Chapter 775 – 776: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 775: The Chance of Advancing to the Third Round

The Time Methods of Shaohua House are the most difficult to practice. One of its moves, Time Avatar, was enough to amaze people.

These hundreds of doppelgangers made their moves at the same time to directly knock Yong Wang out of the ring.

“You have lost.” Wanqing Qiao said. She was pale and her face were covered in sweat.

She was only able to create a hundred doppelgangers, and her strongest move could only attack her opponent twice. This attack consumed half of her power.

“Wanqing, take this elixir.” Qilin Duan hurriedly walked towards her, holding a bottle of magical pills.

Wanqing thought for a moment, but still took the pills he handed over. “Thank you.”

“My pleasure.” Qilin hurriedly said, “If you need my life, I can also give it to you.”

Wanqing felt a little embarrassed. She didn’t understand why he suddenly said these words.

Next Zhiyuan Gu and Tingfang Hong both defeated their opponents. They also made it to the next round successfully.

Chaoqun Niu, Zhu Jian and Youdao Song were eliminated. On the contrary, Qilin Duan who everyone had the least hope for made it to the next round.

When Qilin got into the ring, he was crazy, defeating his opponent in a hundred moves.

“Good, good, my son’s strength is really extraordinary.” Tianya Duan was very happy. He was confident that as long as his son continued to maintain this kind of fighting power, it would not be a problem for him to enter the top ten.

Soon, it was Kris’ turn to take the stage.

“I am Liangchen Ye from Penalty Academy.”

“I’m Nansheng Gu from the Magical Pills Academy!” said a girl softly.

She had amazing eyes. The red lipstick on her lips set off the delicate flower shapes painted on her eyebrows, which made her look more gorgeous.

This woman was definitely the most beautiful woman Kris had ever seen. She had obviously only said one sentence, but Kris wanted to hear more from her.

Bixiao was anxious. “Liancheng, don’t look at her eyes.”

But the people under the ring were not allowed to remind the people in the ring, otherwise it was a foul.

“She is Nansheng, the most beautiful woman. Men all like her. Usually she wears a veil, but today it is taken off, Liancheng is really lucky.”

Many of the male disciples were staring at her. The female disciples were also amazed that there could be such a beautiful woman in this world.

At this moment, Nansheng moved. Her white and slender fingers unleashed an attack. At that moment, Kris tilted his head slightly, easily avoiding her attack.

Nansheng was stunned. How could a man who was bewitched by her resist her? She used sex-trap techniques combined with Time Methods, so she could bring any man to his knees with one glance. She did not believe that a practitioner could break free from her magic art.

“Kneel down!” Nansheng said softly. She seemed to have seen the image of Kris kneeling on the ground.

However, Kris was still standing there.

“What’s going on?” Nansheng frowned. “I told you to kneel down, didn’t you hear me?”

“I don’t know how to kneel. Why don’t you show me how to kneel down?” said Kris. He looked at her with a smirk.

“You ……. You have not been bewitched by my art, this is impossible!” Nansheng was shocked.

Kris smiled. “I admit that you are quite beautiful, but I have been immune to it, and I think Bixiao is more beautiful than you!”

“Now, you better look behind you!” Kris reminded.

“You want to fool me with your cheap tricks? I won’t fall for your trick.” said she.

Although she didn’t know how Kris had managed to avoid her magic art, there was no way she would listen to what Kris had told her.

However, suddenly, she felt a pain behind her. She instantly flew up and fell from the ring.

Everyone was dumbfounded by this scene.

“She was the most beautiful woman in the Magical Pill Academy, but Liangchen was so rude and did not know to love her!” some guy shouted.

Nansheng was stunned, her eyes widening.

“You…you ….you play dirty!” She pointed at Kris and said angrily.

“Why can you win but I can’t? This is too unreasonable.” said Kris discontentedly. “I didn’t play dirty.”

“How can you, a Detachment Stage practitioner, resist my magic art?”

“There are many people who know magic art. You are not the only one who can use them.” Kris said, before jumping out of the ring and walking towards Bixiao.

“Liangchen wins this battle.” Beidou Luo announced.

Nansheng stood there. She made movements with her lips as though she were speaking, but no sound issued from them moving.

