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Chapter 77 – 78: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 77: I’ll get you a present

When John Martin first met Belle Moore, he was fascinated by her appearance, and he liked her, even more, when he found her capable. So he went after Belle Moore.

After Belle Moore broke up with her ex-boyfriend, Xiao Rongtao, she initially resisted John Martin’s pursuit, but on second thought that John Martin was in charge of the Martin Group, and he wasn’t too bad-looking, so she acquiesced.

John Martin took Doris Lee to a high-quality restaurant for dinner.

After sitting down and ordering, Belle Moore asked with concern, “Did Martin group offend anyone Recently…”

John Martin frowned slightly, “What you have?”

“The other day my investor told us to stop supplying the Martin Group or they would pull out.” Belle Moore said slowly.

John Martin was stunned, “Investor? Isn’t your investor Marquis group?”

Belle Moore nodded, “Yes…”

Belle Moore wanted to say more, and suddenly she looked behind John Martin, “Is it her?”

“Who is it?” With this, John Martin turned his head curiously.

Belle Moore still stared at the woman and said, “Colin Ward’s wife.”

John Martin was in a daze.

Colin Ward’s wife?

This reminded John Martin of what Colin Ward said when he stopped Colin on the side of the road. Colin Ward said at that time that he was going to bring down Martin group. Did he do this?

No! That was impossible!

Colin Ward was just a man from the countryside, and he didn’t have so much power working in Marquis group.

Then he suddenly thought of Adam Moore.

John Martin and Adam Moore have known each other for a long time, and they were pretty close. When he learned that Adam Moore was back in the country, he immediately contacted him and asked him to fire one of his employees, a man named Colin Ward.

He didn’t know how things were going.

That shouldn’t be a problem. After all, Adam Moore was also a partner in the Marquis Group, who could fire anyone he wanted.

John Martin took another look and saw Doris Lee look away slightly.

That’s the kind of woman his brother liked. Her appearance and clean temperament were simply incomparable, and the average woman was completely out of the class. No wonder his brother did those things.

“Hey! What’s the matter? Do you think she’s prettier than me and won’t look away?” Belle Moore complained, wagging her finger at John Martin.

John Martin shook his head with an embarrassed smile. “How can that be? I’m looking at you, aren’t I?”

Belle Moore said, cheeks bulging, “Oh yeah? You were really looking at her.”

“Belle, I’m not a playboy. You can rest assured my heart is only for you.”

“Really?” Belle Moore asked, glaring.

John Martin nodded. “Of course it’s true.” He coaxed.

In the middle of dinner, John Martin suddenly stood up to Belle Moore and said, “Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom.”

John Martin then went to the bathroom and deliberately gave a look at Doris Lee and Flora Lewis’ table number before entering the bathroom.

“I don’t care what you have to do to get the women at Table 23 in the Sunshine restaurant into my office.”

John Martin hung up the phone and slowly washed his hands before leaving the bathroom.

At this point Flora Lewis and Doris Lee were sitting in their seats, ordering.

For the past two days, Doris Lee had been thinking a lot, feeling confused. But after thinking for so long, she didn’t come up with a solution. She had to face things eventually.

So she decided to go back.

“Don’t think too much when you get back. Have a good talk with your dad. After all, he’s your dad.” Flora Lewis advised.

Doris Lee nodded. In fact, she was still nervous and didn’t know how to face Baker Lee.

“Let’s eat.” Flora Lewis tried to distract her.

Doris Lee nodded with a smile.

They had just arrived at the underground parking lot after dinner when two man stopped them.

“Ladies, please come with us.”

In the sunshine restaurant, John Martin looked as usual after receiving the call. After hanging up, he said to Belle Moore, “Belle, I’m really sorry. There’s something at work. I’ll be right back. Take your time. I’ll settle the account.”

Belle Moore nodded. “Well, the company is more important.”

John Martin was very satisfied with Belle Moore’s sensible attitude. He went to settle the account with a smile and then left.

An hour later, John Martin drove to Martin group Manor.

“You are such a waste!”

Alan Martin heard about the attack on the Martin Group and smashed his teacup in anger. Fragments of the teacup splashed all over the floor and onto John Martin’s trousers, but he didn’t dodge.

Alan Martin was still yelling and cursing, “You are such a loser! You don’t even know who’s behind? Idiot!”

