Chapter 771 – 772: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 771: The Incredible Amounts of Wealth

The two knelt on the ground to wish their master a happy birthday.

“Master, we have prepared a gift for you, I hope you like it.” Ziping Meng said. Then he clapped his hands, signaling his disciples to serve the food.

“The birthday gift you mentioned is these dishes?” Beidou Luo asked. He was a little displeased.

“Yes. Over the years, the two of us went to the Cave World. We collected exotic food from thousands of worlds there, and each dish was cooked by the two of us.”

“Set the food.” Beidou Luo said.

Soon, dozens of dishes were placed on the table. When the lid was lifted, water vapor lingered, forming a peculiar scene. There seemed to be a World Swallowing Beast roaming in the air and roc birds soaring.

“Master, this first dish was taken from the meat of a World Swallowing Beast in the stage of Taoist Emperor. The essential blood of thousands of World Swallowing Beasts was extracted to simmer the soup.”

Beidou Luo nodded and used his chopsticks to take a piece into his mouth.

World Swallowing Beasts were extremely delicious ingredients, but World Swallowing Beast in the stage of Taoist Emperor was very rare. Beidou had not eaten them several times in all these years. At that moment he felt the spiritual energy sweep through his entire body.

“This second dish is made from yellow dragon in the stage of Taoist Emperor. It cooked with hundreds of high quality spirit ingredients together. “

Beidou tasted a little bit of it. Sure enough, as Ziping said, this second dish was also extremely useful to him.

“This third dish is the rootless immortal ginseng rooted in the void….”

There were dozens of dishes, one more precious than the other, and each of them had a different function, which made the crowd marvel.

“Master Luo, your two disciple are so filial to you. These dishes take a lot of work to make.”

“Yes, every dish is a treasure. I’ve never had such a good feast in my life.”

Hearing the compliments of the crowd, Beidou was not as unpleasant as before. These dishes were as good as his other disciples’.

“Thank you all. I really like these dishes.” Beidou said.

Ziping was his eldest disciple. He valued him the most. Now he was no longer angry with him for the death of Chun Ji and Yan Xiong.

“Yes, Master!” said Ziping.

After the part of offering gifts ended, Beidou smiled and pointed to the dishes on the table. “My guests, please enjoy the food!”

Then the banquet officially began.

Both Kris and Bixiao had little appetite. These dishes were not as good as the ones Run Qian prepared for them every day.

Others, however, enjoyed the food. “They’re so delicious. It’s so much better than the food of the Hongcheng Cult.”

So Bixiao gave them all her and Kris’ dishes.

Nothing special happened in the banquet. It did not end until an hour later.

Back at the courtyard, Kris received the supplies transmitted from the ungoverned zones. He planned to use these resources to bring his magical power and physical body to the Fulfilled period of Detachment Stage.

While Kris was practicing his cultivation alone, the industry related to projector flourished. In just one year, it gave rise to a large number of new positions, such as taking part in live streaming.

Xiaohong Zhou was just a disciple doing hard labor in the Lanting Immortal Palace. After she ascended from the Cave World to the Upper World, she did endless work daily but took very little cultivation resources, which made her very upset.

She was even thinking about serving the outer disciples, or even the inner disciples. Maybe that would be the way to survive in this world of strict classes.

One day, her friend brought her a new thing called projector. The content in it was something she had never seen before and gave her a whole new experience.

She saved her money for a long time to gather 98 Principle stones and bought the projector.

One day she saw a girl broadcasting live pictures of herself. The girl was not very pretty and her voice was not sweet, but there were many people giving her tips. This was not virtual in the projector, but through the transmission function of these tips to the person who broadcasted.

That night she carefully calculated that the woman made more money during her two hours of live streaming than she did in 10,000 years of work.

At that time she was thinking that she looked prettier than her, her body was better than her and her voice was even sweeter, then she can also do live streaming for making money.

So she looked carefully at the rules of live streaming, and then applied for an account.

At first, she was very embarrassed because she was nervous about what to say in front of countless people.

Actually, not many people watched her at first. There were always people posting abusive messages.

“You’re dumb? Why don’t say a word?”

“Do you know how to sing? Girl, if you can sing, I’ll tip you!”

“You can’t do anything. No one wants to watch you.”

Looking at the comments below, Xiaohong was very sad.

In the Cave World, she was admired by many men. But when she went to the Upper World, no one liked her. She lost confidence. She even wanted to give up doing the live streaming for a while. But luckily she didn’t. She began to watch how other people to enliven the atmosphere, and how to make the audience tip them.

