Chapter 77 – 78: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 77: What did Kerry truly want? (1)

Since it was Venus Mu that caused their argument, Venus was shocked, for she couldn’t have imagined that Hao Nangong would say he liked her?!

What attracted him?

Kerry Ye frowned, saying with an annoying tone, “You like her? Don’t forget she’s mine!”

Hao was still arrogant, turning to look at Venus, “Kerry, we all know why you married Venus? What can you give to her but to break her heart?”


“I’ll give her all my love! I can make her the happiest woman in the world!”

His words were powerful.

As if it was the most pious oath, like the firmest promise.

Venus stood dumbfounded, focusing on Hao. Although she couldn’t believe it, she had to say that because of his words, she somewhat cheered up.

Thank you, Hao. This was about the warmest words she had ever heard, Venus murmured inwardly.

Kerry couldn’t exactly know his feeling right now, but he had the impulsion to cover Hao’s mouth!

He didn’t know what it was, from his bottom of heart and the only thing he was clear was that he was upset!

Kerry fiercely broke away from Henry He’s control, coming to Venus. Then he grabbed her into his arms, looking indifferently at Hao, and said, “I’ll forget what I’ve heard.”

Hao, who was tall and strong, stopped in front of him and said with a firm look, “Kerry, fair play! We’ll see who can win Venus’s heart.”

“She and I lie on the same bed every night!” Kerry said coldly.

Hao snorted and said in a deep voice, “I’ll take a tenth of my shares to place a bet.”

Kerry frowned, with the veins up. He asked gloomily, “Are you serious?”

“That’s right.” Hao laughed at him wildly and asked indifferently, “Bet or not?!”


Hao relieved and said seriously, “Let’s say it in advance. If Venus falls in love with me, then you have to let her go!”


Venus quietly stayed in the car, worrying about the two outside. Looking at the beautiful night scene outside the window, she listened to the car CD alone.

There was a crossroads ahead and the car should be directly forward, but Venus didn’t expect Kerry suddenly turned the steering wheel and the car turned at the corner. Then the car kept rushing on a narrow road.

“Henry, don’t follow me. You guys go back home.” Kerry fixed his headset and said faintly.

Henry answered, “Yes, Young Master.”

Turning off the headset, Kerry kept driving.

Venus was so nervous that her hands were all sweaty. With the road becoming narrower and narrower, she couldn’t help but think—Would he find a place to kill her and then just bury her…

“Where are we…going?” Venus desperately tried to keep calm and asked in a careful voice.

Kerry squinted at her, deliberately remaining silent. He could see that she was nervous, and he just did it on purpose. Once he thought this fucking woman ruined his friendship, he had the urge to strangle her!

Eventually, the car parked in a small forest. There was not a single person around, only the sound made by the cicada, occasionally mixed with the ‘rustling-’ sound of the wind blowing through the leaves.

Venus became even more nervous, gulping for air. She was panicked, but the door of the car beside her was suddenly opened, then her arm was violently tugged by Kerry and her whole body was fiercely gotten out of the car.

“What do you want?” Venus questioned.

Kerry stared at her with a mocking look and said, “What do you think?”

“You’re going to kill me?” Venus’s voice trembled as she asked.

Kerry laughed, looking at her very funny expression and the anger inside magically dissipated quite a lot. He slowly approached her face, his expression extremely serious, “I did think about that just now.”

Venus’s body stiffened and said coldly, “You can’t kill me!”


“If you kill me, my brother won’t let you go!”

Chapter 77: What did Kerry truly want? (2)

Venus Mu wanted to scare him by mentioning her brother, but she didn’t think it would backfire. Kerry Ye hated Tianye Mu so much that she still dared to say this name.

Sure enough, hearing this name, Kerry looked sullen, his blue ice eyes glowing. His tone was as cold as the cold in winter, “OK, why not? Anyway, I can’t find him.”

He fondled her slender neck, as if he was thinking which part was the best to kill her.

