The next morning.

Zelda Maine made breakfast, and Chuck Cannon had breakfast before going to Yolanda Lane.

“By the way, where is Kristen?”

When Chuck Cannon left, there was a problem with Kristen’s company at that time. Chuck Cannon gave her money, but Chuck Cannon did not pay attention at later period.

He doesn’t know what happened to Kristen.

“How do I know? You are at my house and mentioning other women is not so good!” Zelda Maine pretended to be angry, but she was not angry at all.

However, she really didn’t pay attention to Kristen’s situation.

Just knowing Kristen, it seems not very good.

Chuck Cannon coughed.

“Well, I only know that Kristen’s situation was not very good, and I didn’t pay attention to others because I have been busy with the branch recently.”

Chuck Cannon was shocked, he shouldn’t!

Kristen should be pretty good when she was left by him!

“Okay, I’m leaving.” Chuck Cannon felt that he still had to check Kristen’s situation.

In any case, he already has a relationship with Kristen.

“Are you going to find her?” Zelda Maine was jealous.

In any case, her relationship with Kristen was not good at all.

Watching Chuck Cannon going to meet Kristen, how could she feel comfortable in her heart?

“Uh, no.”

“Okay, I won’t ask, I remember, come here when you’re hungry, come when you’re tired, I don’t care about the others, okay?”

Chuck Cannon was so touched that Zelda Maine was too understanding.


Chuck Cannon came out of Zelda Maine’s house and called Betty Bernard, “Sister Bernard, help me check Kristen’s situation.”

“Yes, Master, wait a moment, I will call you back after I check it out.” Betty Bernard said this.

“Okay, fine.”

Chuck Cannon hung up the phone, with Betty Bernard’s help, it would be much simpler.

He can rest assured to find Yolanda Lane first.

Borrowing a car from Zelda Maine, Chuck Cannon drove to his city square, feeling deeply moved!

This was Chuck Cannon’s first investment in the true sense. Looking at it now, this investment was very good.

Many people played in the square this weekend.

You should know that when Chuck Cannon took over, the flow of people was sluggish, and many shops were not rented out. Now they are dozens of times better.

The only pity that Chuck Cannon felt about his first real investment was since he went to the United States, he didn’t witness the growth of his square with his own eyes. This is a pity!

But it’s okay.

Chuck Cannon went in.

Several college girls from other schools were talking excitedly.

“The popularity of this square is really good. Who would have thought that we were not willing to come to this square once?”

“Yes, my classmates were not willing to come back then. Now I don’t know when it started. My classmates, and most of the people in the school, come here as long as they rest and go shopping and eating,…”

“Me too! I also heard that the boss of this square is a college student, a sophomore!”

“Really, my God, I thought the owner of the square is at least 50 or 60.”

“Definitely not. I heard that this boss is young and very low-key. In the beginning, his classmates didn’t know it. Later, they knew that their classmate, an unknown boy, was a super-rich. The second generation!”

“Listening to you, I really want to see this boss!”

“Me too, hello, classmate, are you in the same school as this boss!” a girl in jeans asked Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon coughed, “Yes, what’s the matter?”

“Really, do you know the boss of the square? Are you his classmate!” The several girls looked at Chuck Cannon expectantly.

“Uh, yes.”

“Is the boss handsome?”


“What are you? Tell us!”

“You can ask other people.”

Chuck Cannon can’t stand such a little girl.

“Cut, you don’t know, forget it, we won’t ask you,”

“Yes, let’s ask other people, I see him, forget it,”

The little girls gave Chuck Cannon a few glances, disappointed in their hearts.

Yes, the boss of this Plaza is so low-key, not everyone can know it!

“Chuck Cannon!!!”

Lara Jane rushed over in surprise, he couldn’t believe it just now because Chuck Cannon came over. It turned out to be a very ordinary car.

Zelda Maine also has a lot of good cars, but Chuck Cannon doesn’t bother to drive a good one, so he can keep a low profile. After so many things, Chuck Cannon has already passed the age of chasing cars and houses.

Just have a car now.

“Lara Jane” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

Lara Jane has changed a lot. At that time, Lara Jane was pungent and unreasonable, but now she has no bangs in her hair, and she is the goddess of the centre.

“Chuck Cannon, long time no see.” Lara Jane was about to cry.

Chuck Cannon has changed a lot. Before leaving China, Chuck Cannon was a big boy, but he went to the United States when he came back. He is already a man today.

Obviously, Chuck Cannon went to the United States, which made him grow too much!

What exactly did Chuck Cannon encounter in the United States?

“Right, long time no see,”

“Come here, I invite you to drink milk tea, hurry up.” Lara Jane took Chuck Cannon to her store.

“Lara Jane, you are Lara Jane. I watched your movie. You played that shrew so well.” The little girls exclaimed.

Lara Jane was also a star!

Lara Jane was embarrassed, “Thank you.”

Chuck Cannon was surprised shrew? Yes, Lara Jane was a shrew at that time, and she also performed in her true colours.

Lara Jane saw Chuck Cannon smiling, she blushed and shyly, “I am not like that now, I am gentle. Really…”

Several little girls were astonished. Lara Jane is also a star, why do you treat this ordinary person like this?

“By the way, Lara Jane, do you know who the boss of this square is?” the little girl asked, expecting.

“Boss? You should ask him.” Lara Jane pointed to Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon was speechless, this Lara Jane!

“Just now, I asked him, he didn’t tell me, I don’t think he knows.” The little girl shook her head and said.

“Yes, Lara Jane, just say it, I seem to know him!”

“What do you know?” Lara Jane was unhappy.

“He is rich, and I heard he is handsome!” The little girl was idiotic.

Lara Jane wanted to laugh. At that time, when Chuck Cannon was unknown, she really didn’t find Chuck Cannon. Now that Chuck Cannon’s aristocratic temperament has emerged, it is really charming.

“Do you think he is handsome?” Lara Jane pointed to Chuck Cannon.


“Eyes are beautiful, very calm eyes, young and old!” Several little girls said.

Chuck Cannon touched his nose, young and old?

Lara Jane chuckled, “It’s okay? He’s not okay, he is the person you want to know, he is the boss of the square!”

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