Slowly, she figured out a bit of the way.

She began to learn the latest and most popular songs and dances, and read jokes that would enliven the atmosphere.

Finally after a month, her efforts paid off. That night her live broadcast was recommended for 100,000 people to watch.

That night finally her number of followers jumped from a few thousand to tens of thousands at once.

She did not get as much reward as others, but the money also required her to work hard for decades to earn. At that moment she cried. She has always been decisive and strong. She was not even afraid to die, but she cried.

Six months later, she has become famous. Her followers also exceeded 80 million. Now the income she earned from one live broadcast would require hard work of tens of thousands of years if she was still doing the hard work she did before.

In just half a year, she had accumulated billions of Principle Stones. She also proved that Bing-rank disciples were not inferior to Jia- rank disciples. All they lack was resources.

There was even a group of people doing live broadcasts in various forbidden places of the Eternity domain, teaching the experience to get rich there. There were many of them who earned over billions or tens of billions through a live broadcast.

The following year, the number of users with projectors exceeded 300 billion, creating a huge amount of wealth every day.

Here also appeared the Practitioner mall. Recently a Practitioner shopping spree was recently held here. It was said that the transaction exceeded ten trillion primary principle stones.

What was amazing was that the emergence of the projector had changed the lives of the Practitioners under the rule of the Landing Palace. Now they could know everything about the world without leaving home.

After receiving the report from the people below, Kris nodded his head. “This quarter, everyone’s income will be increased by another 30%.”

“Yes, Leader!” Liu Ma nodded his head. The years of following Kris were the most comfortable days he had ever lived.

“Liu, didn’t I say that you can just call me by my first name. No need to call me leader.”

“You’re the perfect leader in my mind. I have to call you like that.”

Kris nodded helplessly. With his position getting higher and higher, it was impossible for them to go back to the old kind of relationship.

Over the past year, his sun soul, mana, and physical body had rapidly reached the stage of half-step Taoist King.

Now his daily earnings were probably in the tens of billions of principle stones. Before at the Practitioner shopping festival, his income was at least two trillion principle stones.

The Xinhuo was developing rapidly, basically completing the expansion in the area under the rule of the Lanting Immortal Palace. It had reached a population of three hundred billion people. However, the 300 billion populations was only one thousandth of the population under the rule of the Lanting Immortal Palace. Moreover, one third of these three hundred billion were in the Immortal Taoist Palace and Yansheng Sect.

“We must accomplish the sales target of one trillion this year.” Kris thought.

Kris knew that a trillion users can bring huge wealth he can’t use up in his lifetime.

Chapter 772: A Competition Among Houses

After breaking through the Half Taoist King, Kris Chen began to cultivate the Heaven Replenishment Technique to repair the details of the Detachment Stage.

During this period, the physical body and sun soul had the Zhongmiao Door, and the mana had an endless supply of resources, so didn’t have to worry about it at all.

Yuan Kris and a host of incarnations deduced the Taoist King level canon.

The Taoist King level achievement methods were ten times more difficult than the Detachment Stage, and this time it was useless even if increased incarnations, so it took ten years to be able to finish the deduction.

In this year, Kris finished his Detachment Stage perfectly, and his strength soared to infinitely close to the Taoist King.

The goal of one trillion set at the beginning of the year was completed by eight hundred billion.

“Not everything is perfect, eight hundred billion is enough!”

Kris went out, because the faculty competition began.

These two years, the relationship between Kris and Bixiao was more intimate, if they were free, Bixiao played the zither, Kris was half lying, drinking tea and listening.

There was a feeling of harmony.

The sense of tacit understanding was also increasing day by day.

Kris could feel the hazy, yet unusually shy feelings of Bixiao.

But he didn’t talk about this.

He enjoyed this feeling, and he had no idea of going deeper for the time being.

After all, there were still more than a dozen dainty wives waiting for him in the Cave World, he did not want to really become a stallion.

This kind of thing, it was better to let nature take its course.

In fact, from the Cave World to the Eternity, so many years, Xuefei Yuan and Yujie were a coincidence, he was really not promiscuous in sex relations.

The only time was still in Wuji Sword Sect, and that time he was even rejected.

“Senior sister!”

“Junior brother!”

Their eyes met and Bixiao had a thumping sensation.

“Let’s go, the competition is about to start.”


They walked side by side and soon walked to the martial arena.

This time, the competition was divided into three areas.

