Chapter 773 – 774: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 773: Handsomeness Is Eternal

Naturally, Kris Chen would not know that his thoughtless remark would make Bixiao associate with so many things.

He was in the last match, and it was already the time of sunset when it was his turn to go on the stage.

“Weapons House Yeqing Ai!”

“Penalty House Liangchen Ye!”

They bowed their hands to each other in salute.

“Detachment Period?”

Yeqing’s face lost color as she thought of what her master had said about beating him!

“Senior sister won’t show mercy, right?”

Kris was afraid that his cultivation would be improved too quickly, so he deliberately used the Zhongmiao Door to conceal his true cultivation.

After all, there were two or three small Stages between the Middle period of Detachment Stage and the Half Taoist King.

In just three years, one small Stage a year, it was appalling to say.

“Admit defeat, I’m afraid you’ll lose later.”

She was at the peak of the Middle period of the Taoist King, one step short of the Later period of the Taoist King. Bullying a Detachment Stag, there was nothing to be proud of if she won.

No wonder her senior sisters said she was lucky.

It’s no honour for an eagle to vanquish a dove.

“It is common for fellow disciples to learn from each other, could it be that senior sister is afraid of losing to me?”

“I kindly reminded you, since you don’t appreciate it, then I won’t show mercy.”

Yeqing’s strike was severe, a simple punch contained a lot of variations.

She blocked the retreat of Kris.

The little girl’s strength was very good, cultivated in Wandao Sect, and the fist moves were unpredictable, but Kris thought it was full of loopholes, even without the super power chip, Kris could easily dodge.

“Fight back, why don’t you fight back? Did you find that you have no room to fight back at all?”

Yeqing said, “I only used 30% of my strength, then I’m going to start gradually increasing my strength.”

What a nice girl, saying powerfully with her mouth, but actually reminding him that she was about to get real.

Then her moves became more and more severe, which combined Taoist Power, Magic Power, Sword Move, and Sword Skill …… The power was also getting bigger and bigger.

Liunian Feng laughed: “Jianfei Zhan, this is your good disciple, it seems to be losing!”

“Hahahaha… Jianfei, you’ll be prepared to call me Master Bu from now on.”

Sandao Bu laughed triumphantly.

“It’s not sure who will lose!”

He knew the strength of Kris, he had personally tested him three years ago, how could this girl be Kris’s opponent.

From the beginning to now Kris was still just defense.

“Humph, don’t be so stubborn.”

Liunian disdainfully curled his lip.

At the same time, Da Niu and the others also said at the side, “I think junior brother is definitely going to lose, the defeat is already present.”

“This damnable ugly bitch, don’t meet me, or I’ll make sure she will lose.”

“Ugly and not gentle, she should be beaten!”

“Well you guys, all of you, shut up.”

Bixiao glared at them, she was so anxious now, but these guys were still chattering on the side.

“Well, we’ll stop.”

They hurriedly shut their mouths.

Pissing off the master wasn’t scary, pissing off the junior sister would be real trouble.

After Kris defended for hundreds of moves, Yeqing also gradually became impatient.

No matter what moves she made, the opponent could accurately catch them. It was unbelievable that he could catch the fist of a Taoist King when he was obviously in the Detachment Stage.

“I told you, the people in the Weapons House are the same as the people from the Yanwu House, all of them are weak, they fight softly and without any deterrent effect.”

Jianfei sneered.

Sandao answered: “Because my disciple is so kind, and she does not want him to lose totally.”

“Is it hard to say that she can’t beat a Detachment ……”

Before the words were finished, the situation in the ring shifted abruptly, Kris was knocked to the ground, Yeqing intended to ride the wave of victory, just then she felt painful in the back, the whole person rose up in the air.

By the time she reacted, she had landed outside the ring.


The people around were surprised, not believing their eyes at all.

“This is impossible, how can a Detachment Stage beat a Taoist King?”

“He must have used some kind of treasure, cheating, this is cheating!”

Yeqing was also a famous girl in the Weapons House, there were many people liked her secretly.

At this moment they saw she was kicked off the ring, they were all very angry.

“Be quiet!”

At this time, Beidou Luo, who had not spoken, spoke up, and the crowd shut up.