Venus subconsciously trembled and then she immediately took his hand off her. Compared to his force, she couldn’t stand this kind of flirting things, making her a deer followed by a jaguar. He didn’t do it quickly, but tortured her little by little.

Kerry’s broad chest pressed to her, while taking off his jacket to lie it on the front cover of the car. He then grabbed her waist, lifting her to sit on the jacket as she struggled and wandered.

Hearing his heartbeat, Venus finally realized his intentions and struggled to get up, sounding a little scared, “Don’t!”

“Heh… “Kerry used his left hand to immobilize her hands that were moving around and raised them to the top of her head. His right hand rudely tugged at the fabric on her body and said coldly, “Bitch, this’s your punishment!”

After saying this, a large hand ripped her underwear and got into her body fiercely.

“Hurt…” Venus said, biting her lip.

Kerry didn’t have the slightest intention of pitying her. His desire for many days was like getting an outlet, so he was rude and wild.

Venus gripped on her hands and the pain made her crying, but she could only endure silently.

“Pa! Scream!”

The extreme hurt of her ass made Venus took a breath. The unbearable feeling of humiliation overwhelmed her, making her want to resist, “No!”

“Heh…” Kerry suddenly slowed down, only to see him caressing her cheeks, but the words he said made her blush.

“When I’m fucking you, do you imagine me as another man? Like Zihang Lu, or Hao Nangong?”

“Kerry, you pervert!” Venus desperately wanted him to shut up. How could he have such an asshole idea!

After Kerry heard the word ‘pervert’, there was bloody coldness on his face as he raised his hand once again and slapped her rounded ass hard!

“Ah-!” Venus screamed in pain, feeling as if the man must have exerted all his strength this time, or else her ass wouldn’t be painfully numb, now as if she had no consciousness at all.

“Don’t let me hear those two words from you again, or next time I won’t just use my hands!”

So, she touched his bottom line again. Venus thought extremely sadly, “‘pervert’ was a taboo for him, just like ‘Tianye, or ‘Zihang’, all could drive this man crazy.

“I got it!”

Worried about suffering from his beat once again, Venus answered.

She suspected that the last slap had shattered her tailbone!

God, the monster!

When it was over, Kerry threw her into the passenger seat and returned to the driver’s seat. He started the car, and it immediately sped away like a spinning arrow.

The clothes were torn by him, so she could only curl herself up in his suit jacket. There left the smell of semen on it, making Venus feel very uncomfortable.

Back at Ye’ s house, Venus looked at the light reflected through the window, wondering.

How was she going to get in the door with no clothes on her?

Kerry knew what she was thinking, his hands leisurely placing on the edge of the car window. He then smiled in a wicked way and said, “It’s not like I’m the only one who’s seen your body, why need to cover? Don’t you like to seduce men? Now it’s exactly what you wanted!”

Venus was so angry that she gave him a vicious glare and retorted, “I’m not an exhibitionist. Why would I like this!”

Kerry snorted coldly, his tone extremely disdainful, “How much more advanced do you think you are than an exhibitionist?”

Venus bit her lip, deciding to ignore this man. Then she made the suit close to her body, gamely opening the car door and stepping out of the car.


Venus felt her legs suddenly hanging in the air, so she screamed in panic. Then she realized that she was being held in Kerry’s arms. Worrying that he would suddenly drop her to the ground, so she tightly wrapped around his neck.

He carried her through the living room and went straight to the bedroom on the second floor. He kicked the door open and threw her on the bed, then he headed towards the bathroom.

When he was taking a shower, Venus went back to her own room, lying on the bed and quickly falling asleep.

Chapter 77: What did Kerry truly want? (3)

Red Rose Café

Xinyou Qiao rested her chin with both hands, stirring the strong coffee carelessly until someone came. When she raised her head, she saw handsome Hao Nangong.

“What does Miss Qiao want from me?” The smile on Hao’s face was lazy, and his voice was husky.