He finally got over his anger and looked up at John Martin and said, “You don’t know who’s behind this, do you?”

John Martin shook his head and sighed, “I’d like to find out, but Barr won’t tell me what he’s done. I can’t help it!”

Alan Martin angrily slapped his hand on the table, “This idiot! I should never have let him run the company!”

Hearing this, Barr Martin was thrilled, though he looked blank.

Not only was his promise to Barr Martin to put in a good word with Alan Martin obviously bogus, but there was more to come!

“Dad, don’t get too angry, mind your health.” John Martin said worriedly.

Alan Martin was sixty years old and didn’t look very old with only a slight graying at the temples. For now, at least, he seemed to be in high spirits.

Alan Martin hummed, “I’d be happy if he can do half what you can do.”

John Martin laughed, “Dad, he may have inadvertently offended someone, and it may not have been that serious.”

“Not that serious? If it’s not serious, could they have done this to his property? Okay, we have to go back to the company now.” Alan Martin sighed, “None of you are reassuring me!”

The father and son drove to the Martin Group headquarters. In the meantime, John Martin called Barr Martin. Of course. Alan Martin asked him to do it. After all, this was Martin Barr’s mess, and he had to be there.

They were meeting at the Martin group.

Alan Martin glared at Barr Martin, “You come in with me. I have something to ask you.”

Knowing things were getting worse, Barr Martin nodded and followed Alan Martin into the office.

It was just that John Martin grabbed him by the arm before he went in. John Martin whispered, “Barr, dad is angry right now. You’d better not talk back. After dad vents his anger, I’ll talk to him.”

Barr Martin also knew that dad’s anger was too much for him to handle, so he nodded. “I see, thank you, brother.”

“Go ahead,” John Martin said with a smile, “I’ll get you a present.”

John Martin pushed Barr Martin into the office and closed the door behind him..

Barr Martin was stunned. A gift? Didn’t he make a huge mistake? But why get him a present?

Chapter 78: A plan

After the door closed, John Martin smiled meaningfully and then turned to the office next door.

In the office, Doris Lee and Flora Lewis were sitting on the sofa, surrounded by five or six bodyguards dressed in black and wearing sunglasses.

After John Martin walked in, the two girls looked over, alert and wary.

John Martin walked over and smiled and said, “You don’t have to be nervous, we are just looking for someone.”

“Who are you looking for?” Flora Lewis asked nervously.

“Colin Ward’s wife, Doris Lee.”

With this, the girls looked at each other, then warily at John Martin.

In fact, John Martin knew who Doris Lee was after he came in and saw them. But he wanted it to be more fun.

Doris Lee asked calmly, “What do you want with her?”

John Martin smiled and said, “Our President Martin has always admired Miss Doris Lee.”

With this, Flora Lewis approached Doris Lee subconsciously and pulled her behind her.

John Martin immediately said, “So this must be Miss Doris Lee.”

“What do you want?” Flora Lewis stared at John Martin.

Feeling warm inside, Doris Lee pushed Flora Lewis away gently, and then looked at John Martin and said, “President Martin? Barr Martin?”

John Martin just smiled without giving a clear answer.

When Doris Lee saw that look on his face, she automatically assumed it was Barr Martin. “What’s he up to this time? ” She said with a sneer. “I already said I wouldn’t like him. Besides, I am married.”

John Martin was a little stunned, showing an expression that he didn’t know this fact until now. “Oh, then I must have misunderstood. I’ll ask if they can let you go.”

Doris Lee and Flora Lewis were shocked.

How was he so easy to talk to?

John Martin went out; Doris Lee and Flora Lewis looked at each other in silence.

After waiting quietly for a while, the door was suddenly opened by a bodyguard in black.

“Someone comes to make trouble. You all come with me!”

With this, the guards immediately ran out after him.

There were a lot of people outside the office at this time, and it was very chaotic.

Flora Lewis sensed this was the right time to escape, so she sneaked out with Doris Lee in her arms.

Just as they were about to run to the left, they ran into three people, one of whom was Barr Martin.

Barr Martin was surprised to see Doris Lee, “Doris? Why are you here?”

Thinking about Barr Martin drugging her, Doris Lee suddenly felt angry, then pointed to Barr Martin and said, “Barr Martin! I already told you that I don’t like you! And I have a husband. Your continual harassment make me find you are very annoying!”