“In this battle, Liangchen wins!”


This was impossible, how could Liangchen be Yeqing’s opponent?

“Taoist Master, there must be a conspiracy here!”

“Please be clear, Taoist Master!”

The disciples opened their mouths to accuse Kris, and even Yeqing thought the same thing.

She showed mercy, but what happened was that he made a conspiracy.

“What are you guys yelling about, my junior brother won openly and honestly, is he that capable of cheating under the eyes of the Taoist Master and the House Masters?”

Bixiao was furious, and her nine senior brothers also stood up, and the clothes on their bodies disappeared, revealing their porous and powerful muscles.

“Do you want to fight? Bullying my junior brother, have you asked us?”

Nine look alike muscle monsters, although they were ugly, they still had a little deterrent.


Yeqing looked at Sandao, wanting Sandao to speak for her, but Sandao stood up and let out a long sigh, “This battle, we loss!”

Yeqing bit her lips, she was confused, even the master said so?

This time everyone else stopped talking.

“Humph, this is what happens when you arrogantly look down on people!”

Jianfei stood up and look at the crowd, “Although Liangchen had been passively defending just now, it’s not like he didn’t do anything.”

“He first made Yeqing relax her stance with an unbeatable stance, and after a few hundred moves, although Yeqing’s attacks were getting more and more severe, her pace was also disorganized, and Liangchen took the opportunity to use the Splitting Method and went around to her back!”

“Then he deliberately showed a breach to make her relax her guard, and then he easily won the match.”

After hearing this, everyone opened his mouth, “That’s all?”

Yeqing was stunned, yes, if it was Liangchen who cheated, the master would definitely stop him.

But the master said that Liangchen won, then naturally there could be no mistake.

No wonder she had always felt strange, even though Liangchen was not better than her, at first she did not put out her full strength, and he still managed to fight back.

Now that she thought about it, it turned out that he had schemed against her at the beginning.

“I lost with conviction.”

Yeqing looked at Kris with a complicated expression, this time she did not lose unjustly.

Kris smiled and jumped out of the ring, Bixiao hurriedly greeted him, “Good, good use of tactics!”

“It because of what you taught me!”

“Our junior brother, although a little ugly, the heart is really deep!”

“This is called a deep mind, no, he’s tactful!”

“You guys didn’t see, that little girl was almost crying when she was kicked out of the ring.”

“Junior brother, I told you, although that little girl is not good-looking, you should be gentle next time!”

They came up and said one by one.

Kris felt noisy, simply closed his sense of hearing.

“This is the end of today’s battle, we will continue tomorrow!”

Beidou said and disappeared directly from his position.

“Sandao, don’t forget the Semi-Immortal Spirit Weapon you owe me!”

Jianfei was so happy.

“Wait until I finish Closing Door for a hundred thousand or eighty thousand years.”

With a black face, Sandao left.

Looking at Jianfei’s frozen expression, the rest of the people laughed and also left.

“Sandao, if you really dare to delay me for such a long time, I will definitely smash up your Weapons House.”


After resting all night, the next morning, the crowd came to the ring.

Seventy people were eliminated yesterday, and the ones left were the more powerful Personal Disciples.

Yesterday, Kris was chosen, and today he was choosing others.

“Nansheng Gu!”

One look at the name and he knew it was a girl!

Kris touched his nose and didn’t know what to say.

“Junior brother, you didn’t draw me, right?”

Bixiao asked nervously.

“No, someone named Nansheng.”


Bixiao’s face lost color, she was the most beautiful girl of the Magical Pills House!

More beautiful than Yeqing.

It is said that when men see her, they lose three moves before they even make a move.

“Junior brother, Nansheng was so charming, her Time Methods were even more soft and charming, it can evoke the deepest desire of the human heart, you must remember not to look at her eyes, this woman’s Illusionary Method is very strong.”

Kris nodded, “Do not worry, except you, I do not look at anyone.”

“Talking to you about business, you flirt with me again.”

Bixiao glanced at Kris, but she was very happy.

The first one on the stage was no other than Da.

“Penalty House Da!”

“War Hall Zhao Xing.”

The two muscular men looked at each other, their eyes colliding in the air with sparks.

“You …… are a handsome man!”