Xinyou put down the spoon, smiling, and said gently, “Hao, do you remember the last time it was at this café, the two of us chatting?”

Hao held his chin with both hands and made a thoughtful appearance, then he shook his head and said, “Sorry, I don’t remember anything.”

Xinyou wasn’t annoyed and said, “Then let me help you recall. You mentioned that design and told me that Mr. Ye was looking for the owner. Don’t you remember?”

Hao made a look of sudden enlightenment and asked in a gentle tone, “Why do you mention this?”

Xinyou elegantly took a sip of her coffee and said slowly, “At the time, I thought you didn’t mean to mention it, but after something happened, I think you did it on purpose!”


“When I saw you anxiously carried Venus away yesterday after she fainted, it made me wonder if you… liked Venus.” Xinyou directly cut to the chase and said with certainty.

Hao didn’t answer immediately.

Xinyou was anxious, but she had to pretend to be calm and continued, “You deliberately told me about that because you wanted me to learn that Kerry was looking for me, then let me take the initiative to approach Kerry, and when we’re together, you’ll be able to get Venus. Am I right?”

Nangong snorted and finally said, “Miss Qiao is indeed a smart person. Since you know this, I will be honest. I do think so.”

Xinyou couldn’t help but feel relieved, and continued to ask, “How do you know that I will definitely approach Kerry?”

Hao raised his chin slightly, his tone a bit lazy, “Because I can see ambitions in your eyes.”


She thought she had been hiding it well, but she didn’t expect to be seen by him, but it seemed he wasn’t just a dude who just played with women like the rumors said.

Since this was the case, Xinyou was going to tell the truth and directly said, “I’m looking for you today because I want you to work with me. You want Venus and I want Kerry. Since we have the same goal, why not join hands?”

What Xinyou said seemed to arouse Hao’s interest, he pondered a little and said indifferently, “If you want to cooperate, why don’t you show your sincerity?”

Xinyou looked stunned and asked, “I don’t understand what you mean.”

Hao pointed at the bag on the table to her left and said, “If we are cooperating, why do we need a wiretap. Is it because we don’t have confidence in each other?”

Xinyou looked shocked after hearing his words.

She did have a wiretap in her bag. Though she was here to find Hao for cooperation, she wanted to leave enough wriggle room. She was worried that if the cooperation didn’t work out, he was Kerry’s best friend, and if he told Kerry this, then what she has done for Kerry would be in vain.

Xinyou took a deep breath and pulled it out of her bag and tossed it to him, asking in confusion, “How did you know I would have this in my bag?”

Hao laughed carelessly and said indifferently, “I’m naturally sensitive to these things.”

People always thought that he only played with women, but they didn’t know that he had numerous brushes with death.

It was that time, when he thought he was going to meet God, Venus saved him by accident.

Xinyou nodded and said, “OK.”

Hao looked at her, asking with his husky voice, “In order to put my partner at ease, I need to confess something to you.”

Xinyou frowned and said, “What is it?”

“I know that the owner of the design is actually Venus.”

Xinyou froze and the hand holding the coffee cup trembled slightly, asking incredulously, “How do you know that?”

“You don’t have to know. I just want to make a request.”

“What request?”

Chapter 78: Venus, I Won’t Let You Die! (1)

“When we meet again, I don’t want to find something like that in your bag.”

Xinyou Qiao knew he was asking her to be sincere in their cooperation. And she nodded and said: “Don’t worry. I will.”

Then a giant smile spread across Hao Nangong’s face. He said with great satisfaction: “I love to deal with smart people, and since this is a cooperation, I’ll have to show my sincerity. Do you know why Kerry is trying so hard to find the creator of that design?”

Xinyou shook her head. She had been perplexed by this question for a long time, and she felt excited that she would finally get to know the answer, because the answer is the key to get near to Kerry.

Hao Nangong smiled and said: “That designer is Kerry’ s one-night stand, but he then found it hard to forget about her. You know what I mean?”

