though it was poor there, lots of opportunities could be found there. The most treasure there were god sources.

Some people cut out Immortal spirit weapon, and some cut out immortal spirit embryo. Some it was said there was sealed the royal members of Tatoo family.

So it must be a great thing robbing from a tatoo man.

“Hope master will like it.”

“Good. You are painstaking.”

Beidou laughed and other lords of the Great Tao kept praising.

“Brother, you are lucky. Your disciples are so filial.”

“He is nice and bold. He dared to go to the pit.”

“Brother, don’t praise them anymore, he would be proud.”


People laughed.

“Get back.”

“Zhu Jian, present your gift.”

“I wish master the Eternity.”

“Get up.”

“Thank you, master.”

Zhu Jian stood up then he took out a magical pill. Then he explained “Master, I got the immortal magical pill from an ancient god area. So I will present you.”

Immortal magical pill?

Many people were puzzled hearing this.

What kind of magical pill it was? Never heard about it before.

But there were people who knew it.

“What? Immortal magical pill which lost since medieval times?”

A lord stood up and shouted.

“It’s said one Immortal magical pill could break the bottle neck of Taoist Emperor. It works well even under the immortal stage.”

All the people were shocked as his words fell.

He unexpectedly took it out.

Yanfang Gong and Zhiyuan Gu looked at each other. Its worth was a lot if what he said was true.

It was a treasure even the immortal stage wanted.

Ziping frowned. He knew his gift could not compare with theirs if so.

Immortal magical pill, the gift was too precious.

“Nice, nice, nice.”

Beidou was glad to hear that. He never expected that his disciples gave him such a big surprise.

He was at the early period of Immortal stage. He could enter the secondary period if he took the magical pill.

“Get up.”

Beidou went to hold him by himself.

“Thank you master.”

Zhu Jian was so happy to be held by his master. How honorable it was. Maybe master would offer him some Time Method if he was happy.

Immortal magical pill was nothing. He was far from Immortal stage. He could not make full use of it with it.

The most important thing was he dared not to make sure that it was an Immortal magical pill.

“Lord Luo, you are so lucky.”

Many people were envious.

It would make an immortal if the Immortal magical pill worked well.

Now no one knew how Beidou would use the Immortal magical pill.

“Trillion years had past since mediaeval times. And no one knew what kind of function it has now after such a long time.”

“That’s right. Actually it supposed to play after so long.”

“Why bother guessing here, just wait for Lord Luo take it.”

No one there was stupid. They all knew the least function it would make if Beidou took it. One immortal and two immortal were totally different.

“Yes, Lord Luo. Isn’t it the best if you improve your cultivation on your birthday?”

People began to say after that.

“Good. Then I will take it now.”

Then he swallowed the Immortal magical pill.

Zhiyuan looked depressed. He took Ziping as his goal all the time but he did not expect that Zhu Jian came half way. He was too careless.

He was ashamed to take out his gift after the Immortal magical pill.

Zhu Jian smiled happier, then Beidou became pale “No, it’s not Immortal magical pill, it’s Immortal Demon pill.”


Gloomy black energy was spit from Beidou’s mouth once he opened his mouth.

There was a black shape dancing in the air.

“Bold cub, kill you.”

Beidou shouted then his fingers became a sword. Immortal sword energy was sent out. The black shape screeched immediately he crashed.

It shocked all the people present.

Even the nine brothers stopped discussion.

“What’s going on? Isn’t it the Immortal magical pill? Why it turned to Immortal Demon pill?”

People questioned.


Zhiyuan balled his hand into a fist, he knew Zhu Jian would suffer.

Yanfang squinted and his mouth curled.

Ziping was released also.

“Brother, what is Immortal Demon pill?”

Ling’er Zuo asked.

“I don’t know, listen to master.”

Ziping replied.

Then a lord said “It’s said that in ancient time, Immortal Demon pill was refined the same time as the Immortal magical pill was refined. The Immortal demon pill is virulent, Demon spirit would tangle the one who took it until absorbing all his spirit.”

“And the Immortal Demon pill is the same as Immortal magical pill. You can never tell them apart unless you take them except the refiner. I guess the pill was left in Tatoo area to poison the descendant.”

”Master, even death can’t atone for the offence. Please forgive me.”

Zhu Jian bent his knees on the floor with fear. Proud ran away totally.

Damn it. It was a Immortal Demon pill.

This time he was done. Let alone the achievement methods, it was hard to say if he could survive the banquet.

Chapter 770: Adapt to Master’s Taste

Zhu Jian was very frightened.

He didn’t send out the congratulatory gift, but almost let his master be haunted by the demonic thoughts, which was a great mistake.

Beidou Luo was angry, although he wanted to slap the bastard to death, he held back, it was his 10 billionth birthday.

He knew that many people took it as a joke.

