“Are you kidding?” Yolanda Lane smiled.

Yolanda Lane was pretty sincere, and her smile was charming at this time.

That’s right, Chuck Cannon suddenly said this, and this made her laugh.

“No, really,” Chuck Cannon was serious about it.

“Well, this is what you said, let’s not talk about it when you go to my friend’s side,” Yolanda Lane smiled.


When Chuck Cannon heard about the big project, of course, he had too much interest.

He and Yolanda Lane got off the parking lot.

This car was bought by Chuck Cannon, and it is full of Yolanda Lane’s taste.

It’s almost half a year.

Still the same as new!

“Yolanda Lane, why don’t you find a boyfriend.” Chuck Cannon smiled.

“Why look for it? I’m fine alone,” Yolanda Lane drove and replied like chatting.

She doesn’t want to look for it, she feels that she is in a good working condition now.

“Okay.” Chuck Cannon’s eyes rolled on Yolanda Lane.

Only then discovered that Yolanda Lane’s figure is better than before, and it is rare to have long legs.

Chuck Cannon shrugged and looked a few more times before Yolanda Lane began to introduce what her friend did.

“Betting on rocks? You said betting on rocks?” Chuck Cannon was surprised.

He had heard of this kind of thing before, but he had never touched it.

This is similar to gambling. These are all gambling. There are too many doorways.

Chuck Cannon didn’t understand at all.

“Yes, it’s this gambling.” Yolanda Lane smiled.

“Are you still playing this?”

“I don’t play, my friend does this,” Yolanda Lane explained patiently, “She told me that her current annual profit is close to 100 million…”

Chuck Cannon was surprised, 100 million?

He gave a wry smile and told the truth, now that 100 million is nothing to Chuck Cannon, let alone to the hidden family.

But this industry is not bad, and investment can make big money.

Chuck Cannon also became interested.

At the very least, if this industry is done well, it will be absolutely good to monopolize the global market, not to mention that it can have a great return in a short time. This is what Chuck Cannon needs!

After all, how much time can Gracia Stewart give him?

Only by strengthening your strength can you fight against Gracia Stewart!

“Let’s take a look first, and let my friend introduce you. Because there are too many doorways in it, people who don’t understand, it is best not to play.” Yolanda Lane reminded.

In fact, she didn’t agree with it in her heart because many people lost their fortunes because of gambling on rocks. However, even if Chuck Cannon played gambling on rocks, he would be looking for professional help. He only made investments, which was actually not bad.

“I know that,” Chuck Cannon smiled.

When they drove to a hotel, Yolanda Lane said that there was a rock gambling on the top floor of the hotel.

It’s an auction!

Chuck Cannon doesn’t understand this, so he thought to take a look first. What if there are other opportunities?

“It’s up.” Yolanda Lane smiled. This top floor was like a party.

Chuck Cannon has participated in many similar gatherings of this kind, but Chuck Cannon has not participated in stone gambling.

There are some expensive jadeites on the top floor, and Chuck Cannon doesn’t have much contact with them.

He also found it a bit interesting. There were also many wealthy people watching the scene.

“Yolanda Lane, here.” A tall beauty came over with a smile.

This woman is beautiful, in her twenties, she has that kind of superb beauty. This is Yolanda Lane’s friend, Lucy Parker.

“Is this your boss?”

Lucy Parker looked at Chuck Cannon.

Too ordinary.

She only heard occasionally that Yolanda Lane mentioned Chuck Cannon and said that he was very low-key. Now, it is out of Lucy Parker’s imagination. It is not good to be too low-key.

“Well, I told you.”

“Hello.” Chuck Cannon stretched out his hand.

“Hello.” Lucy Parker also stretched out her hand.

To be honest, if it were not for Yolanda Lane’s reasons, she would not have contact with people like Chuck Cannon.

“Are you going to gamble on rocks or take a look?”

Lucy Parker’s eyes were very poisonous. After the stones she had seen, would it be green? She was sure about it!

“I will look first.”

Chuck Cannon has never been in contact, so of course, he needs to take a look first.

Lucy Parker didn’t look at Chuck Cannon much, take a look?

Lucy Parker felt that Chuck Cannon would definitely leave empty-handed tonight.

Such a person, fearful of the head, can’t play rock betting at all.

Those who bet on rocks must start fast!

If you see it right, you must act decisively. What can happen if you are afraid of wolves and tigers?

Don’t waste time, go home early and sleep well.

Lucy Parker was not easy to say this kind of thing, she said coldly, “Well, take a look first.”

“Stone gambling, which types are there?” Chuck Cannon asked.

Lucy Parker frowned, “You don’t even know about betting on rocks, what are you doing here?”

“Yolanda Lane said this is a big project, so came over to take a look.” Chuck Cannon smiled.

“Hey, take a look for yourself first,”.

Chuck Cannon shrugged and went to find a place for himself. Anyway, with so many professionals here, listening to them, he can also understand the stone gambling industry.

Chuck Cannon went aside.

“Yolanda Lane, are you crazy, why you brought him here? He doesn’t understand anything, what time is it wasting over here!!” Lucy Parker said directly.

“It’s okay, he will take a look first. I’m optimistic, he will invest,” Yolanda Lane smiled.

For Chuck Cannon, Yolanda Lane didn’t know how to describe him.

Sometimes a very impulsive person, when a person took over the city square at that time, Yolanda Lane didn’t expect it, because, at that time, the situation of the city square was so bad that Chuck Cannon could actually take over?

It was successful. This vision was good enough!

The start is also decisive, and this can also reach the speed and accuracy of stone betting!

“I think he will waste my time,” Lucy Parker still said bluntly, how precious her time is!

Chuck Cannon doesn’t understand, why would he shoot rocks later?

Lucy Parker actually called Yolanda Lane. She heard that in this gambling auction, there will be a lot of rocks that may make a lot of money, but her working capital is more than 200 million. In this large-scale gambling auction, the scene is obviously not enough!

What if there is a lot of momentum to make money?

Therefore, Lucy Parker contacted Yolanda Lane as an investment.

Just now Yolanda Lane promised to come over, she was quite happy, and now that people brought it over, Lucy Parker was disappointed.

“No, Chuck Cannon has spotted it, and will take action!”

“Forget it, I don’t need him to take action. I’ll let him and me get better later. It’s an investment, you see if he is interested.” Lucy Parker said directly.

Yolanda Lane looked over, and Chuck Cannon listened with relish to some people talking about stones, looking very interested.

Yolanda Lane was astonished. Chuck Cannon is now studying?

Yolanda Lane smiled, “It depends on him,”

“Yolanda Lane, just tell me, how much can he take out?” Lucy Parker still asked directly.

It’s just a square of several hundred million yuan. If you can bring out the working capital, it will definitely not exceed 100 million. There is no way, it can only be done. Who can not find anyone else now?

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