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Yolanda Lane went downstairs absent-mindedly.

She got in the car, her beautiful eyes kept staring at the front, and she sighed for more than ten seconds.

Laughed at herself.

Did you make a mistake?

The relationship between the serious boss and the employee is nothing more than a mistake.

What were you thinking about?

Yolanda Lane firmed her mind. She had already thought about how many days and nights she had. She had no idea about Chuck Cannon. Chuck Cannon was just her boss.

That’s it!

Yolanda Lane thought it through herself. After she will drive back she has to work hard tomorrow, she felt it, Chuck Cannon came back with a solemn breath.

This is going to be done in the mall!

As an employee of Chuck Cannon, how can she not work hard to support it?

Chuck Cannon opened the door and entered Zelda Maine’s house.

Zelda Maine was wearing pyjamas inside, and Chuck Cannon coughed, “Elder Zelda…”

“Talk to me and tell me what happened with you in the U.S.” Zelda Maine leaned over and laid on Chuck Cannon’s c.hest.

She had dreamed about what Chuck Cannon might encounter in the United States. Looking at it now, Zelda Maine wants Chuck Cannon to speak out.

This should be interesting.

“Um, before I say, Elder Zelda, can you change a dress, this…” Chuck Cannon was speechless.

Zelda Maine’s figure was perfect to the extreme. At the moment, wearing pyjamas, the beauty is beyond Chuck Cannon’s mind.

“I will not change it,” Zelda Maine blushed.


Chuck Cannon was embarrassed. He took a few deep breaths and Zelda Maine chuckled, “Okay, I will listen to you, I want to hear your story today.”

Zelda Maine got up to change clothes. When she came out of the room, she put on the clothes she usually used at home, which was much better.

“Is this all right?” Zelda Maine was still happy, at least Chuck Cannon had thoughts about herself.

“En,” Chuck Cannon laughed.

Nestled in Chuck Cannon’s arms again, Zelda Maine said softly, “Tell me about it.”

“It was good.”

Chuck Cannon nodded, thinking of the United States where he had gone because of Yvette Jordan’s k!lling order. Let’s start from here!

When it came to Chuck Cannon and Emily, Zelda Maine was obviously angry and distressed. Her body was trembling. Obviously, she thought that Chuck Cannon might have been k!lled by Emily at that time.

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When she heard that Chuck Cannon came out from Amazon, Zelda Maine was very nervous all the way through the thrill, and she fell into it.

Following Chuck Cannon’s words, she seemed to have experienced the same experience with Chuck Cannon, either nervous, scared, happy, or sad…

At the last time, Chuck Cannon fell silent.

When talking about Alice, of course, Chuck Cannon ignored the accident.

This kind of thing cannot be said.

It’s not good for Alice, even if Zelda Maine knew it, it will not be good for her too. He would definitely not say it.

“Hidden family? There is such a family in the world??” Zelda Maine muttered to herself, she recovered from what Chuck Cannon said.

When she heard the words Hidden Family, she was astonished and shocked. It was the first time she heard of it.

This is too normal. Zelda Maine’s net worth is barely over 100 million, and of course, it is impossible to touch this aspect of things.

“Yes,” Chuck Cannon’s eyes fl!ckered, Gracia Stewart’s Stewart…

Chuck Cannon has a headache, Heidi Hudson’s okay, another hidden family that has not shown up, it’s okay to say that it is Gracia Stewart who hates him so much now, this is Chuck Cannon’s heart now.

“Then can you deal with this Gracia Stewart you said?” Zelda Maine became frightened.

Chuck Cannon didn’t have much introduction to the hidden family, but in these few words, Zelda Maine had already heard the horror of the hidden family!

In the world, there are families that have passed on for thousands of years?

This is something that Zelda Maine never dreamed of.

“I don’t know, it’s definitely not possible now, so I came here this time to build my own business empire as quickly as possible and fight against Gracia Stewart!” Chuck Cannon still felt.

Sooner or later, he will turn his face with Heidi Hudson of the hidden First Family Hudson.

Because Heidi Hudson, a woman with such a strong desire for control, whom he has always refused, Chuck Cannon can already think of what she will do in the end.

So now he has an established enemy, that is the powerful Gracia Stewart.

The possible enemy is Heidi Hudson.

The last secret family, Chuck Cannon doesn’t understand this family, whether it’s an enemy or a friend, Chuck Cannon hasn’t figured it out yet, because this family hasn’t had any movement until now!

Zelda Maine muttered to herself, “Then, I will help you.”

Chuck Cannon smiled, Zelda Maine was extremely serious. “Although I am inferior to an ant in the eyes of other secret families, I have to stand behind you!”

Chuck Cannon was moved.

Zelda Maine was able to appreciate Chuck Cannon’s pressure. It turned out to be like this, so it’s not like the time when the bl00d was strong, but now the pressure is too great.

“Chuck Cannon, I believe in you and can resist, I believe in you.” Zelda Maine relied on Chuck Cannon.

Under such great pressure, Chuck Cannon’s sense of security is no less!!


Chuck Cannon sighed, he came back to China, Heidi Hudson, Gracia Stewart, they would have all known about it, so what will they do?

Will they also come to China?


“Don’t sigh,” Zelda Maine comforted.


Zelda Maine knew Chuck Cannon’s pressure, she didn’t tease Chuck Cannon, she just nestled against Chuck Cannon’s c.hest, “Can I sleep with you?”

“of course, you can.”

“Then I will sleep.”

“Good night.”

“Good night,”

The two fell asleep together.

“Miss, this is China.” Heidi Hudson came to China.

“This is it?” Heidi Hudson was here, in the largest hotel in China. She shook her head, “There are still many opportunities in Huaxia. Chuck Cannon chose to come back here to do business and make money. This is a good choice.”


“Where is Chuck Cannon?”

“Chuck Cannon has a city square and a hotel. There is also a construction site, a nightclub. I think he went to the city square.”

“Well, take me to have a look.” Heidi Hudson thought of something, “Check it out for me, whether Chuck Cannon has a few women on Huaxia side.”

“Miss, what do you mean?” The man understands this is to solve all Chuck Cannon’s women?

“Check it out first, don’t miss one.” Heidi Hudson leaned on the sofa lazily. The man will do it right away. This matter is still a bit complicated, and it still has to be checked non-stop.

Heidi Hudson looked at the night scene, feeling lost to the extreme, “Chuck Cannon, I have come to look for you, I am so good to you, for my first visit to China, why don’t you appreciate it? You should like me, you should. …”

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