“I knew you could definitely defeat her!” Bixiao said excitedly. “Did you mean what you just said?”


“It’s that just now you said I was prettier than Nansheng?”

Kris smiled. “Yeah, I really think so.”

Bixiao smiled. Her eyes were full of happiness.

“Then how did you see through her traps?”

“It’s simple. Chao told me.” Kris said.

Bixiao suddenly realized how Nansheng was defeated.

At this point, the top thirty-five came out. Next was the third round of lottery, where one person would have a chance to directly enter the top fifteen.

The results of the lottery soon came out. Bixiao looked at the announcement board and was directly dumbfounded.

“Liangchen, your name isn’t on this, you …… You directly advance?” Bixiao said excitedly. “You are lucky to enter the top fifteen directly.”

But she was also relieved. Those who could enter the top thirty-five were the best of the best, and Kris would definitely not make it to the third round if he ran into them. Fortunately, now he advanced directly.

“Damn, he’s too lucky to advance directly!”

“A practitioner in the Detachment Stage can enter the third round. This is really mocking us.”

Many of the practitioners present were indignant after they saw Kris advance directly to the next level.

If a practitioner in the Detachment Stage defeated the Taoist King, this might have made the jaws of the crowd dropped.

Kris laughed. He was also curious as to why he had such good luck himself.

“Silence!” Beidou said, and then everyone hurriedly shut up.

The next one on the stage was Niuda. This time, his opponent was Qianjun Ke from the Weapons House.

Qianjun practiced the Time Methods, which made his body incredibly hard.

After the two men’s fists met, Niuda’s arms were tingling.

“His body is super strong. Speed is his weakness. You can attack his eyes, throat, and crotch ……”

With Chao’s tip, Niuda changed his strategy and started to use his magic arts to attack him remotely.

It was really just like what Chao said. Qianjun’s was slower and these parts were his weak points.

“Now!” Niuda took a deep breath. “It’s time to use my best move.”

After fighting for thousands times, Niuda attacked Qianjun’s right arm armpit.

Qianjun shouted in pain and flew backwards out of the ring.

Niuda laughed. He easily entered the top fifteen.

“Niuda, you’re great.” Kris said happily.

Niuda raised his eyebrows at Kris. “Thanks to the gift you gave me, otherwise I wouldn’t have beaten him so easily.”

He patted Kris’s shoulder with satisfaction and returned to his seat.

In the next round, Niuer played against Dan Lin of the Magical Pills Academy.

“You look ordinary, but you’re much better than the others of your Magical Pills Academy.” Niuer said.

“Have you finished? Go straight to the fight!” Dan looked at him coldly.

“I’m complimenting you, why are you yelling?” Niuer snorted.

“I don’t need your compliments.” Dan said angrily. Then he directly made a move.

At once the temperature around dropped rapidly, a blue flame rose. This was from Time Methods of Magical pill Academy.

This flame did not burn people’s clothes, skin and bones, but only burn people’s life span.

Once it burned someone, it would directly burn the person’s life if there was no way to deal with it. It was an extremely malevolent flame.

Niuer tried to get rid of it, but it kept following him.

Then he took a deep breath, opened his mouth, and then a hurricane of wind came out of his mouth. That fire was surprisingly difficult to break through the wall of wind for a while.

“It really works!” Niuer said.

The whistling wind turned into a raging tornado, carrying that flame and heading towards Dan.

Dan didn’t expect his opponent to break his moves in this way. Then he pointed one hand at the sky and one hand at the ground. A huge transparent alchemy furnace appeared. At that moment Niuer felt like he was covered by it.

Chapter 776: The Bull Battle Technique

“He has a weak spot at a forty-five degree on the lower left, a weak spot at thirty degrees on his right front and another weak point in…. .” Chao said.

“So he has so many weak points.” Hearing Chao’s words, Niuer muttered to himself.

“Bullshit, it’s clearly a furnace that leaks air on all sides.” Although he thought so in his heart, he didn’t dare to slacken off.

He gathered his magic power in his fist and released his extreme power. His fist directly shattered the alchemy furnace Dan had set up.

Dan Lin spat out a mouthful of blood. He was filled with shock. “This… This is impossible, how could you possibly know the way to break it!”