“Immortal King Pill and Immortal Demon King Pill is difficult to be distinguished, it’s justifiable that you make a mistake, but I know your filial piety, go back.” Beidou said indifferently.

“Thank you, Master.”

Zhu Jian was busy kowtowing in panic.

Beidou handled the matter so lightly that many people felt they had missed a good show.

The tributes continued.

The emcee shouted, “The next, Wanqing Qiao!”

Wanqing stepped forward and took out a wooden box, “May the Master live a long and happy life.”

“Good, get up.” Beidou laughed.

Wanqing stood up and opened the box, which contained a rectangular crystal stone.

“What is this?”

“Master, this is the Heart of Ice Crystal I took from the Heavenly Heart Pool in the Ice Domain, it can resist the heart demon, and can be of great use when cultivating to break the barrier.”

“Pretty good!”

“Taoist Luo, although this is an auxiliary object, it is very practical. If you have it, you can increase the success rate by 10% when you break the barrier.”

Beidou nodded, it was a good one, “Thank you, take your seat.”

“Thanks, Master!” Wanqing smiled and took his seat.

“Qilin Duan!”

Qilin stood there dumbfounded, stared straight at Wanqing, as if he hadn’t heard him at all.

The emcee shouted several times in a row, Beidou looked slightly unhappy, he hurriedly walked over, “Mr. Duan, it’s your turn!”

Qilin then snapped back to his senses, “Ohhh!”

Qilin’s parents looked at each other. If they had known this, they would never let him practice this Tao.

Beidou disliked Qilin very much, but for the sake of his parents, he did not show his displeasure.

“May the Master live a long life.”

“Get up.”

Beidou smiled but said with a low voice.

“This fool, our Master already disliked him, and did not even taught him Time Methods, but he still behaved like this on this great day.”

“Let’s see, hope they won’t make another mistake later.”

Qilin took out a book, “Master, this is a canon I inadvertently found from the Sea of Books, the content in it is profound and obscure, it must be very advanced, so it is dedicated to Master …”

“Well, I’ll take it, get up.”

Beidou waved his hand, “Take your seat.”

“Stupid, just a book?”

“Isn’t this a humiliation to Master!”

“The books in the Sea of Books are either scraps or Tao methods from other sects, it’s simply too dangerous to practice them hastily!”

Zhiyuan sneered, “In this way, even your parents can’t protect you.”

Wanqing did not know what to say, although she hated Qilin pestering her, but did not want to see him disliked by the master.

Without love, friendship was still there.

Qilin’s parents also sighed slightly, “How about to tell Master to remove Qilin’s qualification?”

“You’re confused, how can he compete for rank without a qualification?”

Tianya Duan lowered his voice and said, “So what if you can flatter, don’t forget that in Lanting Immortal Palace, strength is the most important thing, otherwise even the best birthday gift is useless.”

“In the battle of the faculty two years later, and in the battle of the rank more than ninety years later, as long as Qilin performs better, Master won’t take off his progeny.”

Duan’s mother sighed and then nodded gently.

“Senior sister, what is the Sea of Books?” Kris Chen looked at Bixiao.

“It used to be the Taoist Palace that ranked in the top ten in the Eternity Domain, encompassed the world’s sects of Taoism, with countless Taoist texts, and those people were most obsessed with collecting the divine Taoism of all schools.”

“And because of that, about 80 million years ago, it was overthrown by many Taoist Palaces that joined forces.”

“But the Taishang Lord of the Sea of Books was a super power, who almost entered into the Eternity, he sacrificed himself to protect the entire sect, now it’s one of the largest adventure paradise in the Eternity. No one above the Taoist Emperor may enter, or they will be killed by the ban.”

“You can go there for experience if you are interested.”

Kris nodded his head, collecting people’s Taoist power is a taboos, no wonder it would be jointly destroyed.

But what really interested Kris was the collection of texts inside.

Top ten, all-encompassing, so there must be a lot of achievement methods in there.

And there must be many achievement methods.

“Have you been there?”

“I’ve been there once and obtained hundreds of collections, but most of them are remnants.”

“You wanna go there?”

Bixiao immediately understood what Kris was thinking, “You can go, but it’s best to wait until after the game, by then… I’ll go with you!”


“Of course!”

Bixiao smiled, “You came from the Cave World and you’re a little weak, it’s too dangerous to go there rashly.”

“Thanks, my sister!”

Kris heatedly smiled, “I have you, it’s definitely no problem.”

“Oh, come on.”

However, Kris didn’t know that Bixiao had always been a loner and she didn’t like to travel with people at all.

“Tingfang Hong!”

Tingfang took a big step forward and knelt on the ground, “I wish you, Master, a long and blessed life and a good luck.”

“Get up.” Beidou smiled.

Tingfang clapped his hands, then several tall men walked in carrying a huge stone tablet, which was covered with a red cloth.