Da said with a straight face, “In return, I will exert all my strength.”

“You are also a handsome man, although only a little bit worse than me.”

Zhao said with narrowed eyes.

Hearing the conversation between the two, Kris touched his forehead, they were at the same level, and Zhao was even more ‘handsome’ than Da.

As soon as the two beasts like men took the field, the disciples of the War Hall actually cheered.

“Senior Brother Xing, will win!”

“Come on, Senior Brother Xing, defeat this man”

At this time, Er Niu stood up, “Brothers, there are people support for Zhao, our big brother can’t fall behind.”


Eight people stood up, “Da, you are the best!”

“Da, you’re the best!”

With these loud slogans and tidy movements, Kris thought of a disgusting cheering squad.

“I’m coming!”

“I’m coming too!”

The two muscular men instantly fought.

Other things aside, Da’s combat power was indeed strong, with the cultivation of Taoist King Fulfilled period, and the air vibrated as he made moves.



Instantly they made hundred moves, the ring was shattered.

“This is the battle between men!”

“Big brother is so handsome,he is definitely our big brother!”

“Big brother, defeat this man, take him as our little brother!”

Bixiao directly pulled Kris over, “Remember, you must stay away from them, don’t be assimilated by them.”

She looked at Kris with a worried face.

“Don’t worry senior sister, my style is different from senior brother’s style.”

“Thousands of years, handsomeness is eternal, just kneel down.”

Da turned into a stream of light and rushed straight ahead.

Zhao was indeed inferior to Da, he barely resisted one move, and was directly knocked out of the ring!

Da pounded his chest with both hands and raised the sky with a long whistle, just like a triumphant gorilla.

“Are you okay?”

Da walked over and extended his hand.


Zhao nodded his head.

“Although your strength is a bit worse, you can definitely compete with me in terms of handsomeness!”

Chapter 774: Time Avatar

“The winner is, Da Niu!”

Beidou Luo couldn’t take it anymore. These guys didn’t care about others’ feelings about their mutual praising game at all!

The winner strode back his seat in a lot of good cheer.

The next one is Er Niu.

Same as his brother, his rival was a female disciple from Yanwu House, a knockout who was just slightly less impressive than Yeqing Ai.

Instead of announcing himself, he directly questioned the girl when appeared on stage, “You look disgusting…I wonder what makes you confident in showing up in front of the public with that poor complexion?”

The girl was of course speechless with anger.

The others also felt quite embarrassed about his words, but someone in the crowd cheered the girl up, “Don’t listen to his bullshit, he just disturbs you by saying so!”

“I got it!” The girl nodded and tried to calm down.

“You’re wrong, bro. I just speak my mind. My advice is that you’d better learn from the girls of Hongchen Cult, they’re more gorgeous than you, honey, maybe it can increase your confidence.”

“Don’t worry about the tuition, it’s totally free, cause’ I’m familiar with them……”

“How dare you!” His rival thundered, wild and rage.

The girls of Hongchen Cult? They were nothing but the most sexually immoral persons in the world! Isn’t it a great insult by asking her to learn from them?

Liunian Feng’s face was dark with rage. Jianfei Zhan didn’t utter a word but dropped his eyes and scolded inwardly, “Mind your situation, you idiot! Why did you mention Hongcheng Cult? Are you afraid that your anecdote of being forced to wash their stomachers for hundreds of years won’t go public?”

Yang Shang and Bufan Zhuang exchanged a smiling glance at each other.

It’s known that Jianfei had nine funny but rather strong disciples, they were also accounted as nine famous oddballs of Shaohua House.

“I just say it for kind, why are you angry?” He snorted coldly, “You’d had known yourself. I don’t even want to have any contact with you and I shall wash my eyes after the batter as they’re contaminated by your sorry look!”

“Oh gosh……I quit it! You bastard!” The crushed girl burst into tears, jumping down the stage and left.

Everyone was shocked on spot. Never had they met such a hilarious sight, that is, defeating your enemy by a few words rather than a few punches. But to be honest, the guy really got a sharp tongue.

Kris Chen and Bixiao laughed quite hard.

“Anyone using that despicable kind of strategy shall never be called a man.” Said Liunian with veins throbbing in his forehead, obviously he was an emotive outburst.