Xinyou felt a pang of jealousy when she heard it. But she soon regained her composure, because she realized Kerry still didn’t know that woman is Venus, and she got a plan.

“Venus, Kerry is yours for the time being, and I’ll win him over with the help of your past experiences.” Xinyou thought to herself.


Venus arrived at the company early in the morning. She looked at Xinyou and found she was typing attentively. Venus felt her heart was pierced, because Xinyou would usually greet her with a giant smile, but now she didn’t even spare a passing glance.

Venus took a deep breath. She forced herself to calm down and focus on her work. Xinyou was typing rapidly. Her delicate fingers were moving swiftly across the keyboard, and on the screen, a giant word appeared: Resignation.

When she finished the letter, Xinyou sent it to Kerry without a moment’s hesitation. Then she sighed with relief. A smile appeared on her face. Now all she had to do was to wait for Kerry’ s call. She had planed everything she needed to say and do when she met Kerry beforehand.

Soon, Kerry called her. Xinyou answered quickly. And Kerry said: “Come to my office.”


Xinyou hanged up the phone, fixed her makeup and walked into an elevator.

Venus stared after her as she left, and her face crumpled. “So, is this really the end of our friendship?”


Xinyou knocked the door, and walked into Kerry’ s office when he responded. Kerry raised his head and looked at Xinyou up and down. He seemed to notice a flicker of despair from her eyes, but he wasn’t sure whether he was right.

He put down his pen gently and asked flatly: “Why do you want to resign all of a sudden?”

Xinyou looked down because she felt guilty and she knew her eyes would betray her. Her face set, and her hands grabbed her cloth tightly. After a while, she said quietly: “I’ll get married soon.”

Kerry froze. He got some vague feelings that he found difficult to articulate. But he was certain there was a tinge of disappointment. He said: “Congratulations.”

Xinyou also froze. Then a tired smile flickered across her face. She said: “You know, I really don’t want you to congratulate me.”

Kerry got confused. He asked flatly: “Why?”

Xinyou took a deep breath, as if saying it was a decision she finally made. “I didn’t want to say it. You have already got married with Venus, and what’s the point of bringing up what happened that day at the hotel.”

Kerry’ s face changed. He stood up slowly, and because of the strong sunlight behind him, his facial expression was hard to discern, He said in a shocked tone: “Hotel?”

Xinyou bit her lips and said: “That night not only did I lose my design, I lost something else that is very valuable to me. What happened that night was a beautiful memory, and then Nangong told me you were looking for me.” There was pain in her tone.

Kerry stared at her eyes and walked slowly towards her. He asked: “Do you still remember the number of the room?”

Xinyou thought about it and answered: “CK International Hotel. Room 1026.”

The moment she finished, Kerry rushed to her and embraced her tightly. Xinyou found his heart was beating violently, and his body smelt like cigarettes, Her heart was also sinking slowly.

Chapter 78: Venus, I won’t let you die! (2)

The pungent smell of her perfume dragged Kerry Ye to reality. He frowned, but he didn’t loosen his hand.

He gradually let her go. It was only then that he remembered her previous words and asked in a deep voice, “You said that you were going to get married?”

Hearing this, Xinyou was filled with sadness and she said sullenly, “My stepmother insisted that I marry a rich old man and I didn’t dare to refuse. She said that if I didn’t marry him, she would kick me out of the house…”

After hearing her words, Kerry felt sorry for her and he recalled her bringing lunch for him. Whenever he worked for too long, she would gently remind him to take a rest.

There was no denying that she was an extremely kind and gentle girl.

Kerry stretched out his hand to place on her shoulder, saying in a gentle tone, “I’m going to meet with your stepmother to stop her.”

Hearing this, Xinyou was worried about how to make up for her lies. And of course, she wouldn’t let him meet her stepmother.