“Your secret technique can easily be seen through.” Niuer smiled smugly. With Chao’s help, he made a move to block Dan’s way.

He threw tens of thousands of punches in a row. Although Dan had tried his best to defend him, he was still hit in the stomach by Niuer’s punches, and then he was directly knocked out of the ring.

“Niuer wins!”

Jianfei Zhan laughed out loud. He was proud of his disciples. It was obvious that they had also been diligent in their training during the years they had been captured by the Hongchen Cult.

Yang Shang looked cold, so far his disciples of Magical Pill Academy were eliminated the most. But this can’t be blamed on him. The Magical Pill Academy was not good at fighting. All of his disciples’ cultivation time was used to refine pills.

But Yang Shang also wanted to save face. “Xiaodong, the next is you. No matter what, you must win the fight.”

Xiaodong Huo nodded his head. He was the eldest disciples of Magical Pill Academy. No matter what, he couldn’t be eliminated in the third round.

His opponent was Zhiyuan Gu of Shaohua House.

“I have heard for a long time that your alchemy skills are superb. If I can win against you this time, can I ask you to make pills for me?” Zhiyuan laughed.

“Oh, you’re so confident that you can win me?” Xiaodong was unhappy. Wasn’t this pointing his nose at him and saying he was inferior to him?

“Let’s begin.” Zhiyuan turned serious, and then two of his doppelgangers stepped out. He used the Time Avatar.

The two doppelgangers were still very easy to control. Before Wanqing released hundreds of doppelgangers at once, this was really not sensible. This was a single fight, not a group battle. So many doppelgangers were of little use.

But Xiaodong was stronger than him. He was already in the Fulfilled period of Taoist King, just one step away from reaching the half-step Taoist Emperor. Although he improved his cultivation depend on drugs, but his stage was more powerful than Zhiyuan.

“Go!” Zhiyuan ordered his doppelgangers.

The two doppelgangers quickly stepped forward and wrestled with Xiaodong. Zhiyuan kept releasing attacks from behind. He and his two doppelgangers worked in tandem, which made the people on the scene amazed.

Xiaodong wrapped the ghostly blue flame around his whole body to protect himself.

The two doppelgangers didn’t dare to touch him directly. Once they touched his flames, they would definitely be burned out.

Then Zhiyuan and his two doppelgangers quickly built a formation and locked Xiaodong in the Barrier.

It was difficult to change the flow of time on a large scale, but it was possible to change the years on a small scale.

Xiaodong compressed the flame into a single point and then detonated it. The huge impact instantly shattered the Barrier.

After he escaped, his finger pointed at him and then gently clicked. At that moment Zhiyuan was extremely painful. He felt his magic power, sun soul and flesh all began to melt, and even began to separate.

Zhiyuan used Time Methods to get rid of the confinement given to him by Xiaodong in his body.

Although the Time Methods of the Magical Pill Academy was not good at fighting, it should not be underestimated. These two moves had already made Zhiyuan suffer.

“Not bad, You can fight me until now.” Xiaodong laughed contemptuously. Then he pointed a finger at the sky and a finger at the earth, “I will use the sky as a cover and the earth as a furnace.”

The tumultuous fire rose and pressure swept in from all directions.

Zhiyuan couldn’t escape, and there was no place to escape. He kept attacking Xiaodong but it was difficult to destroy the big furnace, instead his attack became the alchemy furnace’s nutrients.

“Do you surrender or not?” Xiaodong asked.

“No, I won’t surrender!” said Zhiyuan

“Very well.” said Xiaodong, and then he continued to cast his spell.

Zhiyuan felt his body burning with pain, and even his soul was trembling.

“Again, surrender or not?”

“No, I won’t surrender!”

However, soon there was a wailing sound from inside the alchemy furnace, “I surrender, I surrender …. I can’t take it anymore ……”

Xiaodong laughed and removed the large furnace.

Zhiyuan knelt on the ground, gasping for air. His clothes were burnt by the flames. He was in a mess.

“Xiaodong wins!”

Beidou Luo sighed slightly in his heart. Zhiyuan’s strength wasn’t too outstanding.

