“No, you go!” Chuck Cannon shook his head and said.

Where does he have time to go to the party?

Besides, Chuck Cannon stopped studying and dropped out of school.

When thinking about this, Chuck Cannon smiled bitterly.

This is also a pity!

Now there is no time to regret, Gracia Stewart’s revenge is coming soon!!

Chuck Cannon could feel the oppression of Gracia Stewart from the hidden family at any time.

“Cut, don’t go if you don’t go, do you really think we want you to go?”

“He must be worried that we will let him pay, so stingy…”

“That’s right, he is so rich, and is back to China, what will happen if he goes to the classmate gathering? Shouldn’t he go?”

Several classmates muttered, full of dissatisfaction with Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon didn’t think about them, and didn’t think about the general knowledge of them, and left with Yolanda Lane.

They have to discuss other things. Tomorrow the pharmaceutical industry must be implemented!

Time is running out!!

“What a petty man!”

“Let’s go, he won’t go to the party, let’s go!”

“Damn, don’t go to his city square anymore, every time I go there is no discount!”

“Lara Jane, Lara Jane that wicked pen always suggests the city square, shit, the city square is not hers, why is she so caring?”

“Are you stupid? Didn’t you see it just now? Chuck Cannon is soaking in Yolanda Lane, Lara Jane is a bad pen, Chuck Cannon will let it go? How do you say, Lara Jane is so good… , I’m jealous!”

“Oh, reincarnation is really a technical job, if I am also a rich second generation, it would be great.”

“Stop talking, let’s go first.”

They drove to the city square, and the classmates arrived, singing and eating.

“Guess, who did we see just now?” The classmate said loudly among the classmates.

“Who did you see? Is it Zabrina?”

“What a fuss! Can you still see ghosts?!”

The students made a cut, not much interest.

“Can’t guess? The richest man in our class! The one who dropped out of school suddenly!”

The students were stunned and stunned.

“You mean Chuck Cannon? He’s back? Didn’t he go to the United States?”

“It’s definitely not going to be mixed anymore!”

“Real or fake?”

“Of course, it’s true, Chuck Cannon, he’s still with Yolanda Lane! I don’t know what I’m watching, maybe he wants to do”picnic”…”

“When Yolanda Lane became the manager of the square, I felt it was wrong. It turned out to be Chuck Cannon deliberately. Alas, it’s great to have money. You can make any school flowers on your side.”

Many students were envious.

“What? You said Chuck Cannon is back?” Lara Jane, who had been inattentive, rushed over, clutching this classmate and not letting go.

“Yes, I saw him, why, he didn’t call you? Don’t you care about him that much? Did Chuck Cannon dump you!”

A classmate laughed.

“Your mother is sick?”

Lara Jane was angry and she slapped him, and the two immediately scrambled.

Many classmates broke up before separating the two of them.

Lara Jane left in annoyance, she would definitely kill him, but Chuck Cannon came back today, she wanted to contact Chuck Cannon.


The classmates were very happy at the party, but suddenly Chuck Cannon came back and they were unhappy.

“You said, what exactly did Chuck Cannon do when he came back this time?”

“Oh, where do we know? People are so rich, oh!”

They were even more unmotivated, and a female classmate whispered, “To be honest, I really miss Chuck Cannon a bit.”


“Chuck Cannon is not bad, rich and handsome,”

“Yes, Chuck Cannon is the kind of handsome guy who looks more and more attractive. If he chases me, I will agree.”

“Ah, I will too! When I finally found out that Chuck Cannon was the second generation of the rich, in fact, I actually wanted to chase him…”

A few girls are twittering, and the other male classmates are envious, so they should be like Chuck Cannon!!

“Cousin, Chuck Cannon is back.” Lara Jane ran to her milk tea shop excitedly.

Cang Dang!

The cup in Charlotte Yates’s hand fell, and she was so excited, “Really? Have you seen Chuck Cannon?”

“I didn’t see it, my classmate saw it,”

The two looked at each other and separated again.

“Cousin, how is it?” Lara Jane asked in a low voice.

Anyway, the two of them, tacitly, want to be with Chuck Cannon together.

“Whatever you say, that’s it.” Charlotte Yates lowered her head to do something, her voice was particularly low.

Lara Jane nodded and took out her mobile phone to call Chuck Cannon, but would Chuck Cannon answer it?

Here, after Chuck Cannon and Yolanda Lane finished talking, it was already past twelve o’clock. Chuck Cannon didn’t expect that the two of them would be so absorbed.

This shows that Yolanda Lane is a career-type woman, and he didn’t make a mistake at that time.

“Chuck Cannon, where are you going?” Yolanda Lane asked.

Although she is already managing so many things for Chuck Cannon, she still rents the house.

Chuck Cannon also knew it and felt sorry for her.

“By the way, I still have a house over there that has no one living in it. If you don’t want to move there, you can help me take a look at the house by the way. As you know, there is no one living in the house for too long, everything will get old…”

“This is not great,”

“What’s wrong? I’ll take you to see now,” Chuck Cannon said.


Yolanda Lane drove, Chuck Cannon showed the way and arrived at the place.

Chuck Cannon has a low voice because he lives in the same community as Zelda Maine!

Let her see it, it must not be good, this is still paying attention, especially today, Zelda Maine was still disappointed.

The door opened.

Chuck Cannon sighed. There was no one living in the house for too long, and there was really a lot of dust.

“You only need to live in this house. Let your parents come over and I am giving it to you,” Chuck Cannon has his mother’s hotel anyway, so you can live in whatever you want.

Chuck Cannon thinks of this house now, and he really feels a bit ridiculous about himself at the time.

In order to leave Yvette Jordan, he bought this house.

Now that he has reconciled with Yvette Jordan, then this house can be given to others.

“You’re giving it to me?” Yolanda Lane was surprised.

“Yes, for you,”

Yolanda Lane shook her head and refused, and Chuck Cannon smiled, “What are you afraid of! Just live directly.”

Yolanda Lane was silent for three seconds, “Well, thank you.”

Chuck Cannon was so kind to her, and Yolanda Lane was uneasy.

“It’s okay, you call someone over tomorrow to clean up, and you will live in from the day after tomorrow.”


“Now you go back, I will also go to my mother’s hotel.” Chuck Cannon said, closing the door.

Yolanda Lane didn’t pay attention. She stepped back and hit the cabinet and almost fell. Chuck Cannon quickly supported her waist, “Are you okay?”

“It’s okay.” Yolanda Lane blushed to the base of his neck. Chuck Cannon shrugged and let go. He just looked up and saw a person at the door. Yes, Zelda Maine heard the movement.

She burst into tears, she was too disappointed, “I’m sorry to disturb you…”

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