Xinyou raised a smile of gratitude, but her tone was full of loss, “Forget it, I’ve actually said ‘no’. I’ve thought about it, the worst situation is to stay in a hotel or just stay on the street. I’m used to it.”

Looking at her, Kerry felt his heart ache, while his big hand covering her small hand and said lightly, “Hotels are not safe. The street is too dangerous. There are plenty of rooms in my house and you can stay there for now.”

Xinyou looked stunned, but she was filled with excitement inwardly. She lowered her head and said, “This is not good, my identity…what if Venus misunderstands?”

When Kerry heard her mention Venus, his attitude changed and said indifferently, “You are a guest, she doesn’t dare to say anything.”

Hearing this, Xinyou looked bright and smiling as she gently said, “Kerry, thank you.”

Seeing her look change too quickly, Kerry felt a little strange, but he soon forgot it.

Perhaps he thought too much.

After returning home from work, when Venus was having dinner, she accidentally learned that Kerry didn’t come home, so she went back to her room. She didn’t know that Kerry was driving Xinyou on his way to Ye’ s house, and her life would become miserable because of Xinyou’ s intervention.

The next morning

With the alarm ringing on time, Venus opened her eyes in a daze and got out of bed to wash up. Just then, she heard the sound of the door opening and Venus guessed that it was Mrs Qin coming to remind her to eat, and said, “Mrs. Qin, I will go down immediately.”

At that moment, a familiar face suddenly appeared on the mirror, scaring her. she thought that she was hallucinating, and subconsciously called out, “Xinyou.”

After turning around, she saw her.

Xinyou snorted, slowly approaching her. At an extremely close distance, she said softly, “Surprised, are you? Wanna ask why I show up here so early in the morning?”

Venus nodded her head, waiting for her explanation.

Xinyou casually played with a trail of hair on her chest and her tone was careless, “From today, I will also live in this house. As for the reason, last night, Kerry was with me.”

Of course, that was a lie, but she was confident that she would become Kerry’s woman sooner or later! It was just a matter of time.

After hearing her words, Venus instantly turned white and her whole body’s blood was cold and numb, eyes full of incredulity, “Xinyou, do you really want to do this? You really don’t care about our friendship at all!”

Xinyou snorted, “How many times do I have to tell you? I’ve never saw you as a friend! As for what you should be thinking about right now is how I’m going to get you out of here!”

Venus weakly leaned against the edge of the washbasin, breathing heavily, with her hands clutching the edge. She was desperate. She never thought Xinyou would do this to her.

Just last night she was still thinking about how to get back together with her, but in just one night, everything couldn’t come back…

Looking at her desperate look, Xinyou was filled with pleasure and continued, “I advise you to quit now so that you won’t feel embarrassed, otherwise don’t even beg me for mercy!”

Only then did Venus realize just how cruel she really was. She felt as if she had fallen into a cold and piercing ice cellar and immediately entered a volcano again, causing her painful.

However, Xinyou didn’t let her go at all. She was still stimulating her fragile nerves, and her sanity had all lost, causing her to shout fiercely, “Stop it!”

With a crash, the mirror in front of her shattered instantly due to the impact, startling Xinyou.

Venus breathed heavily and large streams of red blood instantly flowed from her arm to the clean white washbasin.

Xinyou was shocked and she was about to say something when a footstep came from outside the door, and it was Kerry.

“What happened?” Kerry heard the sound, so he came to see what was going on.

When he saw Venus’s bloodied right hand, he frowned and he immediately shouted in a deep voice, “Uncle Wang! Hurry up and get the medical kit!”

Uncle Wang rushed in response. Seeing Venus’s arm, he was shocked and rushed to open the medical kit, taking out the gauze and scissors. Then he came in front of Venus and acted skillfully to bandage it.

After the bandage, Venus’s arm temporarily stopped bleeding. Kerry asked them with an indifferent look, “What just happened?”

Without waiting for Venus to speak, Xinyou carefully said, “I came to Venus, and she asked me why I was here, so I said… I’m living here for now.”