After that, the third round of the competition ended successfully. The top fifteen were successfully decided.

The Shaohua House and the Penalty Academy had the most disciples to advance to the next round. Ziping Meng, Wanqing Qiao, Qilin Duan, Tingfang Hong, Niuda, Niuer, Bixiao, and Kris all advanced.

After that, the top 8 battle would definitely be tougher.

This time Kris’s opponent was Guiying Liu of War Hall. Many people were envious of Kris for having the opportunity to face such a beautiful woman.

She was tall and strong and her arms were stronger than Kris’ thighs. She also sounded like a man. Kris didn’t understand why they like such a woman.

“This woman is very good at battle, especially in battle techniques. Even the Master Zhuan often praises her.” Bixiao said. “Her strength is in the Fulfilled period of Taoist King. Her body is very strong. If you can’t beat her, you can just surrender.”

“Thank you, I understand.” Kris said.

Just then, someone shouted excitedly. “Brother Huo has actually advanced directly!”

Kris turned around to see that Xiaodong had won the chance to advance directly.

He was the only one from the Magical Pills Academy to have won this round of battles. If he had been eliminated in the top fifteen, it would have been embarrassing for the master of the Magical Pills Academy.

“Now the competition is over. Everyone rest for the night and start tomorrow!” Beidou Luo announced and then disappeared directly.

“Liangchen, I wish to play against you in the final four.” Ziping walked over and said to Kris.

“Yeah, me too.” Kris smiled. “This is also what I expect.”

“Hey, you completely ignore me. Do you really think you can defeat me tomorrow?” Niuer frowned. “Even if you are the eldest brother of Shaohua House, I can still beat you.” He stared at Ziping.

Tomorrow Niuer’s opponent was Ziping. If Ziping defeated Niuer, he could advance to the final four. Then he would have a chance to fight Kris in the final four.

Ziping smiled, “Hope you have the chance to defeat me.”

Niuer snorted. He glanced at him coldly.

“Bixiao, tomorrow is another showdown between us after a million years.” Wanqing Qiao stepped forward and said. “I’m looking forward to it.”

“Me too.” Bixiao said. Tomorrow, her opponent was Wanqing. A few million years ago, she lost to Wanqing. To this day, she still remembered this matter.

They chatted for a few more minutes and then left.


Today, both the Exterior Group and Inner Group competitions would end. So the whole Shaohua Palace atmosphere was very tense.

The first ones on the stage were Niuer and Ziping.

Although yesterday Niuer said he could defeat Ziping, he was not so confident.

Ziping was the eldest disciples of Shaohua House. His status was much higher than others, let alone his strength.

Some people said that he could have reached the stage of the Taoist Emperor a long time ago, but he had just been suppressing it. Others said that his current combat power was comparable to that of a Taoist Emperor.

Erniu was now under a lot of pressure.

“Do you need me to let you make three moves first?” Ziping asked.

“No, I don’t need that.” said Niuer, narrowing his eyes. As soon as he made an attack, he made a destructive move. His punch was tricky to the extreme, and seemed to intend to block Ziping’s way.

Ziping looked more serious than before. Seeing that the fist was about to hit him, he reached out and grabbed Niuer’s fist.

Niuer’s right foot stomped the ground violently, causing the hard ring to instantly dent.

“What brute strength!” Ziping said, and then he strengthened the force in his hand.

Niuer drew a cold breath in pain. He drew his hand back and saw clear five-finger marks on the back of his hand.

Niuer’s body swelled violently and his blood flowed faster, and even a bull’s horn emerged from his head. He was going to use his Bull Battle Technique.

It is said that there is a divine demon named Demon Bull. He was immensely large and possessed unfathomable power. This Bull Battle Technique is the top battle technique of a top Taoist Palace in the ancient times. That Taoist Palace was called the Battle Palace.

“I rarely use my true strength. You should feel honored to be able to see my full power.” Niuer laughed, as if he wanted to show off his strength.

Kris was speechless. “He’s still showing off now. Wouldn’t it be better to just knock him out of the ring?

Ziping looked very sombre. He could feel that the power inside Niuer’s strength had increased tenfold compared to before.

“Just do it, let me see how powerful you are!” Ziping said coldly.

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