Outer Disciples, Inner Disciples, and Personal Disciples.

The top one hundred Outer disciples could be called Inner disciples, and the top ten Inner disciples could become Personal Disciples of the five houses.

This was unprecedented in the past.

Many people were speculating that the Taoist Master had made this rule to make up for the two vacant Personal Disciples positions.

But this was good for everyone.

Even if one in a million.

There was nothing to see in the Outer Disciple’s battle, they were just in the Detachment Period.

So were the Inner Disciples, most of they were newcomers, less than one tenth were Taoist kings.

The battle between the Personal Disciples was the focus.

The top three were important.

In addition to giving the Time Method, there were several magic weapons and magical pills, which were certainly not ordinary things.

Beidou Luo sitting in the first seat, followed by the Penalty House Master Zhan, War Hall Bufan Zhuang, Magical Pills House Yang Shang, Weapons House Sandao Bu, Yanwu House Liunian Feng.

Only the Shaohua Huose and the Penalty House had the least Personal Disciples of the six houses.

There were only twenty Personal Disciples in the two houses. The other four houses each had thirty people, which was exactly one hundred and forty Personal Disciples.

The opponents were drawn by lottery, which was the fairest way.

“Junior Brother, if you run into a strong opponent later, you must not fight hard, you know.”

Bixiao was a little worried, they were not allowed to use weapons in the competition, and this was also for fairness, because they were also not allowed to use weapons in the sequence battle.

This prevented some people from speculating.

If someone lends you the Immortal Treasure, then what’s the point of fighting, just admit defeat.

“I see.”

Kris smiled, it was best not to use weapons, just so he could test his strength.

The more the Heaven Replenishment Technique gave him the more exaggerated strength addition, the perfect Taoist Base could allow him to perfectly exert his whole strength.

For example, if he superimposed mana, he did not even need to pass through the weapon to be the carrier.

Having a weapon was just the icing on the cake.

“Today is the once-in-a-ten-thousand-years faculty competition, I hope everyone will continue to do your best, the rules are very simple, everything is free except for not to kill person.”

Beidou glanced, “Start drawing lots.”

A handyman female disciple walked to the middle holding the box, and one after another people went up to draw lots.

Seventy people stood on one side, and Kris happened to be the chosen pair.

“Don’t let me draw Junior Brother!”

Bixiao thought silently in his heart.

Reaching out to take out a slip of paper from it, she opened it and saw that it was a person named Sai He, and her hanging heart fell.

Soon seventy people finished the match pairing.

Kris looked at the bulletin board, his opponent was actually a female disciple named Yeqing Ai from the Weapons House.

“A female disciple from the Weapon House, her combat power shouldn’t be too strong, you’re lucky, Junior Brother!”

Bixiao smiled happily, she was afraid that Kris would run into those long-established disciples.

Kris smiled bitterly, he would rather not have this good luck.

Besides, if he fought a female disciple, what if she cried when he beat her?

Soon, the first battle was fought.

The fight was fierce, and Kris also had a super power chip to scan the battle between them to include, and then analyzed the strengths and weaknesses.

“One hundred combat vulnerabilities are found …… the solution ……”

Kris smiled and found that Bixiao was also doing the same thing.

Bixiao was concentrating on watching the game, suddenly her heart moved and she turned her head and saw Kris looking at herself, “Watch the game, why do you look at me.”

Bixiao transmitted.

“Senior sister, Chao is good, right?”

“Good …… It works well, the analysis speed is too fast, with it, my combat power has at least doubled.”

Bixiao returned.

“This is a bio-chip, integrate it into your body, so you boldly use it during the sequence battle, Chao is not a weapon.”

“Well, I know.”

Bixiao was so happy, when Kris gave her this, he thought of the sequence battle, right?

Her heart was warm.

Kris did not know what she was thinking in her heart, if he knew, he would definitely say you think too much.

It must be said that these Personal Disciples were very strong and their moves were incomparably splendid, but in Kris’s opinion there were many loopholes.

“I didn’t expect that they would have so many loopholes.”

Once again, Bixiao sighed at the power of the Super Power Chip.

On the contrary, her nine senior brothers were still there discussing how ugly the opponents they encountered were.

These people, they were really hopeless.

Bixiao was in the fifteenth position, and soon it was her turn to go on the stage.

“Go for it, senior sister!”

Kris said.

“Senior sister, go for it, beat that big ugly bastard!”

Da Niu and the others said in unison.