“No, it’s your disciple’s fault. What if she encountered something meaner in the future? She can’t cry and escape like this, right?”

“That’s impossible.” Liunian grunted and didn’t care about his words, but he knew from the very bottom of his heart that he was right.

His disciples were indeed too mentally fragile to withstand others’ insults.

Time to give them a lesson.

“Come on, give them a good punch!”

“I will! Wait for my good news!”

Bixiao’s rival was the second oldest disciple of War Hall, a tall and hairy guy with wide eyes, bushy brows, whiskers, and a square face who wrapped his two-meter height figure in armor.

Bixiao looked quite petite in front of him.

“Wow, it’s true that only the disciples of War Hall are qualified to be our rivals in terms of handsomeness!”

“This guy is almost as good-looking as us and is also our good opponent!”

“His whisker’s a bit too distinct, maybe it would be better and even on par with us if he could tidy himself up.”


Kris took a few steps away from them again, being afraid that he would be brainwashed by their discussions.

Now he was doubt that if there was anything wrong with his aesthetics.

“I’m Da Li from War Hall!”

“I’m Bixiao from Penalty House!”

“You can’t beat me up, girl.”

“Really?” She raised her head and stared at him. She had taken Embryo of Taoist Emperor and advanced to be Half Taoist King three years ago, and now, her strength was further developed to the finish line of this stage!

If she didn’t plan to go to the Book Sea with Kris, she should have gone all out to make a breakthrough.

“Let’s begin!” Said Da Li, and then, he let out a jet of black fire.

“Black Demon Fire!”

“This’s his powerful inherent fire!”

“Can’t expect that he would launch that lethal attack in the first round, maybe he wants to drop it quickly.”

“Green Spiritual Shield!”

A puff of green smoke shrouded the black fire.

“Time Method, Vicissitude!”

With her finger bending slightly, the Power of Time enwound the fire and subdued it within two seconds.


Da Li also practiced the same method, his was more forceful with power as the core, mana as the fuel, and Tao as the driving engine.

His mighty punch left cracks on the shield.

“Reverse.” Under the mending effect of the Time Method, the cracks vanished in the blink of an eye.

“You’re proficient with this method, no wonder you can reverse my attack. Bravo.” Though looked like a reckless man, Da Li was actually of meticulous mind, he knew that this young lady was not the run-of-the-mill kind of opponent.

The disciples of the Penalty House were few in their population but high in their strength.

“Then, how about this one—Time Flies!”

He drew an arc with his left hand, which was indicating the moon, and threw out punches with his right hand, which was indicating the sun, and the force of the archaic time exuberated the whole ring that gradually crumbled under the influence of the force.


The shield was hit hard into pieces in a few sounds of cracks.

Bixiao stepped back swiftly. Thankfully, Chao estimated how much power his attack would cause so that she could escape from being injured timely.

“Time Arrow!” An arrow-shaped light erupted from her hand.

“Swoosh!” That extremely quick hit pierced Da Li’s protective shield instantly and went directly into his left arm.

“Damn it!” Da Li’s arm couldn’t work anymore, seems that his attacks would be less powerful, but a hard man like him would of course not give up, he tore down his arm immediately and again gathered his magic power. Though exhausted, he was still able to engender a mighty power in a flash.

“Go get him, Time Arrow!” Dozens of arrows converging into a beam of light blocked his way.


A vast sea suddenly appeared in front of him, this was the Time sea created by the Time method, a rather useful skill that can shield yourself and attack your enemies by trapping them in the sea, the weaker one especially, would die in a few minutes.

The Time Arrows were blocked and turned themselves into nutrients of the sea.

All these five methods of Time enforce and restrain one another.

“Throw in the towel, you can’t win this battle as I have Time Sea.”

“I don’t think so.” Bixiao snorted, “Mountains will collapse one day, the sea will dry up in the future. Although you Time sea is powerful, it’s not that easy to beat me.”

“Flows the life, Passes the time, Time Hit!”

This was the only Time Method for close attack passed down in the Penalty House, including five moves in total.

The first hit could dilapidate the mountains.

The second one could overturn the waters.

The third one could turn the world into ruins.

The fourth one could push the time flow.