Kerry looked at Venus, seeing that she didn’t say a word and he asked coldly, “Really?”

Xinyou made a gesture to wipe away her tears and said with a sad tone, “I understand her. If I were Venus, I would be uncomfortable too. I’m sorry and I’ll leave right away!”

Xinyou turned around and was ready to leave, but she was stopped by someone. When she looked back, she saw Kerry’s face, only to hear, “Stay here. You don’t need to go anywhere.”

Chapter 78: Venus, I Won’t Let You Die! (3)

Venus was numb with shock. Now she finally knew what kind of person Xinyou is when she heard her barefaced lies.

Xinyou is such an expert in disguises. No one could notice her wickedness until she reveals her fangs and injects the others with her venom.

But Venus knew she could blame no one else other than herself. She has always been so gullible and naive.

Kerry looked at Venus, whose expression was completely blank, and said contemptuously: “Venus, now I see what kind of person you are! Is this how you treat your friend when she is in trouble?”

Venus regained her composure. She looked at Kerry intently and said firmly: “She is lying.”

Her eyes were pure and her face was expectant. She wanted him to trust her.

Kerry was touched. He wanted to say something but Xinyou wept sadly all of a sudden. She covered face with her hands and said in a shivering voice: “Venus, Please don’t be like this. I am really afraid. I will move out now.”

Venus was exceptionally calm at that time, and not a flicker of emotion was to be captured from her eyes. Kerry got his rationality back, and he hated himself for almost being taken over by his emotions. He looked at her stony face and thought she was a cruel and emotionless woman.

Then Kerry grabbed Venus’s arm which was not wounded, and dragged her out of the room and went downstairs to the hall. He then released her arm and said to the workers in his home: “From now on, Ms Qiao lives in this place.”

Everyone was confused.

Venus’s face betrayed no sign of emotion. What happened had turned her into a husk, and she felt her blood was already drained empty.

Kerry’ s anger flared up again when he saw Venus gave no reaction at all. He said: “Ms Qiao is a very important guest of mine, and you must treat her the way I treat her. If you dare to neglect her or make her uncomfortable, you must leave this place! You hear me?”


“No problem Sir.”

Xinyou smiled a triumphant smile. She thought to herself: “Venus, you are still too naive. You really think Kerry is gonna believe you?” She knew she would soon be the lady of this place.

Everyone went back to his work, but Venus was still standing there. She looked at the two of them who were dinning happily. Her heart sunk.

It seemed like he was just warning his workers to be nice to Xinyou, but he was actually warning her. For no particular reason, she found they could make a perfect couple. They are both cruel, hypercritical, and heartless. And Venus felt glad to be replaced by Xinyou because she was sick of Kerry’ s torture.

Xinyou helped Kerry to pick the food, and she looked at Venus unintentionally. Her eyes were filled with contempt.

Kerry also looked at Venus, who was still motionless, and said: “What are you waiting for? You want me to feed you?”

Venus looked at them coldly, and then went upstairs without saying anything.

“This bloody woman! How dare she to ignore me!” Kerry looked after her as she walked away, and threw down his chopsticks angrily.

He felt a strong emotion but he couldn’t articulate it. He felt she had changed. Once he could tell she was stifling her emotions because her eyes reflected her thoughts, but now she was just devoid of emotions, as if she had seen everything through and she didn’t care anymore.

“Is Venus angry? Do you want me to bring her down?” Xinyou noticed Kerry was thinking about Venus, and she felt a pang of jealousy.

Kerry recovered himself and said coldly: “Don’t mind her! Mrs Qin!”

Mrs Qin walked up to them and asked respectfully: “Mr Ye, what’s the matter?”

Kerry was feeling grumpy. He pulled his tie randomly and said in a low voice: “Don’t give Venus anything to eat these days! Let’s see how tough she can be.”

Mrs Qin was shocked. She said: “Really? That is not a good idea. She bled so much just now!”