The moment the stone tablet landed on the ground, the floor was crushed and the crowd felt a slight tremor in the earth beneath their feet.

“Tingfang, what is this?”

“Your master, this is the Ten Thousand Realms Stone Tablet, I got it from the ruins of the Ten Thousand Realms Immortal Sect, it contains the will of countless people of the Sect, if one has the fate, he can obtain the

inheritance from it.”

“Well, you have a good chance.”

Beidou nodded, this tablet was pretty good, he could placed in Shaohua Palace, everyone could had a try, it’s naturally a good chance if who got the heritage.

When people thought of Beidou, they would not forget that the tablet was given by Tingfang.

He was smart and generous, but too effeminate, if not for that, Beidou would surely have taken him more seriously.

“It’s all thanks to the Master!” Tingfang smiled.

“Good, I like the gift, it will be placed in Shaohua House, all disciples can

have a try, take your seat!”

“Thank you, My Master!” Tingfang’s rejoiced and he hurriedly returned to his seat.

The disciples from the other houses also spoke, “Thank you, My Master!”

If they got any great inheritance, it would be a great good thing for them.

Zhiyuan skimmed his mouth, this dead sissy was really generous to pay the money.

He not only coaxed his master to be happy, but also took the opportunity to enlist people.

But he was also well prepared!

“The next one, Zhiyuan Gu!”

Zhiyuan stepped forward and knelt on the ground, “May the master live a long and blessed life and reach immortality soon!”

“Get up.”

Among the many disciples, Beidou valued Zhiyuan more, “This time, what birthday gift have you prepared for me?”

Generally speaking, he was impossible to ask such a question, and in others’ s minds, the master seemed like asking his disciple for a gift.

But this showed that Beidou thought highly of Zhiyuan.

Ziping Meng looked very calm, but he was thinking that the words were addressed to Zhiyuan as well as to himself.

Beidou still remembered the matter of Chun Ji and Ping Xiong.

“Master, I’ve prepared three birthday gifts for you this time!”

“Oh? What?”

“This first one is the Longevity Stone from Infinite Domain!”

With that, a palm-sized piece of topaz appeared in Zhiyuan’s hand.

It was such a small piece of jade, the rich vitality was attractive.

Transcendence didn’t mean a man won’t dead, but longevity, even the Beidou would dead.

Longevity Stone could increase longevity by ten thousand years, and it’s a extremely precious treasure.

Everyone’s life expectancy was limited, and no one would dislike a treasure that could prolong their life.

“Good, I like it a lot.”

The Immortal Catastrophe was even more terrifying than the Five Celestial Decays, if one couldn’t pass it, he didn’t even have a chance to be reborn.

“The second one is a disposable magic weapon that can withstand the Immortal Thunder once.”

Every time they broke through the big barrier, there would be thunder falling. Immortality had nine levels, and for every level up, there would be thunder.

“Master, this is the Transition Pearl, when you go through the tribulation, you just need to take it out and crush it.”

“Good, good, I like this one too!”

Immortal Catastrophe was very scary, so immortal realm must collect the things to cross the tribulation.

If they were not careful, they would die.

This Transition Pearl could withstand a Heaven Thunder, it’s also a good


“The third one is a group of Heaven Foxes who have undergone special cultivation. These Heaven Fox women are excellent cultivation furnaces, and each of them is proficient in the way of dual cultivation and the way of serving, which can enable Master to relax during your leisure time.”

He clapped his hands and hundreds of beautiful, flirtatious women of the Heaven Fox tribe walked by in front of the crowd.

Disciples with low cultivation were directly seduced by these women and lose their senses.

Kris was also surprised that they were real voluptuous creatures.

“Don’t look!”

Bixiao covered Kris’s eyes, “These shameless women, dressed in such revealing clothes.”

Kris let out a bitter laugh, “Sister, are you okay?”

She didn’t know that in Kris’s hometown, by the beach in summer, people dressed ten times less than this.

“I told you, don’t look.”

Kris nodded, “Okay, I’ll just watch Sister.”

“Bah, what are you talking about.”

Bixiao’s pretty face was slightly red, then she heard nine senior brothers said in unison: “These women are so ugly!”

Kris and Bixiao looked at each other and couldn’t help but laugh. The aesthetic of these nine senior brothers was always reversed from the norm.

“Well, this one is good too.”

Beidou nodded, every gift made him very satisfied, “You are very good, remember to come over later to toast the elders!”

“Yes, thank you, My Master!”

Zhiyuan was overjoyed.

Tingfang clenched his fist, “Damn it, he’s better than me again.”

He looked at Ziping, “Now Senior Brother should be anxious, right?”

Of course he was anxious.

Linger Zuo tugged on Ziping’s sleeve, “Senior brother, is our gift too trifling?”

“Don’t worry, those are all made by us carefully, the Master can surely understand us!” Ziping reassured her.

“Ziping, Linger, it’s your turn!”

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