Bixiao smiled and leaped onto the stage.

“So it’s Senior Sister Bixiao. I am Sai from the Yanwu House.”

Sai said with an arching hand.

“Let’s start the fight straight away, cut the small talk!”

Bixiao was not interested in him, nor did she want to know which house he was from, she just wanted to end the fight early.

“As senior sister wishes.”

Sai’s eyes instantly became stern.

They instantly battled.

“Admit defeat, you are no match for me.”

Bixiao dodged his attack, “All your attacks have been seen by me, it’s pointless to fight like this!”

“Senior sister, then this next move I wonder if you can predict?”

Sai smiled and did not show mercy just because Bixiao was a woman, “The Invisible Great Tao, the Spell of Time!”

“Found the spatial node.”

One ten thousandth of a second, Bixiao found the spatial node with the help of the super power chip, this time she was really shocked.

Even the spatial nodes could be found, this was simply a Spirit Weapon.

Make a fist!

A fist was blasted towards Sai’s right front three meters.

“Ka ka ka ka!”

The Spell of Time completely shattered.

Sai was directly dumbfounded, this was one of the stronger moves in the Time Methods, but she had found a way to crack it in such a short period of time.

While Sai was dazed, Bixiao directly kicked him out of the ring.

Sai landed on the ground and he directly dumbfounded, not only he, others also sucked in a breath of cold air.

They were on the stage for only a tea time, determine the winner so quickly?

And Bixiao almost defeated Sai in a crushing position, Sai was in Middle period of Taoist King!

Jianfei Zhan smiled smugly, “Liunian, I told you my disciple would win this battle!”

Liunian, a handsome and dashing middle-aged man, when he heard Jianfei’s words, he said,”Just one defeat, let’s see how my disciple will recover later!”


Jianfei said disdainfully, “The people in Yanwu House are weak, all talk but no practice, it’s useless to be in a high Stage.”

“Jianfei, the competition is a competition, don’t attack me with words.”

Sandao said: “Your disciple called Liangchen Ye seems to be a newcomer, not even a Taoist King, what will he do on the field, I think, you’d better let him admit defeat, so as not to be beaten and cry!”

The words fell, the others laughed.

“Bullshit, it’s my disciple who beat your disciple.”

Jianfei hummed, “If you don’t believe me, we can bet!”

“Okay, what do you want to bet.”

Sandao looked at him with a smile, he would win this bet

“If I win, you refine a semi-immortal spirit weapon for me, you pay for the materials!”


Sandao was also a pleasant person, “If you lose, call me Master Bu when you see me in the future!”

“It’s that simple?”

Jianfei was surprised.

“It’s that simple!”

Sandao and Jianfei fought all their lives, they were both rivals and friends, if he could get Jianfei to call him Master Bu, it would be a great feeling.

In the future, did not want to blow up in front of him.

“Okay, this is what you said, when you lose, don’t cheat.”

Jianfei said: “Liunian, Yang, you two hear it, when the time comes you should bear witness for me.”

“You think everyone likes to cheat like you do?”

Liunian said.

Jianfei pursed his lips and did not speak.

“Senior sister, drink some water!”

Kris handed out water and said.

“Thank you!”

Bixiao took the water, she was very excited, she now knew how good the super power chip was.

It was almost synchronized with her mind, and even one step faster than her mind.

It was too strong.

“After this battle, Chao will instill the process into your mind in the form of enlightenment, which will invariably improve your combat power. You can even enter sleep cultivation mode while you sleep, but don’t worry, senior sister, it won’t reduce the quality of your sleep!”

This function was also a new addition to Kris these days, there were hundreds of billions of battle reserves in the database, to make Chao more comprehensive.

Bixiao was excited, to her Stage, she didn’t need to sleep.

Even eating was just an instinctive habit.

“In that case, Chao is an all-around aid.”

“You can indeed understand it that way, and subsequently if there are any shortcomings or ideas, you can tell me, I will improve.”

User’s feedback was important.

“Junior brother, I found that nothing seems to be difficult for you.”

There was a trace of admiration in Bixiao’s eyes, the more time she spent with Kris, the more she felt that Kris was awesome.

This little man, always so calm, as if there was nothing he couldn’t do.

“Ahem… Actually, there are still some!”

“For example?”

“For example, I can’t have children, and it’s still up to you women to do this kind of thing!”

“Yah, why do you say this!”

Bixiao’s face was red, she could not expect Kris to say this.

“Why did he say that, is he implying something to me?”

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