The last one could even wipe out Principles!

As she had learned the whole method, Bixiao, the mighty practitioner who was almost as strong as a Taoist Emperor, could certainly give out unimaginable force by the Time Fist.

“No matter how strong you’re, your attack could do nothing but feed my Time sea.”

The two moves clashed together, the Time Sea was thus shaken and numerous Principles disappeared.

Da Li’s face turned pale as a huge force engulfed himself through the whole sea.


The giant figure fell down on the earth below the ring.

“That’s it.” Bixiao gasped out.

“She wins! Bixiao Wins! I know it!”

“Hooray!!!” The crowd was cheerful.

Kris also stood up and gave out his applause for this tough and amazing battle.

He knew how strong Bixiao was, and this man called Li Da was not easy to deal with.

The man wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, “I quit.”

Jianfei was pleasant, “See? I said my disciple will be the winner!”

Bufan Zhuang picked up the cup and took a sip to hid uneasiness.

What a disgrace! The second eldest brother of War Hall was defeated by the tenth sister of the Penalty Academy.

“Congratulation, Bixiao!” Kris gave her a thumbs up.

The girl broke into a smile, at that moment, Kris was slightly lost in her very kind beam.

And then San Niu and the others also went to battle with others, only two of Niu brothers entered the next ground while the rest was ruled out.

The excellent performance of the Penalty Academy that five disciples, Da Niu, Er Niu, Si Niu, Niu Niu and Bixiao gained access to the next competition quite satisfied Jianfei.

As for Kris, he was very confident in his success. In this case, the candidates from the Penalty Academy will be added up to six, meaning that they won almost one-sixth of the places though they had the least population.

Of course, he would be proud of them.

As Ziping Meng competed with the third elderly brother from Weapons House who was of later period of Taoist King Stage, it took him hundreds of rounds to win the battle.

Among all these Personal Disciples, Kris was the one he minded most because he knew what a mighty rival he was.

Kris, who was watching the game, suddenly perceived someone’s peeping at him. He turned around and met Ziping’s eyes.

His lips curved up a smile.

He knew that Ziping was fighting for a seat of Rank and he had promised to give him hand. He’d earned a lot by the profits of the projector deals—just the sales revenue of the outer city of Lanting Immortal Palace of course.

Over tens of billions of Principle Stones had been into his pocket in all these three years, if he still failed to get the seat with such ample resource supplies, it should be his own fault.

Ziping looked away and smiled.

Linger Zuo left the ring angrily, she lost the battle.

“Take revenge for me, brother!”

Ziping looked at her and sighed, she was a good girl, just a bit pampered. Both her parents were Internal Elders and she herself was gifted, but she didn’t pay much time on practice.

If she had drilled down into it, she would certainly be equally matched with him.

“It’s your turn, Wanqing. Fighting!” Ziping looked at Wanqing Qiao.

“Thanks. I will prove myself.”

“I will keep cheering you, Wanqing. Fighting!” Said Qilin Duan.

“Alright. Let’s go!” She jumped up to the ring and found that her rival was Young Wang from Yanwu House.

This guy had been on the finish line of the middle period of Tao King Stage, almost as strong as her.

She knew that she should no chance for him to launch a close attack as she was weak at strength.

“Time begets Tao, Wandao Fist!”

The Time Methods of Yanwu House, which practically included magic arts and combat arts, was hard to be master and was thus pegged as the second challenging method besides the one of Shaohua House.

However, your battle effectiveness would be largely improved once you became an expert on it.

The more combat arts you got, the more powerful you would become.

“Immemorial Time!”

Wanqing took a careful step and tried to wear down the Time Art and it turned out that she headed the right way, the power of Tao Fist was reduced to nothing.

“Wow. Can’t believe that you guys are finally proficient in Time Methods.”

There was an ace art in each Time Method and it was not difficult to tell whether someone was proficient in it or not.

“Likewise.” And then, hundreds of Wanqing showed up at the same time.

“Is this Time Splitting Art?” Said Yong in shocked. The most incredible feature of this art was that every avatar was the mirror of Wanqing at different age and was almost as strong as the girl herself.

The more powerful practitioner could last longer to keep the art.

He didn’t expect that she learned it.

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