Kerry snorted. “She did that to herself. If I find you are giving her food, you will be fired.”

Mrs Qin shivered. She sighed inwardly and said: “Fine, I know.”

Mrs Qin walked away. Kerry stood up grumpily and said to Xinyou: “I will be in the study to deal with the business. You can ask John to take you out if you are bored.”

Xinyou nodded, and said gently: “I know. Don’t overwork yourself.”

Kerry froze for a second. He nodded and went upstairs without saying anything.

Xinyou looked after him as he walked away. She smiled happily and mumbled to herself: “Venus, you are must weeping in your room, aren’t you.”


Venus was lying on her bed. She looked out the window calmly. She bled too much yesterday and she didn’t eat anything for a whole day, so when she moved, she felt dizzy.

She didn’t leave the room at all. She needed time to thought about what happened recently. It was too much for her to take.

And then, the door was opened suddenly. A blinding ray of sunshine shone upon Venus’s face and she blocked it with her hand.

Then she heard the sound of high heel shoes, and then, Xinyou’s triumphant face appeared in her eyes.

Chapter 78: Venus, I Won’t Let You Die!(4)

Xinyou looked at Venus, and said sorrowfully: “Venus, look at yourself. Why do you have to go against me? Think about how you felt when you won the award at school, and don’t you think it is totally not worth it?”

Venus looked calm, but her heart ached as if it was pierced. She asked in a hoarse voice: “ Xinyou, I still can’t believe you can be so cruel. I just want to know have you ever regarded me as a friend?”

Xinyou could see the look of expectancy in Venus’s heavy-lidded eyes. But she gave a dry laugh and answered with contempt: “No, I have never taken you as a friend.”

And soon, the look of expectancy disappeared from Venus’s eyes. And what took over was a look of despair.

“So what are you doing here?” Venus coughed and asked apathetically. She laughed a hollow laugh when she noticed contempt was written all over Xinyou’s face.

“I’m here to ask when do you plan to get divorced with Kerry.” Xinyou stared at her pale face and asked.

Venus answered: “I really don’t want to talk about this matter. Please get out now.”

Xinyou’ s brow furrowed. She said fiercely: “You have to get divorced with him someday, so why don’t you do it earlier? Why do you have to torture yourself?”

“You are speaking to me as…Kerry’ s lover? Or his wife?” Venus was in great pain and she didn’t care whether what she said was hurtful or not. Besides, Xinyou had never taken her as a friend, so why would she care about her feelings?

Xinyou froze. Venus never spoke to her in that manner and she found it hard to get used to.

“Please leave. I really don’t to talk.” Venus felt rather tired. Her breath was getting faint.

Xinyou said angrily: “Venus, just wait! I’ll be Kerry’ s wife sooner or later!”

Then she walked away, and Venus felt her eyelids were getting heavier and heavier, and then she shut her eyes completely.

She felt she was floating in the air, and everything around her was pure white, as if she was swimming in clouds. “Where am I?” She was confused. Then, all of a sudden, she saw two figures in front of her, and she looked carefully and found they were her parents! Venus was excited. She waved at them and yelled: “Mom, Dad!I’m here!”

But her parents didn’t respond. A wind was blowing, and their body began to disappear. Venus was frightened. She rushed to them and tried to grab them, but they said: “ Venus, my good girl. You are not supposed to be here. Go back. You and Tianye must take good care of yourselves.”

“Please don’t leave me! Mom! Dad! Please stay!” Venus screamed. But her parents disappeared slowly.

She was in despair. Then she felt agonizing pain on her arm, and the white clouds were soon replaced by utter darkness.

“Venus! Open your damn eyes! Or I’ll destroy Mu’s Group, and I’ll kill your brother!”

Venus heard lots of noises, but she didn’t want to open her eyes. Then, a sharp pain shot up her arm again and she opened her eyes in agony. The first thing she saw was Kerry’ s annoying face. He was looking dreadful. “What wrong with this man?” She thought.

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