Barr Martin was petrified. He pulled a long face when Doris Lee told him she hated him, “Doris, what are you talking about? This is Martin group, and I didn’t even know you were here today.”

“You can’t pretend! You brought me here!” Said Doris Lee angrily.

“Doris, what are you talking about? I didn’t.” Barr Martin explained.

“Barr Martin, are you still a man? If you’re doing this, are you afraid to admit it? You’re the one who got us here.”

“I’m not!”

At this moment, Alan Martin, next to Martin Barr, looked extremely somber.

John Martin smiled with his head down, then looked up and showed a standard smile. “Ladies, there may be some misunderstanding. Well, there’s been a big mix-up. Let me take you out of here, okay?”

Doris Lee and Flora Lewis of course wanted to go out, so they followed John Martin to one of the stairwells.

“Don’t worry, ladies. I’ll take care of it.” John Martin went to hold the elevator for them in a gentlemanly manner.

At this point, Barr Martin saw Doris Lee and Flora Lewis leaving and reached out to say something. He suddenly remembered his father was still next to him.

“Dad, listen to me…”

Alan Martin slapped him before he could finish his sentence.

“You are such an asshole!”

Alan Martin was furious, “I put you in charge of the company, and this is how you manage it? You keep messing around, you even hook up with a married woman. You have no shame?”

“Why don’t you learn more from your two brothers? They always make me feel safe. You’re just a pain in the ass!”

“From now on, you don’t have to deal with corporate stuff.”

“Dad!” Barr Martin covered his face with his hands and looked at Alan Martin in disbelief.

Alan Martin snorted, “You don’t have to say anything. We’ll talk about it when you’re done with it.”

When Barr Martin tried to explain, John Martin came back. He said, “Don’t be angry, dad, it’s probably a mistake. Barr is a very decent person, he wouldn’t have messed around.”

Barr Martin kept nodding. Unbeknownst to him, he gave John Martin a look of gratitude.

Alan Martin was still very angry at this time. “Misunderstanding? Do you think I am deaf and blind? Didn’t you see or hear it just now?”

John Martin wanted to talk some more. However, just as he was about to speak, a bodyguard came running up, “Chairman, there’s a man outside the door named Colin Ward who says we have to hand over the women or he’ll…”

“Who is Colin Ward?” Alan Martin was puzzled and asked, “What does he want us to hand over?”

Barr Martin fumed, “Fuck! How dare Colin Ward come here? What did he say? Or what?”

“He said if we don’t hand him over, he will make it impossible for the Martin Group to survive in Tianbei City.” The bodyguard said, a little apprehensively.

“Damn!” Said Barr Martin, “That son of a bitch. Does he think he can do whatever he wants because he works for the Marquis Group? How dare he provoke Martin group?”

With this, Alan Martin frowned slightly. He thought Colin Ward was a big shot, but he was just a clerk, and he was picking on the Martin Group? Did he really think the Martin group was easy to bully.

“You are a bunch of losers! ! Anyone can challenge us. How do you and your brothers run the group?” Alan Martin scowled.

Barr Martin said indignantly, “Dad, I know what to do, you don’t have to worry about it.”

“Get a couple more guys to throw him out!” Barr Martin recalled the last time Colin Ward broke into the company, so to be on the safe side, he asked them to find a few more people.

Alan Martin didn’t say anything, which was kind of a tacit endorsement of Barr Martin.

But John Martin didn’t think so.

Everything that just happened, including catching Doris Lee, Colin Ward’s wife, and the fact that Alan Martin happened to see Doris Lee, and knew what Barr Martin have done, were all planned by himself.

In such a large family, the struggle for family property was like the ancient emperors’ struggle for the throne. Even though they were brothers, there was not much real brotherhood in fact.

Alan Martin had three sons, and the eldest was abroad on scientific research, so he probably won’t inherit the family fortune.

John Martin controlled 80% of the Martin group, while Barr Martin had only 20 left. When Alan Martin dies, the company will be his!

Well, now that Colin Ward was here, this could be the next big thing. If he got rid of Colin Ward, it won’t happen!

John Martin stopped Barr Martin with his hand. “Wait a minute. Colin Ward is a nobody. What can he do? Why don’t we just send him up and see what he wants?”

Barr Martin thought John Martin had a point. He nodded and said, “Yeah! I really need to see what Colin Ward is up to later. He can’t be that cocky since he’s in our place.”

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